The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

UK/EI DX SSB Contest - 23rd/24th October 2021 - RESULTS

Thanks for taking part in the 2021 UK/EI DX SSB Contest – we hope you enjoyed the contest. We were pleased to receive 100 more entries than last year’s SSB event, with some interesting DX being worked despite average band conditions. It was a pleasure to see many new and younger contesters taking part. We received logs from 56 different DXCC entities.
The Results below are now Finalised. Use the Results Filter feature below to compare your results with other entrants.
Congratulations to Chris GM2V (GM3WOJ) as Overall and UK/EI HP Unassisted winner, also to Tim G8X (G4FJK) in second place overall and as UK/EI HP Assisted winner. Also to John G4RCG as UK/EI HP 12hr Unassisted winner, Sergey RW1F as Eu winner and HP 12hr Assisted winner. Fred K3ZO was DX HP 24hr winner, and Brian GM4JYB was overall Low Power winner. Vitas LY5G was the overall QRP winner.
Well done ALL section winners!

The Teams competition is proving popular, with 29 entries in this section.(Click on the link above for the full list of Teams results). Congratulations to the winners the Pembrokeshire Contest Group (G8X, GW9J, G4PVM), with the Russian Contest Club (RW1F, RA3OA, RC5Z) in second place.
A special mention of our youngest-ever participant 7-years old Andreea DN4AN, grandchild of Jan DJ5AN. Andreea made her first-ever 25 QSOs in this contest. Well done Andreea !!
Scroll down to read the Soapbox comments and some Statistics.
The next UK/EI DX Contest is the CW contest on 30th April/1st May 2022.
73 from the UKEICC Adjudication team : Tim G4FJK, Stew GW0ETF, Paul EI5DI, Paul G4PVM.

Results Filter
Breakdown of Section Designators
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
H = High Power
L = Low Power
A = Assisted T = 12hr Entry M = Multi-op
R = Remote
S = Single Element
r = Rookie

Results Table

Call Section 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Dupe Bust NIL TOTAL
      Qs Qs Qs Qs Qs QSOs Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults       Pts
1GM2VH 1464003831153110757011263411730310911047774
2G8XHA 18526522968137607591493110256832629248
3G4RCGH T 62368301833817369853343224470591360
4RW1FHAT 8725341914819084395115761330192547800
5GM5GHA 125432207200784541173814022322473505318
6HG7THA 1051733621381078840691024682650210350595
7K3ZOH 2310828815605751648947002281402306660
8GM4JYBL 1192347920145350912480173090265728
9EW1MH T 6813729913106353051985902381100255136
10RA3OAHAT 30843102702371718398193182492193249249
11SO7EHA 208152307706746747115502345483234234
129A3BH T 171243101141457914361075912228121230052
13GW9JHAT 106220018635050840145153140214812
14A42KHAT 00254320057400778601630180183701
15MM9IHAT 3321912613039124713490138252179400
16OZ11AH T 1427622000510129558001650131174405
17SN7RH 69173196220460347182120199181173528
18G5EAH T S 41250350032627951500137060159468
19G4PVMLAT 63887851162963749322812158100147256
20MM1EH T 998593187302495330146152120146832
21EI8KNH S 61161640028644752000139031137332
22LZ1NDHAT 0252832223533017789221893152134190
23M5WL T S 61828776835965931255126091133056
24PI4COMHAT 0246734315377095272610158573130034
25LY3ABLA r911141923104283949752001831171129930
26OK2MBPL 7193161321358324481211179020125121
27GW4JH T 104971198032846333340116220124816
28RZ3ZLA S 393124214304552522865901925154123072
29IX1HPNHA S 252131431038221706410156263116376
30OK1KKIH S 9991147150352424073120167030113894
31PA0MIRH T 9011868357318506229216168070110880
32ON6FCLA 80149810031044663500145213105705
33G9PLAT 918947260253424525150127050104648
342E0INNLA S 34142114220312215229100112174103936
