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80m SSB Contest - 5th October 2022

Thanks for taking part in the contest. It was good to see some new faces, and lots of EI entrants. Your support is appreciated. Congratulations to the following section leaders. 1st overall - DL8UD - HP Connected 2nd overall - DL3RAR - LP Unconnected 3rd overall - SM5CSS - LP Unconnected 1st UK/EI - EI6JK - HP Connected 2nd UK/EI - GM4JYB - LP Unconnected 3rd UK/EI - GM0TKB - LP Unconnected We look forward to seeing you in our 80m CW contest on 26th October, and in the next 80m SSB contest on 2nd November. Don't forget the big one in a couple of weeks - the UK/EI DX SSB Contest, for 24 hours from 1200z on Saturday 22nd October. 73, UKEICC Adjudicators - EI5DI, EI6LA, GW0ETF, G4FJK

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1DL8UD *HJO43QO6600066   EI249SV2MIK1745
2DL3RAR LJN68IV3800038G  EI197EI6JK1560
3SM5CSS LJO89LS3100031G  EI186G6C1745
4EI6JK *HIO53TS5200052G  EI181SM5CSS1675
5GM4JYB LIO88JM4400044G  EI173OE5TXF1625
6GM0TKB LIO88IP5103048G  EI1709A3DUH2076
7G3Q HIO84QD6401063G  EI170S57KM1514
8OE5TXF *HJN78BD3300132G  EI168EI2KA1724
9G1A HJO02HK6100061G   165SM5CSS1299
10MM1E HIO85AU5902057G  EI1659A3DUH1942
11MW2I LIO81KQ5501054G  EI1619A3DUH1712
12PG7V LJO22UI4400044G  EI161SM5CSS1081
13G3SWC LIO91SC5101050G  EI1509A3DUH1515
14M5G LIO92JO6401261   EI146SM5CSS1375
15EI5KG HIO62SH5302051G  EI1399A3DUH1951
16MM0DGI LIO88OW4302140G   138DL3RAR1506
17PE4BAS *LJO33JK4402042G  EI137EI3ENB950
18OZ4NA LJO46WR3000030G  EI135S57KM1223
19G2AA LIO92KO4802046G  EI124SM5CSS1371
20G3KNU LIO93QN4101040G  EI120S57KM1368
21EI3ENB LIO62JH4403041G  EI118S57KM1724
22EI2IAB LIO63NK5323048G  EI118DL3RAR1455
23S57KM *LJN76HD1900019G  EI114GM0TKB1839
24G4BYE LIO91VW4201041G   109SM5CSS1378
25G4DZL LIO92IS4100041   EI108SM5CSS1367
262E0TXQ LIO92JO3400034G  EI107OE5TXF1195
27EI7CC LIO63WG3200032G  EI105SM5CSS1584
28GU0UVH LIN89VR2900029G  EI104S57KM1316
29M1CJE LIO91CJ2900029G  EI989A3DUH1614
30G6C LIO70KI2900029G  EI97SM5CSS1745
31GM4M LIO75XT3101030G  EI90OK1OA1401
32GM4VYQ LIO76GA2600026G  EI89SM5CSS1387
33EI2KA LIO51HM2200022G  EI85OE5TXF1724
34EI6IKB LIO63WJ4203138    81SM5CSS1576
352M0WIC LIO88KK1900019G  EI78DL8UD945
362M0YTN LIO85TR2200022G  EI77DL3RAR1275
37EI7GY HIO63WG2500025G  EI77DL8UD1029
38G1EIX LIO92DE2901028G  EI77DL8UD762
39EI8KN LIO62IE2601025G  EI76OE5TXF1589
40G0JDL LJO02SI2000020G  EI76SM5CSS1262
41M0VQP *LIO92NG2301022G  EI71DL3RAR1031
42G8FRS LIO92DE2401023G  EI70DL3RAR1084
43PE1EWR *LJO11SL3104027G  EI69MM0DGI923
44GW7BZR LIO73UF2100021G  EI68DL8UD909
45EI5DI LIO63VG1700017G  EI61DL8UD1035
46SP6OH HJO70UW1502013G  EI51EI5KG1537
47MW7FON QIO73VC3704033    43DL1NKS1019
48EI9IRB *LIO63RI1201011G  EI41DL8UD1055
49EI7INB *LIO52NL50005G  EI36DL8UD1228
509A3DUH *HJN85XE100208G   29EI0W1972
51OK1OA LJO70HC2006014G  EI19EI5KG1489
522E0WHQ QIO91DN30003G   17G3Q294
53SE3X LJP63OJ10001    6GM0TKB1034
54M0KNM LIO91VV1703014   EI2GM4JYB762


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 05/10/2022 S9 of noise here, so only managed 3 QSOs. It would be nice is some of the stations actually listened for the weaker QRP signals in between their parrot calls. Just an observation. -- 2E0WHQ Almost nice Contest Band was very Quite and a lot of EI Station on the Band. Miss G5GEI never find him. Tnx all for Calling see you all into the CW Part. -- DL8UD thanks to all for qso's and thanks to organisers SD logger thank you -- EI2IAB Plenty of activity tonight New 80m V worked quite well -- EI5KG Good fun , thanks for contacts ,band appeared good 73 de EI6JK Mark. -- EI6JK Lost the first 25 minutes as radio locked up. Had to do a factory reset! -- EI8KN Thanks everyone very enjoyable contest -- EI9IRB Conditions were OK tonight. -- G1EIX SD used for logging - very good with SCP and CHF -- G6C Not many stations from Europe tonight. Good no. of Irish though. IC-7300, 100w, inv-vee bazooka dipole. Thanks all. -- GM4JYB LOUD SIGS NICE TO HEAR MANY EI STATION TONIGHT -- GM4M Found the band to be pretty noisy tonight - enjoyed the contest just the same. -- GM4VYQ Enjoyable evening and worked some new calls as well as the regulars. Thanks to all stations worked and see you on the next one. 73 and stay safe please I use EI5DI's SD for my contest logging -- M5G Nearly forgot about this one but great fun when I got going - cu in cw test ;) -- MM1E Activity was lower than I recall from earlier UK-EI SSB contests. -- OE5TXF FT857D, 33m LW at 8m -- OK1OA One of my favorite contests. Short and fast results. 73, Bas -- PE4BAS Big problems with my voice as usual! Tnx all contacts de Allan -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Statistics for UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 05/10/2022 Total QSOs: 1077 Cross Checked QSOs: 863 Long distance QSOs (Over 2000 km) GM0TKB in IO88IP worked 9A3DUH in JN85XE at distance of 2076 km Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log EI0W has 38 QSO Records PC4H has 23 QSO Records G4CLN has 20 QSO Records DL1NKS has 15 QSO Records EI9HC has 10 QSO Records EI6GVB has 10 QSO Records M0PAR has 09 QSO Records DL4VAI has 07 QSO Records GM3ZDH has 06 QSO Records F6EZV has 06 QSO Records