The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

Results - DX CW Contest - 31st March/1st April 2018

Thanks for entering the UK/EI DX CW contest! We hope you enjoyed the event and will enter our UK/EI DX SSB contest in September. The unfortunate overlap of this contest and the Russian MM contest (our dates were chosen and published two years ago - their dates are variable) means that a number of entrants logged the two-letter Russian codes in the serial number column. In theory this should not be allowed by your logging software, because alphanumeric characters are not allowed by the Cabrillo spec in that column. We have updated our adjudication software so that QSOs logged as above will still count for points. 7th April - the Results below are now finalised. We have received a small number of logs after the 24-hour log submission deadline - we will include these in the results below when we get time next week. Congratulations to Gerard EI5KF on winning Overall and the High Power Unassisted 24-hour section. Also to Martin MD4K (G4XUM) on winning the High Power Unassisted 12-hour section, to Sergey P3X (UT5UDX) on winning the High Power Assisted 12-hour section, to Tim G8X (G4FJK) on winning the Low Power Assisted 24-hour section and to Jo UT4U on winning the High Power Assisted 24-hour section. Congratulations also to Vladimir RA3XCZ on winning the Rookie section (licenced less than 3 years), to Alan M7R (G0TPH) on winning the QRP section, to Vic G6M (G4BYG) on winning the Low Power Assisted 12-hour section, to Bill K1GQ on winning the DX Assisted 24-hour section and to Bill GM4M (GM4UBJ) on winning the QRP Unassisted12-hour section. Scroll down for links to the separate Results Tables. We are looking at ways of improving the presentation of these results. Please e-mail if you have any suggestions for improvements to this contest (we will try to avoid a clash with another CW contest next time!) We've had a slight 'blip' e-mailing the UBN files to entrants - about 300 of the 417 e-mails were sent, the rest will follow a.s.a.p. - pse QRX. Plaques and Certificates will take a few weeks to sort out. We hope you will take part in the UK/EI DX SSB contest on 30th September / 1st October 2018. 73 Chris GM3WOJ, Paul EI5DI - Adjudicators

Combined Results
UK/EI Sections
EU Sections
DX Sections

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Breakdown of Section Designators
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
H = High Power
L = Low Power
A = Assisted T = 12hr Entry M = Multi-op
R = Remote
S = Single Element
r = Rookie

Combined Results

Call Section 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Dupe Bust NIL TOTAL
      Qs Qs Qs Qs Qs QSOs Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults       Pts
1EI5KFH 2983543513010067868473019612166877688
2MD4KH T 20931430096838646753831957233712920
3GM2VH 19228540750889736760402041744636072
4P3XHAT 14827828420712598789202371133598425
5G8XLA 1962601951065272524610171424443232
6UT4UHA 14531933370804618687602407114430080
7LZ1KPOHA 101341378108215485851022515116384075
8G3PHAT 15618223452579666454311881112379760
9RM4FHA 131261468808685279916022816813366168
10LY6AHAT 2102722050068769846400217764333095
11RT3THA 155205400307636773922023410134330174
12LY5WHAT 1252952410066157898100227448325064
13AA3BHAT 981662902055642558320182283305760
14YO3IRMLA 1522522490065358727800208793280176
15G4SGXHAT S 12823117000529585232001421605271504
16GW9JLA 1761291323244269403832152742269040
17K1GQHA 571792370047331637700171326266418
18UX1VTLA S 1861782590062362657800205584253995
19EV1RHA 10120220530511566781302073113217764
20G6MLAT 1162011290044652503500137444200568
21MM2NHAT 1121391761042853454010139372195156
229A7ZLAT 781901992046948688310200345193800
23YQ6AHAT 10617526900550445779001803812190080
24G3SWCH T 1611481020041162403000132281187968
25M4JHAT 991311840041447423500124333179800
26G4DBWL S 1441321120038857392700123040174414
