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Results - DX SSB Contest - 30th Sept/1st Oct 2017

Thanks for enduring the poor propagation conditions and taking part in the third UK/EI DX SSB Contest. We should give Awards for perseverance under these sort of conditions. What a difference a year makes - in 2015 we received 240 entries, in 2016 we received 296 entries, in 2017 we received 137 entries! Note - some contest logging software e.g. WinTest 4.25.1 still expect the Norwich district code to be NR not the new NK. Don't worry you will not lose points if you logged NR instead of NK in this contest. Congratulations to the Multi-operator team of the Avondhu Radio Club EI1E (Ops. Denis EI4KH and Gerard EI5KF) on winning Overall. Congratulations to Declan EI9HQ as the leading single-operator and winner of the High Power Unassisted section, also to Clive GM3POI as winner of the 12-hour HP section and Irmantas LB1AH on winning the Rookie and Single element sections. A small number of logs were received well after the 24-hour log submission deadline and could not be included in the results - sorry. More Results tables, Winner 's names, Awards info, Checklogs etc will be added next week. Scroll down for Soapbox comments and some Statistics. Half of the UBN files have been e-mailed to entrants today (11th Oct) and the rest will be e-mailed next week. The UK/EI DX CW contest is on 31st March/1st April 2018 73 Chris GM3WOJ / GM2V - Adjudicator

Combined Results
UK/EI Sections
EU Sections
DX Sections

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Breakdown of Section Designators
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
H = High Power
L = Low Power
A = Assisted T = 12hr Entry M = Multi-op
R = Remote
S = Single Element
r = Rookie

Combined Results

Call Section 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Dupe Bust NIL TOTAL
      Qs Qs Qs Qs Qs QSOs Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults       Pts
1EI1EHA M 7821021611506499244111878161288354
2EI9HQH 3313627615446425595194148352223480
3GM3POIH T 522403400326401061700163300202772
4GM2VH 6014214511236041724362164220186632
5LB1AHH Sr7025360103843910729101761120169664
6M0VKYH 7779201172376453444101134881148472
7RW1FHAT 19124307004501460106001800131137700
8LX9EGH T 620496003066936100160420136320
9G4FJKLA 667998228273403838186140100121800
10EI2KAH T S 51135492023732741720125230100000
11I2WIJHAT 261822535831221178621715212186032
12F1NZCHAT S 24106134002642056750015103185617
13M9TLAT S 5952471421743732239210300059740
14IZ4JMUH S 17322000294134850012018458560
15EA7GXLA M 06617990254036758011976146767
16G4DDXL T S 56792100156364010008616044376
17MU0GSYL 36603110128284317108900039872
18GM4JYBL T 375239100138233918608611038872
19PA7WWLAT 5132180015557411009007037980
20G3PXTHAT S 01460001460700007003137800
21EI4CFH T S 13705800141124828008804137664
22F5OHMH 64813020186636642010816135748
23M4JH T 672540013264322007101030530
24GM0AXYLA 2379110011321448007302029784
25EI7CCL T 24446310132172824107012027020
26F8KLYLA M 0221350015702079009903026334
27IK8UNDL T 654862014863449209113225025
28MM1EH T 4143170010132269006700024790
29VU2YVKH 0417514013002539807201024696
30IZ3SQWHAT 055810013604039007902120935
31RZ3ZLA 028120110159019571008602020554
32EI3ENBLA S 2429370090192521006500218850
33EW1TZHA 5291150014942054007813118174
34HB9DQLHA 11187180108111545707804015600
35SP1FPGL T S 18435900120113036007707014091
36GW4WL T 35268107026175104901012250
37SQ6HLAT 07122109404213105603111816
38G5UML S 50212007334151005014011800
39DL4VAILAT S 16357306114307305400010368
40TA4RCL T S 0154690700122580450009990
41UT8UFL 0012200122005600560308792
42S57KMLAT S 10322800709222600570008607
432E0LYFLAT Sr1974921781571921441118448
44M0WAYLA S 0344300770201700371008436
45GW4JH T 07781086072610341016800
46GU0UVHLAT 10212000519191100390006552
47G3QHAT 98500067852200350105530
48G4SH T 44000044310000310005456
49OF1TDH T 00760076004600460005290
50G2AAL MS 23251000581715700393714914
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
51SM5NQBL T 4244000684152300420214830
52EA2WDLAT S 08590067073800451014680
53EI7GYH T S 630100046518700300104560
54M6BIRL S 310430056391900310004340
55GW4BVJH T 2016300391613200310104278
56A61FKHA 02615150560141190340504046
57UX3ITH M 0272830580171930390204017
58EA1DHBL T 014660080093500440603696
59SE5NHAT 0232600490191600350003570
60OZ9VL 0311710490221110340302958
61VE2BWLHAT 00580058002800280202912
62OH1XFEL T Sr012401053082310320002784
63G0WWDL T 1591810431261010291322552
64GM5MH T 00510051002400240102448
65YO5NI/PQ T S 4142600444121700332102442
66LA6KOAH T 0123600480102100310002325
67G6UBMLAT 191150035121800210002310
68OE3TWAL S 013370050082100290022204
69US5QUBLAT S 0162000360131600290002175
70GM3ZDHH T 10912003197600220102068
71HB9MXYL 4141200304121100270002025
72M6EAML S 0151800330131200250211850
73GM0UKZL T 71111002969700220101848
74MM2TLA 00510051002000200201800
75SV3RPQLA 012312045081720270101647
76SQ8MFBQ 419100033415600250101600
77G2ZHAT S 016150031011600170001598
78N1SOHHAT 01264031011620190001539
79PA5SKYHA 107150032106700230301472
80UT5EOXQ 06250031061900250001300
81HB9EIHAT 00270027002500250001225
82EB1EWEH S 00309039001760230001173
83LY2BMXL T S 24000024160000160101024
84U1BDH r014140028013900220301012
85SQ9SLAT S 0030003000210021000987
86EI5DIL T 251110192571015000780
87DJ3GELATM 01511002601360019020760
88S58QLA 0617002306150021010693
89VO1BQH S 0020002000140014000672
90PC1PMLA S 0225202902142018111576
91M0NPQL Sr19200121810010000520
92IZ0VXYL S 021160190294015000450
93HA7JQKHA M 07900160680014000448
94F4GVPL T S 0023002300170017010442
95LA8RTAL T 251600232480014020406
96YO8SAOLAT S 0020002000150015010345
97K1GMMH 0012001200100010000340
98SP5MKLLAT r06510120641011000308
992M0BECL T 0014001400110011010286
100K0OOHAT S 0016001600100010010280
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
101TA2LPL S 0017001700110011020275
102RW3AIQ TMS 011300140190010000220
103TA1APIH T 034108034108000208
104OZ4NAL M 26300111630010010190
105DL9FBL 144009144009000189
106SE4EL T S 00160016009009000180
107F4HXCH Sr080008070007100168
108ON3NDL 0130001301000010020140
109OH4EBDL T S 008008008008000128
110YO4AACQ TM 0011001100800801096
1119W2VRDL 06000605000500060
112YG7SPNL S 05000505000500060
113PD7CJTL 00800800500501045
114LX1KPL Sr0014001400900912136
115SE5LL 0110001100700701035
116K4BAIH 00600600500501035
117OF5ZAL TMS 00400400400400032
1189W2LRNL 03000303000300018
1199W6AJAL 03000303000300018
120UT1ZZL T S 00300300300300015
121TA3EPL T S 0030030020020104
122VU2NSLL T 0032050022040104
123TA2ACWL T S 0010010010010002
1249W2VWTL 0200020100010100
125YD9ATSLA M 0100010000000010


