The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

Summer Series 80m CW Contest - 04 June 2020

Thanks for taking part in the 4th June 2020 Summer Series 80m CW contest. Conditions seemed good in IO73 with some nice signals from Western Europe and low noise levels. Logging full 6-character locators is an interesting challenge in CW requiring extra concentration. There were 54 bust locators compared to 14 calls wrongly logged. Final results appear below. Chris Tran GM3WOJ made good use of his Highland location once again and heads the overall points table narrowly ahead of SN1T in the Low Power (Assisted) category; G4ERW is leading Unassisted LP entrant. G4BWP is the leading QRP entrant. Stew, GW0ETF / GW4J Adjudicator

Combined Results
* = Assisted Entry
Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1GM3WOJ HIO77WS5910058795IW3ILM1717
2SN1T *LJO84ML4401043780G3TXF1473
3M1X *HJO01DG7010069611OH1SIC1673
4G8X *HIO80HV6300063609OH1SIC1887
5MM2N HIO75WS6201061607OH1SIC1609
6PA4O *HJO33GH6004056606OH1SIC1211
7PG7V *LJO22UI5600056561SM5CSS1081
8GW4J HIO73WF6301062559SD1A1494
9SD1A HJO97DP3400034556G3TXF1619
10G4ERW LJO01JC5601055518SM5CSS1400
11G4RGK *LIO91ON6301062510OH1SIC1705
12SM5CSS LJO89LS3502033500G3TXF1634
13DL1RNN *LJO52KJ4001039499GM3WOJ1126
14G4PVM *LJO01FR5820254476OH1SIC1629
15GM3A *LIO87UD4600046464SN1T1244
16MM0DGI LIO88OW3901137461OH1SIC1399
17G3XLG LJO02ME5501054460OH1SIC1565
18GM3YEH LIO75TO5110050448SN1T1370
19MW2I LIO81KQ6203059445SM5CSS1541
20G3TXF *HIO71VE5001049437SP7OGP1683
21M0BEW HIO82RJ5701254433OH1SIC1734
22M2D *HIO95DH5100150422SP7OGP1500
23G4RCG HIO93FQ6303060417OH1SIC1592
24SF6W LJO68RP2700027415G8X1379
25SD6F *LJO57XP3000030413G3TXF1268
26GM4JYB LIO88JM3501034408DM7X1425
27OH1SIC LKP00XE2100021406G8X1887
28G3P *HIO91NL5802056400SP7OGP1448
29G5C LIO93NL5400054373SP7OGP1432
30G3LRS LIO92JO5801057370SN1T1225
31DM7X *HJN58LT3404030355GM4JYB1425
32GI5I HIO74DP4601045342OZ4UN1155
33SM6PPS LJO67AQ2600125338G8X1253
34G4BWP QJO02FH4700047332SP7OGP1347
35GM4OSS LIO75RQ4402042316PG7V767
36G4EBK *LIO93WN4901048302HG1G1382
37G3SWC HIO91SC5302150301SM5CSS1458
38G9F *LIO82UD5401053297SN1T1311
39G5UM LIO92KR5623051294SN1T1215
40HG1G *HJN86DV1901018284OH1SIC1526
41G4ZFE *QIO91PK4500045281SM5CSS1442
42G4BYE LIO91VW4400044278SM5CSS1378
43SP7OGP LKO01AM2502122277GM3WOJ1697
44G4RCD LIO93GX4601045267SD1A1299
45OZ3TQ LJO55HK1901018257G8X1062
46PA3AAV *HJO22LM4506138234OH1SIC1348
47G3KNU LIO93QN4802046230SN1T1160
48G4EUW *LJO01MT3601035219SN1T1109
49G3ZBU LIO91UB4102039212SD1A1407
50IW3ILM QJN55LK1300013211GM3WOJ1717
51G4IZZ LIO81XX3700037205GM4JYB732
52M0ITR LIO70KI3001029190PA4O868
53G4MEM *QIO94EA4011236180OZ4UN921
54EI7CC LIO63WG2800028177G4ERW531
55G5V LIO83WI4805043165PA4O577
56EI7GY HIO63WG2300023139PA4O844
57M0DCG LIO83QJ2901028117PA4O610
58G4CIB QIO81VX2510024104GM3WOJ657
59G0ATR *LIO92KO220002296GM3WOJ606
60M0SAR LIO91RI200002083GM3WOJ751
61M3M LIO70JB222211768GM3WOJ861
62G4DZL LIO92IS170101643MM2N382
63G8FCQ LIO92KO130001342MM2N403
64ON3ND LJO20FJ191401441SM5CSS1310
65G3SHF LIO83WI9000934M0ITR393
66SJ6W LJO57XQ2000210SM5CSS371