27G3VYIH T S 12413018100435473432001133132174246
28EW8OMHA 159237161105584554561015611316171756
29G0ORHH T 971412067145246353161119565169932
30N8OOHAT 931102491045333367010140032164780
31S58KHA 172279100105525561341015162729163382
32G3XTTHA S 941231990041651423500128394162816
33OE8QHA 7615719200425496466001791165153224
34EW1TZH 981521820043250576400171084149967
35NA8VH 791091780036634425600132571144540
36HG7THAT 123208221005524353540015031914142500
37GM3AL T 114155950036451362300110564138380
389A7DXLAT 115126901033255646010180246137160
39MM3NH T 691111622034436373720112192135520
40GM5XH T 0233132003650614200103660133076
41G3XLGLAT 831239910306544534101343117132660
42G3RLELAT 771061231130846383411120101130080
43UA2FLL T 122175970039444545000148033126392
44M5DH T 791091770036539322900100372125600
45I2WIJHAT 881201500035850545700161042117691
46G3RSDL T 107133541029548381810105142115290
47EA1XTHAT 7517921500469375545001376181111792
48M7RQ S 119105590028355302100106351108120
49G4NVRHAT 501128540251333327409702099910
50RA9APLAT 3525255003152219760011714399684
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
51EU6DXL S 9399101002934552560015311299297
52HA7MFLA 144137840036547484700142620699116
53LZ1ZJHA 016121110373061751013702298092
54YL3GAZL 11116847003264756260012911297653
55LZ1QVLAT S 7592146103144750571015501297030
56OK1RRHA S 1391731200324556290012634196642
57LY5GQ 10612572003035254330013900296049
58EN4UHA 57128137003223259520014308492950
59G3THAT 91785500224473021009801191728
60HB9DQLHA S 105991530035750483000128013091392
61UY5ZZH T 24131217103731548701013405490450
62VE2FKHAT 4081144002651840550011324189835
63M0UNNL T S 109794610235482920109818187808
64G3KLAT 9568120002834227260095211187400
65LZ3FMLAT S 7112881002804360490015219186336
66DF1MMLA S 12212261003055451180012322184747
67RC6UHAT 341142521040118585910136317684456
68MW0BROLAT 67884600201372417007803083460
69IT9PZML S 561281410032528506200140116480780
70YO8DOHLAT 7212648002464360320013503079110
71SD6EHA 96120108003244251210011417078888
72EI7CCL T 1044495002435420270010104078174
73IZ3NVRLAT S 9515140112884755191112384578105
74LZ7DXLAT 019212700319066530011912377707
75GW4OKTH T 10067112002793928270094217477268
76MI4ILAT 219417300288163234008224272160
77GU3HFNL T S 67878300237392922009031170740
78UW1MHA 88722600321750610011835370682
79DL0SLGHAT 119109102003304542160010305570452
80LA0CXHA S 7216340002754353140011002069300
81UR7RHAT S 5893132002833548550013805668862
82DL5KUDL T S 7013434002384258170011702167509
83N3UAHA 328980002011543430010112165347
84SP9BNML T S 16886230027754391500108010164368
85DJ4MHLAT S 6711837002224657150011811064310
86PC2LHAT S 1731551003295646100103321563963
87G4DDXL T S 836781002314424240092311063664
88EI7GYH T S 40766400180223021007301063510
89OK5EHA 15393800254544260010224261914
90SO3OH T 6910348002203849310011803260770
91GM3YEHH T S 1290930022251027007831259280
92IZ5ICHLAT 3911973002312940390010813257564
93UR5MML T S 25116107002482154430011803557466
94G4ERWLAT S 89396000188462123009016056700
95DG7EEL 86112660026443442300110011155000
96DF3OLL 589532001854649130010802049140
97IK8UNDHAT S 08512010206048631011203046816
98R6CCLAT S 857114001705043110010433146696
99G4DDLL T S 62456211171362518118102046494
100M0PCBHAT 3938129002062718270072210144928
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
101DR7TLAT S 63892400176394611009611044352
102OZ3SMHAT 6894470020936482400108112144064
103UR3VKRLAT S 386375001762843450011625243268
104RL4AHAT 375984001802443410010804541904
105OZ7BQL T 0192640025606611007722140887
106RT4MHA 0891372022804354209904140293
107SN5AHAT 643580001793426480010813040176
108S51DXH 6613647002503245150092014539560
109CT1ELZL T 149888002001245430010014439400
110DM6WANL 42131140018731539009309038316
111SM5CSSL 43705900172323528009500037905
112SP9WZJLA S 888400017245400008501136890
113YO4SIL T 444489101782731421010100036865
114K3IEHA 17431040016482152008102036288
