The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

Results - 31 March 2021 - CW

Here are the final results. Condx were quite good with many QSOs greater than 3000 km. We received 121 logs. Congratulations to overall winner Nick RM4F. Second was Algis LY4ZZ who was top low power station. Third was Sandi S57KM. The section winners for unconnected stations were Chris GM2V, Allan SM5CSS, and Graham G4FNL in the high, low and QRP sections. The section winners for connected stations were Nikolay RM4F, Algis LY4ZZ, and Lutz DM6EE in the high, low and QRP sections. Thanks to the bonus station operators, GM3X by Clive (GM3POI) and EI5G by Gerard (EI5KF). Our next contest will be the SSB contest on Wednesday 7th April starting at 2000z. 73 Paul G4PVM and the UKEICC adjudication team.

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1RM4F *HLO23OQ8603182647EI2KA3616
2LY4ZZ *LKO25KK8000080510EI8CE2129
3S57KM *LJN76HD8400084428GM3C1846
4OE5TXF *HJN78BD8000080403RM4F2252
5GM2V HIO77WS9702095400RM4F3064
6I2IFT *HJN45UQ8401083397RM4F2680
7SM5CSS LJO89LS7601075376UT2II1879
8DL3DTH *HJO61UE9002088364RM4F2143
9SD1A HJO97DP7110070355EI2KA1899
10SF6W LJO68RP7401073339RM4F2028
11G3P *HIO91NL102110100319UT2II2781
12M0BEW *HIO82RJ10002098319RM4F3147
13G3XTT *HIO81PE8801087316RM4F3210
14M1X *HJO01DG101010100308RM4F3014
15GM4JYB LIO88JM6920067301RM4F2994
16DL8UD *HJO43QO8300083300EI2KA1289
17GW4J HIO73WF8601085299RM4F3212
18M6O LIO80EJ8520182290RM4F3306
19MM2N LIO75WS8023075289RM4F3121
20GM3A LIO87UD7901177283RM4F2973
21G4RCG HIO93FQ9202189278RM4F3034
22GM3YEH LIO75TO7602074275RM4F3141
23PA4O *HJO33GH9405089267RM4F2536
24DL7AT *HJO53CL8514080265UT2II2025
25G4ERW LJO01JC9011088263RM4F2989
26G4PVM *LJO01FR8010079262RM4F2984
27G4DRS *HIO80UQ8203079259RM4F3206
28OK1TN *HJO70NJ7505169256GM3ZRT1507
29G8X *HIO80EW7110169250RM4F3280
30YL2TD *LKO26CV5101050250EI8CE2082
31G3MXH *LJO02LF7201071249RM4F2931
32PG7V *LJO22UI7801077247RM4F2622
33DL6KVA *HJO64BC7102069242RM4F2157
34GM3C LIO88MW7405069240RM4F2971
35DL4ME *HJO50JR6701066237RM4F2353
36M5D LJO01HT8101080237RM4F2970
37G4FNL QIO90XU7621073236RM4F3054
38E77EA *LJN84OU5000050235GM3C2078
39GM4OSS LIO75RQ7001168232RM4F3149
40PA5WT *HJO22HG7500075232RM4F2695
41DM6EE *QJO62LK5900059229RM4F2149
42G4RGK *LIO91ON7902077218RM4F3071
43DL8QS *LJO43KH8105175217RM4F2386
44MM1E HIO85AU6705062217RM4F3108
45G4RCD LIO93GX7212069215RM4F3018
46PA2PCH LJO33HB6800068213RM4F2538
47OK2NO LJN89PW5602054212RM4F1957
48SM5ACQ LJO89HO4901048207EI5G1745
49GM3ZRT *LIO76KQ5701056206RM4F3152
50G6C LIO70KI5901058205UT2II3097
51SD6F *LJO57XP6004056205G6C1378
52G5C LIO93NL7201170204RM4F3000
53G3LRS LIO92JO7001168202RM4F3054
54SN5J *LKO02ML5202050202G6C1826
55G4EBK LIO93WN6801166198RM4F2950
56MM0DGI LIO88OW5814053195RM4F2962
57DL8DWW *QJO70IX4402042194RM4F2085
58G3OGP LIO91SB5800058193RM4F3071
59G3SWC LIO91SC6710066191RM4F3069
60YL2EM LKO36QM5507147191M6O2149
61G3XLG *LJO02ME6501064187RM4F2928
62G4BVY *LIO82UD6901068185RM4F3142
63MM2T *LIO85AS6605061184RM4F3111
64SP8HWM LKO11HS4613141184M6O1836
65M3M LIO70JB6202159180UT2II3109
66MW6M LIO71XS6703064170LY4ZZ1943
67G3TJE LIO81MI5203148167RM4F3218
68IN3FHE *LJN56NP3501034161RM4F2531
69G4C LJO01KS6203059160RM4F2955
70G4IZZ *LIO81XX5401152158RM4F3133
71UT2II *HKN88VA4107133158EI8CE3209
72OM3WZ *QKN08NT4203039157GM2V1941
73G4BYE LIO91VW6303060156YL2EM1857
74PA2TA *LJO21IU5100051156RM4F2705
75G4FAD LIO82PC6103058154RM4F3170
76OK2NAJ *LJN89PR3902037152RM4F1966
77SP9H *LJO90HH4713043150RM4F1853
78G5UM LIO92KR6908160143RM4F3044
79SP9BNM LJO90LD5208143137GM2V1725
802E0OBO *LJO02RU5201150135E77EA1454
81G4ZFE *QIO91PK5301052135UT2II2770
82DL1ATZ *HJO50TL4011038132RM4F2308
83G3SHF LIO83WI5604151128RM4F3083
84G3ZBU QIO91UB4401043128RM4F3061
85EI8CE LIO62HI4102039125LY4ZZ2129
86DL1DWR *LJO60VW3914034124RM4F2147
87OZ3TQ LJO55HK3301032119E77EA1267
88G1M *HIO92VA5804054118RM4F3014
89G3KNU *LIO93QN5604052118RM4F2981
90EI5DI LIO63VG3711035117RM4F3340
91DK5KK QJO31LL3600036115UT2II2239
92EI7GY HIO63WG3900039114RM4F3335
93PA3DBS LJO21DM5908150105UT2II2423
94EI7CC LIO63WG330003399YL2TD1963
95G3T HIO94IM340103397E77EA1706
96G0JJG QJO02ME390003996RM4F2928
97M0MUI LJO02NK390113794RM4F2913
98G0MDR LIO91VR550804793LY4ZZ1702
99M6A LIO91EE330013289SP9BNM1456
100EI2KA LIO51HM230002385RM4F3616
101IW3ILM QJN55LK210111984RM4F2612
102PA2DK *LJO21IX370403375RM4F2700
103G4BEE LIO83RQ350203374SD1A1377
104SE6K LJO66HT270402372G6C1373
105G4BJM LIO91VS400713268RM4F3025
106G4RMV LIO82XD240012367HA8RJ1663
107G4DZL LIO92IS200002056SP9BNM1433
108PC2F QJO22QE290222550SP9BNM976
109GW4OKT QIO83LE200002048RM4F3146
110M0DCG *LIO83QJ240012347GM3X618
111DO6AN QJO53BP200101943GM2V1005
112M0KNG LJO01EO270202540DO2XX868
113PA0HPG LJO33IC300702338GM3X878
114M0SHM *LIO83OV10020812SM5CSS1365
115G2AA LIO92KO120201011GM3YEH396
116G7HYS LIO81MI802064GM4JYB798
117GM0TKB LIO88IP501131M1X853


