The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

UK/EI DX SSB Contest - 22nd/23rd September 2018

Thanks for entering the 4th UK/EI DX SSB contest! We hope you enjoyed the event and will enter our UK/EI DX CW contest in March 2019. We are pleased to receive 220 entries (incl Checklogs) this year - up from 150 last year - a 47% increase. UK/EI entries are also up, from 45 to 50. Despite the poor conditions there was a good showing from EU and further afield but activity from the UK and EI continues to be disappointing. The success of this format relies on DX stations having good numbers of 'home' stations to work for potential multipliers.So all UK and EI participants who took part please tell your friends and fellow club members (a) how much fun you had, and (b) the conditions are bound to improve! More activity from UK/EI will make this contest more fun for everyone. Please also submit your log, particularly if you make a significant number of contacts - we make this very easy and every log improves the adjudiction accuracy. The results below are now final (October 1st). Further tables will appear in due course. The overall winner this year is Chris, GM3WOJ operating GM2V and who wins the superb Kenwood Cup for the second time. He has now won the main prize in both modes, an excellent achievement. (When it became clear he could be in line for an award Chris relinquished any further involvement in the adjudication process and handed everything over to his fellow adjudicators). Overall EU winner is Marius YO3CZW operating the club station YP0C, and Mohammed A41NN in Muscat was the leading DX entrant. Winner of the Low Power section is Valery US0YW operating the club station of UR2Y with Giovanni IZ7FLP leading the qrp section. Kolja DK5KK was the leading Rookie entrant this year having been licenced for just 2 years. Congratulations to all winners! Scroll down to read the Soapbox comments and some Statistics. Full details of all awards and certificates will appear here later. The UKEICC team welcome your comments or suggestions about this contest - please e-mail them to Tell us what you think! 73 Stewart GW0ETF, Paul EI5DI - Adjudicators

Combined Results
UK/EI Sections
EU Sections
DX Sections

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Breakdown of Section Designators
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
H = High Power
L = Low Power
A = Assisted T = 12hr Entry M = Multi-op
R = Remote
S = Single Element
r = Rookie

