The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

Results - DX CW Contest - 22/23rd April 2017

Thanks to everyone who took part in the second UK/EI DX CW Contest. 442 logs were received for this event, down from 491 for the first UK/EI DX CW Contest held in January 2016. This year 40139 QSOs were made, compared to 56351 QSOs made last year. Both these reduced totals reflect the effects of the declining sunspot cycle 24 on HF propagation over the 15 months between these two CW contests. Many entrants commented on the poor propagation conditions, with very few QSOs being made on 10m, and 15m was not good. A special 'thank-you' to European and DX contesters for their support! Congratulations to Mike G3WPH / G3P on winning Overall and the High Power Assisted section and to Stewart GW0ETF / GW4J on winning the Kenwood Cup and the High Power Unassisted section. Congratulations to all the other section winners. UPDATE 21st May - sorry it is taking longer than expected to subdivide the other Results tables and post them online. We also need to send out the rest of the UBN files by e-mail, which we will do a.s.a.p. Below the Overall Results table are UK/EI. Eu and DX Results tables, links to all the 16 separate Results tables (12h, 24h, QRP etc), the Soapbox comments and some Statistics generated by the adjudication software. We have created separate webpages for each category in this contest to prevent this webpage from becoming too cluttered, but still give you as much information as possible. Click here to read a document which outlines the 'rules' applied by our automated adjudication software. The next UK/EI DX Contest is the SSB event on 30th September/1st October 2017. 73 Chris GM3WOJ, Paul EI5DI - Adjudicators

Combined Results
UK/EI Sections
EU Sections
DX Sections

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Breakdown of Section Designators
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
H = High Power
L = Low Power
A = Assisted T = 12hr Entry M = Multi-op
R = Remote
S = Single Element
r = Rookie

Combined Results

Call Section 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Dupe Bust NIL TOTAL
      Qs Qs Qs Qs Qs QSOs Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults       Pts
1G3PHA 175239204371656626552221202281480356
2GW4JH 179258236310704555842150170805469880
3R8TTHAT 11519624330557476676201914103370349
4UT4UHA M 145256284810766507687410254154366268
5G3TXFHA 113213251345616486356184189483361368
6EI5DIH T 162195212240593564840120156462345384
7RL4AHA M 11822138381180451709339125411254327406
8DL6KVAHA S 1602512175206806084742402426105322586
9LY3BHAT 1642782091706685473751102134151283077
10G0ORHHA 1331652204825685540472221661295271244
11G8XLA 1301252163205035442451501564101260208
12LY5WHAT 1112342154106014569792602191123248127
13GU3HFNL T S 1361961421147657523111142041237424
14GM3WOJH T 652062571115403353511011487152228512
15G0GHKLA M r1311492003105114640341401344135223244
16M6WLA S 98171158272456454643152151171220762
17IK8UNDHA 862032204905584568762502148132211004
18UF5DHAT 15220118800541516772001905124198740
19EI7KDHAT 5237205301478568611211471184195510
20YT6WLAT 1252141230046249776000186331194556
21M4JHAT 108141157120418514641801462103188924
22EV1RHA 0214221751511066863911921142165504
23RK4FFHA 020235922058306492130169962159536
24LZ1GUH T 100161137250423455864180185151158545
25MM3TH T S 901082362124574436411421374233156180
26MW5RLAT 96143124160379433631110121321150524
27YT4TH T 1012251100043641655400160531150240
28G3YH T 0209215500474043391901012111137158
29MM2NL T 501172392824362832441511208138130080
30MM3NH T 651421361034435463210114054122664
31UT7EHA 911241314303893552622701760111122320
32OM7LWLA 37194161140406276064901600101120640
33UT3UCPLA S 8316513390390385362701600101119200
34LZ4AEHA 571512300043828587100157383118064
35SP4AWEL M 15715294110414514541901461103116654
36LZ1HWH T 100143115130371385554110158270115182
37LY2BKTH T 111101147420401434055270165292114180
38M3ALAT 1339211600341552828001110133112998
39OK1RRHAT S 11117011416041148584000146241110668
