The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

UK/EI DX SSB Contest - 31st October & 1st November 2020

Thank you for taking part in the 2020 UK/EI DX SSB contest. The UKEICC team hope you enjoyed the contest. The FINALISED Results are now online below. Paul EI5DI, Tim G4FJK, Stew GW0ETF and Paul G4PVM have spent the last few days cross-checking and validating the results. Propagation conditions during the 24 hours of the contest were not particularly good, but many interesting DX QSOs were made. We are pleased to have received 366 entries - a big increase from the 155 logs we received for the 2019 UK/EI DX SSB contest. We were particularly encouraged by the number of logs submitted by newcomers to HF contesting particularly Foundation and Intermediate licensees - welcome to this aspect of our hobby - you are the future! Anyone from this group who sent in small logs and appear near the foot of the table shouldn't get disheartened by scores at this stage - we've all been there and improvement will follow. Study and learn from your UBN file which explains how any logging errors affect your final score. The scoring system including penalties for logging errors is explained in the rules. Congratulations to Andy M0NKR on winning overall for the second year running - well done Andy! More info about section winners will appear here tomorrow (8th Nov) We are still sorting out our Awards webpage. UBN files have now been sent out - please ignore the incorrect subject line 'UKEICC 80m contest UBN for xxxxxx' Please e-mail if you have any questions about the contest, the Results or your UBN file. Scroll down this page to see the separate Results tables and the Soapbox comments. (Statistics info will be added later) Finally - we have a new Photos panel on our website homepage - please send a photo of you and/or your shack, to - the photos will be rotated. We'd like to see your photo there. 73 - Paul EI5DI, Paul G4PVM, Tim G4FJK, Stew GW0ETF, Chris GM3WOJ - UKEICC DX Contest Adjudicators

Combined Results
UK/EI Sections
EU Sections
DX Sections

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Breakdown of Section Designators
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
H = High Power
L = Low Power
A = Assisted T = 12hr Entry M = Multi-op
R = Remote
S = Single Element
r = Rookie

Combined Results

Call Section 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Dupe Bust NIL TOTAL
      Qs Qs Qs Qs Qs QSOs Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults       Pts
1M0NKRH 238446253116410579312852401314101011186920
2GM2VHAT 16925731870508648188692910277823679204
3G6MCH T 149151229110206597043473872057162435010
4IK2YCWHAT 61278291181649411101101512775201387246
5GM5XH T 132176214350557706243170192251378624
6M0NPTH T 173227802815097982191211931200314204
7GW4JH 16611211911641475514075178321262372
8IK3UNAHAT 0184270446504079125316241160240277
9M5JBL 170187112037082777101673111226786
10M0CGFLA S 1022086610138753722771160090210880
11F5VKTHAT 50121176680415336679480226072201140
12LY9AL T 34173185301423228377201203280178437
13UT1ANHA r286020018504731842838502280182162564
14M2DH T 4818728267296357518153146050150964
15EI4KUL T S 104141347128762581771145271148770
16F5OHMH T 131271885103791159953201977101148144
17G3VYIH T 331834314227528801792136070125120
18LY5AXL 015612421030108063160159130109551
19G0VLFHA S 43141709026333652170126391108108
