The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

UKEICC 80m League Table - Season 2022/2023

This is a demonstration page, showing the league table for the 2022/23 80m contest season.
This table was not available during the 2022/23 season, but has been built using scores from that season,
to show an example of a complete league table.

Each station callsign is shown separately - scores from an entrant's different callsigns are not merged together.
The new League Table, showing the results of the 2023/2024 season is Shown Here.

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Sept 22 Oct 22 Nov 22 Jan 23 Feb 23 Mar 23 Apr 23 Total
1S57KM 28L  173L  114L  266L  166L  408L  100L  313L  264L  346L  171L  411L  163L  362L      3285
2SM5CSS 130L     186L  304L  164L  251L  106L  358L  136L  324L  160L  338L  164L  381L      3002
3OE5TXF       168H     248H  280H  73H  396H  136H  421H  88H  424H  163H  359H      2756
4GM4JYB 142L  253L  173L     170L  184L  148L  209L  194L  194L  184L  295L  163L  253L      2562
5M5G 125L  228L  146L  160L  140L  162L  92L  175L  152L  232L  136L  249L  110L  239L      2346
6DK2FG    281L     268L     314L     355L     311L     311L     286L      2126
7G3SWC    210L  150L  214L  123L  207L     219L     242L  150L  234L  132L  235L      2116
8GM2V 145H  259H     320H  198H     188H  387H     390H        182H         2069
9PG7V    242L  161L  214L  135L  236L     269L     249L     270L     238L      2014
10E77EA    315L           450L     338L     368L     415L            1886
11DL8TG 37L  205L     205L  74L  214L     247L  59L  269L     266L     277L      1853
12G4BYE 92L  176L  109L  156L  80L  159L  66L  148L  99L  195L  107L  172L  95L  156L      1810
13MM1E 142H  210H  165H     201H     87H  249H     176H  177H  243H  144H         1794
14SD1A    244H     243H     303H     297H     220L     217L     227L      1751
15SF6W    262L     287L     109L           347L     326L     339L      1670
16DM6EE 76L  232L        104L  286L     274L  85L  304L           300L      1661
17M4N    224L     198L     211L     203L     255L     254L     268L      1613
18EI5KG       139H  194H  198H  229H  86H     172H  107H  134H     128H  196H      1583
19SP8HWM          184L     256L     233L     294L     300L     313L      1580
20EI8CE 133H              208L  179H  205L  198H  175L  155H  169L  155H         1577
21G3RWF    186H        174H     169H  240H     254H  151H     135H  237H      1546
22EI5KF 91H        204H     280H     264H           330H     322H      1491
23G3KNU 89L     120L  155L  106L  114L  13L  211L  82L  197L  98L  205L  82L         1472
24DL8UD 209H  226H  249H  184H  262H  260H                              1390
25I2IFT    308H     301H     402H     368H                        1379
26SN1T    301H                 351H     332H     390H            1374
27SN5J    167L                 281L     342L     317L     238L      1345
28EI7GY 78H     77H  120L  64H  109H  41H     92H  202H  73H  185L  89H  176H      1306
29G6C 70L     97L        146L  37Q  159Q  64Q  187Q  74Q  211Q  56Q  170Q      1271
30DL5KUD    176L     143L     151L     138L     237L     239L     186L      1270
31DL4ME    202L                 234L     263L     304L     265L      1268
32G4EBK    164L     173Q     154L     181L     192L     182L     209L      1255
33EI7CC 70L  127L  105L     88L  160L  55L  158L  85L     102L     97L  201L      1248
34SD6F    245L     206L           253L           262L     265L      1231
35G4ENZ    157Q     151Q     127Q     267L     244L     260L            1206
36SO3O                      262H     279H     342L     301L      1184
37PC4H 72H  193H        120H  153H     197H     195H  100H  141H            1171
38DL4MFM    120L     183L     195L     254L           228L     177L      1157
39OK2NO    160L                 267L     184L     273L     183L      1067
40G4DZL    75L  108L  63L  88L  66L  52L  78L  124L  91L  95L  121L     96L      1057
41GW4J    220H                 311H           300H     219L      1050
42G5C    105L     169L     166L     187L     198L     219L            1044
43G3MXH                214L           213L  136L  255L     204L      1022
44EI2KA    86L  85L     98L  57L  77L  73L  116L  94L  131L  95L     80L      992
45G3Q       170H     153H     169H     182H     174H     139H         987
46DL3RAR    97L  197L  102L     148L  124L     184L           115L         967
47GM0V             222H     210H     195H     168H     155H         950
48M8M    110Q     110Q     88Q           204L     233L     204L      949
49PA3DBS    132L     117L     112L     130L     163L     151L     118L      923
50GM4OSS    216L                 227L     211L           268L      922
51MM2T    148L     185L  83L  154L                 201L     148L      919
52M4T          268H                 318H     330H            916
53G4ZFE          148Q                 253Q     266Q     238Q      905
54DM5GG                      287H           342H     258H      887
55G4RGK    177L           204H     236L     242L                  859
56SM5S    156L                 253L     234L     215L            858
57YL3FW             65Q  262L           312Q           218Q      857
58G2AA 75L  47L  124L  30L     22L  84L  58L  81L  24L  84L  60L  85L  61L      835
59G3R 107L        48L  170L     95L     124L  23L     68L  119L  72L      826
60SC6O                      183L     188L     231L     221L      823
61GM4M 79L  68Q  90L  80Q  63L     52L  57Q  93L  82Q  45L  101Q            810
62G3VYI    134L                 135L     153L     194L     174L      790
63G8CW    122L           138L     153L           186L     172L      771
64OZ3TQ          94L     96L     127L     150L     143L     160L      770
65G3XTZ             144L  151L  63L  123L     144L  142L               767
66EI6JK    197H  181H  174H  204H                                 756
67M5D          118L     189L     226L           219Q            752
68EI8KN 124L     76L     116H        64L  136H     117H     118H         751
69MM2N                239H           253Q           243L      735
70GM0TKB 63L     170L     118L  38L     45L  130L  24L  133L               721
71EI5DI    85L  61L  160L  44L        62L  38L     62L  129L  70L         711