40UT5ELHA 68111118340331384863230172042109908
41OL3EL T 9212083430338395340300162051106758
42LX9EGH T 571551935104562851451901432100104247
43CT7AJLL T 912425549043795269220152541102904
44GM3CLAT 36130108902832345278010327298468
45OK2QAHAT 13133204240374105372200155210097340
46OK4RQLAT S 5314211721033332524815014737295256
47GM3AL T S 8711174002724340210010433593184
48HA3MUL S 8011111120032239455215015115493016
49EA1WHLA 01522214704200575820013566592205
50OK1AYLAT 1289745002705355320014000191420
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
51UR5MML MS 36164153803612355575014008286940
52LA8HGAH 10814480003324852220012236183326
53IZ4DYXL T S 8212582002894051420013302381529
54G4DDXL T S 89691043026542293220105211081480
55F5OHMH 521381852504003552351101331214281263
56IZ2AVKL 698410816027737425613014802279772
57R9ABH T S 309593202201742491010917179679
58PA2WL S 10110688503004645323012612078876
59YP5AHA 02418660333072404011606177604
60DL1CWLAT 10310369602814442436013516177085
61SP5YLATM 9215367003123947330011959475208
62LY2COLA S 1128670002684541410012712074295
63IK2CFDLAT 331321298130323535771141312473038
64YT1AH TM 43922940042923327900134128172896
65LZ1NDLATM 0971994403400417020013104071133
66G3RLELAT 299611200237233833009400070688
67YO9AGILA 7014593240332284540140127311670485
68DL5JQHAT 91959410029044464070137111070418
69G4DBWL T S 56566629120831312616110512166990
70EW1TZH 01081732503060456617012816063872
71M7RQA 568473100223333124709533663840
72YU5TL 152181000333504900099218262964
73OS0SHAT 82130448126542541841119011262356
74R5DCLAT 01021532002750427113012600062118
75GM4JYBL T 59715020182333221208808061776
76F6HDILAT 448577102073047491012700158166
77PA4VHFHA M 351191401803122044446011439158140
78EV6ZL 268613626027418385319012843357088
79G3RSDL T S 73826000215362620008215257072
80OZ8AEL T 60808122024327424013012202156730
81M8AH T S 01371120024903832007023154040
82DL8UDLAT S 11013470025140516009719253156
83HG6CQ TM 2710810218025518424714012106352272
84YL5XHA 6012432002163547230010512251030
85RA7AH T 41402020028323237500121012048884
86LZ1RFHATM 1701533802621375226011602047908
87EI7CCL T 1837156130224161933707500147850
88YO2GLLATM 121149360225949516011557247725
89UT3EKQA 4971123002432832570011717146215
90ON5WLL T S 5492103002492837370010232246002
914Z5KOH S 069131200220027401207902245978
92YO4FTELA 1567138402241244654012504045625
93IT9SSIHAT S 0162397103260156434011339343957
94IZ3SQWHAT 36124425020726532630108010243524
95OK1IEH T 547251001773439380011103043068
96F6JOEL 467766001892941370010722042372
97YO7ARZL MS 3492861002222137439011026240590
98HB9DQLHA S 7811620019639491008904040495
99SP9AL T 085941201910484911010803140392
100G6MLAT S 7991060021263228006624140128
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
101G3KNULAT 202914927022517213114083213038512
102HA8TPLAT 083951801960385017010511038220
103M0VSEHA Sr32457880163202638809229138088
104DL7GEML T S 49116105018032478509214037996
105G0AAAHA 5831391411433117211118102137908
106EA3KXQAT 515462001673537360010803137584
107LY2JHATM 179010220211144044109913037125
108DK9OYLA 68634300174343922009500036860
109EA5WUHAT 0452300027502967009627036288
110PA2PCHL 198410060209154137509823036260
111OM1IIL 337260701721936416010232136006
112EI7GYH T S 41208021144271328217103135642
113UT4LWLA S 287910800215163448009804135476
114YO2CEQL r01914400235057280085013134850
115GI5IHAT S 48662210137282711006600033924
116IT9CHULA 0029515031000811009128133670
117OZ7EAH M 25858190200174331709824133516
118PA0VAJHA 3141122100276342318084511133096
119OK1FKDQ T S 45762900150284617009110232669
120OK1DWQLATRS 1205100017149350008408032424
121G0TL T S 25666700158152626006735231892
122SP1AENL T S 08388150186035501209703131622
123OK1VKLA 5311610017031471007904031600
124LZ3ZQLA S 10676323016310384517011003231570
125OM5MXL S 31815200164184036009402131302
126G3VGZH T S 57433300133371916007205031248
127YL3GAZL 46596250172282932509403030832
128G4DDLL T S 38385350134242024507301030514
129UR7MZLAT 02517190205022747010335129767
130DF1DXQ 34577030164213440209707128712
