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Results - 02 February 2022 - SSB

Thanks to you all for taking part in this SSB contest, especially to those who joined us for the first time. Congratulations to Vlad RW1A for getting top score with his excellent signal, and also to Santiago EA3O for working Vlad with his QRP. The scores below are now final. Log Check Reports have been emailed to all entrants. Errors in logged grid-squares are the reason for many lost QSOs. Please check that you do not place a German station in Italy, an English station west of Ireland in the sea, or an Italian station off the coast of Denmark. Conditions in Southwest England were a bit strange - mostly good to central Europe and poor to nearby G-stations, but changing a lot during the 60 minutes. Thanks to Allan GM4ZUK for operating GM5GEI and to Andy EI8KF for operating EI5G. Some of you will notice where you could make an extra 15 or even 30 points by S&P-ing for the Bonus stations. 73 Tim G4FJK "Duty Adjudicator"

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1RW1A HKO48VR7103068G   470EA3O2701
2S57KM *LJN76HD6000159G  EI315GM1X1958
3GM2V HIO77WS7900079G  EI298RW1A1975
4G4FNL *HIO90XU9601095G  EI261LZ2KV2182
5SO4P *HKO03JS5704053G   253EI2KA2042
6GM3X *HIO88OW8104077    241II0WRTC2099
7EI8CE HIO62HI8002078G  EI225RW1A2417
8GM4JYB LIO88JM6701165   EI224HA8RJ2006
9G8X HIO80EW7911077G  EI223RW1A2287
10DL9RAR LJN68HW5902057    223EI3ER1586
11G3Q HIO84QD8303080G  EI208RW1A2043
12DL3RAR LJN68IV4401142G  EI189RW1A1562
13G4ERW LJO01JC6500065G  EI187RW1A2024
14EI8KN HIO62IE6401063G  EI186RW1A2422
15PC1PM *LJO23WF5901058G  EI183RW1A1604
16G3MXH HJO02LF6301062G  EI182RW1A1944
17G3SWC LIO91SC6901068G  EI178RW1A2095
18EI5KG HIO62SH6401063G  EI177S57KM1674
19SM5CSS LJO89LS3000030G  EI158EI4BZ1791
20OR4T HJO20CL5500055   EI153SM5CSS1312
21EI4BZ HIO51UW5804054G  EI151RW1A2495
22PG7V LJO22UI4100041G  EI134RW1A1667
23EI3ENB LIO62JH4101040G  EI129RW1A2410
24PA2PCH LJO33HB4001039G  EI129RW1A1571
25MW2I LIO81KQ6505060G   127RW1A2211
26G4BYE LIO91VW4801047G  EI126RW1A2028
27EI4KH HIO52TA5404149    123SE5W1815
28GM4M LIO75XT3400034G  EI117RW1A2046
29GU0UVH LIN89VR3300033G  EI114RW1A2287
30G4BRK LIO91HP4702045G  EI111RW1A2113
31M0DCG LIO83QJ3400034G  EI111S57KM1476
32G3R LIO83SJ4102138G  EI110RW1A2073
33G5UM LIO92KR4500045   EI107SM5CSS1362
34G3WGE *LJO01FQ4401043G  EI106RW1A2006
35PA0HPG *LJO33IC3000030G  EI105RW1A1564
36G3LRS LIO92JO3500035G  EI104RW1A2046
37EI7CC LIO63WG3100130G  EI102RW1A2293
38GM1X LIO67IN2501024G  EI101S57KM1958
39G2AA LIO92KO4202040G  EI100SO4P1466
40EI5IN/P LIO63HN3302031G  EI99RW1A2349
41F1FPL LJN09LE2700027G  EI95RW1A2147
42G4DZL LIO92IS3700037   EI95SO4P1472
43M7TXR LIO92JO3100031G  EI95RW1A2046
44EI2KA LIO51HM2300023G  EI93RW1A2583
45DM6EE LJO52KJ2100021G  EI90RW1A1380
46GM0TKB LIO88IP2702025G  EI90RW1A1901
47PA0PIW LJO22QD2700027G   90RW1A1699
48PE1EWR *LJO11SL3603033G  EI87SO4P1193
49EI7GY HIO63WG2600026G  EI86RW1A2293
50DL8TG LJO52IJ2200022G  EI84RW1A1389
51G6UBM LJO01CE3101030G  EI82RW1A2052
52M1CJE LIO91CJ3102029G  EI78RW1A2153
53G6C LIO70KI2000020G  EI76RW1A2411
54MW7FON QIO73VC2000020G  EI74RW1A2191
55GM0WED LIO88MW2602024    73RW1A1874
56SE5W *LJP80NF1300013G  EI71EI4KH1815
57OZ4NA LJO46WR2703123G  EI71EI4KH1292
58EI6IKB LIO63WJ2301022G  EI70RW1A2286
59G3KNU LIO93QN2401023G  EI70RW1A1958
60EA3O QJN11DO1400014G   67RW1A2701
61MW7CSO LIO81JT1700116G  EI67RW1A2209
62EI3ER LIO53LH1701016G  EI63RW1A2459
63G4BEE LIO83RQ2000020G  EI62RW1A2062
64EI5LA LIO52DG1300013G  EI59RW1A2557
65G8FRS LIO92DE1400014G  EI57RW1A2099
66M3M LIO70JB1500114G  EI53RW1A2436
67DJ6OK HJO31HA1802016G  EI50RW1A1705
68MM0MUN LIO87WD1602014G  EI50S57KM1678
69SL7ZZG LJO65NN90108G   35EI3ENB1379
70SM5JVF LJO89FP70007G   35G4FNL1429
71EI9ES LIO63VG1100011G   34DL9RAR1400
72G0FPU LIO92JO80008G   24GM2V605
73M0KNM LIO91VV1802016    20RW1A2031
74PA3DBS LJO21DM1503012G   18S57KM964


