The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m CW Contest - 29th April 2020

Thanks for taking part in the final CW contest of the 80m 2019-20 season. (In this event, if your callsign started with an S you were likely to do well, hi) Thanks also from the UKEICC team (see below) for your support for these 80m events. When we started these 80m contests in September 2014, we received 32 entries for the first event. We had no idea whether these events would be successful, so we are pleased that we have many 'regular' entrants - not just UK and EI but from Europe and beyond. We intend to make some careful changes to the rules for 2020-21 - specifically (a) reducing some of the penalties and (b) changing to a 6-character exchange, replacing the existing 4-character exchange. If you have any suggestions for improvements to these popular contests, please e-mail us : We are pleased to add two new Adjudicators to the team for next season, which starts on 2nd September 2020 - Paul G4PVM and Mark G4MEM. Finalised results are shown below. Congratulations to Tadeusz SN1T on winning overall and to regular entrant Sandi S57KM on winning with Low Power. Also to Allan GM4Z on winning the UK/EI section with an error-free log. Congratulations to the other section winners - Eric SD1A, Allan SM5CSS, Sergei YL3FW and Gordon MM2N. UBN reports have been e-mailed to all entrants. Info. about the Teams Competition will be added here a.s.a.p. 73 Chris GM3WOJ, Tim G4FJK, Stew GW0ETF - Adjudicators. Next contest is in the Summer Series - Wednesday 6th May - 1800-1900z - SSB - 6-character locator exchange. [In April 2020 - the active UKEICC team members are Tim G4FJK, Stew GW0ETF, Paul EI5DI, Chris GM3WOJ, Tim EI2KA, Paul G4PVM, Mark G4MEM, Simon M0VKY plus two software experts who wish to remain anonymous!]

Combined Results
* = Assisted Entry
Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1SN1T *HJO849400094462EA8DIG3977
2S57KM *LJN768500085436GM4KGK1988
3SM5CSS LJO897300073375IK6BAK1801
4SD1A HJO978011078373EA8DIG4265
5SM9X *LJP907702075370IK6BAK1935
6GM4Z *HIO87100000100369EA8DIG3402
7LY4ZZ *LKO256501064366EI6JK2193
8I2IFT *HJN457501074354OH5ZA2062
9SF6W LJO687500075340IK6BAK1669
10GM2V *HIO778712084320IK6BAK2002
11PA8AD *HJO3210002197314EA8DIG3319
12G3TXF *HIO719511093311EA8DIG2743
13DL2OM HJO308900287310EU8F1674
14G3WVG *HIO919702095300OH5ZA1931
15SD6F *LJO577610075295IK6BAK1564
16GM3A *LIO878300083289OM3WZ1883
17GW4J HIO739101090286EA8DIG2944
18G3P *HIO918900089278LY4ZZ1771
19IK6BAK LJN635601154271GM2V2002
20DL6KVA *HJO646700067270EA2T1686
21GI5I HIO748301082263EA8DIG3046
22G8X *HIO808411181261OH5ZA2108
23MW2I LIO817400074258EA8DIG2808
24DL1RNN *LJO527812174255EA2T1442
25DF1MM *LJO437100071244EI6JK1192
26G4RGK *LIO918201081242EA8DIG2881
27GM4OSS LIO757500075242OM3WZ1934
28PG7V *LJO228701086242LY4ZZ1349
29GM4JYB LIO886901167240OM3WZ1927
30M2D *HIO957200072240EU8F2107
31G3LRS LIO928201081238OH5ZA1853
32PA4O *HJO338705082232EA8DIG3397
33G3SWC LIO917200072230EA8DIG2881
34G4RCD LIO937611074229EA8DIG3069
35G3KNU LIO937500075221EA8DIG3069
36G5UM LIO928011078220OH5ZA1853
37G3KAF *LIO837603073219LY4ZZ1816
38G4DDX LIO917100071217LY4ZZ1771
39YL3FW QKO065502053216EI6JK1934
40G4MEM *LIO948010178215OM3WZ1659
41MM2N *QIO757300271213EA8DIG3149
42DK5DQ LJO316200062212LA6K1337
43G4BWP QJO028110080209LY4ZZ1601
44EI6JK HIO535804054207EA8DIG2852
45MM1E HIO857301171206EA8DIG3201
46G3TJE LIO816900168203LY4ZZ1898
47G4ZFE *QIO917100071201LY4ZZ1771
48G4EUW LJO017201170200LY4ZZ1645
49DL8DWW *QJO704200042187EI6JK1674
50OM3WZ *QKN084102039180EI6JK2161
51GW7N HIO837002167179EA8DIG3003
52G0JJG *LJO026410063177LY4ZZ1601
53M5D LJO016000060176LY4ZZ1645
54G3XLG *LJO026501064175LY4ZZ1601
55G5C LIO937312169173YL3CW1811
56PA2PCH LJO336503062173IK6BAK1196
57G1M HIO705702055171OM3WZ1887
58M7R *QIO926300063170LY4ZZ1728
59SE5L LJP703600036161IK6BAK1897
60DM7X *LJN584000040160EI6JK1504
61EI8CE LIO624500045160OH5ZA2159
62PC4H *HJO227004066160LY4ZZ1349
63PC1PM *LJO236211060159LY4ZZ1311
64LA6K LJP333701036156S57KM1958
65F5UQE *HJO105401053152OH5ZA1824
66G4IZZ LIO815201051152LY4ZZ1898
67GW4OKT LIO835601055151LY4ZZ1816
68G4BYE LIO916203059146OM3WZ1606
69GM3ZRT *LIO766204157140IK6BAK1927
70GM4KGK LIO683901038137S57KM1988
71G4ENZ *QIO815311051131SM9X1687
72G4NBS LJO024801047123SM9X1415
73OH5ZA LKP212901028120EI6JK2194
74SE6K LJO663601035120G1M1363
75GM3ZDH LIO754200042119S57KM1715
76DL2SWR LJO533901038116G3TXF1107
77PA2A *LJO215202050116SM9X1325
78M1X *HJO014200042115LY4ZZ1645
79PA3DBS LJO215605150115EA5BG1413
80EI7GY HIO633700037108SM9X1747
81OZ3TQ LJO553001029100G1M1206
82GD4RFZ HIO74370003798S57KM1667
83M0MPM LIO91430204197LY4ZZ1771
84M0RYB *LJO02320003296OM3WZ1482
85M3M LIO70360203495LY4ZZ2072
86ON3ND LJO20320003293SM9X1417
87EI7CC LIO63361003591SN1T1571
88G4BEE LIO83390003991SM9X1538
89GM4M QIO75380203691LY4ZZ1882
90G4CIB QIO81330003384SM9X1687
91G3T HIO94380203678YL3FW1403
92DF1RL LJO43280012774EI6JK1192
93G3TDH QIO83320003273SM9X1538
94IW3ILM QJN55170001770GM4Z1645
95G4CTY *HJO01240002469SM9X1497
96M0DCG LIO83340013368S57KM1501
97DF5BX LJO42200002065EI6JK1211
98DL3RAR *LJN68220202060EI6JK1634
99M0UAT *LJO01300102954SM5CSS1342
100MM0DGI LIO88200101947SD1A1301
101M9R HIO92250212244SM9X1511
102IW3ILP LJN55120101133MW2I1228
103DF7CB LJO317000728GM4JYB1007
104DL5DBY LJO31150101427GM2V1023
105G2AA LIO92240402023SE5L1323
106SJ6W QJO57100001022G8X1201