72DL2OM    212H                             263H     225H      700
73PC1PM             136L        175L     185L           182L      678
74DL5JQ                      240L           210L     214L      664
75PF5X                214H           217H     233H            664
76G3P          184Q     204Q                       270Q      658
77OZ4NA 110L     135L     92L           89L     108L     116L         650
78GD4RFZ                      97L  54L  127L     145L     222H      645
79SP7OGP    143L     93L           116L     91L     158L     44L      645
80G3PJT          197H     181L     264L                        642
81PE1EWR 91L     69L     107L     68L     83L     116L     90L         624
82SP2R    297L                             310L            607
83G4BRK                160L     172L  86L  183L                  601
84DF5EN                      154L     175L     128L     141L      598
85G4FJK                156H     269H  172L                     597
86SM6TOL    151L           196L           4L     226L            577
87G4ERW          190L        128L        231L                  549
88SE0B                183L                 138L     228L      549
89GM3A                      317L           230L            547
90G3OGP                      170L     178L     193L            541
91G4PVM    244L     229L  59L                                 532
92PA3AAV                114H     160H     131H           118H      523
93EI2IAB       118L     153L     96L     153L                     520
94EI6LA 152H  180H           181L                              513
95G6UBM 52L           108L     115L     95L     71L     71L         512
96GU0UVH 74L     104L           62L     76L     104L     91L         511
97PA4O                            248L     243L            491
98EI3ENB 64L     118L     77L     104L                 122L         485
992E0TXQ 84L     107L     66L     56L           79L     87L         479
1009A1AA                474L                              474
101DL1EAR                      171L           160L     133L      464
102S53M    280H              180H                           460
103G8X                   170H                    285H      455
104F5OIH                                  241L     211L      452
105M7R                102Q     160Q     188L                  450
106G3ZBU                      121Q  47L  125Q     141Q            434
107M0DCG                55L     97L     76L  107L  96L            431
1082E0OBO                      56L           194L     179L      429
109G4FNL                      250Q  171L                     421
110G4DBW                      132Q        90L  193Q            415
111OK1OA       19L              216L     178L                  413
112G4PDF             55L  72L     64L        79L  64L     77L      411
113M1CJE       98L     60L     14L     71L     65L     101L         409
114S51Z                                  114Q  37Q  224L      375
115GM3ZDH          58L  76L  62L                 82L  75L         353
116M0VQP 50L     71L     38L     3L     52L           86L  47L      347
117SM6S    207L        54L  84L                              345
118G4BEE                            93L     133L     114L      340
119G4CWH          173L     164Q                              337
120M3M    37Q                 57Q     67L  46L        122L      329
1219A3MA                318L                              318
122M4J                                  226H  92H         318
123EA7/G4BJM                313L                              313
124GW7BZR 58L     68L           15L     36L     59L     76L         312
125G3TJE    112L           124L     70L                        306
126F5VKT 66H              239H                              305
127DL6KVA    131H                                   171H      302
128G4NBS                106L        94L     101L               301
129PE4BAS       137L                 159L                     296
130GM4VYQ 59L     89L     55L                       89L         292
131MM0DGI 151L     138L                                       289
132OK2NAJ                                  288L            288
133SO4P                   93L  194L                        287
134M1X                            283H                  283
135S51ZJ    141L           141L                              282
136G4RCG                278H                              278
137GM1X             79L     86L     113L                     278
138SA1CCQ                      126H     150H                  276
139OK1AY                                        268L      268
140G4A                      266L                        266
141M0HWT          66L     77L     54L     68L                  265
142GM3ZRT                                  254L            254
143DF4PD                            117H           135H      252
144EI7INB       36L           43L     71L           97L         247
145M3E                      78Q     169Q                  247
146MW7FON 52Q     43Q                       67Q     84Q         246
147GM3YEH                                  245L            245
148G2O    130L        58L                 53L               241
149G7NJX 15L                       80L  18L  87L        41L      241
150G0JOS          52L  113L  13L     49L     10L                  237
151G0OOD                      37L     106L           87L      230
152S54A                                        229L      229
153GD6IA                                  228L            228
154MM0MUN                         81L     89L     55L         225
155G0JWQ                                        221H      221
156EI4KU 111L                                   109L         220
157G1A       165H           51H                           216
158G4PIQ                               208H               208
159EI9FVB                         207H                     207
160PA0MIR          104H     98L                              202
161F5UQE                201L                              201
162EI9IRB 39L     41L     48L                       62L         190
163SN2S                      190L                        190
164GI5I    185L                                          185
165M0KYB                         98L     87L               185