115OM7LWLA 756857002003332320097112035114
116DJ1YFH 45903000165304913009201234592
117RA3XCZL Sr345289001752331490010301234196
118WB8WKQH 32647400170143035007906134128
119RM3VL S 09113300224046460092410233856
120G4PIQH T 088665015903626406623033132
121S57KMLAT S 32418400157263032008801032472
122PA2ALAT S 9050140015453278008815031680
123OH2LNHLAT S 201077500202153631008225230996
124M0DCGL T 43453200120322514007114030956
125KE2DHAT 22456700134142633007301030879
126IK4DCXLAT 833190002043719370093015030225
127UT5NRL Sr074881016304646109304029481
128LZ1NDQ 0281740020202271009303428923
129EX8MJLAT 765370010973525006721128408
130GI5IHAT S 0611280018902425004913028224
131SM5IMOLA 3811590016222458007503028200
132OZ2TFHA 68605000178293211007223227432
133UA9SMUL S 268400011015420005732127246
134G3XUDH T S 346550001492225160063417027216
135K3ZOH 23416500192124580074012527084
136GM4MQ T 41543400129282811006709326800
137S57DXHAT 4111720016028372006701126599
138G4OZGQ T 46363800120341912006514125740
139UT3EKQAT 24637000157223735009405325286
140RN4SCL S 38435500136303029008903024920
141WA1ZHAT 11266500102112135006703024053
142SM0TH 5625121002023012450087016323751
143YP5AHA 171768300276929130051612323001
1444X1VFH T 00203002030054005402022950
145RW3AIQ S 34395910133202739108700122794
146G3LL T 069770014603025005505022660
147RV3VRL T 086900017603938007724422099
148LZ4AEHAT 30396900138232831008212222058
149EW1TOL T S 33426210138212536108306121829
150OE1CIWL 2590230013817449007002021700
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
151US3EWL 253511000170132247008208221402
152EA1FALAT 4182100013324396006902021321
153IT9SSIL T S 010204002140965007411621312
154G4BJMH T 00200002000047004703021244
155IK0PXDL T S 205883001611330380081211020817
156G0BBOL T S 31294300103252017006202020460
157DL5YMHA 0120300015005014006415019840
158DL5ARMLA S 26822300131183910006702019765
159HI8AL 23612800112123014005602019376
160VE3FJH T 031790011002042006201019220
161F5OHMH T 01490001490530005364218656
162UR7ECLAT S 23435400120172831007622118620
163ES5EPL T 17197200108161848008211218450
164ON5WLL T S 7252150013934197006002117940
165M0HOMLA 077290010602914004313117716
166EA1AOQLAT S 192515100195121138006125517446
167EA7AAWL T 0371260016302249007114017395
168YO2CEQL 085500013503433006716017018
169W2EGHAT S 095000950430004301116856
170ON3NDL T 565800011435300006512116510
171OK6OKQ T S 32742300129163215006301116506
172AE1THAT 02079009901446006000116440
173R1ZMLAT Sr0441070015102347007013216310
174K0OOHAT S 2525300080171820005504016280
175EA1CSLA 075870016203729006607016104
176RM1FL 047840013102646007200315984
177RM7CL T S 0471140016102639006502315535
178LZ2HRH T 00197001970053005315015423
179G0MDRLA 36413008020152003706015096
180UR4EIH T 031970012802049006900114904
181LY4ZZL T 10600001065400005413014796
182F4HMXLA 1575120010214379006002014760
183RV3MRL S 19613100111153423007204114760
184SD6ML 178610014013519005515014080
185UY5TEL T S 20307300123141638006813114008
186IT9CKAL 0271130014002049006905113869
187VE3TML T S 133264001096936005101013464
188LY5OHAT 2324430090171435006601013398
189PA3DATLAT S 41342900104302313006613113332
190IK2AOOL T S 3829220089302111006200013020
191DF7ATL T S 10000001005500005503012760
192HB9TWMLAT 525050010735293006709112663
193SP2ADYLAT 4023270090261915006001012660
194M0DHPLAT 05041009102217003904011934
195F5JUL 203327008016309005501011770
196RT5AHA 028750010302045006502011765
197SE5ELA 4215300087301316005900011623
198DL5JANH T S 255460010323324005912011269
199SP5XOVLAT S 3829140081292310006204011222
2002E0CVNLAT S 54239008652617004806010848
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
201G3LRSL T S 3818280084271114005226410816
202VE1DTHAT S 02537006202228005012010400
203LY2BMXL T 810000814600004600010304
204W1AJTHAT 41448006641335005202010244
205UT5UQVL T S 72354008461939006401110240
206UT1ZZL S 1435570010610223000621619920
207UR7VAL T S 133063001067153600581409744
208PA3HCCL T Sr183826008216291100561309632
