The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m SSB Contest - 2nd September 2020

Thank you for taking part in the first of our 80m contests in the 2020/21 Season. Activity was high throughout Europe and UK with a good turn out from EI. Band was very noisy in North Wales and many UK signals unusually weak. It was a good night for Lithuania with Vidas LY2SA overall high power winner and Gediminas LY9A the leading low power entrant. Just 2 toughed it out in the QRP section with Ian MW9W coming out on top with a creditable 39 good QSOs. Finally we were saddened to hear that long time supporter of UKEICC Ron Pratt G4DDX became a silent key on July 5th at the age of 87. RIP Ron. GW0ETF - Adjudicator (with help from G4FJK and G4PVM)

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1LY2SA HKO14UG4200042224EI3ENB2057
2LY9A LKO26JE3500035218EI1E2180
3DL8UD *HJO43QO7303070214EI9FVB1227
4GM2V HIO77WS6700067199LY2SA1767
5GM4JYB LIO88JM5500055188SQ9PUW1746
6DL7AT *HJO53CL6204157164EI9FVB1282
7EI8CE HIO62HI7402072161SM5CSS1713
8G3LRS LIO92JO8401182157LY9A1725
9M0NKR HJO02HK73011711519A7ZZ1501
10M2D HIO95DH7001069147LY9A1658
11M5B HIO91RH7807071145LY2SA1661
12G5UM LIO92KR8705082143LY2SA1649
13G3RWF HJO01OG6401063142LY2SA1548
14M5JB LIO93CN7201071136SM5CSS1335
15GW4J HIO73WF7503072135SM5CSS1480
16G0XBU HIO83UF7702075133SQ9PUW1542
17G4RCD LIO93GX6100061131LY9A1685
18EI6JK *HIO53TS5301052130SQ9PUW1948
19SM5CSS LJO89LS2800028124EI8CE1713
20SE5L LJP70VA2800028122EI9FVB1759
21G4SJX LIO92LP5900059112SM5CSS1364
22DL2SWR LJO53SV3802036111EI8CE1275
23G3SWC LIO91SC4600046110LY9A1752
24G2AA LIO92KO6933261109SM5CSS1371
25PG7V LJO22UI4100041106LY9A1310
26G4PVM *LJO01FR4100041105LY9A1663
27GI4SJQ *LIO64SJ4600046104LY2SA1948
28G8FMC LIO91NW4700047102LY2SA1659
29MM1E HIO85AU4500045102LY2SA1766
30M0DCG LIO83QJ460014596LY2SA1727
31G1P *LIO91DP510204996LY9A1801
32G4ZVB LIO93IO490204788LY2SA1636
33PC4H *HJO22IH380103787LY9A1373
34SE6K LJO66HT230002380EI8CE1380
35G4OZG LJO02FS320003278LY9A1614
36OK1NYD LJN69KL230102278EI6JK1541
37MW9W QIO73VH390003977LY9A1881
38EI9FVB HIO51QV341103275SE5L1759
39EI1E HIO52UG360203472LY9A2180
40DG9BEO HJO43CE270112571LY9A1118
41G8KWX *LIO91RE270002770LY9A1753
42G4DZL LIO92IS320003268LY9A1723
43M1CJE LIO91CJ310103063LY9A1819
44G6UBM LJO01CE280002862LY2SA1617
45GU0UVH LIN89VR280012760LY9A1937
46EI3ENB LIO62JH290102858LY2SA2057
47PE1EWR LJO11SL260002658GM4JYB895
48G3TXF LIO71VE250002556LY9A1979
49SQ9PUW LJN99QV180201655EI6JK1948
50G3OGP LIO91SB270002755LY2SA1665
51EI5JS LIO63OU210002153LY9A2020
52M0KKM *LJO02EO280102751DL2SWR759
53EI7CC LIO63WG270002748DL7AT1085
54GM0TKB LIO88IP270402348LY2SA1722
55G3ZBU LIO91UB200002043SE5L1417
56GW7BZR LIO73UF220002243LY9A1890
57GW4W LIO83KE220002242DL2SWR974
58MM0DGI LIO88OW321602540LY2SA1697
59G4BEE LIO83RQ230002340DL2SWR927
60EI7GY HIO63WG220012138DL7AT1085
61EI3ER *LIO53LH130001334DL8UD1221
62M1X HJO01DG190001933DL7AT718
63M6ETL LIO90WU210102033DL7AT764
64EI4BZ LIO51UW160101529DL8UD1204
65M0ITR LIO70KI220202027GM2V829
66M4J HJO02MA150001526GM4JYB772
67M3M LIO70JB160001625DL8UD1078
68M1VPN *LIO80JT180101724DL7AT964
69DL9HB LJO53RO140201222GW4J1035
70G0WWD LIO80EN120001220DL7AT1002
712E0NAQ LJO02UK9000920MM0DGI777
729A7ZZ *LJN85XE5000519M5B1528
73M0KNG LJO01EO120101116GM4JYB803
74EA6/GM3ZDH HJM19NO4000413EI8CE1630
752E0WHQ QIO91DN600157G4RCD270
76MM0HDW LIO88KK1303194DL8UD945


