The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m CW Contest - 30th September 2020

Thanks for entering our first CW contest of the 2020/21 season. The general view is that there was lots of UK/EI and European activity on a quiet band - it's always encouraging to see so many entrants. Here are the final results. Logs which were corrected and re-submitted by 1200z on 1st October have been included in the results. They have been manually checked, in addition to cross-checking and scoring done by the adjudication software. In our future 80m contests, late logs (whether uploaded or re-submitted after the 1-hour deadline) are less likely to be accepted. Your individual emailed UBN reports will explain where you lost points, if any, for bust calls or locators. It was close at the top, with LY2SA (HP Unconnected) only 3 points (less than one QSO) ahead of LY4ZZ (LP Connected), with GM2V the top UK entrant, and EI7M the leading EI entrant Some N1MM logger users had issues with logging or exporting 6-character locators in their Cabrillo logs. This was mostly due to not using the latest version of the software. N1MM version 1.0.8679 logs correctly and produces a correct Cabrillo log - it's free, so no excuses! Your log should always be in Cabrillo format, as all other formats are rejected by the robot. Update: 2nd October. Early in the contest, one entrant sent 4-character locators rather than 6-characters, and the other entrants who logged those 4 characters were penalised - their normal QSO points have now been reinstated. Thanks to G4BVY. 73, Paul EI5DI UKEICC Adjudicator

Combined Results
* = Assisted Entry
Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1LY2SA HKO14UG7301171407EI7M2136
2LY4ZZ *LKO25KK6201061404EI7M2200
3GM2V HIO77WS9500095388HA7MF2048
4EI7M *HIO51VW8201081312EW1FM2385
5EI5KF HIO52UG7910078288LY4ZZ2190
6G3TXF *HIO71VE10002197286EW1FM2152
7SM5CSS LJO89LS5600056274EI7M1787
8SD1A HJO97DP5500055269EI7M1806
9SF6W LJO68RP5300053254EI7M1557
10DM6EE *LJO52KJ7503171236EI7M1303
11G3P *HIO91NL8210081234EW1FM1922
12M0BEW *HIO82RJ9423089232LY4ZZ1821
13GM3A *LIO87UD6400064220HA7MF1919
14G4DRS *HIO80UQ8305078217EW1FM2046
15DL3DTH *LJO61UE5602054216EI5KF1520
16G3WVG *HIO91RH9205087216EW1FM1907
17DL8UD *HJO43QO7103068215HA7MF1084
18DL6KVA *HJO64BC5400054213EI7M1381
19GM4JYB LIO88JM5200052205HA7MF2038
20GW4J HIO73WF7601075205EW1FM2078
21PG7V *LJO22UI7801176204LY4ZZ1302
22M4J *HJO02MA7904174195EW1FM1778
23DL7AT *HJO53CL6402062193EI7M1253
24G3SWC LIO91SC6700067188LY4ZZ1747
25G3RWF HJO01OG6911067187EW1FM1793
26PA4O *HJO33GH86010076185HA7MF1223
27G4EBK LIO93WN6811066178EW1FM1810
28G4BWP QJO02FH7000169177LY4ZZ1635
29DL1DQW *LJO70JV4502043174EI5KF1601
30DL9NBJ *LJO50LI6416057170EI5KF1355
31GM3YEH LIO75TO6705062170HA7MF1973
32PA2PCH LJO33HB5802155169LY4ZZ1215
33M2D *HIO95DH6001059167E77EA1775
34MM9I HIO75VS5802155167HA8RJ1928
35MM0DGI LIO88OW5102049166LY4ZZ1706
36GI5I HIO74DP5905054164EW1FM2143
37MM1E HIO85AU5703054163LY4ZZ1804
38GM4OSS LIO75RQ5801057161LY4ZZ1843
39GM4X *LIO86HA5703054157EW1FM1974
40G3TJE LIO81MI5400054154LY4ZZ1894
41SP7OGP LKO01AM3700037154EI7M1941
42G5UM LIO92KR6805063153LY4ZZ1718
43G3XLG *LJO02ME5701056152LY4ZZ1603
44DL1PAN *HJN58LT3901038149MM0DGI1440
45G5C LIO93NL6713063147EW1FM1861
46G4BVY *LIO82UD5802056144LY4ZZ1816
47E77EA *LJN84OU3201031142M2D1775
48HA7MF *LKN07HA3503032141GM2V2048
49DL8HK LJN39MH4001039139EI5KF1128
50G3VYI LIO91OF6103058135LY4ZZ1762
51DL8DWW *QJO70IX3400133134EI5KF1593
52G7T *HIO92JP5500055132LY2SA1657
53G3LRS LIO92JO6302061131LY4ZZ1729
54DL2SWR LJO53SV4101040130EI3ER1360
55G4ZFE *QIO91PK6405059130LY4ZZ1747
56G4RCD LIO93GX5702154129HA7MF1738
57M5D LJO01HT5002048125LY4ZZ1646
58G5V *LIO83WI5903056119LY4ZZ1759
59IN3FHE *LJN56NP2800028119GM2V1611
60G4FAD LIO82PC5813054118OH2EA1980
61MW2I LIO81KQ4902047117LY4ZZ1889
62G4IZZ LIO81XX4901048114LY4ZZ1807
63M0ITR LIO70KI4200042109LY4ZZ2080
64EW1FM LKO33RV1900019108EI7M2385
65EI7CC LIO63WG3900039105LY4ZZ2014
66G4BYE LIO91VW4802046105LY4ZZ1693
67F5UQE *LJO10IS4001039104LY2SA1472
68G3KNU LIO93QN5103048102LY4ZZ1657
69PC1PM *LJO23WF4903145102LY4ZZ1257
70G3OGP LIO91SB4400044101LY2SA1665
71EI2KC HIO63TQ620905399LY2SA1961
72G4C LJO01KS540604896LY2SA1551
73SE5L LJP70VA230012295EI7M1734
74G3MXH *LJO02LF7001305793LY4ZZ1607
75G4EUW LJO01MT500514493LY4ZZ1620
76OM3WZ *QKN08NT280202693EI5KF2106
77OZ3TQ LJO55HK350213293EI7M1300
78EI8CE LIO62HI340103387LY4ZZ2129
79M7R *QIO92IP490214684LY2SA1662
80DL2ZA LJN59VL310302881GM2V1395
81EI7GY HIO63WG370003781SD1A1610
82PA9CW *QJO21KO390203778LY4ZZ1388
83G3ZBU LIO91UB370103677LY4ZZ1739
84PA3DBS LJO21DM521804372LY2SA1338
85SC0T *HJP80CH300502565G3TXF1625
86M0DCG LIO83QJ310003164HA7MF1795
87EI3ER *LIO53LH200011963LY4ZZ2196
88G0JJG *QJO02ME300102961LY4ZZ1603
89G4OZG QJO02FS280012761SM5CSS1280
90G0VDZ *QIO91SJ280022657SD1A1393
91M3M LIO70JB320132857DL8UD1078
92ON3ND LJO20FJ200101949SE5L1289
93G4BEE LIO83RQ340303144LY2SA1714
94GW4OKT LIO83LE250302241LY4ZZ1823
95G4DZL LIO92IS180101736HA7MF1692
96SD6F *LJO57XP100001034M0BEW1093
97EI5DI LIO63VG180001832MM0DGI666
98EI5JS LIO63OU110001131SC0T1559
99PA2DK LJO21IX270502223LY4ZZ1381
100M1DDD LIO93DG110011021DL7AT793
101G2AA LIO92KO210311720DL7AT766
102SJ6W LJO57XQ300037EI7M1439
1032M0WIC LIO88KK300035G3TXF810
104G4TPJ QJO01DE100012G5UM197
105IW2FUT *LJN46QA1208040G4DRS1007

