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UKEICC 80m Contests (2022-23 series); 26th October 2022 at 2000z - CW

Thanks for entering the October 80m CW contest. Results appear below. Conditions were generally good with low noise levels; 3 stations logged W1KM in FN41NP. Overall winner was GM2V (GM3WOJ) with SM5CSS just behind as the leading Low Power entrant. G3P (G3WPH) heads up a competitive group of QRPers. A quick shout-out for 13 year old EI8KW who is part of a growing band of competent CW ops/contesters from EI. Ryan is one of the youngest members of CWops and it's good to see him in our contests. Apologies for the delay with the log processing. This was caused by a problem with the robot which prevented logs being uploaded until Thursday when Pete D4/G4CLA was able to identify and sort the problem. Numbers of submitted logs are probably reduced as a consequence but all emailed logs have been accounted for. Thanks to Pete for taking time out from CQWW preparations to get us back in business; and thanks also to all entrants for being patient! 73, Adjudicator: GW0ETF (aided by EI5DI, G4FJK, GM3WOJ) **Bonus calls were EI5G (EI7CC) and GW5GEI (GW0ETF)**

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1GM2V HIO77WS7931075G  EI320E7/Z35M2197
2SM5CSS LJO89LS6400064G   304E7/Z35M1774
3I2IFT *HJN45UQ6620064G  EI301GM2V1643
4SF6W LJO68RP6100061G  EI287E7/Z35M1680
5DK2FG *LJO41OR7711075G  EI268OG6B1442
6M4T *HIO82RJ8001079G  EI268W1KM5129
7S57KM *LJN76HD6001059G  EI266EI6JK1845
8SD1A HJO97DP5800058G   243EI5KF1792
9G4PVM *LJO01FR7300073G  EI229SP8HWM1526
10G3SWC LIO91SC7101070G  EI214SP8HWM1601
11PG7V *LJO22UI6800068G  EI214OG6B1546
12SD6F *LJO57XP5802056G   206E77EA1469
13DL8TG *LJO52IJ5900059G  EI205OG6B1320
14EI5KF HIO52UG6013254G   204OG6B2265
15M4N *LIO81XX6000060G  EI198E77EA1624
16G3PJT *HJO02AE7103068G  EI197E7/Z35M1645
17EI5KG HIO62SH6411062G   194E77EA1922
18G4ERW LJO01JC6411062G   190OG6B1883
19MM2T *LIO85AS6505060G  EI185E77EA1923
20DL8UD *HJO43QO6103058   EI184W1KM5846
21G3P *QIO91NL5400153G  EI184SP8HWM1621
22SP8HWM LKO11HS4602044G   184GM2V1833
23DL4MFM *LJO42AI6002058G  EI183EI5KF1112
24EI6JK *HIO53TS3700037G  EI174E77EA2092
25G4CWH LJO01BV6623061G  EI173IT9VJO1936
26G4EBK QIO93WN5801156G  EI173E77EA1585
27G5C LIO93NL6001059G  EI169YL3FW1437
28G0ORH LIO91IJ5701056G   165SP8HWM1651
29EI5DI LIO63VG5101050G  EI160E77EA1938
30M5G LIO92JO5801057G  EI160SP8HWM1626
31G4BYE LIO91VW5602054G  EI156E77EA1506
32G3KNU LIO93QN5901058G   155YL3FW1418
33G4ENZ *QIO81VV5301052G   151SP8HWM1704
34G4ZFE *QIO91PK5301052G   148SP8HWM1611
35DL5KUD LJO64RN5304049G   143EI5KF1463
36EI7GY LIO63WG3700037G  EI120E77EA1933
37OG6B HKP21TA2601124G   119EI5KF2265
38M5D LJO01HT3911037G   118SP8HWM1513
39PA3DBS LJO21DM6006054G   117OG6B1681
40SO5N LKO02HD3400034    115EI6JK1944
41M8M QJO02ME3400034G  EI110E77EA1441
42PA0MIR HJO22LL3300033G  EI104E77EA1235
43DL3RAR *LJN68IV3002028G   102EI5KF1529
44G3TDH LIO83WI3301032G  EI97E77EA1691
45OZ3TQ LJO55HK2601025G   94EI5KF1290
46SP7OGP LKO01AM3501034    93GM2V1697
47GM4M QIO75XT2903026G  EI80E77EA1930
48M0HWT *LIO81WU2601223G   66E77EA1624
49G4DZL LIO92IS1600016G   63E77EA1612
50GM3ZDH LIO75UU2904025G  EI58I2IFT1496
51DM6EE/P *LJO61WW1600016G   57EI5KG1389
52G0JOS LIO91UJ2100021G   52E77EA1487
53G4CMY LIO81UR2102019G  EI51DL8UD816
54G3R LIO83SJ1700116G   48E77A1713
55EI8KW *LIO63VG1100011G  EI44GM2V518
56W1KM *HFN41NP30003G   35DL8UD5846
57G2AA LIO92KO2302120    30SD1A1354
58DO6AN QJO53BP90108    20E77EA1104
59SM6MIS LJO57XQ80008    18M4T1096
60G4ZZL *LJO01JT1404010G   10DL8UD613
61ON7XN *LJO11PE100307    3E77EA1251
62EI8KV LIO63WF111217    1G4ERW529
635P5Q *HJO75JG10100    0----