20G4BYEL T S 441711614024527751070119081104958
21IK8UNDHAT 397216426030126398718017014095370
22IV3UHLL 141268636326512626026316326090302
23G3WPHHAT S 201167828024218592713011714188686
24MM1EH T S 70991915020346511112012001187840
25RZ3ZLA 721159171035851777770176315186592
26M0VKYH T 11141054812691453518110024177600
27DK8NTL S 46696531621732384126614311066781
28EI9FVBH T 77615500238534520010914166490
29IZ1NBXH 2912355102082363411012809061312
30IK4POIHA S 163815621023113328418014708060711
314O4THA 010213667030504946270122314360268
32EA1ZHAT 1601512712401417216113106059343
33G4POFL T S 308065901842747267010703159064
34M0BPQHA 42141273242192911441139824158212
359A6KXHA 029188151925102289131814248057794
36PY5QWHA 0501015502150261065010118056863
37DG1IUH S 01089225022505761210139018054071
38M1DDDH T S 1095800016756280008402153760
39EI7KDH T 043133890265017343108202051824
40EI2KAL T S 5266181701533932121309603049152
41OZ1DH T 645957001803539380011205048720
42LY5ILA 40418520018630304619012504047250
43F4HSRL 3291311111662654239111305246217
44F4FHVLA 207044321017618462727812637144982
45OM1ALTLA r1511065401949574120109012142401
46PA4HML 158660001611546500011105042069
47UT3EVL 0016112402850067620129120140764
48M4JHAT 55390555154331802327602038608
49N6ARHAT 089311012105825108406136876
50M1VPNL T S 33573900129283319008002033920
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
51SV3RPQLA 00921165213004767411805033630
52M0DCGL T 218473011520505207700133264
53UB7AH T 04413155223202563321121017233033
549A5GH 52616600197321800010407032760
55M0LTGLA S 1710800012515570007214032544
56PH0ASHA 015610015707800078411330966
57G7CYXL T 260421411129244201058111030942
58S57DXHA 24813000180231690010205130396
59GM5GLA 2445301401132425171007601029792
60EA2WDLAT S 0569590160040528010005129200
61GW5LL T S 00167651825000302165703028386
62EI3ENBL 21652830117194011207202127216
63OZ1KVMLAT S 225861220163193335170104010026104
64RN3THAT 0098980196005255010717225787
65OZ5EHAT 2657251411232438171019015224930
66EA2AOO/PHAT S 05549410145033293109302224831
67GM0AXYL 228300010519410006001024240
68F6GPTHAT 01310001310640006401023168
69M3ECTLA S 164050130119161918906212222692
70GW9JHAT 44170051112311400196401122400
71YT5LDL T 002010020100900090011122050
72EI7CCL T 26061235115250241536700020770
73IX1HPNHA Sr3125140014225111006415120032
74F4GDOL 08121200122049131307515019800
75LC5CH 44855190126431321608301019588
76EI5KGH T 37461008427321006001019320
77MM0NBWL T S 2041230084193213006400018560
78DL0LKH T S 01210001210600006018018360
79S5/M0MPML T 424870011531963008512118105
80DG9BEOH T S 28373500100232827007803017862
81DL0AHH T 1626110013413733507604017708
82G4PIQL T S 30241613083252281006501117550
83EA3FPLA 1301051501511236013097017117266
84F4GPBHA 059455010903935507907017222
85IU1MRGLAT r048650511803148058415117220
86M6ETLLA 1333346086132418506000015840
87PC2FHA 652295110241177216804115300
88PA0JNHH T 1444350093133427007404015244
89GM5MH T S 00196001960038003802115048
90OM3CPFH 30235100104211934007406014874
91F5MLJL 01080001080560005606014560
92PC2KHA r184712508216389306601114256
939A1CALL T r76771609763861606602014124
94M6EAML 06417008103910004901013916
95ON7ETH T 1826228074172520807001013650
96MW6ML T 13224017092131018905001013600
97OH1XFEL T 112948120100102229907002013510
98EI7GYH T 1735167075162110605302013038
99GM4MQ T 17153214078161216805201013000
100EA1OTL 222817011221643706805012988
