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Results - 28 April 2021 - CW

Thank you for taking part in the final contest of the 2020/21 series. Overall winner was Algirdas LY4ZZ in the Low Power section. Leading High Power entrant was Arvydas LY2F and Sergei YL3FW was overall winner of the QRP section operating unassisted. Leading the HP unassisted section was Chris GM2V, with Goran SF6W the leading unassisted low power entrant. The bonus calls worth the maximum of 10 points were EI5G(EI5DI) and GW4J(GW0ETF). Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the 2020/2021 series of 80m contests. We hope you have enjoyed them and will join us again for the next series beginning in September. Please look out for any one-off events we may run over the summer... Stew, GW0ETF - Adjudicator (Also assisting - G4PVM, EI5DI, G4FJK)

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1LY4ZZ *LKO25KK8500085538EI8CE2129
2LY2F *HKO24BV8602084478EI5G1979
3S57KM *LJN76HD7900079413GM4JYB1826
4I2IFT *HJN45UQ8310082409RN4WA3219
5GM2V HIO77WS9501094408E77EA2052
6OE5TXF *HJN78BD8402082402GM4JYB1625
7SF6W LJO68RP7500075369E77EA1556
8DL8UD *HJO43QO9600195356EI2KA1289
9SM5CSS LJO89LS7100071352M3M1772
10G4DRS HIO80UQ9100091343RN4WA3625
11M1X *HJO01DG104000104339RN4WA3437
12G4RCG HIO93FQ100000100332OH2EA1758
13SD1A HJO97DP7000070331EI8CE1733
14DL3DTH *HJO61UE8603083329RN4WA2631
15YL3FW QKO06MM6601065327EI8CE1887
16GM3YEH LIO75TO7820076311LY4ZZ1835
17G3XTT *HIO81PE9200092309OH2EA1992
18SP8HWM LKO11HS6102059307EI3ER2139
19G4PVM *LJO01FR8510084304OH5ZA1846
20G5W HIO82NL10002197301OH2EA1910
21G3P *HIO91NL9502093289LY4ZZ1756
22G4BVY *LIO82UD9000189288OH5ZA1955
23PA4O *HJO33GH9102089288RN4WA2954
24E77EA *LJN84OU5401053287RN4WA2826
25DL2JRM LJO60JX7000070286EI2KA1543
26G8X *LIO80EW8000080280LY4ZZ1956
27DL8QS LJO43KH8401182276E77EA1119
28G4ERW LJO01JC8200082276OH5ZA1879
29M5D LJO01HT7800078273OH5ZA1832
30GM3A LIO87UD6700067268E77EA1922
31PG7V *LJO22UI8500085268LY4ZZ1302
32OK2NO LJN89PW6101060267GM3ZRT1663
33OK1TN *LJO70NJ7314068266GM3ZRT1507
34DM6EE *QJO52KJ7200072264GM3ZRT1138
35YL2TD LKO26CV6727058262EI2KA2247
36MM2T *LIO85AS7002068257E77EA1923
37GI5I HIO74DP7403170254OH5ZA1966
38G3RWF HJO01OG7500174252RN4WA3382
39G4FNL QIO90XU7300073250OH2EA1878
40GM4OSS LIO75RQ6700067250E77EA1950
41GM3ZRT *LIO76KQ6401063247E77EA2037
42G3LRS LIO92JO7200270244OH5ZA1866
43G4RCD LIO93GX6800068244OH5ZA1783
44G4RGK *LIO91ON7811076244LY4ZZ1747
45MW6M LIO71XS8016073240LY4ZZ1943
46M2D *HIO95DH6602064238E77EA1775
47SM5ACQ LJO89HO5603053238M3M1747
48PA5WT *HJO22HG7902176236LY4ZZ1374
49G3SWC LIO91SC7302071232LY4ZZ1747
50G4IZZ *LIO81XX6801067231LY4ZZ1807
51DL8DWW *QJO70IX5201051230GM2V1432
52IN3FHE *LJN56NP5402052229GM4JYB1634
53MM1E HIO85AU6602064219HA8RJ1911
54PA2TA *LJO21IU7601075219LY4ZZ1387
55SN5J *LKO02ML5716050219EI8CE1922
56PA2PCH LJO33HB6310062218OH5ZA1443
57DL2OM HJO30SN7605071216RN4WA3042
58G5V LIO83WI6501064216OH5ZA1860
59G6C LIO70KI5700057210LY4ZZ2080
60G3KNU LIO93QN6502063204LY4ZZ1657
61G3OGP LIO91SB6602064203LY4ZZ1749
62G4EBK LIO93WN7503171201LY4ZZ1625
632E0OBO LJO02RU6912066200OH5ZA1711
64GM4JYB LIO88JM5102049199S57KM1826