High Power - Unassisted Low Power - Unassisted QRP - Unassisted
  Call Grid  Good
1LY2SA KO14UG71407
2GM2V IO77WS95388
3EI5KF IO52UG78288
4SD1A JO97DP55269
5GW4J IO73WF75205
6G3RWF JO01OG67187
7MM9I IO75VS55167
8GI5I IO74DP54164
9MM1E IO85AU54163
10EI2KC IO63TQ5399
11EI7GY IO63WG3781
  Call Grid  Good
1SM5CSS JO89LS56274
2SF6W JO68RP53254
3GM4JYB IO88JM52205
4G3SWC IO91SC67188
5G4EBK IO93WN66178
6GM3YEH IO75TO62170
7PA2PCH JO33HB55169
8MM0DGI IO88OW49166
9GM4OSS IO75RQ57161
10G3TJE IO81MI54154
11SP7OGP KO01AM37154
12G5UM IO92KR63153
13G5C IO93NL63147
14DL8HK JN39MH39139
15G3VYI IO91OF58135
16G3LRS IO92JO61131
17DL2SWR JO53SV40130
18G4RCD IO93GX54129
19M5D JO01HT48125
20G4FAD IO82PC54118
21MW2I IO81KQ47117
22G4IZZ IO81XX48114
23M0ITR IO70KI42109
24EW1FM KO33RV19108
25G4BYE IO91VW46105
26EI7CC IO63WG39105
27G3KNU IO93QN48102
28G3OGP IO91SB44101
29G4C JO01KS4896
30SE5L JP70VA2295
31OZ3TQ JO55HK3293
32G4EUW JO01MT4493
33EI8CE IO62HI3387
34DL2ZA JN59VL2881
35G3ZBU IO91UB3677
36PA3DBS JO21DM4372
37M0DCG IO83QJ3164
38M3M IO70JB2857
39ON3ND JO20FJ1949
40G4BEE IO83RQ3144
41GW4OKT IO83LE2241
42G4DZL IO92IS1736
43EI5DI IO63VG1832
44EI5JS IO63OU1131
45PA2DK JO21IX2223
46M1DDD IO93DG1021
47G2AA IO92KO1720
48SJ6W JO57XQ37
492M0WIC IO88KK35
  Call Grid  Good
1G4BWP JO02FH69177
2G4OZG JO02FS2761