131RM2DHATM 49556200166312436009113028028
132GM4MQ 16647010016092628707015727440
133IK0PXDL Sr2858109001951533500098212227440
134OZ7BQL T S 01540001540650006500026260
135YL3GQL T S 086815017203344508200026158
136SQ9FMULAT 5020631401473013401209504025650
137N3ADHAT 11141290015491153007316125477
138DF4XXHA 2104504016025224408204125420
139PA0MBDL 327795502092131304086416025370
140M0VKYH 011238240273044116061828225254
141F/G4BJMH S 5010000015026430006900025254
1424Z5LULA 0511501902200183910067023124790
143K3ULH M 32305700120202231007326124528
144VU2TMPH 051584701560252721073010124455
145OZ1AARL T 12827790180103929508317124236
146YT1FZLA 1812350014612515006802023800
147RT4MHA 002650026500790079510223542
148SP9RH T S 078660014404437008101023409
149CT1ELZL 21616530150143833308806023408
150VE1OPHAT 0391110015001947006604022968
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
151HA1RJL T 01267400200041370078213122932
152UC5DLA 2641691301491724411009215022356
153LZ3YVL 05910790175027567090412221600
154IZ3NVRQAT S 16746000150104329008218021402
155RT6CLAT S 037125110173023541008703121402
156OM3BAL S 187520014014334007803021216
157UT2TL T Sr47104000151254500070011021140
158DJ3CSL T S 866345011384526408301120667
159UR7QCH T 0137116015404811306203020646
160PA3AAVHATM 05213318020303135907516120550
161TA3DH M 00166001660056005612120272
162PA5WTHA 49515000150272523007514220250
163LY2NYHA 39535180151232626508005020160
164I0ZUTL T 6431220017132260008519120145
165HB9ARFL T 13951400122114311006500019435
166N4AFHA 62161008861744006701019430
167RA3XCZL Sr25348160146172047508905219135
168LA2HFAL S 38534330137242619307202119080
169YU1MLLA S 35498100165191937007517018900
1709A2EULA 081327012004520707200018864
171UN8PTLAT 00152601580055506004118780
172SM5IMOL 060770013703438007202118432
173LZ7XLATM 0916600157035380073210117374
174GM4KGKL T 75429009063121005801017168
175R1QEL T Sr14407500129102444007802117160
1765P6PL T S 1933303085172925307400017020
177RA3NCH 17387820135131842107412017020
178EA6ZSLATM 4786800150437390080111116720
179G3YMCQ T 2340300093192114005412016416
180SD6ML 0104260013004413005701016245
181IT9CKAL 0141302301670125716085211016235
182HA2NAHA S 40264000106262131007802316224
183G3LHJQ T 0331047014401431404914015974
184OM3WZQAT 25344200101232630007916115405
1854X0AH T 00129001290053005301315211
186RW3AIQ S 25335720117161737207201015192
187LZ7DXLAT S 01200001200510005100214586
188YO7CVLLAT S 052870013902443006704114539
189MW0BROLAT S 4920280097261118005515114410
190OZ5URL 1157470011593322006401014272
191UT5UQVL T S 20275810106152138107532114175
192G4SGXL T S 18590007715340004901114112
193UW6ML S 353776901571720437087220013572
194UT7ISL r1195271013483222106306213419
195VE2FKHATM 01191001020548005321013144
196LY2SAHAT S 10187600104101345006800013124
197DL4MELAT S 069322010304017205900013098
198G0BBOL T S 053480010102620004602212972
199MM1EL T S 235637001161224180054013012852
200EA7AAW/QRPQ 1170141120234624468084215012852
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
201G4BSWL T S 01010001010380003806012768
202PA3ILA 40502200112212813006217012648
203HA7PLH T 0238110011401645806902012144
204UA6HFIL 012105701240854706913012144
205GM3ZDHH T 311140008223820005101012138
206RN4SCL 20258210128141042106705112127
207OK6OKQ T S 17682600111112918005804111890
208EB7KALA 00175001750055005501111605
209PC2DHAT 01173800155042140056118211368
210PA2ALAT 465500010123260004911011074
211PC4HHA S 812000010136130004903011074
212YL2TDL T 034890012301740005700010944
213GM1JQ T S 03046508102025204701010434
214UX7UL S 001242101450051906024010260
215EU6AAL MS 135608010411439706100110187
216SM5DXRL M 35512410111202613106029210080
217EA3INHA 03611700153020350055010010010
218LZ7HQ T S 142452109111163310610009882
219SM5ALJL 3535351010620191910590809794
220PA0RHAL 1764342011793819106711039715
221K2SSSHAT S 00870087004700470019541
222YO3GNFHA S 92957601017203550670509514
223SP2MHCQA S 0911500106040800481619504
224K1GQHA 171318004814121600420109240
225PA2GRULAT 06633301020321720510319180
226LY2TSL T S 3605800942603300590409086