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
101DC3CCHA 2435350094222621006906012696
102G4ERWL T S 1139344088101617304601012236
103G4NBSL T 2123176370201612525501012100
104GM9CL S 052720012401424003804012084
105M0VQPLA S 087210010803780045011011880
106GU0UVHL T S 04025617203015415000011200
107DG7SCBL S 1347300090122519005601310976
108F4CVOLA 068805810437035303010971
109IK4DCXL T 2305514092160391206701110720
110PD1ABOL S 05027007703421005501010340
111OG2XL T 00117001170063006302110269
112LX1FPHA 0353015787022221276301110080
113EI8KNL T S 072720810315103703010064
114LB6VIHA r034670010102340006316110017
115EA5JNLAT S 0345340910253130590309853
116S52ONQA 731361208652026100610219272
117LZ1DML T S 739151227562611111550009240
118N1RRH T 00076076000440440009240
119F1PNJH T 08300083047000470609118
120IT9OPRLA 02366301010224390651209100
121GM6NXH T 00114100124002980370308658
122SE5NHAT 0155830760144130580008642
123G4OTULA S 33535130863201480451618640
124GM0SCAH 74392061728620430208514
125IW0HLZL Sr31982001042104300550417755
126F5JUL 1429730531427720500107750
127F6DRPL r0215860850143640540107560
128UA6YNLA 717372008151524160600417560
129M0NMAL T 2222610512017410420107476
130M1JJKLAT 114151058925410390307332
131K3ZOH 24180051224800340107310
132MM0HTLH S 041141056026910361107272
133PD8DXL T 0234300660183000480106672
134SB5XL 3283490743202160500306650
135F5PHYL 0184200600153700520006448
136DK0POL 6232700566192300480006384
137EI4JNH S 11361800659151300370406364
138E73RBL S 231325306413122120480106288
139M6OXOQ S 6303501726171301371906142
140DF7XRQA 03222110650221770461106118
141PA5NHAT 0381200500291200410006109
142M0YOBL 4262030534201130381116080
143HB9DVHHA 9241620518231420470206063
144ON5WLL T 1739200581624200420206048
145PA2LOHAT 2218730502015520420006048
146EA1IQL T S 00770077005000500105950
147G4GMSL S 6183400586151500360005904
148LA2GKALAT S 18221150561715840440205720
149ON6EFL T 0401260580231160400005680
150G0TLAL T S 1037911581021611391515616
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
151G3NYL RS 7233100615191300370135550
1522I0WMNL S 0262660580181350360305544
153PA8KWLA S 1932300541721300410305535
1542E0XTYL r1312400561211000320205056
155PA0AWHQ T 6351100525221000370004995
156G8XTJLAT S 21733100622111390350504900
157ON3NDL T 9282320626231520461604692
158M0BJLH T 00840084002800280104648
159F4HAQL 92930041923300350004445
160G3SVKL 165000660370003701114440
161G3ZBULAT S 1519540431513430350304410
162EI6KWL T S 0011000110002300231424324
163MM0XXWH T 03095044021450300104260
164DJ4MHLAT S 0232501490201901401304240
165EI3CTBL T S 62380037521800340104216
166G0MCVL T S 1723000401615000310204216
167GW1PJPL 0469110840424803601004176
168PA7WWL T 145100056128900380504142
169OE8ACTL r0234300660152200370213737
170F6FETL S 1815000331615000310103658
171YO9GRL S 0064150790031120430503655
172EI7GEBQ 329101245221711320303456
173G8HXEL T S 03060036022400260003380
174M0HWOL S 0173700540121500270303348
175EA8DDSQ S 11096026110960260003302
176M3ZZFL 1133011055191380310503286
177ON4ASTLAT 14100042130000310403224
178US5QUBHA 0431130480425120410103157
179IN3FHEL T S 0261400400211400350103150
180GI4VHOH T 00068068000240240303120
181SA6PHA 5152720494141520350303045
182IK7RVYL S 00830083004000400733000
1832E0EBML S 12572035121520290302842
184YO2AAHA 00580058003300330102574
185GW7BZRLAT S 1116800351113500290402552
186LA7TNL S 32210026321100250002550