High Power - Unassisted Low Power - Unassisted QRP - Unassisted
  Call Grid  Good
1GM3WOJ IO77WS58795
2MM2N IO75WS61607
3GW4J IO73WF62559
4SD1A JO97DP34556
5M0BEW IO82RJ54433
6G4RCG IO93FQ60417
7GI5I IO74DP45342
8G3SWC IO91SC50301
9EI7GY IO63WG23139
  Call Grid  Good
1G4ERW JO01JC55518
2SM5CSS JO89LS33500
3MM0DGI IO88OW37461
4G3XLG JO02ME54460
5GM3YEH IO75TO50448
6MW2I IO81KQ59445
7SF6W JO68RP27415
8GM4JYB IO88JM34408
9OH1SIC KP00XE21406
10G5C IO93NL54373
11G3LRS IO92JO57370
12SM6PPS JO67AQ25338
13GM4OSS IO75RQ42316
14G5UM IO92KR51294
15G4BYE IO91VW44278
16SP7OGP KO01AM22277
17G4RCD IO93GX45267
18OZ3TQ JO55HK18257
19G3KNU IO93QN46230
20G3ZBU IO91UB39212
21G4IZZ IO81XX37205
22M0ITR IO70KI29190
23EI7CC IO63WG28177
24G5V IO83WI43165
25M0DCG IO83QJ28117
26M0SAR IO91RI2083
27M3M IO70JB1768
28G4DZL IO92IS1643
29G8FCQ IO92KO1342
30ON3ND JO20FJ1441
31G3SHF IO83WI934
32SJ6W JO57XQ210
  Call Grid  Good
1G4BWP JO02FH47332
2IW3ILM JN55LK13211
3G4CIB IO81VX24104

High Power - Assisted Low Power - Assisted QRP - Assisted
  Call Grid  Good
1M1X *JO01DG69611
2G8X *IO80HV63609
3PA4O *JO33GH56606
4G3TXF *IO71VE49437
5M2D *IO95DH50422
6G3P *IO91NL56400
7DM7X *JN58LT30355
8HG1G *JN86DV18284
9PA3AAV *JO22LM38234
  Call Grid  Good
1SN1T *JO84ML43780
2PG7V *JO22UI56561
3G4RGK *IO91ON62510
4DL1RNN *JO52KJ39499
5G4PVM *JO01FR54476
6GM3A *IO87UD46464
7SD6F *JO57XP30413
8G4EBK *IO93WN48302
9G9F *IO82UD53297
10G4EUW *JO01MT35219
11G0ATR *IO92KO2296
  Call Grid  Good
1G4ZFE *IO91PK45281
2G4MEM *IO94EA36180


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 04/06/2020 QRN,but fun again, only 40 minutes time -- DL1RNN Noisy at the start but condx much better by the end -- EI7GY Not many Irish stations heard, good to hear GM and GW. EU seemed noisy due to QRM. -- G0ATR Good attendance on the last leg of this series Many thanks to all stations worked tonight and through them all. 73 and hope work again on the next one I use EI5DI SD successfully on all contests -- G3LRS Tried using my IC7300 instead of IC7610 -big mistake as RX not as a good performer! Sorry for all the repeat requests! Poor conditions & a noisy band tonight but an enjoyable contest anyway. -- G3SWC Rig is becoming reluctant to send CW in its old age. I had to take the lid off and threaten it with a soldering iron! That was enough to wake it up... -- G3ZBU Used SD V21.29 -- G4BYE Good fun! Tnx to all for QSOs -- G4CIB Ran out of stations to contact well before the end. -- G4EBK Lot of QRN - thanks for the QSOs -- G4IZZ Lost some time with having to reboot the PC in the middle of a QSO! Very frustrating...... -- G4RCD Started well but died out quickly, quite a few EU stations which was very welcome -- G4RCG Started 5 mins late -- G4RGK Tough night for QRP. Thank you to the EU stations that heard my weak signals! -- G4ZFE Bad workman blames his tools . Lost digital interface with N1MM Found it had buried itself . Resurected a bit late in the day ! So made some qso,s -- G8FCQ First time entry - wrong template. Cabrillo export turned all received locators into 5 characters. Last letter added manually so expecting errors !!!! -- G9F tough going tonight -- GM3A I am close to Scandinavia which helps a lot at this time of year. Tnx for QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM3WOJ Bit of a struggle tonight. Thanks to all. 73 -- GM4JYB Nice conditions with some good sigs from Europe -- GW4J Ut sementem feceris ita metes. -- IW3ILM Start 20mins late... -- M0BEW good conditions- fun! -- M0DCG Thanks for the Q's - Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D QRN abyssmal. Band poor. -- M3M Seemed fairly quiet tonight with less stations about. Good fun all the same! -- MM0DGI Late start as I forgot until nearly too late. Good fun as always. Not much DX as expected. -- MM2N poor condx at start but gradually got better, resulting in best dx being the last qso. 1 hour later start please so i can get home from work! -- MW2I Some hard-won contest QSO:s and a couple of Mojitos made my evening! 73 de Eric -- SD1A EU8F did not give me more than KO52. Bad conditions/low activity this evening! 73 de Allan -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log GM3WIJ has 28 QSO Records G0FGI has 28 QSO Records GM3ZRT has 23 QSO Records G0UCH has 21 QSO Records OZ4UN has 21 QSO Records OH1SIC has 19 QSO Records G0JWQ has 19 QSO Records ON3ND has 19 QSO Records DF5BX has 12 QSO Records G0FVH has 10 QSO Records G4YWL has 09 QSO Records DF4XX has 07 QSO Records EI0CZ has 07 QSO Records G3PPR has 06 QSO Records There were no QSOs over 2500 km