227VE2BWLHA 8274800836143000500709000
228PA3DBSL T 17647050156102128306242338990
229US3EWL S 03270001020183600540108748
230RX9CMH T Sr0011500115003900391308385
231Z33BL T 06342001050262700531918321
232SP9DUXL T S 0011100111005500550208140
233SE4EH S 3194812010019624100590308024
234R9LMHAT 0112300124013400352507875
235YO4SIL T S 2510231907716719150570107866
236IZ5FDEL T S 124232008610231600490107595
237HA1ASH 0434400870253200570507581
238DK0VEL T S 4829212010025218205611407560
239MM0TH T S 08000080028000280507392
240IV3UHLHA r75413500151271818006312617245
241F8KLYLAT 0444200860252600511617140
242YU6AWLA 00122001220053005311007102
243PA4OHAT 3218570010717121600450406705
244EA2CWLAT S 3620000562817000450206660
245CT1DRBQ S 014483509701223200550116655
246DL7ETL 341425307624101830551706600
247LZ1IKYLA 13306490116111736707101716532
248EU6ROLAT 211425006017132200520116500
249R7MTL T S 010767093084170560326496
250M5ML T S 0274800750151900340226120
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
251SM6GBMLA 0323310660242310480106096
252RV3VRL T S 0285400820183300512426069
253RK7FHAT Sr06500065037000370006068
254YO4AACQ T 0166700830104100511306018
255RA4HBSLA 14156210929103010502616000
256Z37MLA 06500065035000350005880
257SO5NH T 0393650800242130480505856
258IZ2GRGL TM 1308400971004000500505750
259PA3CVIL S 05546001010271900460915704
260OH2BNH 0010200102004500450105670
261YO7LYML T S 455730013212030005162135559
262IT9NANL S 00900090005100510305406
263PB7ZHA 9166910010461423100530905247
264UD8AL T 00115001150036003601315184
265IK2AUKL S 7294500815163100520525096
266G4IRNH S 0223400560151900342115032
267PA5SKYL T 33222100761615900400804880
268PD7CJTL 0010500105004100410114838
269YO9FYPL S 07790086044000440304752
270RA9JMHAT S 01930094012600271124671
271HI8AL T 1423140051915700311304650
272IK2UJFL TM 7302300606201700430114601
273RW4NFHA 0175700740123500470314559
274HS3XVPL T r058819011204311004501734545
275YO9HGL S 05025608102516504621014370
276RA3DJAQ T S 0332600590212100420314242
277GM4OSSL T S 00810081002600260024108
278G4AYUL T 0172850500141540331304092
279HB9CPSH T 00870087003700372013959
280LY4LLA 04775086043250410503854
281UR7VALAT 00700070004200420203822
282Z35FL T S 00830083003900390103822
283RZ9UOLA 00701071002910301103780
284OF2MZAL T S 05100051029000290003770
285LA7SIH M 1437900601122600390603705
286LZ3MH T 00740074003900390003705
287SP3FSML 00760076004100411413690
288ON3NDLATM 3218100512311100350203605
289YO5OACL T S 00833086004030431723440
290IC8FBULAT S 2342000651323000360633312
291YO5ODTL 05400054028000280103304
292RA6FUZL 0311300440201300330003300
293UA4FDLLAT 810472067772710421513276
294UT5EOXQ 8142620506111820370103256
295LY2LFL T 00820082003400341303230
296M0MPML T S 819111039712810280203192
297IZ8VKWLA 42000042280000280013136
298US7IGNL S 0214050660132850460703128
299SQ3PMML T 04050045027500320103040
300R2DJL T 05800058027000270203024
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
301W4PMHA M 611350052551600260102990
302LZ1OJLA MS 06530068028100290602987
303R9QQL 07440051042300271122889
304S57KMLAT S 04442050043020360002880
305HS0ZLMH T 004216159002391330302805
306G4RRMHA 00631064002210230312576
307IV3HAXL T 05432108702411103611412484
308DL1OAILAT 9182200498131900400602480
309PD0MELAT 00960096003000300702460
310MM0DXHL T S 00720072002600261712340
311RV3DBKQ 0192300420142000340022312
312YO7NSPL r64321007051912003631312304
313YO2CJXL T S 00596065003550400802280
314PA3EEGL 07440051072300300002220
315UT8UZL S 0301600460211100321502208
316EW1TOL T S 0027201480022131360012160
317OO9OLAT S 0281800460141200260102054
318IW3ILMQ T 03280040018700250102000
319N4BPHAT 010320042071500220001958
320LY2NL T S 03300033022000220001936
321PD3JLAT Sr00750075002500250101850
322N1SOHHAT 50320037202200240201776
323OF2LNHLAT S 00650065002600260101768
324EW6ENL MSr00400040002900291201653
325HA7JQKHA M 00430043003000300201560
326SV1HEM/3L 512213041491520300311500
327OK5SAL T 03300033020000200101400
328EA2SNQ T S 012280040091500240201392
329PA1LEXLA S 9341100547177003111211364