187G0RAHL T S 416114035313630250012550
188LB5SHLA 06120063025100260102366
189S55ALLAT Sr06352043052620330102145
190OZ1DYIL T 0211400350171200290112117
191RG1ALAT Sr02534059013040351402100
192IW2DFSLA 02090029017900260002054
193PF1MOHA 211535071052330310402046
194EA6VYL 0162200380101800280102044
195F4DXPL 020103033017730270001998
196EC5EAL 00460046003100310101984
197SM3KJAL S 013612049012280310201891
198OR4THA 0112000310111600270001890
199ON6LMJL T Sr02160027019500240101824
200IT9GHWLAT 03342039032520301201800
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
201M0IRUL T r211430038157300251501750
202S56VHRL T S 0201440380141040280221680
203EI5DIL T 002415140001371210001680
204OM6TXLA 33000033200000200001640
205G0UKZL S 03400034019000190421596
206UT5EOXQ S 13218033131970301001590
207IK2ODDL 06123425061234250001550
208G0UXCL T S 21670025210600180001548
209F5MMFH T 05270032042400280001540
210LZ1UBOLAT S 00520052002800280201540
211M0BAOL S 02000020019000190001520
212DH1PALL T 00330033002600260101508
213G4FFNLA 017143034014920250501500
214IK3XTVL S 617100033612600240411464
2159A5BWTH Sr52220029416200220101452
216M0SDML S 5158002859300170211360
217EA4FVTL T S 01724023015140200101320
218ON4ARL 11700018117000180001296
219F5INDLA S 011105026081050230001288
220OE5BUML 6129012869701230101288
221DA0DOMLAT S 1111000221101000210011260
222DF6QEL 1183302596330210101260
223F4FMUH S 02720029017200190201197
224DL1VJLL 014103027012830230301196
225YL2LWL T 00042042000220220101188
226TA4RCL T S 25013020240120180101152
227GM3ZDHL T S 14510020115100170101122
228PD5ISWL T S 00420042002300230101104
229G8NVYL T S 00275032001530180011080
230RZ9WUH 01250026011800190301064
231LY5GTL T Sr02100021018000180101044
232UR4CULAT S 0312150300310130260401040
233M0AUGL S 01850023016400200301040
2342E0MTQL r21750024110300140101036
235YL2NKLAT S 0121700290101000201111000
236IK4QJFL T S 0620002605190024020960
237RW3AIQ T S 0414602403136022000946
238DH1UKL T 0166302501162019011912
239G3YRZL T S 1500001515000015000900
240S55BALAT S 18810181871017010816
241UZ1UH T 0023803100157022011792
242SM5JVFL 1716002416110018000774
243SV3SFKL r5313002153100018120774
244GM2YL T 0015902400106016000768
245PA3JHA 1970002617200019040760
246PA3OESHAT 0222710500981018001756
247SP3FSML 0025503000193022110726
248OM6ATL T S 0126002701170018000720
249DL2PKL T S 0136001901060016010704
250DG2BPWL T r66910226381018030684
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
251K2CDHA 20730122073012000672
252IU3EDKLAT 051141210594119000665
253F1GRHH T S 0029002900200020110660
254MM7BWKL 07630160563014000644
255IU5HESL T 0013902200109019010627
256IU5GBQL T 66332206333217010595
257EA5LHA 0134001701130014010560
258GM8YUILA 0028002800140014030560
259OZ9VL 611000175800013010520
260EI8KVLA 41820154162013000520
261I2RBRL 07703170670215010510
262IZ3XNJL T S 0214001602130015000510
263OH1TDLAT 0020002000150015000450
264UB6YCBL Sr01012002206110017020442
265DF5BML 29400151940014010434
266F4WCEL T 1000001010000010000400
2672E1DFSL 1000001010000010000400
268VE6TKHA 0014001400110011000396
269DL1AWCL 07900160680014010392
270HA5TOPHAT 02840140273012000384
271N7WYH T 0016001600120012010384
2722E0SXHLA S 66110146410011020374
273PD1LGLAT S 0315001803120015010360
274SK2TL T 301340203084015003360
2752E0NLEL r051000150460010000360
2762E0RPKL Sr04710120461011000352
277DK1TBLL T 0001221400012214000350
278ZD7BGH S 00281110027110000340