65G8CW LJO01KS6201061191LY4ZZ1632
66DL6KVA *HJO64BC5702055185EI8CE1313
67G4BYE LIO91VW6100160185LY4ZZ1693
68DL7AT *QJO53CL5701056182G6C1109
69EI8CE LIO62HI4900049179LY4ZZ2129
70G3MXH LJO02LF6807061165LY4ZZ1607
71OZ3TQ LJO55HK3801037163G6C1198
72M0MUI LJO02NK5001049162LY4ZZ1588
73DL4MFM *LJO42AI5504051152YL2TD1157
74M8A *LIO92AL5102049151LY4ZZ1781
75DK5KK QJO31LL4900049149LY4ZZ1265
76G5UM LIO92KR7118062149LY4ZZ1718
77M3X LIO80FR4901048147LY4ZZ1961
78M7R *QIO92IP6302061147LY4ZZ1732
79G0MDR LIO91VR5501153146LY4ZZ1702
80G0JJG QJO02ME5713053143LY4ZZ1603
81EI7CC LIO63WG4500045141LY4ZZ2014
82EI7GY HIO63WG4600046133LY2F1973
83OH5ZA HKP21SA2702025133EI5G2081
84OK6DJ *LJN69NO3801037128OH5ZA1491
85G0UJA *LJO01BJ5000050126LY2F1644
86M3M LIO70JB2900029117YL2TD2077
87PA3DBS LJO21DM5304049114LY4ZZ1429
88S5/M0MPM LJN75PX3404030113EI8CE1789
89G5EA HIO93DG3800038108LY4ZZ1735
90IW3ILM QJN55LK2100021108GM4JYB1744
91SM6OEF LJO68VI3204028106G6C1511
92OM3WZ *QKN08NT2501024101GW4J1828
93EI3ER *LIO53LH1900019100SP8HWM2139
94G1M LIO92VA4111138100LY4ZZ1690
95DL1ATZ *LJO50TL290112797EI5G1264
96G3T HIO94IM320103196E77EA1706
97G4LPP *HJO02SS330003396LY4ZZ1548
98LB2WG LJO59JT190001990G4DRS1309
99PA0HPG LJO33IC370303485LY4ZZ1209
100G4BEE LIO83RQ390203783OK2NO1425
101G3ZBU QIO91UB300012980SP8HWM1590
102EI2KA LIO51HM260202479YL2TD2247
103DO6AN LJO53BP250002577GM2V1005
104GM4M QIO75XT290302674LY4ZZ1810
105PC2F QJO22QE290102872YL2TD1322
106G4DZL LIO92IS250002565YL2TD1692
107G4HIV *LIO93QE210002163E77EA1593
108M6A LIO91EE350602946YL2TD1795
109M0KNG LJO01EO210002138DL2JRM868
110G4FTP *LJO01LU210301824GM4JYB788
111EI8KV LIO63WF5000516G4RGK408
112G2AA LIO92KO1003077LY4ZZ1723
113EI4KX QIO63UJ802151DL2OM1000
114EI8KW *LIO63UH300211G5C361


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 28/04/2021 First time in QRP QRV,thanks to the organizers for the great contests, 73s -- DL7AT Best Contest of the Serie 20/21 and all Time Best into UKEI Contest good Condx and low Qrm nice end of this Serie. Tnx for all nice Qso´s this Serie and See you all into 09/2021 with the new Start. vy 73 de Uwe DL8UD -- DL8UD This time from my home QTH. I hope not so many stations have my locator wrong. Thank you for scratching my little QRP signal out of the noise. Stay safe. -- DM6EE Excellent contest -- EI3ER newbie- first UKEICC test -- EI4KX Great contests, I'm looking forward to resuming them in September -- EI7GY good condx es lots of activity -- EI8CE Nice activity - see you next time round tnx fer fun! vy 73 -- G0JJG Enjoyable -- G1M Very lively session at the end great to work regular calls and some new ones besides. Thanks for every QSO this evening and see you all again next season. 