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 02/02/2022 SSB is not my prefered mode. But I would like to be present, hi. -- DM6EE It's a nice contest, I enjoy it -- EA3O Excellent contest -- EI3ER yes yes yes -- EI4KH Good fun operating as the Irish bonus point station this evening. Conditions were good and made almost 50 QSO's in the first 30 minutes, slow going after that... -- EI5G Great fun - thanks all. Good condx and low noise in the field where I was tonight -- EI5IN/P Good lot of activity tonight SD worked as always -- EI5KG A lot of deep QSB at the start conditions improved during the second half -- EI7GY Varied skip but overall condx not too bad Using SD here FB -- EI8CE Really hard going with the local QRM raising the noise floor but not giving up just yet hi. Thanks everyone for the QSOs and see you on the next one. I use EI5DI SD for my contest logging and recommend it -- G3LRS Lots of activity -- G3Q Not many clear frequencies tonight a bit of a struggle with some weak signals. -- G3R Good conditions tonight and good fun. -- G3WGE No response to CQs until last 20 mins. Better than last time, maybe EFHW is better than the dipole. -- G4BRK Nice conditions -- G4BYE on late conditions not ideal MANY STATIONS CALLING QRZ WITH NO CALL -- G6UBM Strange conditions - long skip and lots of QRM. Thanks for the QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM2V poor condx -- GM3X Lots of Irish stations.Nice contest.Thanks all. FT1000MP to bazooka dipole at 13m which stayed up in the storms! -- GM4JYB good conditions fb contest -- GM4M Very noisy conditions -- M0DCG Slow going -- M3M ft1000mp inverted vee dipole for 80m at 10m -- MW7CSO antenna dipole inverted V 200W -- OR4T Local QRM -- OZ4NA tnx fer nice contest -- PA0PIW good conditions -- PA2PCH Good conditions from my QTH this evening. 73, Sandi -- S57KM Good conditions! I had problems with the voice as usual so only S/P operation. 73 de Allan -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Long distance QSOs (Over 2400 km) RW1A in KO48VR worked EA3O in JN11DO at distance of 2701 km EA3O in JN11DO worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2701 km EI2KA in IO51HM worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2583 km EI5LA in IO52DG worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2557 km EI4BZ in IO51UW worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2495 km EI3ER in IO53LH worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2459 km M3M in IO70JB worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2436 km EI8KN in IO62IE worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2422 km EI8CE in IO62HI worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2417 km G6C in IO70KI worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2411 km =========================================================================== Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log EI9HC has 21 QSO Records G3SZG has 21 QSO Records G7OOT has 20 QSO Records MI5JYK has 17 QSO Records PA3EPA has 16 QSO Records OO4P has 12 QSO Records G3UUT has 12 QSO Records G8IPT has 12 QSO Records DO2IK has 11 QSO Records G4PFK has 10 QSO Records G4OBB has 10 QSO Records MI5UTC has 10 QSO Records G4BVH has 10 QSO Records GM4VYQ has 09 QSO Records G4RGK has 09 QSO Records DC2AM has 08 QSO Records G3ZTT has 08 QSO Records GI0VAB has 07 QSO Records DG4EJ has 07 QSO Records PA0SNY has 07 QSO Records ON4AEM has 06 QSO Records HA8RJ has 06 QSO Records G0EPC has 06 QSO Records M0RMY has 05 QSO Records G4WSH has 05 QSO Records