35OR4TH S 47226190029236791500130010103870
36GS8VLH T 016311049032206227240113191101022
37G3RL T 79107390022547631800128040100864
38G4ERWHATR 63895915022638552650124010100192
39S57DXHA 016918600355065810014617295776
40MW0CRILAT 011016747032405538220115113092690
41F5RAGHAT 5964173683103739625514807192056
42PC1PMLA 59163441402803473239013904090906
43SP3ZHPHA 581346112226741494411214703190111
44IU5ICRL T S 561311158031035576040156112388920
45K1LZHAT 001531480301006463012706087376
46M0DCGL T S 5311328702013070144011804082364
47OS6ATL T 6316515702503868105012104075988
48MU0GSYL 0170213202230741218010414075920
49OK1OAH T 48869335026226415524014603075920
50G4POFL T 271085118320719532411210902073684
51RL4AHA 66412011322325532534915154113067760
52M0PLX/ML 99483417019847301710010415167392
53G6ADHA 4853124130238321937509305064356
54IU3BTYHAT 0035260358001174012128162920
55MM3TH 13814926242381303716139711160722
56M1VPNL T S 53624214317436361910210300060358
57I2WIJHA 70132300205436810011205259696
58LC5CH S 106511011603018364046013005157720
59IK3AESL T 6098711802472641458012016057240
60PC2KHA r44745227520229493017312803155680
61G3MXHL S 01363811218706619729423255648
62ON5GMLA 0150562402300613514011003055440
63EA3FPLAT 1946170402391430773012414150468
64EA1IQL T S 1212841103171179680122414149776
65N3RSHA 0521187017703151708901049751
66G2AAL T 637936601843837202097014148306
67R3LCHAT 331691073285336455212701148260
68GM5ML T S 1112980021115430008509047770
69RC5ZH T 58013342026034055340132118046860
70UZ1WWHAT S 15848944252571037472411129221046182
71EI7KDH T 18161882812511410401618114046008
72MW7KJCLA 495443110157303518809113045682
73DL2SWRLAT 221054723019719452915010800045576
74UY5ZZH 049259003080268500111010045177
75LB6VIHA r095165002600456300108212044928
76GM0HBFL T S 206145180144194321909201240664
77PA0JNHH T S 40574935418527362420411103039849
78GM0TKBL 38616100160253627008829339600
79M7TXRLAT Sr55463270140342715408001238560
80DK1OMH T 012140142177056281029602137920
812M1DWKL r0691143302160322616074013037888
82DL3FCGHAT 578100013835570009212037168
83M5PLA 56212215019533232907613036936
84LY5GQ 44516518218027293912210914036842
85OZ5EHAT 36524718415726353011410602135828
86DK0KGLA 7510485019234378408305035524
87G4NBSL T S 387300011130470007700034496
88R3GZH 0261812112290207213110606232860
89F4GDOL 08568290182046272109402131772
90SA6NIAHAT r0341738021502759809413131772
91GW4WQ T S 354141110128262719507700031724
92OE6MMDHA 566200011836470008301130544
93N8IIL T 0115165012709343808100029241
94G3SVKL 0935500148051250076010029184
95SI0WLAT 25524670130193931509401028858
96SM5DXRL 271514515020219146290104111128392
97PA1BXHA 2043631511421632341119400028294
98UN7ZOHA 050820013202940006903027807
99OH6BQHL 0202090022901573008807027456
100SE5NHA 1247811014193151109201027048
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
101ON9TTLA 2824910014324528808300126809
102IK6LBTH T 0016337020000742209600026208
1032M0YTNL Sr273641151120232217717002025200
104MM4DL T 01272101300451104700025004
105SM6NTHA 05897150170033451209006224660
106EI5KGH T 43383230107252531406701124656
107GM4MQ T 2420502021162217241127612024016
108PA0PIWL 26871112013617479607903023621
109GW5NFH T 2414177201271910122606715022512
110EA7ATXHA 00022402240007807833022308
111DJ1HAMH r0112186013605313607203022248
112YO4DGLA S 031103351170021392518601022188
113SM5JVFL 10378317014782544908612021500
114YT2ISMH T 00221002210078007844221450
115IW1FRUHA 616603013035636308002121440
1162E0EBMLA 1946137186173611617100121300
117SB5XL 1244581811331229311018300021248
118UN8PTL T 005080513500303657101021158
1192E0OBMLA 0593811010803619506000020520