Combined Results

Call Section 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Dupe Bust NIL TOTAL
      Qs Qs Qs Qs Qs QSOs Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults       Pts
1GM2VH T 9822922931560516248311651053284130
2G6MCHAT 1161571982047357505020159671250266
3YP0CH 451653883406323363110150221071246857
4EI1EHA M 9722910600432566630001523132226784
5UT4UHA 422582306053631937530202240220382
6S51CKHA S 7621925610552357993102080221212992
7OZ11AH T 54221980037335943600165022154110
8UR2YLAT 551422185042032588150176143139040
9S53MHAT 361581970139223628701173280134248
109A5YL T 491691572137832647121170141133280
11SP1GAHA 8416012110366456463101735132130615
12MS0FNRHA M 104107730028454392300116160124584
13GW9JHAT 1091300102405940010100310110600
14OZ30EUHA 7015729402603864173012215173078
15OE3IDEHA 17112115002441354710013805067896
16LZ1NDLAT 776245503336388550134113164454
17I2WIJHAT 4866101102163844571014004064260
18G4PVMLA 68597550207392530409812163896
19G9YL 56705230181372724309103154782
20GW4JH T 47425211143312622118101049086
21M0MCVH T 945080015251276008403047376
22ON5GQH T 46887800212333727009714042486
23SQ7OTKHA 508371002042936350010006039600
24IV3IPSHA 77992000196394014009308038688
25G3XLGL T 70453400149382018007605037088
26MW9WL T S 59326511158371824118105136126
27A41NNHAT 070104200194032341007625135796
28M4JHAT 53603200145272917007313335624
29EA3HJOH 10141450019685824009008035370
30IZ7FLPQA 50684200160383525009802035280
31IT9YVOHAT 05816700225030740010408034424
32LZ1RFHAT 10104690018374042008903034265
33IT9PZML S 217686501881343424010217133252
34G4DDXL T S 69293200130391915007302032120
35RV3FFHAT 67110000177404300083011029548
36M9TLA 63292500117402014007404028712
37GW4WL T 49482100118341911006403025856
38DK5KKHAT r932850012649215007503024825
39F5OHMH 0106200012606112007314023506
40CN8MAALA 00166001660057005702022458
41R3GZH 105811200180834460088211121296
42A61FKH 014137601570852406405020608
43SM6FZOL S 30733410138214012107417020350
44G2AAHAT S 4543200010833209006216120088
45G5UML T S 56262000102361411006103118422
46IT9RBWLAT S 2251052113521756217801016692
47EA7KIH 00207002070067006724016281
48MU0GSYL 0751700920409004902015582
49DJ4MHLAT S 31511630101193410306602014916
50F1FPLL T S 5817130088361311006000014280
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
51EI3ENBL 2237210080202012005202013624
52G3YCHLAT S 2919230071231514005202013312
53OO9OLAT S 5439110010431187005602013216
54G1PL r2619370082201518005302012826
55G3TH T S 2921230073241411004902012740
56IT9FRXL r0271104114201746416817212716
57F1GRHL T 389260011814219006209012710
58SV3RPQLA S 1331890013391941006907012696
59PF1MOHA 066600012603223005516111770
60G4OZGLAT 42824007430611004700011656
61G0HDVL 2025300075161515004600011132
62SM5NQBH T 16325300101132125005902010797
63PE1EWRLA S 402918008727219005713110716
64IW0HLZL T 2051170088142915005801110672
65DL4VAILAT S 23621320100153510206207110602
66F6KHMH 01000001000450004503010440
67TA4CSHA 0601500750261000360019396
684Z5FIH 0117500860113000410208979
69GI4JTFL T S 22311000631620700430128944
70IR9DHA 0144990024301444005833628816
71F4GDOLA 0504600960292100502208800
72R9ABH T S 0463100770251600411518692
73SM6IQDL 2047300701731300511308415
74PA2CVDL 223128108215181810520128008
75LA5FBAL T S 1042100062932600470107473
76LY5IL T 173425007615211400500207450
77MM1EHAT 401020052288200380107296
78LZ1DMQAT 164129108712231510510407089
79G4ERWLAT S 47080055300600360106768
80EI7GYH T S 152015005015131100390006630
81PG1RL T S 29202500742214900450136435
82SE4EL S 3413200763241800450206435
83PA7WWL T S 12521300771128700460606394
84HA1NRL T Sr2828200582118200410106068
85M0JNDLA Sr111622004910131400370105994
86DJ1OJL T S 11183800679142700500205650
87VU2YVKHA 012613076092330350105460
88SM5SLAT S 161527005813111900430105289
89TA4PRL T 00830083003200320205280
90PA1EJOL r163112005913161100400104800
91SK7KH 02780080024300450404770
92ON5WLL T S 19231200541615800391104602
93OH1XFEL T 0233900620192200410204346
94IK8UNDH T 045313070043180430004343
95YL2TDH 0343110660192210420304326
96M6BIRL 1821700461413600330404224
97DL0ZZHA 0206100810142700410314223
98M1DDDH T S 1253000561131200260014212
99IT9BYSL T 00850085003900391314056
100UW6ML 311604078372540390104017
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
101SK5DBHA Sr037200057024900330103894
102SE0NHA 161615004713121400390203705
103EI5KGH T 261000036207000270103672
104F6DRPL S 01790080013700380123610
105G0RAHL T S 1014170041813800290203538
106OZ9VL 0382610650241310380413534
107EI7CCL T 1831700381721400330103498
108IK4LZHLAT 05610066043200360203492
109EW1TZH 2184600662122300370313441
110M6VWXL Sr0232400470141300270113402
111PA3JDL 1330700501119600360403312
112GM5MH 00700070002200220003300
113RW3AIL T S 712380057792100370103293
114ES0IAL T 7231300436191000350103290
115IU4DTVLAT 533130051420800320103264
116TA4RCL T S 101790036811700260203250
117PA0AWHQ T S 14162100511215900360213204
118UY5ZZL 00680068003600360003132
119UG3GL T 04800048029000290203132
120PA3DATLA S 19141200451611700340203060
121IU4JICL T Sr0272600530211600370602812
122K3ZOH 101280030911500250302700
123SQ8MFBQ T S 1271800461171400320102688
124OM6ATL 15151000401412800340102618
125OH3BCXH T S 0153300480112200330002508
126SQ3ML Sr0193500540131700300112490
127YL2LWL T r0231700400161400300102370
128EA1DHBLAT 0223400560162100370502331
129IT9OPRLAT 00680068003000300212160
130PA5NH T S 42480036417400250002000
131GU0UVHL T S 104150029104800220001980
132YL2NKLAT 621100037517700291401972
133G6UBML T 73241035721310230101932
134F4IBJLA Sr1110230044981400310421891
135TA4AL S 0202400440101300230511656
136OZ1DAEL 161190036128600261301586
137TA1OSNL T Sr03200032014000141301540
138UT3QDL T S 03100031021000210101512
139YO3OMLA S 129230044851800310601488
140PA1PL T S 91712103988910260201430
141RN4SCL 011192032081520250001425
142RK4HYTHA R 3271900493131400300701410
143IU1HCCL T S 02950034018400220301386
144M6EAML S 017130030011600170301326
145YL2PPL T 03300033022000220401276
146PA2VSL T S 018190037011900200001200
147LC5CH T 022130035014600200201120
148LZ2AUQA Sr02211003301480022040990
149R2GBH T S 01013202509102021000966
150M0ITRL T Sr31215003028100020141960
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
151G1SQYL S 0030003000150015010930
152YO9HGL T Sr6242003251120018020900
153SA5HUBL Sr641400246480018000882
154A61BKLAT 0039003900210021050756
155SD6MH 01413002701080018020720
156IQ0RUL T S 0231002401400014020672
157G0CERL T S 0521002603120015020660
158OZ1DYIL T 0169002501050015000660
159YO4AACQ T 0515102104131018000630
160IU2HEELA Sr0219003001660022060594
161YT0IL 0021302400162018010576
162RT1QLAT 0027002700170017010561
163DM4ABL r0227002901160017040544
164PD8DXL T 0025002500180018000540
165PA/SQ3OGZQA 0101000200960015000510
166WB8WKQH T 0027002700150015030510
167PD3OESLA 0027002700180018011504
168YT5LQA Sr0020302300162018011486
169RL4AL T 09500140950014000476
170RV1CBH T r0210002101700017020476
171K0OOHAT 0018001800130013000455
172RV3VRL T S 0819002704140018020450
173A71AEH T 0020002000130013010442
174EI5KOL Sr0018001800120012000432
175IZ6MPZL 0016001600160016000432
176LY5GQ T 0150001501200012010384
177DM5SBH 031510190391013001377
178R7MCL T S 0021002100130013000364
179DL1ATZHAT 83000118300011000352
180G0FPULA S 4340011423009000324
181SE5LL 0023002300110011000286
182LY4ZZLAT S 021800200290011010253
183YL3FWQ T S 0012001200110011010187
184N1SOHHA 00110011008008000176
185US1PAAL T Sr01150016009009000171
186LZ1STHA 01100011090009010162
187TA2XXL T 063009052007010154
188EI3CTBL T S 090009060006010144
189TA1APIH T S 01100011070007020140
190IZ5HQBL T S 009009009009000126
191RA3DJAL T S 00120012009009010117
192IK2MPRH T S 01000010080008001112
193DL9HBL T S 03100013027009010108
194IK7RVYH 0031003100150015071105
195EI/OK1NYDL T S 02400602400600096
196SM5SYOQA S 048001203400702084
197TA3AERL T S 00500500500500075
198M6OTQL T Sr00900900600601072
199DL9FBL T 0110201300610711042
200DO4WLLL T r50000540000400040
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
201LY5YYL T Sr30000330000300036
202ON3AWTLA S 00700700500500035
203IU6FUBLA r019001000600611030
204M0IKOQ 00800800400401124
205TA3EPL T S 02000202000200016
206LY2LFHAT 01200301200300012
207M0KEPL r0100010100010004
208YB3BARL 0100010100010004
209GW0AJUL S 0010010000000010
210YU3VIPQ T S 0003030001011110
211K4BAIH 0030030020020100