330UT7MRL T 0132400370101800280211344
331PD3OESLA 05450050042400282511316
332DK2FGL T S 02100021018000180101296
333US0HZL T 00380038002700270101296
334S57EAQAT S 00370037002500250101275
335RX3MML 0142200360101800280301120
336EA1FALAT S 01530054002400240111104
337PA2RGLA 00500050002000200001100
338UR5NDSHA 00310031002600260201092
339YO9RIJL S 04600046020000200701080
340RJ3FLA S 00400040002500251201075
341PA3ARML 02500025018000180101044
342LZ3TLL TMS 4731304527153027060891
343SP2HMYL 0037003700210021111861
344SD1AH T S 0031003100220022010858
345SP2KACL S 0023002300190019100836
346OE1EBCL S 0139002201080018000828
347OF5ZAL T S 0039003900220022030814
348MI0SAIL T 05347001000860014021812
349LZ1KZL 0021002100200020000800
350TC571SAVL T 0025002500130013010663
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
351VE3FJH T 0020002000150015010570
352UR5IFML T S 0027002700180018020558
353R3LCL T 0024002400180018011540
354ON6HZQA 0232002501620018050468
355YL3FWL T 0111000210860014012434
356K0MDHAT 0030003000130013020403
357IZ2CSXL T S 0100001001000010000400
358YE1ZALL M 010900190850013050364
359PY1VOYH M 0120001201000010020360
360HB9GKPL T Sr0140001401200012010336
361PA3CLQL S 1026102810131015030315
362IZ0UINL M 01216002808100018070306
363GM4UYZLAT 0017001700120012020288
364NJ4QLA 4250011324009000288
365TA2BSL 081200200480012031264
366JA5NSRH 071008071008000248
367R4WTLA S 0022002200120012011240
368HA8ARLAT Sr11000011900009000234
369ES1BHLATM 0040004000170017090221
370UR5EFLQ S 0012001200110011001220
371SM7RYRQ T S 0025002500110011131198
372SV1RUXL 0031003100160016061192
373SV2BXALA 06700130460010010190
374EW2EGL M 1200001210000010010160
375PD0JMHLA 0026002600110011022154
376OK1DCPQ T S 0001501500012012120144
377US3LXH T 0190010018009000135
378SM5DJZLAT 00110011008008010128
379JA2KKAL T S 034007033006000126
380JK8PBOL T 0290011025007100105
3815P90EDRL T S 0111001201500600084
382JH1RFMHA M 037001003300602072
383JG2RFJL 00900900600600166
384R7MUL T 50000550000500060
385JA6CVRL T S 00700700600600060
386TC4ALAT 03010403010400056
387OK1FCAL T S 06000605000501050
388OH2KIL 00700700600601048
389JE1NVDHAT 00720900410501045
390RW9AVL S 00800800400401040
391RN3KQAT 00500500400400024
392TA3MHAL T 00300300300300024
393VU2JOSH TM 05300804100502015
394JA3JML T 00400400200200012
395JA7ZPLA 05000502000201012
396K0OOLAT S 05000501000100010
397F4GFTLA S 1030040030030009
398KF3GL S 0020020020020004
399JE1RRKL T 0010010010010002
400RA4UATL T S 0010010010010001
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
401G0MTNH T 0062130750000000300
402M0UATL S 011900200530080920
403AI4WWH 8000083000030300


Checklogs received with thanks from : DL1JHW, DL3BVA, DM4KJ, EA4CU, EI8JX, EW6F, F3WT, G3N, G3SQU, G3ZRN, G4MEM, G6GLP, GS8VL, GW9J, HA9TA, HL4RBR, IK6BAK, IK8TEO, K1SX, LY5O, LY6A, OG55W, OK1NE, OK2SG, OM6MS, PC3H, RA3VX, S58Q, SM0HRP, SP2ADY, SP2MHD, UA3SKV, UT5PY, UX2IJ, UZ5DM, YB1ZFB, YL2QN Soapbox Comments OPERATED LESS THAN 6 HOURS BUT THE BOX WAS ONLY FOR 12/24 HOURS -- 4X0A Fine contest, condx variable though. Useful for collecting missing EU countries/bands etc. Alas heard no GD nor GJ stations. Tks et 73 -- 5P6P Elecraft KX3 - 100W Inverted-L up 12mtr -- 5P90EDR Nice contest operating as a qrp is funny. -- CT1DRB RIG TS-850s Ant 40m fullsize dipole @30m -- DK2FG nice contest :-) -- DK9OY Break times: * begin until 20:00 UTC * 23:15 until 07:30 UTC * early end at 10:50 UTC -- DL1CW Next year I will take part full time. Fine Contest. -- DL5JQ Max power used was 75W into an inv. L antenna. I joined just for a few hours and had lots of fun. -- DL7GEM Very Very Bad Condx so i make the 12 hours only using SD almost -- DL8UD Nice contest and bad propagation. 