120UY2IGLAT 856589016755433909204019964
121OE8ACTH r04488180150024481208401119824
122LZ1JZLA 0910454016705423808504019720
123G0OOFL T 7633011011163215605904019706
124F4CVOLAT S 0912610012704517807005018970
125ON1DQJL T S 323533100110232322807600018772
126SE4LL Sr054740012803545008003018160
127SV3RPQLA 0013563019800473508209017794
128G3PHAT S 066231009903414605401017604
129G4DDLL T 19284490100152121606313217262
130IZ4AKOHAT 912200011343150005800017168
131G4PDFLA S 12373014194102718916503216250
1322I0WMNL S 046311309003517906102016226
133M6EAML S 071290010003615005113016014
134DL2IACL 53202610100321715106502015665
135MM7BWKL T Sr9323119091923161005800015660
136DB5SML 0803015613103221866704015611
137HZ1HZHA 073895014006213506207015066
138EI7CCL T 26056180100180271205700014934
139OE1HHBL 182829160911422241307300014892
140PC9FLA S 24502470105202820607416014874
141PI4RCBHA Sr1548152021001432111227114014768
142PH0ASLAT 055492010603629106600014520
143HB9TQFLAT S 10436414013182435707416114504
144SE6KLA 223452120120152525807305014308
145NT1NHAT 01911301050146905600014224
146S52ONQA 25345781125101735516803114212
147R7MCLAT 297752414427393138206213940
148DH0GDSL T 63835254108522251547101013916
149S55ALLAT r034877213002143527117013490
150IW0HLZL S 3210134014031512508006013440
151PF1SCTLAT 5362925297524241627100013419
152MM2TLAT S 064370740432505010013400
153GU0UVHL T S 24719237323217225501013090
154G6THAT 0209310012301326704615012972
155HB9HHNL Sr12294910010082335607203012888
156M0MCVH T S 760000764200004200012768
157IK4OMULAT 011841411100954817201012528
158SV3RZKLA 0011843016100452206726012328
159OK1TKL S 23555180110222351307205012312
160YT5ANALAT S 3721370095201528006303012096
161PC2FQ T S 1447364010182920406102212078
162M3ZZFL 02746270100020211205315011978
163MI0DWEL T 0253516076022221205601011872
164IV3KKWH S 423852011441447206702011725
165TA3STL T 00111001110046004602011546
166F5JUL 0363113080030271106802011424
167IU1MRGL T r049439110202632416302111403
168PA2CVDL 455562201371342614075012211400
169OG2XH T 001860018600610061011111346
1709H1XTHAT 006752011900353406902010971
171DD3JNL T 104916007583414005600010752
172US5QUBHA S 0106025095010421807000110640
173IK4DCXL T 0101031001230649706203010540
174OH6LWL 314118210156194913072015210512
175DK4ZZL S 46310007731210005202010296
176HA5PPLAT 246627510424441647005010150
177YL2NKLA S 347570010732533006116010126
178G8FRSL T 433281307842316604902010094
179M7EGDL Sr8343360817201550470429964
180SP9ODML 16224915010210152590591209794
181SP3DATL Sr0354127210501926132600209600
182SE4EL S 34946201002283020620709424
183DH2RTWH S 0012800128005700570209291
184IK7RVYLAT 07242002490357006003229240
185EI3ENBL T 180352507815014160450109180
186OG6BH T S 01055250900935180620008866
187VE3BFUL 015261405501319130450108730
188OM6ATL S 5126710195473981590108614
189GM5XH T 0051100015100870150008610
190DD5VLHAT Sr113124817510231761570408607
191PA3MMLA 461117117630101111530308480
192EI2KAH T 02716290720211060370228436
193OZ9VL 2449000731736000530708374
194ON5WLL T 341921407824111630540308370
195F1ADGHA S 07660082039600451408235
196EA1ZHA 0792290128054090540618100
1972E0WHQL S 0011440118003140350218050
198HB9GPGL T r021352628401627142590108024
199PE2KQA 0443120770341720530317897
200IK8UNDLAT 012492008101030180580017888
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
201PA4GDRH 9342890808261460540307830
202LX1FPHA S 9650210868528150560107672
203RA4CLL S 014451707601432130590007552
204G0GHKHA 58000058340000340107480
205M0VQPLA S 06530068031200330217458
206YT6KHAT 0463230810282120510207446
207GW8KBOL T S 101928110687151570440317216
208PD0MELAT 0581700750291100400107120