209YU1LM/QRPQA 36693000135182820006612289306
210OZ7EAH 467170088435700461119292
211IT9NANL S 03466001000243900633819072
212OH5ZAL T S 0010800108005600561109016
213IZ2ZPHL T S 5722200813713200520408892
214IK4OMOL 0474700940262300491118771
215PA3EVYHA 38242200842715600480508688
216OP4AL T S 0105000105033000330018514
217OM3WZQAT 193526008017211600540508424
218K2NVHAT 8204100696132900480308160
219N4QSHAT 00960096004100410008159
220I5ECWH T 0255600810183700550108030
221W6UBH S 1125100641103100421307644
222PA3AAVHA 039131001700122400362237524
223G3PLEL T 1324600791172100390507488
224DL1LSWL 1163300771027300403407400
225OH2BNH 0010000100005000500107200
226PA0GRULAT 144022007613221000450107155
227UT0EMQAT 12243500718172400490007154
228SV2DSJH T 04669001150242400480557152
229G3VIPL T S 21261210601715910420407140
2307S75AAL T 1650700731523600441306952
231SP2MKILAT 0383900770232100440106952
232DJ9SNL T 1404700881252000462706440
233PA3DBSL 4753220012223268005702026384
234VO1BQH T S 2272900582161600340106052
235YL5THAT 3233400603212100450006030
236F5ROXH 5320000732916000450715940
237DM2DZMQ T Sr105370070928600430415891
238DM2XML S 15361800691227700460605888
239PA4OHAT 44190054321800410015740
240US1VML T S 05810086044300470115734
241VE2BWLHA 00650065003700370205624
242SQ7LQJL S 0303000600232300460405520
243F6HJOLA S 1527000421321000340005508
244RN6LHAT 0224700690172600430215375
245VE9MLLAT 100420052702900360405328
246EA7THHA 18301000581221900420405250
247PA0CMFHA S 0364300790261300390215226
248YU2FGQAT S 05700057030000300105100
249G2AAL T S 0284300710131300260404784
250G4EBKL T S 1272800561191000300304740
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
251RG2AH T 00114001140044004421414708
252DL2BISQ 1735100531424100390304680
253YO5ODTL T 07100071029000290114582
254UT3UVHA 8302600646221400420324536
255LY3CYHAT 4103300474102400380004522
256F4CVQL S 07560081031400351914515
257SE5LL 131838006912141900450404455
258N5RZH T 1254150081614300230104416
259DJ2AXLA S 3625000612016000360004320
260SE6NLA 450170062310700380404256
261K4BAIH T 1318150046791200280004256
262SP6BXMQ 3602400602501200371104070
263N4CAPL T S 1319190051681500291104002
264RV3DBKQ 0362200580241600400303960
265OH2KWHA 0253200570201700371303811
266VA3ECL T 30500053102900300003780
267DF5BXH 132325006110151100360313744
268PA5SKYHAT S 04700047032000320303712
269N7WYH T 00550055003300330403630
270YO4AACQ T 011440055093000390003627
271UR4PWCH T 1342100561211200340213604
272EC1RSHAT 0010700107003400342533570
273OH2MZAL T S 05200052031000310223410
2749A3SMSLAT Sr091000910290002911123306
275S58QLAT S 1182300421131900330003267
276YL2LWL 0391100500261000361403168
277GM0WEDL T 18300021133000160003072
278VE3AYRL T 132420005758900220103058
279TA1NAIL 2401500391801100291503045
280GM0EULQ 0152800430111200230002990
281YO7ARZL T S 00450045003400340012924
282JH1RFMHA 06410047062600320222912
283RT8OH T 00530053002500250012875
284EA2SNQ 0222200440201400340102822
285SQ5EFL T S 0153900540112500361312772
286RA1QNL 0153000450131900320002752
287SP2MHDLA S 1915000341713000300102640
288N1SOHHAT 130230036801700250002625
289N0EOLAT 010400050032100240002520
290JA2XYOHAT 0132300360101600261312392
291UT7HML T 1961700421551400341212278
292YB6DEQ T 03420036021200230502208
293EW6FLA 6231400434121000260012184
294OM4ANOL 16231100501213500301502130
295G4AJYH T 03150036014500190102090
296UA4QKL S 00630063003000301212070
297PA5TTL T 72500032717000240002016
298OK1DSAQ T 35320040193100230001978
299DL2ZAL S 04900049026000261511976
300EA3GBAH r0224100630141400280521960
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
301SF3AL T S 00520052002700270001944
302IK2AUKL T S 1430100451119100310511891
303ZM2BHAT 02940033016200180301692
304DL1ATZH T 2313000361712000290401566
305UA4LLLAT 00480048002900290011537
306DF1GRAH S 145180037125700240201464
307LY2SQLA 25700032187000250201450
308IW3ILMQ T 020100030014900230001449
309YO9FYPL 00510051002700270401431