Soapbox comments (uncensored!) : NOT CONDITIONS ONLY 86 QSO -- 4Z5FI FT-1000MP 100W 24m lw ant -- DJ1OJ licensed April 2016 -- DK5KK Work from DARC Clubstation I21 from Bad Bentheim Germany -- DL0ZZ 73 -- DO4WLL Conditions and support poor. -- EI1E That was hard work very deep QSB and nothing on 10 or 15 -- EI7GY 2OW, MP1C antenna. -- EI/OK1NYD Was checking after work if antennas were turned in the wind! Then i turned on radio there's contest i did 100 qsos in bit more than an our before to give out! Only 25% of qsos were with UK/EI ! Congrats for the ones who were full qrv ! 73s Oli -- F6KHM First time entry - could only do a short time. -- G0CER Very enjoyable although conditions did seem poor. Thanks to all -- G1P 0100 0500 slot only worked one so went back to bed ! Little activity on Sunday think will just do a continuous 12 hour slot next year -- G2AA Very poor conditions, only worked 6.25 hours. I also thought the contest was not very well supported by UKEI ops unfortunately. -- G3XLG Never known condx so poor. Very high noise here on 80, 40, 20m. Other bands dead! -- G3YCH I found bands very poor and and noisy.No 10 or 15 conta Virtualy no EI and G stations heard and it was hard work. I used SD as usual which worked well and I enjoyed the contest. -- G4DDX A weekend of visitors and not enough time for radio. 100 Watts, Trap Dipole at 7M and hb 20M vertical with elevated radials. -- G4OZG God fun but conditions not great. Things got a bit better once 80m opened. We need more activity! -- G4PVM great friendly contest -- G5UM 40m seemed dire -- G6UBM A fun contest - if rather difficult due to incredibly variable conditions! Interesting hearing stations fade out from S9+ mid QSO! Tough work but fun as required good ears. -- G9Y Solar numbers 68/27/3 with zero sunspots = poor conditions - only 3 QSOs total on 15/10m. Eu QSOs kept me going! Thanks everyone 73 Chris -- GM2V 80m was fun overnight with some nice dx and the North American Sprint to help keep me awake. Overall conditions pretty dire and participation in the contest very poor. -- GW4J Poor conditions and no antenna for 20m so just a 12 hour token entry to shake out the station ahead of cqww to test the 40m vertical over night. Lack of interest from both uk and ei stations. -- GW9J No time but I had fun anyway. 73 Bob I2WIJ -- I2WIJ Only two hours of running but very nice -- IK4LZH PROPAGAZIONE ASSENTE..SPERIAMO NEL PROSSIMO ANNO...!!! SETUP: Dipole Antenna Kenwood TS 440 Pwr 100 Watt. -- IQ0RU PLEASE CONTROLL-LOG THANKYOU MANY MANY ERROR PROBLEM WITH N1MM SOFT -- IR9D bad propagation...not many stations from UK-EI... -- IU1HCC rookie : licensed 03/07/2017 yaesu 450d vertical antenna Eco7+ -- IU4JIC uk/ei DX -- IU6FUB QUITE A CHALLENGE. BANDS COULD WELL HAVE BEEN BETTER. LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT GO ROUND. THANKS FOR ALL OF THE Q'S. 73 PAT K0OO -- K0OO First attempt at UKEI contest and found to be very hard going from my location in the far sou