209GM2YH T 1659200861521100370227104
2109A7ZZLA 162127607011142150510016987
211G4YQ S 06000060036000362426912
212ES1BHHAT S 32981001133172800480606864
213YL2EAHA 1442800641224800440006688
214SP2GOWLA 2292100522081800460306532
215OZ4NAL T 1936640651525640500506400
216GW4CGSL T 2163400611741700380116384
217DB5ZFL T S 03545110910202470510606273
218OE5TXFHAT 171314004417121300420006216
219G4WQGL 2916100461916100360106120
220F6DRPL T S 0314770850202550500506100
221SP9MATL 00910091005300530305989
222M7MEKQA Sr1923740531515620380415548
223F1IKALAT 06100061035000351005530
224YO4HABHA 0053420950024260500405500
225PA3DUUL T 40920152309201420205460
226LY4QHA S 01425101500132391460005428
227YL2LWL T 0181454680161243441015412
228G0RAHL S 128187054122950370305402
229G4LHA S 0232171520161361360105400
230EA2TL T 112811005010221000420005376
231SD3TLAT 00728080004150460105336
232DG7SCBLAT 0343700710192700460205244
233PA0AWHQ T S 7331330567231030430105203
234G1EIXL T S 0232330490181520350105040
235DL4VAILAT S 11141413153101111101430004945
236TC4AHAT 02811270660126140320304928
237PA3DATLA 151032005713102200450104905
238I1BPUL 0226000820163400500514900
239IT9OPRLAT 0048280760027240510204896
240F4DXPL 018271916501617121460004784
241EW1NYL T S 0832180580829160530204770
242M0AUGL S 0172790530161360350104760
243F4ADZL 01541150710122690470104700
244DL1AWCL 73900046728000350104480
2452W0LKXLA Sr83336050732140350104410
246KA8QH T 0532150520421130380214332
247OM6TXL 61000061290000290004234
248DF7XRQ 0357160580246100403114160
249UT3QDL T 1332800621172300410404100
250S55XLA S 1232810531162410420213990
251OK1JOCLAT S 0282040520211530390103939
252SP5NHVL 2335000581221000330303894
253SE5WLA 10231550539181140420503696
254YQ6AHAT 00912093003020320213552
255IK4RQJ/1L T S 0252500500202000400113520
256DL9YJL T 015191404801316100390003510
257IU5KREL T S 10162200486141900390103510
258IV3EADL T S 7102480497101770410203444
259M0BAOL S 03100031027000270003348
260DJ3GEL 10162000468131200330003168
261M0HWOL 0113400450101800280013136
262RM7CL r0047280750030140442703080
263HG7JQ S 5142551504111651370103071
264F5MMFH T 0242600500161700330002970
265SA6PH 1132260421121840350102835
266SP4KZL Sr4142220423131820360002772
267DL8UVL 7141310357131110320002656
268DJ6DOL S 0134180530123150390102652
269EI6KWLAT 00640064002200220102640
270IK3XTVH S 0142930460122330380202584
2712M0YZTLA 019103133018721280202576
272IN3FHEL T 0291100400201100310102573
273F5PHYH T 04475056042550340122482
274ON/SQ2PRZHAT S 1315300311113100250102450
275PA3CXBL 005010060002780350002450
276EA5DFVH T 00062163000321331102409
277F1PNJH T 04000040025000250202350
278UT5EOXQ 0019210400017170340002312
279EI9ESLAT S 41860028413500220002288
280IW1CHXLA 00417048003150360202124
281E74HJL 0223100530151600312302108
282RW3AIQ T S 04304038042640340002108
283EB5CSL T 05267038052140300002040
284IZ2XCKL S 112230036714300240011944
285M5GLAT 02748039020340270501890
286PD7CJTL 0183400520141600300401770
287DF5DKH 011266043091850321301728
288SK6QALAT 67194036471220250101700
289SQ3TGNLA 13124303299430250101700
290UY5TEL T 0028120400018110290001682
291G8NVYL T S 00327241001551211201470
2929A6TTLA S 42500029318000210001428
293LZ2JULA 52100026417000210101428
294ON8AWTL 03000030021000210221428
295W5GNHA 0025160410016120280501400
296DM3KCL 7220130424214110310201333
297OM6AMPL 27000027200000200101320
298SV5SKDH 72300030614000200101280
299LZ2UWLAT 00042042000230230111265
300RZ2DHAT 01670023016700230001265
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
301PA9TTL T 02150026015500200101260
302SP1JQJH S 04000040019000190401254
303PA1ZTL Sr00520052002500250201250
3042I0WLZL T r00370037001800180201224