310KG5HVOLAT r151351052211310170111360
311WB2ABDH 75150027441300210201344
312ON7CCQ S 219140035213700220101298
313PA3DRLH S 03300033018000180101296
314MI0SAIL T 00341035001210130011274
315GM4OSSL T S 00370037001600160101248
316IU8HPDL T r00530053002500250501225
317HS0ZLMH 002826054001270192301159
318PD3OESLAT 00720072001500151211155
319UX2HBL 02900029021000210201092
320GW4MVAHAT 5312112253711170101088
321M5ZLA S 00430043001500150211080
322M5ML T S 0026002600160016000992
323PA0WKIL S 1225002811530019010988
324PY1AXL 0021402500164020230920
325OK1FCAL 081600240890017000867
326SD1AL T S 0814002208110019000836
327DL2BQVLAT 0040004000170017110816
328YO9HGL T Sr0526003105170022021770
329OH1QXL T S 2500002516000016021768
330PG2AAHA 0199002801530018010756
331SQ6LJVHA 0123001501130014000756
332IK2REAL T S 1390002211700018030684
333RW0UMH T 0815002305120017000612
334JO1WXOL T S 0022002200140014041602
335RW4CLAT S 0144001801240016010592
336YO9GSBL T S 0225002701330016030592
337UR3QXH 0260002601700017040578
338JA5QJX/0LAT S 0417002104110015112555
339K7OMH T 419100243810012040552
340VA3TTBH r6111000274240010001550
341OE1EBCL S 510900244830015001540
342DH8MSL 46800184650015000480
343RU0AHAT 0240002401200012010456
344PD7CJTL 0027002700120012010384
345JG2RFJL 0216001802110013012364
346K9CSH S 61200018450009011360
347RX3MMLAT 2015001720130015010345
348KF3GLA S 031200150380011020286
349US7IGNQ T S 0015001500120012011240
350DL5KBOL 535310071115900253160225
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
351BG7BDBLA 080008060006000216
352K2RKLA S 0017001700120012030204
353F5NBXHA 00130013008008000144
354JK8PBOL T 0015001500100010020140
355N1NNL 0370010024006000120
356EA4CUQ T S 11100012116008000112
357VE3VSMLAT 01400501400500075
358UR7GML S 163540055262001003170
359SP3FSML 00600600500500060
360JO7KMBHAT 01300401300400056
361F4GFTL T 03400701300400044
362UA3DCEL T 21200511100300042
363N1RRHA 00400400300300036
364UB4WL S 02150017028001004130
365JE3ECDH 00400400300300030
366JA3JML T S 00400400300300027
367OH2KIH 1400001430000300124
368W9ILYL T 02100301100200010
369IZ0JOIL S 0020020020020008
370UR3QTNL T 0020020020020008
371WA2CHVLAT S 0100010100010008
372SP1JQJH T S 0030030010010003
373JH8CXWH T 0100010100010002


Checklogs received with thanks from : SQ9FQY, YO3GNF, PA3I, HG3C, IV3HAX, IK2MXM, DK2FG, UA9WTF, HA5CRT, PA1CEX, G3TJE, M0VKY, IZ3ALW, SP4DNX, RA1CE, G3SQU, DL5JS, HA8TP, G4CIB, IK2CFD, F6HDI, PA1FNW. Soapbox Licenced 25.5.2017. -- 9A3SMS Part time fun. Extra condix to USA on 80m @sunday morning. Missed UA3 on all band because of RUS MM ctest :) 73 de Vedran -- 9A7DX Great ops. See you next year! -- AE1T Rig: Elecraft K3, 80w out ant: Vertical & 30m wire -- DF3OL unfavorable deadline together with the RUSSIAN DX CONTEST -- DL2BQV TS 850 S - 2x 195m - Dipol - Hühnerleitung -- DL2ZA KX3, 100Watt -- DL4ZBY UK/EI DX CONTEST -- DL5KBO 80 W IC-7400 DIPOL UP 7 M; -- DL5KUD FUNNY CONTEST. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR. -- EA1XT Weird propagation with a handful of UK/EI stations heard here in Northern Spain in 40 or 20 meters. No 80 meter antenna here. Until next year! -- EA2SN Thanks to the organization contest. See you soon EA7AAW Emilio -- EA7AAW Better conditions than expected. Enjoyed the contest. -- EI5KF 73 !!! -- EN4U Used FT990 100w + LW 42m -- EU6DX Tks for contest -- EX8MJ casual participation - was hoping to log more UK stations -- F4GFT only 40m -- F5OHM Apologies to contacts! Wrongly sent district code as AB, but it should have been AL (mix up with N1MM). I hope you don't lose points. -- G0MDR THOSE LOGGED WITH A ZERO FULL EXCHANGE SENT BY ME WOULD NOT LOG IN N1MM. 12HR K3 KPA500 BEAM WIRES. 