166G3UUT 95L                             88L               183
167G4CMY          51L     47L     85L                        183
168I/G4BJM                                        180L      180
169G0HGH                                  91L     88L      179
170OK2QA                      178H                        178
171EI2II 105H                 71L                           176
172ON5WL                                  176L            176
173M8A                      173Q                        173
174OH5ZA                            173H                  173
175M6N                   170H                           170
176PA2A                            169L                  169
177G0ORH          165L                                    165
178IV3AZV                                        165H      165
179G4NKT             162L                                 162
180MW2I       161L                                       161
181SP2XX                      161H                        161
182G4IRN                   159H                           159
183G4G                               157H               157
184M0MPM             53L     20L              63L  16L         152
185PA2TA    148L                                          148
186G4MEM                                  146L            146
187ON9TT                                        143L      143
188EI6IKB 60L     81L                                       141
189G3TKF             140L                                 140
190DK5KK                   135H                           135
191LY1DZ                            135L                  135
192PA5KT                      133H                        133
193G0JDL       76L     56L                                 132
194PE6Q    131H                                          131
195EI3HDB             130L                                 130
196G4ICP    122Q                                          122
197G2NV                                     120H         120
198OG6B          119H                                    119
199DJ9SN    118L                                          118
200OM3WZ    116Q                                          116
201SO5N          115L                                    115
202DF6RI                                  114L            114
203DL2ZA                                  113L            113
204EA6/GM3ZDH 36L  66L              6L                           108
205G5BBL                25Q  38Q  44Q                        107
206PA9CW                      23L                 84L      107
207G6AD 105L                                             105
208M9N    105L                                          105
209PA0RBA                      36L     64L                  100
210G3TDH          97L                                    97
211G1WVK             35L     16L           45L               96
212G3RIR                                        94Q      94
213GM0ELP 92L                                             92
214M0KNG                27L           30L           34L      91
2152M0YTN       77L           10L                           87
216PA0AWH             38Q           47Q                     85
217W1KM          35H           50H                        85
218PE1PIX                               84H               84
219G0IBN                            79L                  79
2202M0WIC       78L                                       78
221G1EIX       77L                                       77
222M0WPD                   38L                 37L         75
223SP6OH       51H           21H                           72
224GM0WED                71L                              71
225G8FRS       70L                                       70
226SO5MAX                               70H               70
227MM0WKY                               69L               69
228DL3LJ                                        67L      67
229ON7DC             66L                                 66
230DO6AN          20Q                       45L            65
231F/EI5KF    65Q                                          65
232EI8KW    20L     44L                                    64
233G4ZZL          10L           27L     21L                  58
234DM6EE/P          57L                                    57
235DH7AMF                            55L                  55
236PA7HPH                                  53L            53
237OH1TD                               51H               51
238PG6F                49L                              49
239DL4WG                47L                              47
240SM6MIS    17L     18L     12L                              47
241M0KNM       2L     34L     9L                           45
242M0ICR                            44L                  44
243M0JND                   43L                           43
244EI7LC    38L                                          38
245G4TPJ                6Q     29Q                        35
246EI9ES                                     32L         32
247G2AA/P             31L                                 31
2489A3DUH       29H                                       29
249DF7CB    24L        5L                                 29
250GW4W                   29Q                           29
251DL1ATZ                   28H                           28
252DO6GT                         28L                     28
253DL4HCF                            27L                  27
254PA0ABG                                  24L            24
255DO1IBJ             23L                                 23
256LA/G3SWC                   22L                           22
257DM5ML                   21H                           21
258SP3ATB             18L                                 18
2592E0WHQ       17Q                                       17
260EI6IQB 12L                                             12
261SE5W                   8L           3L               11
2622W0FNA                   9L                           9
263SE3X       6L                                       6
264YO5PVZ             4L                                 4
265ON7XN          3L                                    3
266EI8KV          1L                                    1
2675P5Q                                               0