305DH0JAEL 02900029019000190101216
306YT0IQ T 003011041001990280301204
307G3WVGH 20000020150000150001200
308IZ2YNBL S 01662024012620200001200
309IU3OCNL Sr016106032014830250301175
310OE6TNOL r20008028130060190001159
311OF1TDHAT 00280028002600260001144
312OM5NLL T 05212028031810220001144
313SP3BBSLA S 38171029361210220101144
314LZ6DXHA 00440044002100210001134
315DL1ATZHAT 014130027013900220101122
316YO4SIL T S 351213033348100250201100
317DL4EAXLAT S 02280030015600210201092
318F5SJH/PL S 151110027128100210401071
319VE9MWAHA 02170019021500170001054
320EB3AKLLA S 1239402872840210201008
321EA4RRL S 00380038002500250201000
322SP9EJHH 0250002501600016010992
323DO1PEL S 5003303840019023030966
324SN5WDLA S 01321103509111021010945
325VK2KSH T 0021002100170017010935
326TA4RCL T S 061040200693018000918
327IU4KETLA 0422223003152222010902
328PA4OESHAT 1540001912300015000870
329TA1APIH T 0613202106102018010864
330PD0HRYL S 01416003001190020030860
331IK2AUKL T S 0827003507190026041858
332DB9OHL S 2172302411312017010816
333ON5JPJH 0220002201600016010800
334DL1JPFL T 0317402403154022010792
335EA3FQ T S 014133030011112024130792
336US5WBJL 311091243198122010792
337G6UBML T 031190230296017010782
338PA4DNL S 7012120315097021010777
339UR4PWCH T 0030103100211022020770
340VE3EPSH 00191103000129021040756
341MW7XREQ Sr091720280791017030748
342AI6OL T 0018001800140014010728
343RN1AOLA 0419703004156025030725
344YO4AACQ T S 0026202800172019001703
345I4AUMH T 0415202104132019010665
3469A1DRLAT 0023602900184022030660
347KC9JMLLA S 0014201600122014000658
348OZ1DH T S 1500001513000013000650
349I2RBRL 0416002003130016100640
350UA6YNLAT 810000187900016001640
351TA3DJL T 0026002600150015030615
352TA3EPLA 0020402400143017030612
353KF7ROHA 0014001400140014000588
354SP3WKWL T S 0018302100162018000576
355SQ3POSLA S 0029303200152017030561
356DL7TGL S 01014002406110017010527
357SA6IMILAT Sr0032003200150015000525
358VK3QIHAT 001130140083011110484
359ZS2ABEH 0301702001013014000476
360UA9JNTL T 00780150066012000456
361EI5LAL T Sr071300200660012020432
362RA3TTHAT 0022002200160016000432
363WA2JQKL T 001230150093012000408
364YB7WRL 0011401500103013010403
365EI5DIL T S 09020110901010000400
366NN6PL T r0015001500110011010396
3672E0GKWLA Sr001350180093012010384
368UA1ABJL S 0226813700224127060378
369PA7TGL 0191400330880016160368
370TA2IBL T 0020002000130013020364
371GM5BDXL T Sr013400170740011010352
372N1SOHHAT 01900100190010000340
373M6RVAQ 0517002201100011040330
374G4JDSL T S 4700011360009000324
375YO9HGL T Sr11430004506110017070306
376M0ZWTL 0016001600100010001300
377NT6XHA 0010001000100010000300
378N3UALAT 02900110190010000290
379WN8YLAT 00930120073010000260
380AC3LZHAT r00101011008109000252
381DF9HCLAT S 0014001400130013000247
382S56VHRL S 03740140372012000240
383UT3UVH T S 01000010090009100234
384M0WHPLA S 1213000253500080140224
385AD2BOH 008008008008000224
386NS4XHAT 002608002608000224
387SO4PH 2300002313000013050208
388ON3SBL 0020002000110011010187
389KW4EEH S 018009016007000182
390DO6STYL Sr0001601600010010000180
391KD4QMYL T 005207005207000168
392IW3HVLA Sr0025402900161017080153
393SE6JL T S 30110014206008000152
394F1GRHQ T 0014001400120012020144
395F5NBXHA 0000111100001010010140
396K4BAIH T S 0154010014409010126
397YC9LCML r010719000718000120
398SP3FSML T 0091010007108000112
399DC4KJSL 009009008008000104
400DC7UPQ r00900900700701077
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
401YU7VBAL T Sr0010001000700712063
402NS2NH T 00500500500500060
403DL5CVQ T S 04000404000400056
404JR3AAZL 00430700330601054
4059A2TXL T 02130015029001104044
406SE3XLA 00070700050500040
407EI8KWLAT Sr11100311100300036
408IK2IKWL T 02100302100300030