400 -- G0ORH great -- G2AA Condx's fair - apart from not calling the RU MM gang all was well very enjoyable contest pity could not have put in some more time cu next year - think it was well supported by the high S/N heard at the end. -- G3L Scoreboard used for first time not a great score may 24 hour from club next time? -- G3LRS G0MDR was sending AB as postcode which is invalid - my log is as he sent. -- G3P Bad conditions Pity no EIs heard during daylight hours SD worked well -- G3PLE Introducing my new uBITx txvr on 40m (running 5W) and 80m (running 8W). The wideband (SSB) receiver made it hard work for CW on these busy bands. It was a bit easier on 20m with my TenTec Century-22 (running 20W). Apologies to LZ2HR for the DUP I thought I was calling another station! -- G3SQU Good fun & plenty of activity! -- G3SWC LIMITED TIME - CHECKLOG FOR INFO -- G3TJE Single element antenna = hmbrew 50 ft vertical and atu s, zip on 15/10m here! pc locked up a few times! Thanks for the contest organisers!. -- G3VYI Great Contest format, really enjoyed it, pity conditions deteriorated for Sunday morning -- G3XLG This is my first try at the UK/EI CW contest and my first time using Rumlog. I'll do better next time! -- G4AJY Enjoyed using a very simple rig with a DC Rx and 2 watt output from Tx - a challenge! -- G4CIB Enjoyable contest - like the online log scoring system - added to the fun ! -- G4DBW Very poor conditions and the other contests running in parallel made this hard work. More or less gave up on Saturday night! -- G4DDL All bands were poor with nothing on 15 or 10. Virtually no inter G or EI the whole contest with me. which was dissapointing with qrm from other conests. Also had comms failure which took nearly an hour to suss out at the start. Used SD as usual with no fault -- G4DDX Only a part time effort. -- G4EBK Thia was my first UKEICC DX CW so thanks to everyone behind the scenes for organising this enjoyable contest. Thanks for the Q's and I hope to be back next year with hopefully better condx. 73, Phil G4NVR -- G4NVR Couple of hours operating grabbed when I could find time. Fun. -- G4PIQ Much fun, quite busy. Messed up my 12 hr timing tactics though. -- G4SGX Band QSOs Pts DXC DIS Pt/Q 3.5 115 464 25 29 4.0 7 198 812 35 15 4.1 14 129 310 31 7 2.4 Total 442 1586 91 51 3.6 Score: 225,212 1 Mult = 3.1 Q's Excellent contest rules. Pity the date clashed with the Russian all mode/bands contest which caused some confusion at first. Many more qso's would have resulted if the clash of dates had not occurred. Had some issues with N1MM+ this time. Of my own making am afraid. It took several hours to figure out what the problem was but once fixed I was able to run with no further glitches. Great to monitor the Contest Online ScoreBoard which certainly had many stations contributing and seeing their scores accumulating. 12hr cat was just about right for me especially over an important holiday weekend. Band conditions were just average for this stage of the SS Cycle with no qso's on 10 or 15m. Leaving 20m and 40m as the main bands. 80m played quite well considering, with low noise level at this qth for once. All in all a fun contest gradually establishing a good reputation. Rig was an Elecraft K3/100 100w , Antenna's 5 band H/B Cobwebb 20-10m @ 13m Dual band Inv vee dipole for 80 and 40m @ 18m N1MM+ Logging software All being well see you next year. Thanks to the organizers for all their time and efforts. 73/88 Vic G4BYG (G6M) -- G6M Good fun. QRP with 4.5 Watts from YouKits EK-1C to dipoles on 20 and 40m. Got my first ever QRP transatlantic contacts and my best ever QRP dx. Thanks to all the operators and organisers. -- GM0EUL Good conditions on 20m on Saturday. 15m and 10m poor as expected. 73 -- GM2V Dipped in and out this year, conditions better than last year -- GM4M First outing in this event, part time effort. Good fun, despite dire conditions. 