0 Qso's in 10 and 15 meters Conditions : Elecraft KX3 Power 5 watts Mosley TA-53M for 10-15-20 Dipole for 80-40 -- EA3KX Nice contest. I hope the next year better score with my QRP 5W. The propsgstion very bad. Thank you for the organitation contest. See you soon EA7AAW/QRP -- EA7AAW SD WinKey K3 -- EI5DI Elecraft K3 10W and eco7+ antenna. -- ES1BH TRX - FT-840 Ant - Delta Loop 168m -- EU6AA TRX-US2II PWR-100W ANT-Inverted V. -- EW2EG checklog -- F3WT Second time participation. Difficult to be sure to match the frequency precision requirement with older equipment. -- F4GFT TS 570 + Lévy -- F6JOE QTH Poitou Charentes -- F/G4BJM Enjoyable contest despite the poor conditions. -- G0BBO Condx were poor through out, though some DX made it in to the log. Seemed to be a lack of UK & EI stns on the lower bands, and during double points hours. Enjoyed the contest again this year. 73 and GL to all from Finningley ARS -- G0GHK Came on for an hour or so with "dipole in tree" to make a little activity. Good to be back on the air! -- G0MTN DREADFUL BAND CONDX'S SOLAR STORM, QSB KNOCKING OUT SN'S ALL WEEKEND. WE CAN BUT TRY!! GOTTA BE INIT TO WIN IT!!! -- G0ORH Wish I could have put more time to it very enjoyable time allowed seemed well supported by the DX Guys. condx's could have been better - nil on 10M & just a few on 15M. SD proformed superbly look forward to the next one. -- G3LHJ Unable to participate shortly after start of contest -- G3N Very difficult finding UKEI multipliers. -- G3RLE Condx awful ! I was restricted to two and a bit bands as no 80m antenna at the moment. -- G3Y I had great hopes for this contest but sadly the sun had other ideas.. A K index of 4-5 and high solar wind made the bands largely dead even 80m was a struggle. Under the circumstances I am surprised even to have the QSOs I did. -- G3YMC Nice friendly contest. I hope it takes off in the future as it seemed to work well. Entered in memory of Steve G4BLE -- G4DDL I had very poor conditions with only a few G's and even EI's. Had a problem when i did not notice that comms had stuck. Had to edit first 5 as on wrong band. Murphy again! Vert strange no inter G propogation or EI with me for most of the time.Used SD which perfomed. -- G4DDX Msg for Adjudicator - I duplicated sent QSO S/N's 54 to 83, hence a checklog, apologies. -- G4MEM Just giving a few points away as moving shack and testing new rig. Seemed VERY lively. Will be more dedicated next year for sure. -- G4SGX Part time effort due to family commitments AGAIN Grrrr. Horrible band conditions due to solar storm. It seems these storms follow us around on contest weekends these days. Very little from out of EU. -- G6M Excellent contest format. I hope the DX stations enjoyed it. -- G8X Some tricky conditions Pity about clash with CFO competition -- GM3A FT1000MP 90w. Dipole for 40m and 20m at 9m Inverted-vee for 80m at 10m -- GM4JYB Logging problems this time with serial numbers missing while logging and all sorts of stuff wrong with the format Odd conditions with 20m closed by 16:00Z on saturday.15m opened on Sunday morning for a while and 10m did open Sunday morning with only German beacons being heard.Some stations seem to mix up GM4M with M4M sending me worked B4 message :( Enjoyable contest but not many UK and EI districts heard. -- GM4M Conditions were very poor. Enjoyed having a "wee" go though -- GM4UYZ Only had time for a few short runs due to visitors. Conditions awful. -- GS8VL Lot of thanks for all QSO and who called me! Unfortunately conditions was not good. Rig: FT-1000MP mark V field Ant: OCF-dipole -- GU3HFN High magnetic activity made it a bit of a struggle but participation seemed good. Hope entering a zero for when no serial was given won't increase my inevitable bust rate... -- GW4J Had visitors all weekend so no time for even a 12 hour entry. Gave away the mult on the five bands that were open here on Sunday morning -- GW9J Not so good condition! -- HA7PL Only 20 minuts free time for contest. :) Tnx for any QSO. 73! -- HA8AR E-MAIL: FT747DX MONOBAND GP -- HA9TA Elecraft K3 100 Watts 2 elements 28/21/14 MHz - Dipole 7 MHz - Inverted L for 3.5 MHz -- HB9ARF Had computer problems so had to stop working. -- HS0ZLM BAD CONDITION -- I0ZUT Alla sua prima prova si è rivelato un buon contest con potenzialità che sicuramente si svilupperanno nelle edizioni successive. A mio parere una nota positiva è stata quella