All bands were extremely noisy. Not an easy contest at all -- 2E0LYF Firstime Join UK/EI DX Contest. Good Luck to All Contester.See you again UK/EI TEST 9W2VRD West Malaysia -- 9W2VRD Checklog -- DC2CC My first UK / EI competition, I hope to return next year. TNX -- EB1EWE Unfortunately support for the contest was poor. -- EI1E BANDS POOR HIGH NOISE ON 80M 40M AND SOME ON 20M BEAT LAST YEARS SCORE -- EI9HQ Thank you for the contest! Propagation is very poor. -- EW1TZ NICE CONTEST ; BUT RUSSIAN CONTEST AT THE SAME TIME ! -- F8KLY 1st go at this chance to air one of Leicester clubs calls Sadly rules only allow 24 hour for club single ops Conditions disappointing got up at 2am to see if F2 had recovered it hadn't! hope better next time 73 de G8FCQ -- G2AA very poor and noisy condtions with almost no inter G. Quite enjoyed working EU, so different than the usual contests. -- G4DDX Condx and UK activity both seemed less than ideal. Congratulations to those DX stations with high scores who were always to be heard. A nice F2 opening on 10m on Saturday evening. Thanks for organising this contest. N1MM+ software was excellent and worked flawlessly. -- G4FJK Sorry, only time for just a short session on 80m on Saturday evening. -- G4S great friendly contest great logging programme -- G5UM HARD WORK FINDING STATIONS. RZ3Z RELUCTANT TO COMPLETE QSOs SD WORKED WELL -- G6UBM SD supports EI CONTEST well. Easy to use! -- GM0UKZ Not able to get on until later on the Saturday. Got the impression there had been more activity earlier. Sunday conditions possibly not so good. -- GM3ZDH Had other commitments so did a few hours when I could -- GW4BVJ Limited time mainly Saturday afternoon. Conditions not great! -- GW4J Poor band conditions and low UK/EI activity. -- GW4W tnx to all staff behind the Contest; it was a great pleasure but condx are still poor. RIG ICOM-7200; 100 W; Antennas 2 element SteppIR and 40/80 m Trap Dipole; both antennas 12 m over Ground. Hpe cu next year es 73 de HB9MXY Rudolf -- HB9MXY It was fun but I expected more UK/EI participation. Good test for my new setup. -- I2WIJ I like the contest formula, but few stations all around...what a pity! -- IK8UND SOAB LOW POWER SSB -- IZ0VXY BAND COULD BE BETTER LOOK TO THE NEXT ONE -- K0OO Tnx for contest 73! Trx IC-7600 Ant QuadLoop 80-10m P.A. SPC 1K -- LB1AH Some people gave strange district codes and a lot needed to be told what to actually exchange. -- LX9EG IC-7300 Delta Loop Multiband, TNX for Contest GL ,73 -- M0NPQ tough conditions. see you next time. -- M0VKY I did S&P working all those I could hear. It was fairly quiet on both days. -- M1PTR Poor conditions - and only time for a limited few hours entry. -- M4J Down on last year. Without the ON contest Sunday morning would have been very quiet! -- M9T Late start on Saturday and good flurry of action for 4hrs, then things were a bit slow towards 9pm. Started again Sunday morning but very poor condx here and only one Q for today. Keep promoting this contest, good format. -- MM1E 14 MHz skip was quite long... Used a 12 m long sloper up 4 m and an IC-7300 for the few contacts. Activity was very low.. Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OF5ZA licence on JAN 2015 -- OH1XFE Icom 706 pwr 5W Ant: ECO vertical -- RW3AI TS-590SG(100W), Windom @20m 73, Sandi -- S57KM Check log -- S58Q 73 de sm5alj Ben -- SE5L my TX =80 W + ant. LW 20m. -- SP1FPG TRX; HM QRP 9-band -- SQ8MFB 73 TA2ACW -- TA2ACW 73 -- TA3EP de TA4RC 73's -- TA4RC ICOM IC-7000 Indoor HVT-400B -- UT1ZZ TRX - MiniYES + PA 100W Ant - Vert Delta 85m -- UT8AS Propagation between UK/EI and VE was quite poor.Ended doing a single band effort. -- VE2BWL Condx seemed poor. 500w and Dipole. Lots of QRN on 40 and 80 Sat evening so I didn't even try. 73 Joe VO1BQ -- VO1BQ Participation -- YG7SPN TNX FER Contest! 73 DE YO5NI, Istvan -- YO5NI/P TS-480SAT 100W 20m J-pole antenna -- YO8SAO