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 26/10/2022 Checklog only -- 5P5Q Had a nice hour with you - thanks for the QSOs. I hope the m machine is going well now 73 "Jo" dl5kud -- DL5KUD Only a MP1 antenna. I was suprised that also some UK/EI stations could hear and work me with the new locator. -- DM6EE/P I dug out my QRP Labs QCX (4 Watts out) for this contest, operated for about half an hour and had a lot of fun! Tnx QSOs! -- DO6AN SD WinKey K3. A nice quiet band - my best total in years with a low G5RV. -- EI5DI Brilliant conditions, bar a spot of QRN in 1st half. 73 -- EI5KF SD worked as always Plenty of activity tonight Where was EI5G hiding ?? -- EI5KG GREAT CONTEST BAND IN GOOD SHAPE DE EI6JK -- EI6JK Good band condx. tonight plenty of continental EU stations heard -- EI7GY Good contest -- G3TDH Decent conditions and low QRN -- G4CWH Gave QRP a try tonight for a change. -- G4EBK Very low band noise. Tnx QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM2V Condition seemed mixed but good activity and good fun as always. -- GM3ZDH Sorry if there was confusion when I called 'CQ MWC'. Quickly rectified!! -- M4N Fun. 73. -- M4T Good evening; fair activity very enjoyable as always Thanks to all worked for the QSOs. See you again next time. 73 and all the best until then. I use EI5DI's SD for my contest logging -- M5G With the Aurora slightly up it went better than expected but the G-direction was on the weak side. Recent improvements on the sloper wire counterpoise helped a bit... 15 minutes spent first on tracking down the UDC-file... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OG6B Less QRM and QRN than normal! 73 to all de Allan -- SM5CSS nice & relaxed contest, thanks -- SM6MIS I always use SD -- OZ3TQ

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 1857 Cross Checked QSOs: 1058 Long distance QSOs (Over 2000 km) DL8UD in JO43QO worked W1KM in FN41NP at distance of 5846 km M4T in IO82RJ worked W1KM in FN41NP at distance of 5129 km GW5GEI in IO73WF worked W1KM in FN41NP at distance of 5003 km EI5KF in IO52UG worked OG6B in KP21TA at distance of 2265 km OG6B in KP21TA worked EI8CE in IO62HI at distance of 2211 km GM2V in IO77WS worked E7/Z35M in JN93EU at distance of 2197 km EI5KF in IO52UG worked E7/Z35M in JN93EU at distance of 2181 km EI6JK in IO53TS worked E77EA in JN84OU at distance of 2092 km GM2V in IO77WS worked E77EA in JN84OU at distance of 2052 km Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log SN1T has 54 QSO Records E77EA has 45 QSO Records SM6S has 44 QSO Records PC4H has 44 QSO Records SP2R has 43 QSO Records G8CW has 40 QSO Records EI8CE has 40 QSO Records PA2TA has 38 QSO Records OK2NO has 37 QSO Records PA3AAV has 37 QSO Records YL3FW has 36 QSO Records ON7PQ has 36 QSO Records OK2NAJ has 32 QSO Records M1X has 24 QSO Records SN5J has 22 QSO Records SP3CW has 22 QSO Records F6JOE has 21 QSO Records E7/Z35M has 17 QSO Records DL6KVA has 17 QSO Records DF6FQ has 16 QSO Records G3OND has 15 QSO Records DL8QS has 13 QSO Records DF4ZL has 09 QSO Records GM0OPS has 09 QSO Records GI4SZW has 08 QSO Records DL9RNO has 08 QSO Records HB9CMW has 08 QSO Records G8XXJ has 08 QSO Records DL1NKS has 08 QSO Records G3ZBU has 06 QSO Records DL1ROT has 05 QSO Records