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80m CW Contest - 28th September 2022

Thanks for entering the first CW contest of the UKEICC 2022-23 series of 80m contests. Finalised Results are shown below. UBN files have been e-mailed to all entrants(one e-mail bounced). Unfortunately we received 3 logs after the 1-hour log submission deadline, which could not be included in the Results. Comments from the Adjudicator : From here near Inverness I found the band noisy and signals weak for about the first 20 minutes, then things improved. Great to work a number of stations not worked before in these 80m events - we hope you enjoyed the simple format. Eire seems to have a whole new group of keen HF contesters.
Congratulations to Dragan E77EA on winning overall and to all the section winners.
A special mention for Eamo EI7LC - only licensed since July, this was his first-ever CW contest. To quote Rafal EI6LA "He just borrowed a paddle, as prior to the contest he was using a wire struck against a pair of Mole grips!" Well done Eamo!
These 80m events (from now until April 2023) have a 'Teams of four' competition running in parallel. Why not get together with some other entrants and form a team? You have until the end of November 2022 to let us know. There is a separate 'Teams competition' page where the combined scores are shown after each contest. Scroll down to read the Soapbox comments and for some Statistics. The next contest in this series is on SSB, on Wednesday 5th October at 2000z. Hope you can take part. 73 from the Adjudicator, Chris GM3WOJ -- with Paul G4PVM, Stew GW0ETF, Tim G4FJK and our speedy PCs.

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1E77EA *LJN84OU5900059    315EI6JK2092
2I2IFT *HJN45UQ6811066G  EI308GM4JYB1674
3SN1T *HJO84ML7522071G   301EA6/GM3ZDH1955
4SP2R *LJO84UN6901068G   297EI6JK1697
5DK2FG *LJO41OR7510074G  EI281EA6/GM3ZDH1427
6S53M *HJN86CR6823063G   280EI2KA1931
7SF6W LJO68RP5700057G   262F/EI5KF1675
8GM2V HIO77WS5220050G  EI259E77EA2052
9GM4JYB LIO88JM5010049G   253E77EA2059
10SD6F *LJO57XP6201061G   245E77EA1469
11G4PVM LJO01FR6700067G  EI244E7/Z35M1596
12SD1A HJO97DP5902057G   244EI2KA1899
13PG7V *LJO22UI7200072G  EI242E7/Z35M1332
14DM6EE *LJO52KJ6500065G   232EI2KA1391
15M5G LIO92JO6600165   EI228OM3WZ1626
16DL8UD *HJO43QO6601164G   226EA6/GM3ZDH1627
17M4N *LIO81XX6702164G   224OM3WZ1677
18GW4J HIO73WF7021265G   220E7/Z35M1949
19GM4OSS LIO75RQ5701056G   2169A1AA1955
20DL2OM HJO30SN6912066G   212EA6/GM3ZDH1266
21G3SWC LIO91SC5700057G  EI2109A1AA1520
22MM1E *HIO85AU5601154G   210E77EA1928
23SM6S LJO68VI5512052    207EI2KA1658
24DL8TG *LJO52IJ6000060G   205EI6JK1285
25DL4ME *LJO50JR6201160G   202EI6JK1348
26EI6JK *HIO53TS4402042G   197E7/Z35M2234
27PC4H *HJO22IH6804064G  EI193E7/Z35M1382
28G3RWF HJO01OG5700057    186LA9QV1458
29GI5I LIO74DP5001049    1859A1AA1979
30EI6LA *HIO63WE5102049G   1809A1AA1956
31G4RGK LIO91ON6503161    177SN5J1497
32DL5KUD LJO64RN5001049G   176G5GEI1343
33G4BYE LIO91VW5501054G   1769A1AA1531
34S57KM *LJN76HD4301042G   173EI6JK1845
35SN5J *LKO02ML4601045    167GM4OSS1702
36G4EBK LIO93WN5602054G   1649A1AA1596
37OK2NO LJN89PW4803045G   160EI6JK1809
38G4ENZ *QIO81VV4902047G  EI157E77EA1631
39SM5S LJO89FK4704043    156EI6JK1639
40SM6TOL LJO78BL4804044    151E7/Z35M1654
41MM2T *LIO85AS5103048    1489A1AA1926
42PA2TA *LJO21IU5100051G   1489A1AA1219
43SP7OGP LKO01AM4612043    143EI6JK1927
44S51ZJ *LJN76GB4512240G   141EI6JK1845
45G3VYI LIO91OF4902047G   1349A1AA1546
46PA3DBS LJO21DM5503052    132E7/Z35M1354
47PE6Q *HJO32IU4301042    131EA6/GM3ZDH1498
48DL6KVA *HJO64BC4612043    131EI6JK1343
49G2O LIO92VA4701046G   1309A1AA1535
50EI7CC LIO63WG3400034G   1279A1AA1958
51G4ICP QJO01KU4313039G   1229A1AA1458
52G8CW LJO01KS5113047    122OM3WZ1475
53DL4MFM *LJO42AI5807150G   120E77EA1072
54DJ9SN LJN58VD3702035    118EI6JK1543
55OM3WZ *QKN08NT3000030    116GM2V1941
56G3TJE LIO81MI4001039    1129A1AA1696
57M8M QJO02ME3900039    1109A1AA1461
58G5C LIO93NL3602034G  EI1059A1AA1637
59M9N *LIO92IN4804044G   1059A1AA1625
60DL3RAR *LJN68IV1700116G   97GM4JYB1494
61EI2KA LIO51HM2220020    869A1AA2138
62EI5DI LIO63VG2700027    859A1AA1964
63G4DZL LIO92IS2300122G   759A1AA1633
64GM4M QIO75XT2502023G   68I2IFT1482
65EA6/GM3ZDH LJM19NO1601015G   66SN1T1955
66F/EI5KF QIN86XT1600016    65SF6W1675
67G2AA LIO90ET2503319G   47E77EA1552
68EI7LC LIO53OK60006G  EI38G8CW680
69M3M QIO70JB1100011G   37S53M1623
70DF7CB *LJO31HI80107G   24S53M868
71EI8KW *LIO63VG1100011    20PE6Q866
72SM6MIS LJO57XQ60006    17G4RGK1067
73G4ZZL LIO90JT50401    0G4EBK315