High Power - Unassisted Low Power - Unassisted QRP - Unassisted
  Call Grid  Good
1SD1A JO9778373
2DL2OM JO3087310
3GW4J IO7390286
4GI5I IO7482263
5EI6JK IO5354207
6MM1E IO8571206
7GW7N IO8367179
8G1M IO7055171
9EI7GY IO6337108
10GD4RFZ IO743798
11G3T IO943678
12M9R IO922244
  Call Grid  Good
1SM5CSS JO8973375
2SF6W JO6875340
3IK6BAK JN6354271
4MW2I IO8174258
5GM4OSS IO7575242
6GM4JYB IO8867240
7G3LRS IO9281238
8G3SWC IO9172230
9G4RCD IO9374229
10G3KNU IO9375221
11G5UM IO9278220
12G4DDX IO9171217
13DK5DQ JO3162212
14G3TJE IO8168203
15G4EUW JO0170200
16M5D JO0160176
17PA2PCH JO3362173
18G5C IO9369173
19SE5L JP7036161
20EI8CE IO6245160
21LA6K JP3336156
22G4IZZ IO8151152
23GW4OKT IO8355151
24G4BYE IO9159146
25GM4KGK IO6838137
26G4NBS JO0247123
27OH5ZA KP2128120
28SE6K JO6635120
29GM3ZDH IO7542119
30DL2SWR JO5338116
31PA3DBS JO2150115
32OZ3TQ JO5529100
33M0MPM IO914197
34M3M IO703495
35ON3ND JO203293
36EI7CC IO633591
37G4BEE IO833991
38DF1RL JO432774
39M0DCG IO833368
40DF5BX JO422065
41MM0DGI IO881947
42IW3ILP JN551133
43DF7CB JO31728
44DL5DBY JO311427
45G2AA IO922023
  Call Grid  Good
1YL3FW KO0653216
2G4BWP JO0280209
3GM4M IO753691
4G4CIB IO813384
5G3TDH IO833273
6IW3ILM JN551770
7SJ6W JO571022