High Power - Assisted Low Power - Assisted QRP - Assisted
  Call Grid  Good
1EI7M *IO51VW81312
2G3TXF *IO71VE97286
3G3P *IO91NL81234
4M0BEW *IO82RJ89232
5G4DRS *IO80UQ78217
6G3WVG *IO91RH87216
7DL8UD *JO43QO68215
8DL6KVA *JO64BC54213
9M4J *JO02MA74195
10DL7AT *JO53CL62193
11PA4O *JO33GH76185
12M2D *IO95DH59167
13DL1PAN *JN58LT38149
14G7T *IO92JP55132
15SC0T *JP80CH2565
  Call Grid  Good
1LY4ZZ *KO25KK61404
2DM6EE *JO52KJ71236
3GM3A *IO87UD64220
4DL3DTH *JO61UE54216
5PG7V *JO22UI76204
6DL1DQW *JO70JV43174
7DL9NBJ *JO50LI57170
8GM4X *IO86HA54157
9G3XLG *JO02ME56152
10G4BVY *IO82UD56144
11E77EA *JN84OU31142
12HA7MF *KN07HA32141
13G5V *IO83WI56119
14IN3FHE *JN56NP28119
15F5UQE *JO10IS39104
16PC1PM *JO23WF45102
17G3MXH *JO02LF5793
18EI3ER *IO53LH1963
19SD6F *JO57XP1034
20IW2FUT *JN46QA40
  Call Grid  Good
1DL8DWW *JO70IX33134
2G4ZFE *IO91PK59130
3OM3WZ *KN08NT2693
4M7R *IO92IP4684
5PA9CW *JO21KO3778
6G0JJG *JO02ME2961
7G0VDZ *IO91SJ2657


N1MM make in .cbr only 4 Grid Characters. why? -- DL1PAN TS 850 S - 2x 195m - Doppelzepp - Huehnerleitung -- DL2ZA Nice contest -- DL7AT Nice Start into first CW Part and Online Score Board really nice tnx see you all into SSB -- DL8UD 73 de Thilo JO50LI -- DL9NBJ It was fun with my new call. Unfortunately the N1MM export in cabrillo is only 4 digit locator, a lot of hand work! -- DM6EE great short contest helped mr test my new antenna! friendly ops ! -- EI3ER SD WinKey K3 -- EI5DI My 1st CW contest. You boys are FAST :D EI5DI's SD software. I find it great. Great to hear so many European stations tonight. -- EI5JS Good conditions local and DX thanks -- EI5KF Good condx. got a little noisy towards the end -- EI7GY Sorry for keying issues, had a few problems along the way.. -- EI7M TNX & 73! -- EW1FM N1MM issues here! -- G0JJG QRP is hard work, but fun -- G0VDZ Good level of activity. Thanks all stations worked apols to the ones I tried to hear but condx kept me from. We'll make the trip next time I hope. 73 and all the best. Adam G0ORY for G3LRS I use EI5DI SD does everything I need -- G3LRS Good conditions with high activity. Had problems in submitting the log from N1MM+.. -- G3MXH Good fun, noisy band and heavy rain static!!73! -- G3VYI Very wet tonight! Conditions seemed fair. had to use 50W and QRP not very useful. -- G3ZBU Used SD V21.35 -- G4BYE Very quiet night. But messed up some logging all the same. -- G4EUW Arthritic fingers struck a couple of times - apologies to those I was working at the time!! -- G4IZZ Excellent condx tonight - my highest ever QSO total. Disappointed that DXlog prefills the locators - many are wrong anyway! 73 Chris GM3WOJ -- GM2V IC7300 90W to double bazooka dipole. Lots of stations tonight. Thanks to all. -- GM4JYB Thanks to organisers and participants - nice contest ! -- GM4X Noisy! -- GW4OKT Slow operations. Some problems with the logger, maybe I forgot to update something.The noise is awful, every year is worse -- IN3FHE Heard all well, but to break through the ones closer it was difficult. Some didn’t hear me at all :) -- LY4ZZ Thanks 73 -- M0BEW Good conditions. Fun -- M0DCG SD use again for logging very easy with SCP -- M0ITR WWFF: GFF-0014. Testing interface and rig/MixW settings for small mobile rig. 30-50W. Some good ears ! -- M1DDD Thanks for the Q's - Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D Lots of Europe tonight - very welcome! -- MM0DGI Good activity from UFB CW-operators as always! 73 de Eric -- SD1A 20 min -- SD6F HELLO BOYS, VERY NICE THAT THE COMPETITION STARTED AGAIN. KEEP SAFE AN USE MASK FOR PROTECTION, 73 BEN FAGERSTA SM -- SE5L Low noise level and good activity this evening! 73 de Allan -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 2782 Cross Checked QSOs: 2388 Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log PA3AAV has 64 QSO Records G4RGK has 64 QSO Records G3SZG has 37 QSO Records GM3WIJ has 24 QSO Records DK5WO has 24 QSO Records DF5BX has 19 QSO Records DG2BAR has 18 QSO Records Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log