409SA5VIMQ S 02020402020400024
410RW4CLFL T S 16000705000501020
411EA3GYEQ T S 00300300300300018
412PY5FOLAT 00021300011200012
413PE0CWKL S 0030030030030009
414HB9FLXL T S 0002020002020004
415VU3SIOL T 0002020001010004
416YC4SIZL T Sr0002020002020004
417BG1HGSH T S 0010010010010002
418PA1JNHA 0020020010010011
419DO1MEWL Sr4000041000010100
420OK1MGAH 00210021001000100600
421PA3FDRH 00400170000001520
422DV1IIWL T S 0030030020020100
423JF2FIUH 0053080041050300
424KE6GFIH T 0010010000000100
425N4LKBLA 0001010000000000

Checklogs received with thanks from :



UKEICC SSB DX Contest 23/10/2021 Soapbox Comments 1st time trying an international contest. Pleased to make USA QSO with 45W and indoor whip. Missed a few more due to noise & QSB. -- 2E0GKW Great to copy so many UK stations right at the end! A great opening. -- 2E0INN First time in the UKEI SSB Contest. 50w, Inverted V. Enjoyed the contest. Thanks for all the QSOs. -- 2E0WHQ another excellent UKEICC -- 2I0WMN IC-7410 ant. vertical 5BTV -- 9A7ZZ not much UK/EI-stn hrd -- DH0JAE Licence since June 2020 -- DJ1HAM It was great fun and quite good conditions -- DJ6DO My first UK-EI Contest. Had a lot of fun. -- DK1OM Thank you. Nice Contest. -- DK4ZZ - -- DL1JPF No he podido hacer el 24h. Snif. -- EA3FP -- EC1DJ Great contest and good to see much activity on bands that were mostly open. When I went to 15m I remembered what it was like to experience total absence of noise on a band and lots of activity there too--when did that last happen? SD v21.57 worked great--thanks Paul Ei5DI. -- EI2KA Propagation not too good. Thanks for the contest. CU all next year. -- EI6KW Enjoyable, but didn't stay up all night! -- EI8KN Little participation. Thanks for qso 73 GL -- F4CVO tnx for this nice contest ! 50 Watts dipôle OM -- F5SJH/P Just on to play around with a new antenna here at the club, serious effort for the CW leg. 73 -- G0GHK SINGLE-ELEMENT ANTENNA Stratford-Upon-Avon and District Radio Society -- G1EIX First time entered this contest.11 hrs on and off Saturday.Good fun.50w G5RV IC756 PROIII. -- G3R Just checking gear for CQWW SSB. Plus giving RG multiplier to people. Nice contest and some good operators. -- G4DDL first try to log this contest -- G4JDS Only had chance to make a few QSOs. Sorry I couldn't have give SN mult more. -- G4L Very much part time giving away CB Multiplier -- G4NBS A popular contest for activity so very enjoyable SD proram worked fine -- G4POF Thought the bands were pretty poor overall -- G4RCG Only approx 5 hours in between grandson duties and helping friend laying a concrete base ! Really fun contest. Only 60' EFLW 9:1 unun with old Kenwood TS950SD + 400W. MixW used for logging -- G5EA conditions seemed up worked US off back of beam on 15M -- G6UBM That was good fun. Rig - FT5k 200w Tribander, 40m + 80m dipoles -- G8X Enjoyable contest as always, thanks for the points! Condx good, better on Sunday but a shame 10m didn't open! -- G9P Great to work VK, ZL and JA on 20m long path on Sunday morning. Thanks for all QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM2V FT1000MP and dipoles. A few mistakes made when computer hiccuped on changing band. Some problems with some stations not knowing their area code. Thanks to all. A good contest. -- GM4JYB Tough going a times, many repeats given and 100% S&P this time. Very deep QSB experienced and only locals worked on 10M. Overnight session abandoned as the bands closed so no double pointers. Thanks to all &3 Bill GM4UBJ GM4M -- GM4M Kenwood TS590S -- GM5BDX Operated under supervision of GM1TGY, TS890S, 400w, EAntenna 59++, 40m Rotatable Dipole, and 80m loop. Fun weekend testing the