High Power - Assisted Low Power - Assisted QRP - Assisted
  Call Grid  Good
1SN1T *JO8494462
2GM4Z *IO87100369
3I2IFT *JN4574354
4GM2V *IO7784320
5PA8AD *JO3297314
6G3TXF *IO7193311
7G3WVG *IO9195300
8G3P *IO9189278
9DL6KVA *JO6467270
10G8X *IO8081261
11M2D *IO9572240
12PA4O *JO3382232
13PC4H *JO2266160
14F5UQE *JO1053152
15M1X *JO0142115
16G4CTY *JO012469
  Call Grid  Good
1S57KM *JN7685436
2SM9X *JP9075370
3LY4ZZ *KO2564366
4SD6F *JO5775295
5GM3A *IO8783289
6DL1RNN *JO5274255
7DF1MM *JO4371244
8G4RGK *IO9181242
9PG7V *JO2286242
10G3KAF *IO8373219
11G4MEM *IO9478215
12G0JJG *JO0263177
13G3XLG *JO0264175
14DM7X *JN5840160
15PC1PM *JO2360159
16GM3ZRT *IO7657140
17PA2A *JO2150116
18M0RYB *JO023296
19DL3RAR *JN682060
20M0UAT *JO012954
  Call Grid  Good
1MM2N *IO7571213
2G4ZFE *IO9171201
3DL8DWW *JO7042187
4OM3WZ *KN0839180
5M7R *IO9263170
6G4ENZ *IO8151131


Decided to join the contest 20 minutes after its start. Good activity. -- DK5DQ It was a lot of fun, most QSOs in the first 30 minutes -- DL1RNN Band in good shapegood fun plenty of eu on 1/4 wave verticallook forward to summer contests73 de EI6JK -- EI6JK Great contest with great band condx! -- EI7GY Vy good condx. Used SD and FB as usual -- EI8CE Lots of activity=noisy band. 73. -- G0JJG S9+17db always a problem with weaker stations. But a super contest....JIM -- G3KAF Great conditions tonight. -- G3KNU Lively session and great to see some old and new calls with us this evening. Very enjoyable last leg of the contest. Until the next one thanks all the QSOs stay safe and well and we'll see you all again! I use EI5DI's SD there is nothing better for the job -- G3LRS Started a little late, but plenty of stations to call S&P, and good conditions meant most could hear my 5W just fine. -- G3TDH Good fun tonight - lots of activity ! -- G4BEE Nice contest SD V21.28 recording names instead of locators. -- G4BYE First time I've entered this contest - good fun! -- G4CIB vERY GOOD CONDITIONS TONIGHT AND LOW LOCAL QRM WHICH HELPED ME ENJOY THE EVENING. I USED SD AS USUAL AND NO COMPUTER PROBLEMS SO MURPHY MUST BE IN LOCKDOWN AS WELL! -- G4DDX First time in this contest and first time with 5mContest software. All went very well. Excellent conditions for QRP -- G4ENZ Almost started an hour early. My thanks to G3KAF for pulling me up. Much better results with 110' Doublet. -- G4EUW Very busy - difficult to find a spot to call CQ after S+P'ing for a while. -- G4IZZ Missed first 10 minutes trying to wake up winkeyer. Still fighting the local noise but plenty of signals audible tonight! 73, Keep Safe -- G4NBS Enjoyable contest - thank you. 73, Mark, G4RCD -- G4RCD Good condx and good fun -- G4ZFE Busy enough. Thanks to all who took part. -- GI5I Thanks for the QSOs in the 2019-20 series. 73 Chris -- GM2V Sorry this is the last of the series. Looking forward to next series and 6 letter locator -- GM3A Lots of activity and good conditions. Good fun as always. -- GM3ZDH Lots of UK stations tonight. Not many dx though!. Thanks to all for these contests. -- GM4JYB Excellent conditions tonight even with qrp ! Band was wall to wall with signals Thanks for the contacts -- GM4M Busy first half, slow second.... -- GW4J Great fun but poor condition. TNX for QSO and CU next september. Ciao de Giovanni i2ift -- I2IFT 73 de SM5SIC Göran -- LA6K good conditions; enjoyable! -- M0DCG Thanks for the Q's - Please Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D Just logged a few S&P. Good fun as always and good signals from Europe tonight. -- MM0DGI Huge signals from everywhere tonight. 2 from EA8. -- MM2N Having tried the 2 different exchanges the 6 digit locators add more interest -- MW2I A pretty nice result on a low short sloper wire. Just half a dozen G's could not hear me calling... Cheers/73 Zaba OH1ZAA -- OH5ZA Finnaly managed to take part in all CW 80m contests. See you all in fall! 73, Sandi -- S57KM Lots of activity, a surprise being called by EA8DIG! Stay safe everyone and thanks for the QSOs. 73 de Eric. -- SD1A

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 3230 Cross Checked QSOs: 2917 Long distance QSOs (Over 2500 km) SD1A in JO97 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 4265 km SN1T in JO84 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3977 km GM4Z in IO87 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3402 km PA4O in JO33 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3397 km PA8AD in JO32 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3319 km MM1E in IO85 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3201 km MM2N in IO75 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3149 km G3KNU in IO93 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3069 km G4RCD in IO93 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3069 km GI5I in IO74 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3046 km GW7N in IO83 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 3003 km GW4J in IO73 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 2944 km G4RGK in IO91 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 2881 km G3SWC in IO91 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 2881 km EI6JK in IO53 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 2852 km MW2I in IO81 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 2808 km G3TXF in IO71 worked EA8DIG in IL18 at distance of 2743 km G3TXF in IO71 worked EA8CYU in IL18 at distance of 2743 km