The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

Summer 80m SSB Contest - 06 May 2020

Thank you for entering the First 80m SSB Summer contest in May 2020. (There will be a second SSB contest at the end of May - see details on the Rules page.) The Final results table is shown below. A few adjustments were necessary after we examined the logs more carefully. With the UK in full daylight and the sun setting over central Europe, conditions were not great, and clearly favoured our friends in GM with a greater average score per QSO. Congratulations to our Team Leader Chris GM2V (GM3WOJ) for a very good score (which even surprised him). One station who did not submit a log appears to have given a Grid to some stations which would have placed himself 150km West of Eire, and then later changed it to something a little closer to his home QTH in Carlisle for other stations. To be fair to all concerned, we removed all QSOs with that station. Thank you again for supporting this Summer Series of contests. We hope to work you all in the CW Contest next week, on Thursday 14th May. 73 Tim G4FJK, Paul G4PVM and the UKEICC Team

Combined Results
* = Assisted Entry
Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1GM2V HIO77WS5600056570LY5YY1748
2GM4JYB LIO88JM4800048445DL2SWR1048
3DL2SWR *LJO53SV2800028409EI3ENB1265
4EI8CE HIO62HI5602054361DG9BEO1054
5M2D HIO95DH4600046345LY5YY1624
6G1A HJO02HK6503062343IU1IPB966
7GM0V HIO85AT5501054332DG9BEO840
8GM3C LIO88MW2900029324DL2SWR1054
9G3TXF HIO71VE5401152321I2RBR1178
10GW4J HIO73WF5301052307LY5YY1831
11G4RCD LIO93GX5400054304LY5XX1612
12G5UM LIO92KR5902057275DL2SWR853
13G4PVM *LJO01FR4801047275GM3C831
14G3XLG HJO02ME4502043254GM3C793
15G4ERW LJO01JC3711035254GM0TKB880
16G8X HIO80HV4301042247DL2SWR1067
17M5JB LIO93CN5112048239DL2SWR880
18EI5KF *HIO52UG3712034229GM0TKB777
19PG7V LJO22UI2301022218GM3C913
20GW5NF LIO81KQ4000040217GM3C808
21EI4CF LIO53TF4205037211GM3C719
22MM1E HIO85AU3902136206DL2SWR1017
23GU0UVH LIN89VR2901028205DL2SWR1054
24G4DDX LIO91VW4301042202DL2SWR819
25G3LRS LIO92JO4300043202GM3C714
26G1P LIO91DP4102039202GM3C816
27DG9BEO HJO43CE1700017201EI8CE1054
28G4EBK LIO93WN3801037196GM3C624
29G6UBM LJO01CE3501034191GM3C886
30G3SWC LIO91SC3601035188GM3C887
31M0ITR HIO70KI2700027182GM2V829
32EI7CC LIO63WG2800028180GM4JYB613
33GM0TKB LIO88IP2401122174PG7V901
34GM3A LIO87UD2701026173G4ERW702
35EI3ENB LIO62JH2603023154DL2SWR1265
36G3KNU LIO93QN2700027150DL2SWR803
37EI7GY HIO63WG2500025149GM4JYB613
38G2AA LIO92KO3212029146DL2SWR857
39G4IZZ LIO81XX2500025134DL2SWR937
40G4CIB QIO81VX2200022102GM4JYB731
41LY5YY LKO14WW80008102GW4J1831
42M1X *HJO01DG2000020100DL2SWR816
43MW0XOT LIO82HF150001575GM4JYB701
44M3M LIO70JB120101168GM2V861
45G0UXC LIO83OJ150001564GM4JYB572
46LY5XX LKO14QN6010562GM2V1734

High Power - Unassisted Low Power - Unassisted QRP - Unassisted
  Call Grid  Good
1GM2V IO77WS56570
2EI8CE IO62HI54361
3M2D IO95DH46345
4G1A JO02HK62343
5GM0V IO85AT54332
6G3TXF IO71VE52321
7GW4J IO73WF52307
8G3XLG JO02ME43254
9G8X IO80HV42247
10MM1E IO85AU36206
11DG9BEO JO43CE17201
12M0ITR IO70KI27182
13EI7GY IO63WG25149
  Call Grid  Good
1GM4JYB IO88JM48445
2GM3C IO88MW29324
3G4RCD IO93GX54304
4G5UM IO92KR57275
5G4ERW JO01JC35254
6M5JB IO93CN48239
7PG7V JO22UI22218
8GW5NF IO81KQ40217
9EI4CF IO53TF37211
10GU0UVH IN89VR28205
11G1P IO91DP39202
12G3LRS IO92JO43202
13G4DDX IO91VW42202
14G4EBK IO93WN37196
15G6UBM JO01CE34191
16G3SWC IO91SC35188
17EI7CC IO63WG28180
18GM0TKB IO88IP22174
19GM3A IO87UD26173
20EI3ENB IO62JH23154
21G3KNU IO93QN27150
22G2AA IO92KO29146
23G4IZZ IO81XX25134
24LY5YY KO14WW8102
25MW0XOT IO82HF1575
26M3M IO70JB1168
27G0UXC IO83OJ1564
28LY5XX KO14QN562
  Call Grid  Good
1G4CIB IO81VX22102

High Power - Assisted Low Power - Assisted QRP - Assisted
  Call Grid  Good
1EI5KF *IO52UG34229
2M1X *JO01DG20100
  Call Grid  Good
1DL2SWR *JO53SV28409
2G4PVM *JO01FR47275
  Call Grid  Good


...the whole 80m band was somehow infected today. Get well soon! ;-) I hope I'll hear you better next time. Therefore please stay healthy and be careful OMs & (X)YLs. -- DG9BEO TRYING OUT A NEW 80M ANTENNA. RIG IS IC7610 AND ANT IS DIPOPE AT 50FT.. FIRST TIME IN THIS CONTEST, AND ENJOYED IT. -- EI4CF Good short skip heard no continental Europeans -- EI7GY Got on late activity seemed down a little. Some stations calling me expecting a qso despite calling CQ contest very clearly. Somewhat fazed by that Anyway thanks all qsos and look forward to next time I use the latest EI5DI SD - does all I need it to. -- G3LRS Very poor condx - no DX! -- G3SWC Good fun and 5 watts cut the mustard! -- G4CIB A GOOD EVENING THOUGH SOME QSB.USED SD FOR LOGGING AS IT IS SO EASY -- G4DDX Started well then got more noisy. -- G4EBK Enjoyable contest - but not a lot of EU stations on - and most EI stations were relatively weak. Thanks for a fun contest. 73, Mark, G4RCD. -- G4RCD UPPER PART OF THE BAND NOISY -- G6UBM MISSED OUT ON THE FIRST HALF OF THE CONTEST STILL GOOD FUN -- GM0V Lowest QSO total for a long time - tough condx. Good activity from EI, but band noisy and long skip. Tnx QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM2V Not many Europeans tonight. Good contest... thanks to all. -- GM4JYB Had a pile up at the start which lasted 2 minutes and then all downhill..... -- GW4J Tnx for QSOs! -- LY5YY Thanks for the Q's - Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D waited until band opened -- M3M Lots of daylight in this one! -- MM1E Only participated for the first half hour. Hope to be there next week thursday in CW for the full 60 minutes! -- PG7V

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 955 Cross Checked QSOs: 688