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 02/09/2020 my first ukeicc i enjoyed it. sorry if some stations found it to understand me i have speech problem Cerebral Palsy THANKS -- 2E0NAQ Very late start due to SWR problems, so only managed about 20 minutes. Seemed to be a lot of activity. -- 2E0WHQ Nice first Start with good Condx to UK -- DL8UD Not too many signals heard but those worked were good strength here. Amplifier doesn't seem to like our generator! -- EA6/GM3ZDH I really enjoyed that. Thanks to all the UKEICC team. -- EI5JS Band ok noisey at times, much prefare the 4 grid reference as it just means less contacts as it is only an hour.Still thoroughly enjoy the contest de EI6JK Mark. -- EI6JK Good to be back! Conditions generally good though a little noisy towards the end -- EI7GY High QRN levels. -- EI8CE Bands were very busy good contest 73's -- EI9FVB GREAT FUN NOISY BAND BUT VY GOOD PROPAGATION TEAM LEICESTER RS -- G2AA Very busy start great to see some new stations on air always a pleasure and thanks all stations worked again 73 till the next one I use EI5DI SD it does it all. Tnx Paul -- G3LRS My 80m dipole was 7ft high at the middle, with an average height of about 5ft! I had forgotten all about tonight's UKEI contest and the tower had been wound down for servicing today. Started only at 2035z. S&P only. -- G3TXF Great condx. Using latest SD with full 6 char locator. -- G3ZBU Enjoyable contest, with good activity. 73, Mark, G4RCD -- G4RCD Lots more activity than I'd expected. Good to hear so many continental stations taking part. SD perfect as usual. Many thanks. -- G4ZVB great sd is the best -- G5UM Managed to hold a frequency for the last 25mins! Better than expected as I am really a VHF man. -- G8FMC Good activity, especially from EI. Problems on RX - XYL strimmed my RX antenna - again :-) 73 Chris GM3WOJ -- GM2V Nice competition. Thanks to organisers and participants. -- GM4JYB Busy and good turn out from EI -- GW4J Quite enjoyable!! -- GW7BZR arrived 20mins late good fun -- M0NKR Thanks for all the contacts -- M1CJE Great to be back, thanks for the Q's Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D lost the first 10 mins to a software glitch - never update your rig's firmware 30 mins before a contest!! -- MM0DGI Very noisy tonight - local QRN - good fun tho!! -- MM1E Not the best evening for QRP on 80m but still fun! -- MW9W HELLO GUYS NICE TO BE ON THE AIR AGAIN UNFORTUNATELY RATHER POOR CONDS 73 FROM FAGERSTA SWEDEN -- SE5L I had problems with my voice so next ssb session I will use my DVR! -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log G3TDH has 28 QSO Records G3SZG has 26 QSO Records G3MGW has 21 QSO Records G4YCA has 16 QSO Records EI6CZ has 16 QSO Records MW0UPH has 15 QSO Records G4MSA has 15 QSO Records GM1DSK has 13 QSO Records M1VFR has 12 QSO Records G3KIP has 12 QSO Records G3ZNH has 10 QSO Records G3CRS/A has 10 QSO Records 2W0JMK has 08 QSO Records G3UBB has 08 QSO Records G4FAP has 07 QSO Records EI3IXB has 07 QSO Records G6RGA has 07 QSO Records DF7DC has 07 QSO Records G4JDS has 07 QSO Records DF4GA has 06 QSO Records M0DXT has 06 QSO Records G3XLL has 05 QSO Records G3CO has 05 QSO Records M0TLX has 05 QSO Records G0VEO has 05 QSO Records