di pèermettere il qso dx/dx mentre mi è parsa discutibile la suddivisione dell'operatività in 12 e 24 ore.In generale è comunque andato bene anche se non mi è sembrata molto folta la presenza delle stazioni UK/EI. Alla prossima '73 ik0pxd Maria -- IK0PXD Shortage of uk/ei stations working the contest! It's a pity, the formula is ok! Hope the event will be more participated in ssb leg. -- IK8UND Un bellissimo contest tante stazioni presenti propagazione discreta solo 100w e g5rv Ts2000 - mi sono divertito. -- IT9CKA Kenwood ts590s ant. G5RV pwr 90w -- IZ5FDE ICOM IC-7100 100W OUTPUT 12AVQ 3Band Vertical Inv Vee -- JA2KKA RIG:IC-706 50W ANT:Vertical -- JA3JM I enjoyed the contest. -- JG2RFJ Thanks to all the EU stations who worked me - band conditions were extremely challenging. -- K0MD BAD PROPAGATION CONDITIONS AND A LOT OF OTHER DISTRACTIONS THIS YEAR. WELL HERE IS ONE FOR THE SPORT. I LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT EVENT. HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE SSB VERSION. -- K0OO SkookumLogger K3 2000A 2XA-3B-12L OB2-40 wires -- K1GQ There were few stations loged non-contest with 001, just for my LoTW ADIF -- LY5W Very popular contest - hard work on 40m band during the evening, but easier copy on 20m on Sunday morning. -- M0UAT tough conditions. -- M0VKY Poor Conditions. -- M4J Poor condx but contest took my mind off new dentures! Win-Test scored DX station incorrectly - 1 point instead of 4 I think. -- M6W 20/40m fan dipoles @ 10.5m TS590S, Acom 1000, N1MM+ First time HP & unassisted. Not the best condx but fair level of participation it seems to me. Good contest. Tnx for the QSOs. 73s -- M8A First time in this contest - and enjoyed it. Pity we can't use or contest call signs. CUAGN Jim 73 -- MM0DXH Not much time this year, so gave a few points on 40M. -- MM0T Poor condx but another test of my dodgy CW with CWGET reader and N1MM+ -- MM1E Very poor conditions made this hard work but there a plenty people supporting this in EU. Need support from NA although I'm sure the bad conditions made it seem less supported than it was. MAde one big error by watching TV when I should have been on 80m working strings of G's. -- MM2N Although everything was normal on the logging screen SD has not logged the frequencies -- MM3N 80M OCFD did not like 15m, but KAT500 managed to tune it to allow some contacts. Aurora on Saturday evening and 20m shut down early. Hardly anyone on 80m at 8am despite strong inter G signals from non-contesters??? -- MM3T Good bit of fun getting used to my new IC7300, what a difference to my 746 :-) -- MW0BRO TNX and 73 -- N1SOH Poor condx and TStorms but wanted to checkout newest addition to TR4W logging. -- N4AF 2017 UK/EI DX CW Contest -- N4BP Probably the worst conditions for a contest in years-K index was at 6 most of the time. Still fun. NJ4Q -- NJ4Q Sampled 14 MHz with OF5ZA and 7 MHz with OF2MZA -- Antenna 12 m wire sloping from the balcony... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OF2MZA Tough K=6 Aurora on Saturday. A few short samples taken. Nice contest, interesting rules... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OF5ZA RIG FT817 ANT MLA 1M -- OK1DCP Elecraft K2-5W ant. LW 42m -- OK1FKD My rig: ICOM 706 50 W , ant. LW 10 m on balcon at 2nd floor. -- OK2BOB TS480SAT -100W, ANT: MULTIBAND VERTICAL -- OK4RQ SD software -- OL3E tcvr ICOM 735 out 90 Watts ant Randomwire+LCmatchbox -- OM3BA I had to use my old FT901DM from 1980 and it worked very good. Band changing took some more time for tuning There was good activity but the propagation was only moderate. But I could work many stations and I enjoyed the contest. Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL -- ON5WL Just for some fun -- OO9O I declare that the contest rules and the rules in my country have been observed during the contest. Equipment Yaesu FTDX5000MP antenna Mosley TA53M with 40m kit diple Center fed on 80m -- OS0S Interesting contest - but very bad condex. Can only be better nest time. -- OZ1AAR Just for fun. Part time operation and not during nighttime. 