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80m SSB Contest - 4th November 2020

The updated results are published below, including manual adjudication. We received 87 logs. It was good to see lots of EI stations QRV. Participants found conditions patchy, and skip was long at the start but the bands seemed to become noisy towards the end of the contest. There were 19 QSOs greater than 2500 km, all involving Leonid UT2II. The adjudication was made more difficult because of the unofficial "/QRP" suffix busting a number of QSOs. Please do not send "/QRP" in our (any!) contests. If someone sends "/QRP" please do not log it. QSOs with stations signing /QRP or /LP are not eligible for the low power multiplication factor - see rule 10. Thank you. 73 and thanks for entering, Paul G4PVM UKEICC Adjudicator

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1LY4ZZ LKO25KK5000050272EI8CE2129
2GM2V HIO77WS8401083249UT2II2966
3UT2II *HKN88VA3801037241EI2II3262
4DL7AT *HJO53CL8215175232UT2II2025
5DL8UD *HJO43QO6100061216UT2II2082
6EI8CE HIO62HI9604191210UT2II3209
7EI5KG HIO62SH8203079179LY4ZZ2073
8EI4KU LIO52OW7202070170SM5CSS1751
9G3Q HIO84QD5900059159UT2II2872
10DM4L HJN58TT5504051154UT2II1930
11GW4J HIO73WF5910058150UT2II2978
12EI9FVB HIO51QV5801057150SM5CSS1812
13DL2SWR LJO53SV4301042147EI4KU1352
14PE4BAS LJO33JK4700047147UT2II2251
15PA4O *HJO33GH5603053144UT2II2267
16G8P LIO92JL5300053143UT2II2791
17EI2KA LIO51HM5401053142SM5CSS1879
18EI2II HIO53TC6611064140UT2II3262
19SM5CSS LJO89LS3300033139UT2II1879
20G4RCG HIO93FQ5800058132UT2II2803
21M1DDD HIO93DG5001148130UT2II2817
22DM7X HJN58LT3200032121UT2II1978
23DL1ATZ HJO50TL3201031114UT2II1915
24DM5TS LJO53CL3301032110EI9FVB1282
25G3SWC LIO91SC3800038109UT2II2758
26OH3BCX HKP20XW2300023109EI8CE2227
27MM1E HIO85AU3500035106SQ9PUW1696
28MM9I HIO75VS330013298LY4ZZ1821
29DL3RAR LJN68IV320302997OH3BCX1581
30LY5YY LKO14WW270102694EI5KG2013
31M2D HIO95DH340013394UT2II2809
32M3M LIO70JB480204692SM5CSS1772
33EI8KN LIO62JF370013690LY4ZZ2124
34G4RCD LIO93GX340003485LY4ZZ1696
35SQ9PUW LJN99QV340512879EI2IAB1848
36G3LRS LIO92JO320003278LY4ZZ1729
37EI7CC LIO63WG330003375UT2II3111
38G5UM LIO92KR330103274OH3BCX1871
39DM6EE LJO52KJ200002073EI2KA1391
40PA2PCH LJO33HB220002267UT2II2261
41G8FMC HIO91NW280002866UT2II2775
42G1P *LIO91DP220002263UT2II2836
43G0XBU LIO83UF240002461LY4ZZ1774
44EI3ENB LIO62JH310302861UT2II3198
45OZ4NA LJO46WR230112160EI8CE1214
46SE5L LJP70VA220202060EI5KG1616
47EI2IAB LIO63NK300003058UT2II3158
48M1VPN LIO80JT260002658LY4ZZ1935
49DG9BEO HJO43CE210111957UT2II2155
50G4OZG LJO02FS180001854LY4ZZ1617
51G3OGP LIO91SB250102452LY4ZZ1749
52G3KNU LIO93QN200002051OH3BCX1787
53LB2WG LJO59JT190201751SQ9PUW1232
54G6UBM LJO01CE220102150DL3RAR930
55G7CYX LIO70NN260202449SQ9PUW1725
56G4BYE LIO91VW220202046LY4ZZ1693
57G4DZL LIO92IS180101745LY4ZZ1727
58PA3AAV HJO22LM250302245OH6GHI1625
59EI7GY HIO63WG250002544DM4L1336
60EI3ER *LIO53LH190001944DL7AT1277
61G5V LIO83WI190201743LY4ZZ1759
62G2AA LIO92KO335312442DL1ATZ915
63GM3ZDH LIO75UU160001641DL2SWR1038
64M1GWZ LIO91TJ160001640DL3RAR974
65EI4CF LIO53TF240202240UT2II3260
66GU0UVH LIN89VR190001936DL7AT955
67DL8LSK HJO61FH140111231UT2II1856
68GM9C LIO75TO120101131LY4ZZ1835
69G6C LIO70KI170001729PE4BAS888
70M5JB LIO93CN160111428SM5CSS1335
71G4BEE LIO83RQ110001128LY4ZZ1774
72DL0AH QJO41LJ11004725LY4ZZ1147
73G2BKZ LIO91VV9001824LY4ZZ1695
74PH9E LJO33GE100001024UT2II2267
75DG6KBG LJO42CU8001721EI8CE1056
76GW7BZR LIO72UH120101120DL2SWR1073
77S51B *LJN76AC5000519GM2V1791
78GM5G LIO87IK9000917DL7AT959
79DO6DP LJO42ED7010613UT2II2140
80G0UXC LIO83OJ110101013DL2SWR948
81M0KNG LJO01EO500147DL1ATZ798
822E0NAQ LJO02UK300036EI9FVB709
83M0HZP QIO83LU701065DL7AT876
84G0FPU LIO92JO701154DL7AT771
85S56KHL LJN75CP100012DL7AT918


