The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m CW Contest - 27 April 2022

Thanks for entering our final 80m CW contest for the 2021/22 season. Here are the final results, and and we look forward to seeing you in our next series of 80m contests in September. A reminder too about the UK/EI DX CW contest at the weekend - starting at 1200z on Saturday 30th April - for 24 hours. Exchange serials, and UK/EI entrants add their 2-character district codes. Rules at 73 from the addjudicators, Paul EI5DI Tim G4FJK Paul G4PVM

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Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 27/04/2022 It seems again some participants less than in March. It was fun, also some new stations and LA/G3SWC as station with new grid! -- DM6EE Thanks for all the contests this series. They have been very enjoyable and have hugely improved my CW. -- EI5LA Glass of wine makes it much harder than I thought... Thanks for a great season, cannot wait for the next one! :) -- EI6LA Nice to work regular and some new stations this evening Condx fair to good this end so mustn't grumble hi Thanks all stations worked. 73 and see you on the next season of UKEICC I use EI5DI's SD for my contest logging -- G3LRS A pleasant way to spend an hour! -- G3TDH Very noisy band with lots of QRN tonight. -- G3ZBU Used SD V21.64 -- G4BYE mm9i's keyer was sending rubbish for a time. It took four repeats before I got a sensible code. -- G4EBK Good evening, did better than expected as doublet dropped 4m due to wind damage. -- G4N Very enjoyable as always. -- G5V Good condx here. Thanks for all the QSOs in these 80m contests. 73 Chris -- GM2V Good fun. Thanks to all. IC-7300 to Inv-vee bazooka dipole at 13m. -- GM4JYB Long skip ,choppy sounding cw tonight at times almost auroral. -- GM4M Good long skip -- GW4J Only the last 25 minutes -- M0MPM QRN, QSB and very poor conditions. Ugh. -- M3M Excellent contest. Good fun, as usual. -- M4N Activity seemed lower but good QRP fun. -- M8M Good cw practice again tonight ;) -- MM1E Very slow. Also trying to get to grips with DXLOG on new laptop. -- MM2N First time on 80m with the UKEI for a long time. was fun -- MM9I Towards the end I couldn't find anyone new to work. -- OE5TXF I use SD log -- OZ3TQ Thanks for all contacts se you again in the Autumn! 73 de Allan -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Statistics for UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 27/04/2022 Total QSOs: 2106 Cross Checked QSOs: 1777 Long distance QSOs (Over 2000 km) MM1E in IO85AU worked 4U1GSC in JN81XP at distance of 2239 km E77EA in JN84OU worked GM4JYB in IO88JM at distance of 2059 km E77EA in JN84OU worked GM2V in IO77WS at distance of 2052 km GW4J in IO73WF worked OH5TS in KP30LM at distance of 2039 km G5GEI in IO70KI worked LY6A in KO24CX at distance of 2035 km M4N in IO81XX worked OH5TS in KP30DD at distance of 2012 km I2IFT in JN45UQ worked OH5TS in KP30LM at distance of 2002 km Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log G3XTZ has 45 QSO Records OK2NAJ has 41 QSO Records MM0DGI has 37 QSO Records SP3CCT has 36 QSO Records GM3WIJ has 24 QSO Records DF6FQ has 19 QSO Records G3WVG has 16 QSO Records DL1ROT has 09 QSO Records S57T has 06 QSO Records G0MFR has 06 QSO Records