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 8492.5 Cross Checked QSOs: 2603.5 UK/EI night bonus QSOs: 14 Total Entrants: 137 UK/EI Entrants: 44 EU Entrants: 73 DX Entrants: 20 Non-entrants are all callsigns worked who didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants: 1994 UK/EI Non-entrants: 602 EU Non-Entrants: 996 DX Non-Entrants: 396 Total Unique Non-entrants: 1206 UK/EI Unique Non-entrants: 306 EU Unique Non-Entrants: 591 DX Unique Non-Entrants: 309 Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 129 UK/EI Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 55 EU Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 73 DX Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 1 Top 20 non entrants YP0C 88 QSO records with last sent serial number of 439 IK3UNA 67 QSO records with last sent serial number of 223 F1FPL 59 QSO records with last sent serial number of 81 IK4DCX 54 QSO records with last sent serial number of 85 IV3UHL 53 QSO records with last sent serial number of 118 F4EIK 52 QSO records with last sent serial number of 108 IT9FRX 51 QSO records with last sent serial number of 92 IU3BTY 48 QSO records with last sent serial number of 82 UA6YN 39 QSO records with last sent serial number of 103 YT1A 38 QSO records with last sent serial number of 123 DL2ARD 38 QSO records with last sent serial number of 66 OK1DWQ 37 QSO records with last sent serial number of 57 EA3IN 33 QSO records with last sent serial number of 85 IT9PZM 32 QSO records with last sent serial number of 43 PE2LZ 30 QSO records with last sent serial number of 47 RV9DC 30 QSO records with last sent serial number of 45 I2VXJ 29 QSO records with last sent serial number of 125 G4IIY 28 QSO records with last sent serial number of 427 MI5JYK 28 QSO records with last sent serial number of 43 DL1NKS 26 QSO records with last sent serial number of 71