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 28/09/2022 UKEI80 for first time Had a good hour. 73 to all ! -- DL5KUD No to Bad but not so many Station Band was very quite Fun like almost. See you all next week into SSB Part -- DL8UD During the end no new stations. Where was the bonus station from EI? -- DM6EE Good widespeead European activity heard from this QTH but not too many UK/EI stations heard. -- EA6/GM3ZDH Have not seen conditions as bad for a long time Taught I was too high so qsy'd down to 3525 Still nothing sorry about that folks I hope it was'nt just me. Hope next one is better -- EI5G great contest good conditions 73 de EI6JK Mark -- EI6JK Funny prop! Could not hear almost any EI but much better into Europe than usual. Thanks for a very enjoyable contest. -- EI6LA First CW contest -- EI7LC operating portable generated a feq qra repeats!! -- G2AA RADIO OFFICERS ASSOCIATION -- G2O Quiet night here! -- G3RWF moved shack! good fun no F keys ! -- G3VYI good condx -- G4RGK First entry to this type of contest - really enjoyed it. -- G4ZZL Condx difficult for first 25 mins approx, then improved. Noisy band. Tnx QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM2V Only one Irish station worked tonight! Computer bombed out so lost 10 minutes. Thanks to all for fun contest. -- GM4JYB local noise as usual here, so apologies for repeats -- GM4M Good EU participation -- GW4J Vy high QRN in these evening. TNX for QSO. Ciao de Giovanni (John) i2ift -- I2IFT QRPwityh stupid high SWR !! -- M3M As always - excellent short sharp contest. -- M4N Good evening's fun. Nice to work some new calls and regulars alike. 73 All the best and see you on the next one I use EI5DI's SD for my contest logging -- M5G Fun contest as always - need to work on my rx antenna -- MM1E Because of the renovation of the house I worked in field day style :) -- S57KM 73 de SM5SIC Göran -- SM5S

Some Statistics

Statistics for UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 28/09/2022 Total QSOs: 1919 Cross Checked QSOs: 1508 Long distance QSOs (Over 2000 km) EI6JK in IO53TS worked E7/Z35M in JN93EU at distance of 2234 km EI2KA in IO51HM worked 9A1AA in JN95FQ at distance of 2138 km EI6JK in IO53TS worked 9A1AA in JN95FG at distance of 2117 km E77EA in JN84OU worked EI6JK in IO53TS at distance of 2092 km E77EA in JN84OU worked GM4JYB in IO88JM at distance of 2059 km E77EA in JN84OU worked GM2V in IO77WS at distance of 2052 km GM4JYB in IO88JM worked 9A1AA in JN95FQ at distance of 2043 km