279SP5BUJLA 03750150275014010336
280HB9HHNL T Sr011400150940013010325
281SE5LL 0026102700180018040324
282M0HZPQ S 0140001401000010020320
283EA4RRL S 0022002200150015120285
284SM6XHML S 0020002000130013020273
285SE6KL 05900140570012010264
286UT3HDL T S 0001801800014014030252
287YL2PPL T 4600010360009010252
288SP2HFHLAT S 0016001600110011000231
289YO5CTSL 152008152008000224
290VE3TML T 0064010004408000224
2919H5LRLAT Sr03800110280010000220
292DL7EMHAT S 02800100280010000210
293PD3EDAL 017600230950014060196
294SJ6WL 01100011080008011176
295OE3MCSL T S 0001201200010010000170
296M0ZWTL S 00140014007007001168
297N1SOHHAT 008008007007000168
298M0SSKL T S 00100010008008000160
299KC9JMLLA S 014106014106000144
300VE3TWH T S 006006006006000144
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
301IU5KREL T S 0013001300100010120140
302IW1RBIH T 009009008008000136
303DO1TOMHA 600006600006000132
3049M4CTOL r03700037020002011132
305SM7ATLL T 01000010080008020128
306F4CPFHAT 0307010010708010112
307VU3ESVLAT 003306003306000108
308EA2SNL T S 0082010007007000105
309YD0AOML 03800038020002006104
310OZ4NAL T S 07000706000601096
311F4HVELA 31100531100500090
312OE3LLQHAT 110120023159001505090
313YO2MJZL 07000706000601084
314YB1NINL 0140001403000300084
315UA1ABJL T S 252301214130903072
316YO4AACQ T 00710800510600066
317LZ2JULAT 02300502300500065
318LB4MIL Sr01700801500600060
319M7HUDLA r03410802310601060
320YB4NYL T 04100503100400048
321IU0LRVL Sr03110503110500045
3229W2ADVQ T r0120001202000200044
323EA3GYEQ T 00410500410500040
324G0AKFLA S 523001001300406040
325G0CPAL T 425001112300602036
326TA3XLAT 00400400300300036
327YD1JEEL T 06000603000300036
3282E0SSXL T S 00400400400400032
329M3SSXQ T S 00400400400400032
330MX0PFJL T S 00400400400400032
331IK2IKWL T 03500802400602030
332YC7DDUH 05000503000300030
333YD7BEBL 05000503000300030
334YD1KXSL Sr04000403000300024
335YF3CXBL T S 0160001601000100222
336YD0NHGL T 09000905000501020
337YC7DDWL 04000402000200016
338YD7DHFL 04000402000200016
339TF8KYL T S 00400400300300012
340K4BAIH T 00300300200200012
341W8VOSHA 00040400030301012
342EA3DMNL T 2000022000020008
343G4JFSL T S 0011020011020008
344YD9MBML 0200020200020008
345LB0NHL S 0060060030030106
346TM10GFTL T 0220040110020106
347LC4AL 1000011000010004
3484G1TLHL T r0300030200020014
349KC3EWJL 0010010010010004
350YC1KZXL T 0500050200020104
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
351YD9UBTL Sr0400040200020104
352OH9GITL T 0003030001010003
353YD3CERL T r0100010100010002
354YD6ROAL T S 0100010100010002
355DL2MNL T S 0171090000000200
356DO1HGSL 0004040002020200
357IU5MQNL T Sr0020020000000200
358IZ8PUQH T 0040040020020200
359SP4KZL T r0010010000000100
3602E0JPYL 0131501906140110600
361M7APVL T Sr0200020100010100
362M7THKQ T Sr001100110040040500
363PY9GCHA 0104050001010400
364YB7OOLA 0005050003030200
365YC4PSBHA S 0300030200020100
366YD1JDWL T 0600060300030200


