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Summer 80m 2nd SSB Contest - Wednesday 27 May 2020

Thanks for entering our second Summer SSB contest for May - the full results are shown below. Propagation on 80m isn't so good in these summer evenings, and a few entrants mentioned the increased noise levels on the band. Nevertheless there were 43 entrants, only three fewer than our previous SSB event at the start of the month. Congratulations to the leading entrants GM3WOJ (HP Assisted) and EI8CE (HP Unassisted), with PG7V the leading LP entrant (Unassisted). GM0V had the longest DX/Distance contact - with F5SSL at 1948km. Thanks to Nick M1DDD for a comprehensive checklog, and also to DM7X for his checklog. Our final 80m Summer contests are next month - hope you see you all then. CW - Thursday 4th June FT4 - Wednesday 10th June (4-character locator) SSB - Wednesday 17th June 73, Paul EI5DI - Adjudicator for UKEICC

Combined Results
* = Assisted Entry
Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1GM3WOJ *HIO77WS5401053562DL3RAR1488
2EI8CE HIO62HI6501163427SE6K1380
3GM0V HIO85AT5300053415F5SSL1948
4EI7M *HIO51VW5902156407OK1NYD1509
5PG7V LJO22UI3800038379GM0HBF1013
6GM4JYB LIO88JM2800028299DL3RAR1494
7G4RCD LIO93GX5100051298DL3RAR1133
8G8X HIO80HV5100051284GM0TKB863
9MM1E HIO85AU3400034284DL3RAR1369
10G3SWC HIO91SC5200151279SE6K1066
11G4DDX LIO91VW4200042272SE6K993
12GW4J HIO73WF5201051253DG9BEO823
13M2D HIO95DH3401033236DL5RBW1219
14GW5NF LIO81KQ4600046233IU2MFF1176
15G3LRS LIO92JO5411052230SE6K1005
16M5JB LIO93CN5511053229DG9BEO667
17G4PVM *LJO01FR4511043216DL3RAR927
18EI3ENB LIO62JH3000129204SE6K1372
19SE6K LJO66HT1801116185EI8CE1380
20GM0HBF LIO67IN1800018168PG7V1013
21GM0TKB LIO88IP2312020162SE6K968
22DL3RAR LJN68IV1801017161GM4JYB1494
23DG9BEO HJO43CE1901018156EI8CE1054
24EI7CC LIO63WG2100021135PG7V804
25GU0UVH LIN89VR2000020131GM3WOJ904
26OK1NYD LJN69KL1100011131OH3BCX1518
27G5V LIO83WI3704033127GM0TKB594
28G4BYE LIO91VW2801027121GM4JYB758
29G0ORE LIO92AG2200022113DL5RBW1087
30G4DZL LIO92IS3201130109GM3WOJ585
31G7HYS LIO81MI2501024106GM4JYB798
32G8KWX LIO91RE2100021106DL5RBW960
33G4CIB QIO81VX2600125102GM3WOJ657
34G1EIX HIO92DE290202791GM3WOJ641
35G4IZZ LIO81XX200002088DL5RBW1083
36G3KNU LIO93QN230102285GM0TKB590
37M0MPM LIO91LJ180001882GM3WOJ737
38G0WWD LIO80EN150101478GM3WOJ803
39G4NBS LJO02AF190001972GM3WOJ672
40M0WEF LJO02BF130001358GM3WOJ674
41OH3BCX HKP20XW1000132OK1NYD1518
42G3UUT LJO02BD7010621GM3WOJ683
43SE5W LJP80NF1000110SE6K462

High Power - Unassisted Low Power - Unassisted QRP - Unassisted
  Call Grid  Good
1EI8CE IO62HI63427
2GM0V IO85AT53415
3G8X IO80HV51284
4MM1E IO85AU34284
5G3SWC IO91SC51279
6GW4J IO73WF51253
7M2D IO95DH33236
8DG9BEO JO43CE18156
9G1EIX IO92DE2791
10OH3BCX KP20XW132
  Call Grid  Good
1PG7V JO22UI38379
2GM4JYB IO88JM28299
3G4RCD IO93GX51298
4G4DDX IO91VW42272
5GW5NF IO81KQ46233
6G3LRS IO92JO52230
7M5JB IO93CN53229
8EI3ENB IO62JH29204
9SE6K JO66HT16185
10GM0HBF IO67IN18168
11GM0TKB IO88IP20162
12DL3RAR JN68IV17161
13EI7CC IO63WG21135
14OK1NYD JN69KL11131
15GU0UVH IN89VR20131
16G5V IO83WI33127
17G4BYE IO91VW27121
18G0ORE IO92AG22113
19G4DZL IO92IS30109
20G7HYS IO81MI24106
21G8KWX IO91RE21106
22G4IZZ IO81XX2088
23G3KNU IO93QN2285
24M0MPM IO91LJ1882
25G0WWD IO80EN1478
26G4NBS JO02AF1972
27M0WEF JO02BF1358
28G3UUT JO02BD621
29SE5W JP80NF110
  Call Grid  Good
1G4CIB IO81VX25102

High Power - Assisted Low Power - Assisted QRP - Assisted
  Call Grid  Good
1GM3WOJ *IO77WS53562
2EI7M *IO51VW56407
  Call Grid  Good
1G4PVM *JO01FR43216
  Call Grid  Good


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 27/05/2020 60 min. S&P this time, TNX for this contest, always nice! -- DG9BEO Condx pretty good into UK SD worked fb as usual -- EI8CE Enjoyable evening but was missing the usual DX stns Wouldn't mind them back for next time! 73 and thanks to all stations worked Adam -- G3LRS Very Noisy Used SD V21.29 -- G4BYE Good fun! -- G4CIB Very busy with reasonable propogation. Enjoyed the contest. used SD for logging as usual. -- G4DDX Not many above my noise level tonight. -- G4NBS Enjoyable contest, but not a lot of DX contacts! 73, Mark, G4RCD. -- G4RCD Magic! only S9 noise tonight. -- G5V N1MM+ performed without a hitch. -- G8X A bit slow going -- GM0V Good signals from UK and EI. Tnx QSOs 73 - Chris -- GM3WOJ Hard slog tonight! Thanks to all paricipants and organisers. -- GM4JYB Thanks for the Q's - Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D Good fun tonight -- MM1E With the elevated noise level the only station I could hear was OK1NYD at 1811Z and the same station half an hour ater... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OH3BCX With the sun still shining very quiet band. Not much activity from the continent. -- PG7V

Some Statistics

Statistics for UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 27/05/2020 Total QSOs: 843 Cross Checked QSOs: 514 Long distance QSOs (Over 2500 km) None Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log G1EIX has 22 QSO Records G4ANS has 18 QSO Records MW0XOT has 15 QSO Records G4MSN has 14 QSO Records M7MER has 12 QSO Records G4CLN has 12 QSO Records EI9HC has 11 QSO Records G7TGK has 11 QSO Records G0FVH has 11 QSO Records G4PFK has 10 QSO Records