73 to all -- OZ8AE Nice contest till 2018 CW -- PA0RHA Tnx fer Contest, rig ft2000, pwr 75w, ant dipole 2x10m up 10m -- PA1LEX Tnx for contest! -- PA5SKY It was a nice contest. Not to many uk stations to work for me because i didn't have 80 meters on air -- PC2D Thanks for the nice contest! Only 20 meters 25 watts. 73 PD3J -- PD3J MNY TNX & 73's! -- R3LC FT 2000 IV -- R4WT 12 Hours Time -- R8TT Thanks, just a joy! -- R9AB ALL TNX! 73! CU AGN in HF! -- R9LM 73! -- RA3XCZ GOOD CONTEST -- RA4HBS tnx for fb contest -- RA7A GL es 73! -- RJ3F TX 5W Ant Indoor MagLoop -- RV3DBK 33 w ant delta -- RV3VR pwr 5W Ant: ECO vertical LW -- RW3AI RIG: FT897D @ 5W Out ANT: LongWire 40m @ 6m UP -- S57EA missing my previous QTH when I used a 5 el beam.nowdays only a W3DZZ. 73 to all from Sweden -- SM5ALJ TRX: TS-940S 100WTTS ANT.: LW -- SP1AEN Ant LW10m -- SP2HMY LOW POWER -- SP2MHD rig-IC746 ; pwr-100Wtts ; ant-GP and LongWire 56M -- SQ9FMU 73 & TNX -- TA2BS IC-7600 7 EL 3 BAND (20-15-10) HOME MADE YAGI -- TC571SAV TNX TEST! 73! -- UA6HFI Conditions was very bad and numer of participant no more than for 12 hours category -- UF5D 73! -- UN8PT ur5efl -- UR5EFL Well much uzh faded test, yes and passing nor to devil, little stations, sting, did not want time to kill. -- UR7MZ single-element antenna -- US3EW Icom IC-756pro3 Delta loop -- US7IGN SDR trcvr SunSDR2-PRO PA 100 W. Antenns 1608040 - dipole Up18m fider 70m. 201510 - Spider Up 10m fider 30m. -- UT4LW Ant: A wire V-beam arms abt 42m the angle - 50 degrees up - 52m 75 Ohm cable 1:9 baloon. Equipment - IC-756PRO homemade tuner. -- UT5UQV TNX for contest ! -- UT7E 73! -- UX2IJ Do not count ON4UN QSO; out of contest. -- VE2BWL Conditions so difficult but still fun. See you next year. Claude VE2FK -- VE2FK jbfd2017 -- YE1ZAL rig: ts140s abt 100w ant: dipole mb -- YO2CJX good contest. thanks for all, 73, Károly/yo2gl -- YO2GL 73 de YO3GNF, op. JACK. -- YO3GNF RIG: KENWOOD TS-450SAT 100 WATTS; ANT: Multiband Dipole FD4 -- YO4SI 12 hours -- YO5OAC FT857D & dipole -- YO5ODT Best contest -- YO9HG FT-950 + PA 300W DELTALOOP V -- YP5A Single operator - assisted -- YT1FZ

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 40139 Cross Checked QSOs: 26719 UK/EI night bonus QSOs: 376 Total Entrants: 440 UK/EI Entrants: 69 EU Entrants: 316 DX Entrants: 55 Non-entrants are all callsigns worked who didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants: 1642 UK/EI Non-entrants: 226 EU Non-Entrants: 1116 DX Non-Entrants: 300 Total Unique Non-entrants: 1013 UK/EI Unique Non-entrants: 124 EU Unique Non-Entrants: 688 DX Unique Non-Entrants: 201 Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 226 UK/EI Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 42 EU Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 167 DX Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 17 Top 20 non entrants F5IN 355 QSO records with last sent serial number of 450 F6HKA 333 QSO records with last sent serial number of 453 IK0YVV 267 QSO records with last sent serial number of 356 OM8AA 260 QSO records with last sent serial number of 327 IK3UNA 246 QSO records with last sent serial number of 302 HA6NW 206 QSO records with last sent serial number of 244 OK6K 203 QSO records with last sent serial number of 251 GM3WIJ 201 QSO records with last sent serial number of 250 I2CZQ 199 QSO records with last sent serial number of 229 DL5YM 185 QSO records with last sent serial number of 229 OM8LA 181 QSO records with last sent serial number of 315 S51TA 155 QSO records with last sent serial number of 202 OL1M 147 QSO records with last sent serial number of 199 E74X 137 QSO records with last sent serial number of 164 IZ4JMA 135 QSO records with last sent serial number of 159 IQ2CJ 133 QSO records with last sent serial number of 176 S55N 129 QSO records with last sent serial number of 150 OE8Q 129 QSO records with last sent serial number of 150 OK7PN 128 QSO records with last sent serial number of 152 G3UFY 126 QSO records with last sent serial number of 161