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 31/03/2021 I like it -- DL1ATZ FT2000-Dipol-UCX-Log -- DL1DWR Happy Easter for all, 73´s -- DL7AT Nice Contest like almost into CW QRM very low normal CW Test See you all into SSB -- DL8UD It was fun with QRP and a portable QTH. Some stations have asked regarding the locator because it is different to call history files, hi. I hope all of you got me right. Thank you for hearing my QRP signal. -- DM6EE Good condx, had a lot of fun and some nice QSOs, even with QRP! -- DO6AN Had to QRT early -- EI6BT Good band conditions tonight -- EI7GY Vy gd condx and lots of activity Used SD again -- EI8CE Nice conditions super activity. -- G0JJG Busy session great to work regulars and some new calls too. Thanks as always for all the QSOs and look forward to the next time. 73 till then I use EI5DI SD for my contest logging -- G3LRS Plenty of activity and good fun. -- G3MXH Great fun! -- G3SHF Did not hear a single station from Eire tonight! -- G3XLG Nice conditions tonight. SD working well. -- G3ZBU Sorry, sent post code for first 20 mins! AL74HJ Going mad I think! -- G4BJM Nice contest better conditions Worked Sandi S57KM splendid Did not hear EI2KA Tim or EI5G or GM7V sadly Used SD V21.52 -- G4BYE Yet again, I forgot to disconnect from the cluster, so I had to enter Connected. Not that the cluster helps in these contests, really... -- G4DRS Enjoyable contest, but local noise level is high, making lots of repeats necessary. 73, Mark, G4RCD -- G4RCD Bit slow tonight not that many on -- G4RCG Just a G5RV at 100w -- G4RMV SD by EI5DI used for logging - SCP very useful -- G6C Very good condx - low noise and strong signals. Tnx QSOs -73 Chris -- GM2V Good fun. Thanks to all. -- GM4JYB I love this game! Max -- IW3ILM cndx not good -- LY4ZZ heavy qsb tonight! -- M0DCG Great night with really good sigs all round. -- M0SHM Slowly improving ... Where were all of the EIs this evening? -- M6A LP for a nice change. Band quiet but not much DX -- M6O Good cw practice tonight! -- MM1E Good conditions and low noise. -- MM2N Bit noisy but things went fairly steady and good fun. -- MW6M From Austria it seemed like good conditions into EI/UK, with solid signals. Bonus call station EI5G appeared to be having some log problems. A fun 60 minutes. -- OE5TXF TS-590SG (100W), Windom@20m, dipole@8m 73, Sandi -- S57KM Nice contest as always. CU in the autumn! 73 de Eric -- SD1A RIG:ic746pro PWR:100 ANT:delta loop SW:fil2cbr conventer -- SP9BNM

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 3691 Cross Checked QSOs: 3240 Long distance QSOs: EI2KA in IO51HM worked RM4F in LO23OQ at distance of 3616 km EI7BA in IO51VT worked RM4F in LO23OQ at distance of 3529 km RM4F in LO23OQ worked EI5G in IO52UG at distance of 3513 km M3M in IO70JB worked RM3F in LO23OQ at distance of 3423 km EI5DI in IO63VG worked RM4F in LO23OQ at distance of 3340 km EI7GY in IO63WG worked RM4F in LO23OQ at distance of 3335 km M6O in IO80EJ worked RM4F in LO23OQ at distance of 3306 km G8X in IO80EW worked RM4F in LO23OQ at distance of 3280 km G3TJE in IO81MI worked RM4F in LO23OQ at distance of 3218 km GW4J in IO73WF worked RM4F in LO23OQ at distance of 3212 km