station before CQWW SSB. -- GM5G ERROR ON MY PART - ISSUED 057 TO IK3AES INSTEAD OF 058 DXCC: 80m:2, 40m:10,20m:15, 15m:7 Districts: 80m: 5, 40m: 6 -- GW8KBO Part time 7 hour effort to help activity. No 20m antenna just dipoles and verticals plus 10m moxon at 10ft agl -- GW9J Many English stations did not give the UK / EI District Codes so I cheated on the log prg and later repaired it at Cabrillo. -- HG7T thanks for qso. 73 de I1BPU -- I1BPU Transceiver:KWD TS430S at 100W antenna:inverted v. -- I2RBR Probably not the best propagation i had seen in my life...but a lot of fun with my poor setup expecially on low bands...Vy TNX to all Guys that had a lot of patience to work me! 73 Luca -- IK3AES Very good Contest -- IK3XTV It was nice to hear the voices of many cw-contesters. I think the surprise was both's -- IN3FHE I worked the contest only for 3 hours on sanday on 20M-15M.Bad skip to UK-EI from my side.Many thanks to all stations that I met during the contest.Hoping better cdx next year.All the best 73's -- IT9OPR Not many people on this contest. tnx. -- IU4KET RTX: YAESU FTDX 3000d ANTENNA : RYBAKOV MULTIBAND VERTICAL -- IZ2YNB very hard in 80m -- IZ4AKO Thank you all stations! -- JF2FIU Bad condition! -- JR3AAZ First time on this contest, but very enjoyable. Would have liked better band conditions. See you next year I hope! -- KF7RO Bands seemed ok, but didn't near a lot of stations participating. Was able to work every station that I heard. -- KW4EE Kenwood TS-590S set to 5W QRP, 2 Dipoles, 4x GP (40m) and Mosley TA-63N Yagi -- LY5G Good Fun! -- M0DCG Only had time to enter an 80m log for just one hour's operating. -- M0MCV Noisy band conditions until an hour before the end, but had a good contest anyway. Enjoyable and friendly contest as usual. -- M1VPN Testing out new system and log perhaps frequency errors. M5G and GM5G may have caused some thinking they had dUPES ! -- M5G First time at this contest. Very enjoyable. Unfortunately could not manage 24 hours but looking forward to the next one. -- MI0DWE Great fun again in this contest! -- MM1E Part time entry but good fun. Best DX VK3QI on 20m. Thanks to all who worked me. K3ZO was booming! Best score heard was Chris running GM2V at 901 good effort. Most bands was MM1E thanks. -- MM3T Part-time entry just giving a few points away. Looking forward to CW for a more serious entry. Thanks to all for Q's. 73 de MM4D (GM4ATA) -- MM4D Really enjoyed the contest using an ICOM IC-7300 10 watts into EFHW at 40ft on spiderbeam pole -- MM7BWK Conditions not that great and ended up doing some of the Stew Perry CW. Can we please have a six hour section. I managed under 6 hours but painful -- MM9I Not much time and sparse activity. Thanks for the opportunity to contact many old friends. -- N3RS Very nice EU conditions on 15M with limited activity, but closed a bit early and 20M activity less than expected. 40M activity very sparse at 22-23Z. -- N8II difficult conditions for me Sorry I was not very successful -- NS2N Would be interesting to know the ratio between the number of QSOs that involve an EI/UK station, as compared with the QSOs made in the UKEI Contest that involve neither an EI nor a UK station. -- OE5TXF Thanks. Enjoyable contest with polite people. Thanks ! -- OG2X Hoping for 28 MHz to open, but it did not happen... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OG6B FT450d,windom 42m -- OK1JOC Rig[s] IC-756PROIII-100W Antena[s] 3el.YAGILW82m -- OK2MBP Xiegu G90 + XPA125B, vertical/inverted L -- OK4RM Great Fun -- ON1DQJ The activity was rather low. Calling CQ with 100 W SSB did not give many qso so I had to search the bands to work contest stations. And I could work only 5 hours. But I enjoyed the contest. Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL -- ON5WL Nice contest. Lot of activity -- ON6FC Entered the contest for the first time. Saturday didn't go smoothly but Sunday was much better. Saturday night there were only a few UK/EI stations present. Luckily we were able to collect points with the dx stations. Yaesu FT-950 ant 80-40m G5RV - from 20m and Up with R8 vert. -- OS6AT tnx for nice contest. 73' Chris -- OZ1D RIG: YAESU-FT817 5 WATT IN SSB ANTENNAS: SLOPING DELTA LOOP / WINDOM AS INV. VEE -- PA0AWH Nice contest, friendly people -- PA1BX Thanks for contest. 73 -- PA7TG nice contest with frienndly UK operators ! -- PA9TT That was fun! -- PD0HRY RXTX: Icom 7300 ANT: FB33 / INV V -- PD0ME 73, see u next time PE2K -- PE2K couldnt choose europe, only dx. -- PF1SCT For the first time in the UK/EI Contest,lott off fun ! Thanks 73'Dervin -- PI4COM 73 -- R3LC Sorry poor CDX & QSB -- R7MC Thank you for the contest -- RA4CL XIEGU G90 pwr 5W Ant: ECO vertical -- RW3AI FEW HOURS FOR FUN! -- S57DX 40M Inverted Vee and FT-817 on battery. -- SA5VIM TNX SA6P/SA6AVB -- SA6P Hermes-Lite 2 + 30W -- SN5WD uk/ei contest -- SO7E A 14.09.2020 -- SP4KZ qrp -- SP7JPN 73 -- TA3EP IC-7600 7 EL 3 BAND HOME MADE YAGI (101520) -- TA3ST 73'S -- TC4A TNX 73! -- UA1ABJ 73! -- UN8PT 73! -- UY2IG 73! -- UZ1WW Thanks to all enjoyed the contest .jana -- VE3BFU NEXT YEAR ALL MEW ANTENNAS. CONDITIONS WERE ONLY FAIR. THUNDERSTORMS WERE CLOSE ENOUGH TO EFFECT RECEIVE QUALITY. HOW ABOUT MORE TIME TO GET LOGS SUBMITTED. yOURS IS TOO LITTLE TIME. cONSIDER 5 - 7 DSYS. -- WN8Y SUCCESS ALWAYS UKEIDX CONTEST SSB -- YC4SIZ RIG: KENWOOD TS-450SAT 100 W; ANT: FD4 -- YO4SI

Feedback from the Adjudicators

Our adjudication processes have been refined over the last few years to make these published results as fair and as accurate as possible. Adjudication is automated, using our special software, with human intervention if required after the electronic process is completed.
Unfortunately we received a number of late logs which could not be included in the Results tables. We have had a 24 hour log submission deadline for several years. This deadline is clearly advertised on our homepage and on the Rules pages, and there is a count-down timer on the log submission page. It is unfair to entrants who submit their logfiles before the deadline if, for example, we receive a large logfile after the deadline which affects nearly everyone's position overall. Sorry if this is disappointing for you.
Here are the late logs with their calculated score points : 7Z1IS 27150, DG7DBR 224, DO1OTW 374, EI9HQ 612260, G8Q 75276, GW8Z 44992, IZ1ZHG 3784, LZ5DB 10064, M0JSK 1404, M1X 15776, OM3CW 13192, OM7AT 435, PD1ABO 21736, RA3RLJ 7693, RZ9WU 4712, S55KA 6726, UA3R 9179, UR4MS 3612, UW6M 522, VA1CC 4830, W4YPW 0, ZD7BG 175.0

Some Statistics

UKEICC SSB DX Contest Contest - Adjudication Report - 23/10/2021 Total QSOs: 33780 Cross Checked QSOs: 17562 UK/EI night bonus QSOs: 6 Total Entrants: 445 UK/EI Entrants: 100 EU Entrants: 292 DX Entrants: 53 Non-entrants are all callsigns worked who didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants: 3336 UK/EI Non-entrants: 862 EU Non-Entrants: 1656 DX Non-Entrants: 818 Total Unique Non-entrants: 1934 UK/EI Unique Non-entrants: 456 EU Unique Non-Entrants: 920 DX Unique Non-Entrants: 558 Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 327 UK/EI Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 114 EU Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 196 DX Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 17