20m relay in SixPack decided to pack in with an hour to go. -- GM5X Entered as a check log, not enough time for a serious entry. Thanks. -- GW4MVA Just a few hours worth, but great fun and well supported FB. -- GW4OKT Conditions were painful! -- GW9J TNX,MNI 73.. -- HA5CRT Poor condx here in Thailand -- HS0ZLM Some confusion due to another contest so for some stations 0 (zero) serial number has been reported. -- I2WIJ just 2 hours during the easter morning... -- I5ECW Kenwood TS 950SD ANT. Trap dipole at 7.5 m. gnd -- IK2AUK UKEIDX 2018 CW -- IK4OMO Bello molto bello questo Contest mi sono divertito - molta presenza stazioni UK-EI ho provato il mio ICOM IC 736 Antenna GP e 100watt - -- IT9CKA First time on a serious SOAB LP CW entry since quite some time. Lots of stations were taking part to the Russian Multimode contest and I am pretty sure I'll get a high number of uniques even if I was calling CQ UK/EI ...most people doesn't listen and just clicks on spots and call. Thanks for the contest, had been a fun 12 hours. -- IZ3NVR nice contest cu next year 73 de iz5ich -- IZ5ICH RIG:IC-706 50W ANT:Vertical -- JA3JM Thank you for organizing the contest. I Participated 40m and 20m band. I used 1element wire loop antenna with ATU for all band. -- JA5QJX/0 I enjoyed the contest ! -- JE3ECD I enjoyed the contest. -- JG2RFJ I enjoyed the contest. -- JH8CXW ENJOYED THE CHALLENGE SEE YOU ALL AGAIN -- K0OO SkookumLogger K3 KPA1500 2XA-3B-12L OB2-40 wires -- K1GQ No sun spots ! ? -- K2RK First contest where I ever used an amp at my home QTH. Clearly it makes a difference. -- KE2D TS-590S set to 5W QRP and 200m Long Wire antenna -- LY5G TNX, 73 -- LY5O My neighbor LEDs made me angry and cant finish contest -- LY5W Other commitments permitted only six and a half hours working. -- M0DCG just having a bit of fun giving some points away, only 1 UK/EI stn in the log, but not QRV on 80 hr yet. 73+GL all. -- M0HOM Part time effort during Easter weekend. I just wanted to test my K3. Rule says "connected" but log uploader says "assisted" !!!! -- M5Z Wintest didn't score properly. Not sure if user set up error or bug. Expect score to go up a bit. I think this is a 12 hour contest not enough UK/EI activity for 24 hours. I actively ran and chased Post Codes didn't bother too much about DX... -- MD4K Some good runs. Need to try overnight next year -- MI4I Great fun but noise at my QTH made weak signals very difficult. Bring on better band conditions next year. -- MM2N THIS CONTEST SEEMS IS BECOMING POPULAR. USED SD LOGGING WHICH AGAIN RAN PERFECTLY -- MM3N Very enjoyable but only able to manage a few hours at the radio. Good participation outside Eu. -- MW0BRO First UK/EI DX Contest -- N1NN single band, 20m - conditions not great, but did not hear but 2 Russia MM participants -- N7WY This contest for NEW ENGLAND USA only,not for rest of american hamradio operators.Thanks all who is call me for my CQ test. 73! Vic N8OO -- N8OO At QSO number 67 i worked G4SGX and received 599 287 and NK district. I typed NL instead of NK because NK district was unfortunately NOT (!) available from DXLog software: It must be a small bug that anybody cannot type NK for the district!!! -- OE1CIW 3.5 Mhz only. Low efficiency low sloper wire used but conditions fair to good. Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OH1QX Tnx for the test! -- OH2KW 7 MHz only. Good signals night time... Cheers/73 Zaba OH1ZAA -- OH2MZA Low geomagnetic activity and strong signals with long skip. Only 14 MHz with two Eire station worked, 1 heard.. Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OH5ZA My first entry in this contest. Thanks to all who heard my QRP signal, especially on 80 m band (5 W out. into an indoor half-size G5RV antenna).I look forward to my participation next year. -- OK1DSA Bad coincidence with Russian Multi Mode Contest. -- OK1RR Antennas MLAs on 35MHz/7MHz & 14MHz. -- OM4ANO The condx were not very good. Only on saturday evening on 80 m I could work a high qso rate. But I could work a lot of qso and enjoyed the contest. It is a contest with good rules. Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL -- ON5WL Rig- Elecraft K3 100 Watt Ant- 20mtr wire up 12mtr as Inverted-L -- OU2I Rig: Elecraft K3/P3 Ant: 80m Loop vertical and Hexbeam -- OZ3SM More contest QRV THAT TIME. A PITY. -- PA0WKI Nice contest. See y'all the next time. -- PD3OES 100w ANT GP -- RA1QN 73! -- RA3XCZ TNX 73! -- RM4F TX 5W Ant Indoor MagLoop -- RV3DBK 73! -- RW0UM pwr 5W Ant: ECO vertical LW -- RW3AI I give the points to all who wanted. There is another contest in same time - stations with 0 in received report don't count! -- S51DX FEW HOURS FOR FUN!BIG MESS WITH RUS WW MM CONTEST! -- S57DX TS-590SG (100W), Windom 73 Sandi -- S57KM 73 de sm5alj BEN -- SE5L Elecraft K3 100w to KT34XA and Inv Vee Frustrating with two similar contests at the same time because many CQ-callers do not send RUSMM or UK/EI! Maybe the best would be if we could work all stations and put them into the same log and the adjudication program for each contest just put 0 points for QSOs not matching the adjudicated contest without penelties? -- SM5CSS delta loop for 20/10 end 160/40 10m up. Icom ic-7600 -- SO3O HP=200W -- SP1JQJ TS-590 & LW- ab 25m -- SP5XOV TRX K1 Elecraft 4 watts output.Ant. LW 20 mtrs.long. -- SP6BXM RIG:ic746pro PWR:100 ANT:delta loop GP5 SW:fil2cbr conventer -- SP9BNM TNX 73! -- UA9SMU 73 -- UB4W SDR-100020 wt ant G3XAP -- UR3QTN thanks for the good contest -- UR7EC thanks -- US3EW mcHF, delta loop -- US7IGN -- UT0EM Equipment: IC-756PRO a home made tuner; Antenna: a home made wire V-beam arms 42m up 52m cable 75 Ohm balun 1:9 -- UT5UQV UW1M -- UW1M Most interesting. Would be nice not to be same weekend as Russian MM. See you all next year. Claude VE2FK -- VE2FK JUST HAD TIME TO POP ON THE AIR FOR A BIT HERE AND THERE. POOR CONDX HERE, ALSO LOTS QRN. MANY TKS FOR THE Q'S 73 JOE -- VO1BQ Thanks for the Q's. 73, Rich, W2EG -- W2EG Thaks fer the contest! 73! -- YL2LW RIG: KENWOOD TS-450SAT 100 WATTS; ANT: FD4 & LW 41 M -- YO4SI FT857D ant. dipole 80W -- YO5ODT See you in the next contest! -- YO8DOH Interesting contest for QRP unfortunatelly I had no time for longer work and CONDX was really very bad! I had admiration for some guys especially from USA who copied me at 7MHz when they was max 449 on my side ! -- YU1LM/QRP We need lots of sunspots! -- ZM2B

Some Statistics

Some Statistics Total QSOs: 41372 Cross Checked QSOs: 19680 UK/EI night bonus QSOs: 477 Total Entrants: 375 UK/EI Entrants: 69 EU Entrants: 245 DX Entrants: 61 Non-entrants are all callsigns worked who didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants: 2220 UK/EI Non-entrants: 200 EU Non-Entrants: 1232 DX Non-Entrants: 788 Total Unique Non-entrants: 1095 UK/EI Unique Non-entrants: 102 EU Unique Non-Entrants: 607 DX Unique Non-Entrants: 386 Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 449 UK/EI Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 44 EU Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 288 DX Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 117 Top 20 non entrants F5IN 288 QSO records with last sent serial number of 350 HG6O 280 QSO records with last sent serial number of 709 DL3GA 221 QSO records with last sent serial number of 559 IT9PZM 214 QSO records with last sent serial number of 324 DF1MM 214 QSO records with last sent serial number of 305 GM3YOR 200 QSO records with last sent serial number of 297 GM3WIJ 198 QSO records with last sent serial number of 285 OK5E 196 QSO records with last sent serial number of 250 DL1NKS 191 QSO records with last sent serial number of 254 UR7R 188 QSO records with last sent serial number of 283 K3WW 178 QSO records with last sent serial number of 321 M0BEW 174 QSO records with last sent serial number of 396 E74X 173 QSO records with last sent serial number of 229 F6HKA 171 QSO records with last sent serial number of 354 DJ4MH 163 QSO records with last sent serial number of 222 IT9LKX 161 QSO records with last sent serial number of 270 K9OM 158 QSO records with last sent serial number of 251 IZ4JMA 144 QSO records with last sent serial number of 302 HG8C 141 QSO records with last sent serial number of 212