73 de Adam G0ORY for G3LRS I use EI5DI SD for my contest logging -- G3LRS Very high local noise tonight. -- G3MXH Started an hour early - very few around! Antenna draped over the roof after feeder failure -- G3RWF good condx. See you next time! -- G3ZBU Used SD V21.52 Nice contest. Worked S57KM + EI7KA -- G4BYE I finally remembered to ensure I wasn't connected to the cluster before the contest started! Unconnected this time... -- G4DRS Using SO2R. Still trying to improve.... -- G4FNL Great to hear so many taking part. -- G4IZZ Started late, forgot it was on! -- G4LPP Lost some time when I had a problem with my ATU part of the way through the contest and had to change to a spare one. 73, Mark, G4RCD -- G4RCD Nice and steady going best numbers in this series, not much DX tho' -- G4RCG Good activity. Ran out of time to do more SnP. Eyam Amateur Radio Soc. -- G5EA Great fun as always. -- G5V SD used to log very easy with SCP - a good contest to end the series with. -- G6C Good conditions again this evening. Thanks for all the QSOs in UKEICC 80m contests. 73 Chris -- GM2V I REALLY ENJOY THEE SHORT CONTESTS -- GM3A Found it difficult tonight! Thanks to all. IC-7300, 100w, inv-vee bazooka dipole 13m. -- GM4JYB GREAT -- GM4M Great condition. Thanks for QSO. Ciao de Giovanni (John) i2ift -- I2IFT Tnx for fun, see you next september. Stay all healthy. -- IN3FHE SD by EI5DI, Begali paddle, QRP, great evening thanks UKEICC: what else? 73 de Max IW3ILM -- IW3ILM Tnx for contest! GL -- LY4ZZ Thanks UKEICC for a good season and thanks everyone for the Q's - Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D Still improving. Lots of fun. Many thanks to the team at UKEICC for this super little contest. -- M6A Had a few gremlins before I started but got them all sorted but started contest in a bit of a fluster but had a steady stream of callers in the end thank you all. -- MW6M Delivering 1900Z-2000Z CWT-log, so 30 minutes late start. Conditions excelllent on 80 m even with this short poor sloper wire... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OH5ZA ft5000+dipole -- OK6DJ Thanks for organizing this series! Look for any one-off event in the summer. Have a nice summer and stay safe! -- PG7V Great activity. Thanks all for QSOs! 73, Sandi -- S57KM A nice hour of radio sport! 73 de Eric -- SD1A Good conditions and low QRM and QRN level this evening! Tnx all QSOs and CU agn in the autumn! 73 de Allan -- SM5CSS -- SN5J Trx: SunSDR2 5 Wt;Ant: Inv.V. Tnx & 73! -- YL3FW

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 3642 Cross Checked QSOs: 3204 Check Logs: GW4J(GW0ETF), EI5G(EI5DI), RN4WA, M0WLF - late logs from SD6F and ON3ND were entered as checklogs. Thanks Long distance QSOs (Over 2500 km) G4DRS in IO80UQ worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 3625 km GW4J in IO73WF worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 3586 km G3P in IO91NL worked RN4WA in LO66QV at distance of 3494 km M1X in JO01DG worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 3437 km G3RWF in JO01OG worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 3382 km I2IFT in JN45UQ worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 3219 km DL2OM in JO30SN worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 3042 km PA4O in JO33GH worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 2954 km E77EA in JN84OU worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 2826 km DL7AT in JO53CL worked RN4WA in LO66QV at distance of 2726 km DL3DTH in JO61UE worked RN4WA in LO66PU at distance of 2631 km