very noisy conditions -- 2I0WMN First time working a contest from my radio club 9A1CAL. -- 9A1CAL Licensed 26th July 2019 -- 9H5LR 9W2HGZ -- 9M4CTO nice contest. To test my antenna's -- DC3CC Rig FT-817; dipole tnx for fine contest -- DF7XR First time, not full time but funny. Next year again. -- DK0PO Just the last two hours in the test but still a lot of fun. Tnx everybody. -- EA1IQ Lousy propagation. -- EA2SN I have really enjoyed this contest, although little participation and bad propagation conditions. icom 7100 delta loop antenna multiband Big signal 100 watts. we listen to each other 73.ea5jn. -- EA5JN PORTABLE QRP -- EA8DDS My ears are still trying to recover from the noise but I enjoyed the contest. Great to see 15m open for a while and active participants from the world over. Thanks to UKEICC for an enjoyable contest. SD is a great logger--robust and easy to use. -- EI2KA good fun, friendly & cordial operators -- EI4KU TNX for fine contest.Hopeto c u next year! -- EI6KW great fun thanks -- EI7GEB Condx. were not great but it was good fun anyway! -- EI7GY A casual entry on Satursday only. Good fun. -- EI8KN Great contest -- EI9FVB Just for fun Tnx for points and qso 73 -- F4CVO Realy good contest .Enjoyed it . the bands were a little quiet but Still Enjoyable -- G0TLA SD Worked perfectly Very friendly contest -- G0UKZ Great contest. First time entry. Will be back next year -- G3NY Very limited op time. Good opportunity to try a number of things out. -- G3Q Poor condx especially 15 10m here but enjoyed giving out points and mult -- G3VYI Just gave a few poionts. -- G3YRZ nothing on 10m. Good fun. -- G3ZBU Used SD V21.36 Great contest. 40m skip ideal for UKEI stns Worked Brazil & USA UKEI contest stns -- G4BYE A few QSO's to pass the time, not exactly a full time entry. Interestingly managed to work F & I on 20m with the K3 at 100mw, wondered why nobody else answered! -- G4NBS Just a few minutes available here and there -- G4PIQ Hope i have got this correct. Thank you, Steve -- G7CYX Fair amount of activity. Will take it seriously next year SD log worked well post contest. Paper log transcribed so probably errors -- G8XTJ First time in this contest - thanks for the QSO's. Must sort my dipole antenna :( !! -- GM0SCA Propagation not too good. Thanks for the QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM2V What a storm we had. Mast and aerials blown about, wires twisted then untwisted, guy lines giving way and a white Birch tree now part of my 40m doublet. Spent more time watching aerials flying about than operating at one point. Still enjoyable and conditions not to bad with Sunday morning coming to life Thanks to all 73 Bill -- GM4M Very high winds(50/60 mph)in GM so tower down & 20M very quiet on Sunday morning - but fun. -- GM5M squeezed in a couple of hours. -- GM6NX First time entry. Limited operating time due to family Halloween commitments. Enjoyed the pace of the contest and the friendliness of the other operators. -- GM8YUI Slight miscalculation put me 20 minutes over 12 hours so decided to resubmit as 24 hours...;-) -- GW4J TERRIBLE WEATHER HERE AND ANTENNA NOT BEHAVING VERY WELL. WHAT I DID I ENJOYED -- GW7BZR Just giving some points away, Full of cold so didnt do overnight Saturday as originally planned. -- GW9J A lot of fun! Worked with Drake TR7A at 100W and inverted V with tuner. Strong atm. noise on higher bands. Take care. -- I2RBR only a couple of hours for fun -- IN3FHE I worked the contest on 15M and 20M.Propagation is inproving specially on 15m.Many thanks to all stations that I met on the contest.All the best 73's -- IT9OPR Licence on June 2019 -- IU1MRG Just wanted to hand out a few points to the UK/EI chaps. Not sure if I scored it correctly. Used my regular QSO log and attempted to edit the exported Cabrillo file to the example on your web page. If not acceptable PSE use as