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 13188 Cross Checked QSOs: 6139 UK/EI night bonus QSOs: 100 Total Entrants: 220 UK/EI Entrants: 51 EU Entrants: 145 DX Entrants: 24 Non-entrants are all callsigns worked who didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants: 2018 UK/EI Non-entrants: 496 EU Non-Entrants: 1259 DX Non-Entrants: 263 Total Unique Non-entrants: 1186 UK/EI Unique Non-entrants: 273 EU Unique Non-Entrants: 734 DX Unique Non-Entrants: 179 Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 150 UK/EI Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 46 EU Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 100 DX Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 4 Top 20 non entrants IK3UNA 120 QSO records with last sent serial number of 229 9A3SMS 109 QSO records with last sent serial number of 196 IK2LFF 87 QSO records with last sent serial number of 152 F8KLY 85 QSO records with last sent serial number of 166 DL8UV 74 QSO records with last sent serial number of 84 IU3FBL 67 QSO records with last sent serial number of 82 DL1NKS 66 QSO records with last sent serial number of 73 M7C 64 QSO records with last sent serial number of 106 IQ1ZW 63 QSO records with last sent serial number of 101 IZ5EME 50 QSO records with last sent serial number of 72 HB9TPN 49 QSO records with last sent serial number of 86 PH1V 48 QSO records with last sent serial number of 56 IU8HPD 45 QSO records with last sent serial number of 62 SN5N 43 QSO records with last sent serial number of 81 IX1HPN 36 QSO records with last sent serial number of 47 2E0RMV 33 QSO records with last sent serial number of 39 IN3FOI 33 QSO records with last sent serial number of 41 F8DZU 32 QSO records with last sent serial number of 50 DG5FF 32 QSO records with last sent serial number of 38 GW4BZD 32 QSO records with last sent serial number of 48