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 04/11/2020 it was hard tonight -- 2E0NAQ What a noisy hour - TNX! Maybe i hear your CQ next time... ;-) -- DG9BEO 73 + QSH (...Stay Healthy)de Uwe -- DL2SWR Nice to meet you all again, 73´s Andy. DL7AT -- DL7AT Bad Band Conditions, a very good Short-Contest on 80 m! -- DL8LSK Bad Condx very noise and high Qrm this Night but Fun like almost, see you into the CW Part -- DL8UD It was nice but weak signals. -- DM4L First time in SSB mode for 30 minutes. Much more difficult than CW :-) -- DM6EE SD worked great but rig control keeps failing--must be me. -- EI2KA Great short contest -- EI3ER Condx good. Trying out a reconstructed 80m dipole. -- EI4CF good fun -- EI4KU Good conditions and plenty of activity Band was noisey need to improve rx antenns SD worked like a dream as always -- EI5KG Good condx. at the start but the band seemed to die during the last 20 minutes -- EI7GY Good condx for first half but got noisy during second h Used SD - fb as usual -- EI8CE Short contest. Good fun. -- EI8KN Great contest and looking forward to the next one -- EI9FVB Not as busy as the last one but good fun. Struggled getting through to some stations but hey ho -- G0XBU Hard going tonight. No Inter Gs. Very enjoyable . 73s -- G1P Noisy band SD superb -- G2BKZ Thanks all stations worked and hope to work the ones I didn't next time. 73 Stay very safe. Am going to see if I really have an antenna outside or not hi hi... I use EI5DI's SD (v21.36) for my contest logging -- G3LRS Difficult conditions. Lots of QRN. -- G3Q Very high noise level tonight! -- G3SWC Pretty awful conditions tonight ..... -- G4BEE Condx bad. Static noise S9 +20 Used SD V21.36 -- G4BYE Poor conditions for me! -- G4OZG Very noisy band, difficult inter-G conditions. Hard work! 73, Mark, G4RCD -- G4RCD Terrible inter-G conditions -- G4RCG POOR CONDITIONS THIS EVENING. -- G5V conditions seemed down -- G6UBM Great fun, thank you -- G7CYX What awful cond! Calling with no reply is NOT the norm! -- G8FMC Unusual condx - strong sigs but no DX. Great to work 15 different EI stns. 73 Chris -- GM2V A lot of static tonight. -- GM9C Long skip, noisy. Lots of weak G stations.. -- GW4J Thanks for all who heard my lowly CQ :) -- LY4ZZ Tnx for QSOs! The reception is difficult in a middle of city.. -- LY5YY Antenna no good for NVIS so perhaps better than usual. Very interesting contest with the locator exchange. Trying out the old TS950SD+400W for a change. 73 Nick -- M1DDD Thanks for the Q's everyone and good to work lots of EI stations tonight. Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D Very QSB tonight -- MM1E That was HORRIBLE....condx yuck -- MM9I Started 28 minutes late after sending the Summary for the 1900Z-2000Z CWT-test ... QRN level was high, but signals were good ... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OH3BCX VERY POOR CONDS ! STAY HOME BE SAFE 73 BEM -- SE5L I only worked S/P to save my voice! 73 de Allan -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Statistics for UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 04/11/2020. Total QSOs: 1540 Cross Checked QSOs: 1096 Long distance QSOs (Over 2500 km) EI2II in IO53TC worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 3262 km EI4CF in IO53TF worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 3260 km EI8CE in IO62HI worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 3209 km EI3ENB in IO62JH worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 3198 km EI2IAB in IO63NK worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 3158 km EI7CC in IO63WG worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 3111 km G7CYX in IO70NN worked UT2II in KN88VE at distance of 3074 km UT2II in KN88VA worked G4CLN in IO80FK at distance of 2984 km GW4J in IO73WF worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2978 km GM2V in IO77WS worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2966 km G3Q in IO84QD worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2872 km G2BKZ in IO91VV worked UT2II in KN98VA at distance of 2866 km G1P in IO91DP worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2836 km M1DDD in IO93DG worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2817 km M2D in IO95DH worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2809 km G4RCG in IO93FQ worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2803 km G8P in IO92JL worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2791 km G8FMC in IO91NW worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2775 km G3SWC in IO91SC worked UT2II in KN88VA at distance of 2758 km Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log G4CLN has 24 QSO Records G3SZG has 22 QSO Records DL1EAR has 17 QSO Records EI5FQB has 14 QSO Records GW5NF has 14 QSO Records F1FPL has 13 QSO Records EI3IXB has 12 QSO Records G4NVB has 11 QSO Records G7AKJ has 11 QSO Records DF8YM has 10 QSO Records