checklog. -- K2CD Unfortunately the conditions were not all that good with all bands more or less dead during the dark hours. Almost none UK / EI stations heard during the last 6 hours. Hope for better conditions next time. -- LA2GKA october 2018 licenced -- LB4MI SSB contesting isnt terribly family freindly for me so I popped in and out to give away the East London Mult. Some interesting stations called me which was nice! -- M0BPQ Good weekend playing radio, more qso's than last year hoping to retain the win. Statio was faultless, some good DX about JA VK ZL etc, good fun! -- M0NKR Boris cost me a few hours and a intermittent CAT lead was the final straw. Ill try again next time. -- M0SDM 20 MINS token effoer on 20M, was fun. -- M0SSK tnx for the qso's. -- M0VKY Part time Sat only. It was fun keeping the locals entertained ! Interspersed with banter. TS2000X 60ft top fed INV L 9:1 unun 400W 40/80m only. Good fun. Had to mess with log to get hopefully correct format. Thanks UKEICC for organising ! 73 Nick PS: How about a 6hr section option for future tests? -- M1DDD A very enjoyable relaxed contest. 73s -- M1JJK Thanks for the Q's - Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D Thanks for a great contest. -- M3ECT Just playing about 3 hours - testing beta SL v3 logger -- M4J VERY HIGH WINDS ANTENNA UP & DOWN ALL CONTEST AT TIMES HARD WORKING CONDITIONS FROM QTH -- M6OXO First contest and first time using logger software (hope its good!) -- M7HUD Enjoyed the contest I found the conditions challenging. The local WX didn't help. -- MM0HTL SINGLE-ELEMENT ANTENNA - tricky condx at times. Thanks all -- MM0NBW Limited time due to family stuff and single wire antenna only due to Storm Aiden >60mph winds here!!! -- MM1E Popped on the radio when I could to give a few points away. SD worked well as always. -- MW6M Not much activity here. 1t was wide open and only heard one station down there in multiple checks! 40 was a pleasant surprise! -- N6AR time on 52 minutes K3s KPA1500 20 m poor -- N7WY first UK/EI TNX -- OE3LLQ TX/RX Kenwood TS 890 Ant: High End Fed Longwire -- OE3MCS Thanks for another bice contest, Matt, OH2RM -- OG2X Thanks to all stations -- OH1XFE There was not much activity in the contest so I have not much qso. I hoped to work more UK or EI stations. But I enjoyed the contest. Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL -- ON5WL Drone OZ1D checking for propagation. How Picture upload ? -- OZ1D My microfon went QRT Sunday morning. My equipment: FT847- antenne: Baby Loop -- OZ1DYI RIG: FT817 5 WATT IN SSB ANTENNAS: SLOPING DELTA LOOP / WINDOM AS INV. VEE -- PA0AWH RIG: ICOM IC-7400 PWR: 25 W ANT: 6-BANDS HEX-BEAM HOMEMADE -- PD5ISW Put your comments here. Use multiple lines if needed. -- PD75BER/P Tnx for working my station, hope to meet you all again in 2021, stay safe! -- PD8DX 1 QSO on 20, rest on 40. No 80 at present time. Man UK OM's who are willing to make a qso but are not familiar with their district. -- PH0AS XIEGU G90 pwr 5W Ant: ECO vertical -- RW3AI FEW HOURS FOR FUN! -- S57DX I accidentally bumped in this contest; was looking for RU WW MM phone contacts. Fun anyway. -- TM10GFT TNX 73 -- UB7A Tnx for contest QSOs 73 ! -- YL2PP Very few UK/EI stations heard perhaps due to the poor conditions currently being experienced to/from the South Atlantic. -- ZD7BG

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