The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

Results - 03 February 2021 - SSB

Thanks for your participation this evening, some great activity from EI tonight helped with the first outing of our new EI club call EI5G - look forward to hearing more of our plans to introduce extra bonus points. Despite auroral activity our GM and more northerly participants did well. Team UKEICC

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1GM2V HIO77WS102001101340RM4F3064
2G4PIQ HJO02OD143250136304RM4F2919
3DL7AT HJO53CL8601184241EI2KA1344
4G4RCG HIO93FQ107020105239RM4F3034
5EI2II HIO53TC8000080232LY5YY2148
6DR7B LJO60JX6601065229RM4F2212
7DM4L *HJN58TT7903076229RM4F2384
8G3XTT *HIO81PE9400094221LY5YY1856
9DL8UD *HJO43QO7101070216EI2KA1289
10G1A HJO02HK111150105216OH3BCX1802
11PA4O *HJO33GH8102079209OH3BCX1443
12RM4F *HLO23OQ4405039204EI9FVB3551
13G3RWF HJO01OG9421190203LY5XX1565
14GM4JYB LIO88JM5901058194DR7B1324
15PE4BAS LJO33JK6701066185EI3ER1052
16EI8CE HIO62HI9017181183RM4F3452
17OK1AY *LJN69NO5504051173EI3ER1588
18G3MXH LJO02LF7800078163OE5TXF1043
19EI8KF HIO63MF6200062159RM4F3388
20M2D HIO95DH6601065159RM4F2989
21MM1E HIO85AU5900158154OE5TXF1503
22OE5TXF *LJN78BD4501044152RM4F2252
23GW5NF LIO81KQ7112068142RM4F3214
24G3SWC LIO91SC6312060135SO7BIT1361
25G3LRS LIO92JO7906073129LY5YY1704
26PG7V LJO22UI5200052127RM4F2622
27EI5KF *HIO52UG5605249121SM5CSS1768
28G5UM LIO92KR7705072120SM5CSS1362
29G0VDZ *LIO91SJ5902057119RM4F3057
30EI9FVB HIO51QV4502043119RM4F3551
31MW6M LIO71XS5702055113RM4F3269
32PA2PCH LJO33HB4601045113RM4F2538
33G2AA LIO92KO6925062107SM5CSS1371
34EI2IAB LIO63NK5101149104ON3RMB862
35SM5CSS LJO89LS2600026104RM4F1841
36PH2A LJO21FM480104796LY5YY1380
37EI5G LIO63WG440114290RM4F3335
38EI3ENB LIO62JH320003285RM4F3444
39DO2XU LJO43NL330013283EI5KF1178
40PA0HPG LJO33IC330003382EI2II1009
41M0NMI LIO91BP340003481RM4F3136
42G4BYE LIO91VW470204581RM4F3018
43G3ZBU LIO91UB370003779DR7B917
44ON3RMB LJO21OD370103677RM4F2701
45EI2KA LIO51HM290002975DL7AT1344
46M1VPN LIO80JT350103472RM4F3259
47G4DZL LIO92IS330003371SO7BIT1396
48G6AY QIO91VQ320003262DR7B909
49EI7GY HIO63WG290002960RM4F3335
50G3OGP LIO91SB290002959DR7B929
51PE1EWR *LJO11SL270002759RM4F2796
52SO7BIT LJO91NQ260202459EI8CE1811
53DG9BEO HJO43CE300302758RM4F2433
54PA4HM LJO32GR250002552EI2II1003
55GW7BZR LIO73UH260102552RM4F3220
56EI3ER *LIO53LH180001852OK1AY1588
57G7HYS LIO81MI280002851OK1AY1156
58GU0UVH LIN89VR290202751OE5TXF1207
59M0JND LJO00FU220002250RM4F3021
60G6C LIO70KI260002650DR7B1266
61G0JOS *LIO91UJ251002450DR7B915
62G6UBM QJO01CE290202749RM4F3023
63OH3BCX HKP20XW120001247EI8CE2227
64G3KNU LIO93QN270202545OE5TXF1198
65PA4GDR *HJO32FR210102043RM4F2560
66F1FPL LJN09LE230102243OE5TXF976
67MM0MUN LIO87WD170001742DM4L1305
68LY5YY LKO24FP250502041EI8CE2110
69OZ4NA LJO46WR190101841EI5KF1273
70ON1DQJ LJO21JA210002140GM2V948
71M3M LIO70JB220102140DL8UD1078
72PC2F QJO22QE250112339EI2II935
73G8KWX LIO91RE300412538OE5TXF1110
74GM4M QIO75XT190001935PE4BAS747
75DH0JAE LJO60KT180111634EI8CE1410
76LY5XX HKO14WW160201433G4RCG1652
77GW4W LIO83KE220202032DM4L1142
78M1CJE LIO91CJ270212432DL7AT848
79M1X HJO01DG160001632RM4F3014
80EI8KV LIO63WF210201931DR7B1317
81EI9ES LIO63UH160001628DL7AT1096
82DK5KK QJO31LL160101528GM4JYB1017
83DM6EE LJO52KJ100001027EI8CE1240
84EI5DI LIO63VG160001627GM4JYB614
85M0KNG *LJO01EO210201926GM2V745
86G0WWD LIO80EN160101525DL7AT1002
87G4PVM *LJO01FR130001322GM2V734
88GM0TKB LIO88IP241501821DM4L1466
89SE5W *LJP80NF11011920RM4F1841
90DL8MF QJO62SK130101219GM2V1270
91EI7GEB QIO63QN8000812G4PIQ551
922E0WHQ QIO91DN7000711DL8UD784
93G4DRS LIO80UQ1102097DL8UD861


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on Very heavy qrm by snow rain and the condx not the best so most of the Time s8-9 QRM Level the condx not the Best see you all into the CW part with better condx. -- DL8UD Nice short Contest. 73 CU AGN -- DM4L First SSB QSOs in 2021! Only short time of participation. Much more difficult than CW. -- DM6EE Excellent short contest -- EI3ER SD K3 P3 -- EI5DI Condx good but some deep qsb -- EI8CE Hard going at the start, lots of European stations making it difficult to find a good spot to work but it did get easier in the last 20 minutes or so... -- EI8KF Really enjoyed the contest. -- EI9ES contest always so nice -- F1FPL No real dx. But good fun anyway. -- G0VDZ very noisy, ended up with someone calling contest over me but they eventually got the message -- G1A Very active session. Mni Thanks to all stations worked 73 and stay very safe everyone -- G3LRS plenty of strong signals tonight. -- G3ZBU Nice contest -- G4BYE Decent level of activity tonight. Thanks for all the QSOs. -- G4PIQ Very noisy band tonight -- G4RCG First time on UKEI SSB. Being a glutton for punishment went QRP. Amazed what you can work with 5 watts! -- G6AY Very crowded - condx better than expected. Great to work 19 EI stns. 73 Chris -- GM2V FT1000MP to Inv-V dipole 13m centre and 10m each end. A busy band. Good fun. Thanks to all -- GM4JYB QRP tough from here , picked up a bit at the end but still poor. Band choka so QRP struggles from here -- GM4M ENJOIABLE!! -- GW7BZR Tnx for QSOs! -- LY5YY Much QRM, but enjoyable short contest once again -- M1VPN Thanks for the Q's - Stay Safe and 73 Phil -- M2D Aurora tonight! -- MM1E Conditions fairly bright so RAN and S&P'd and enjoyed it very much. -- MW6M Condx not so good to G from OE this evening. Never got more the occasional station calling. -- OE5TXF Late start after 1900-2000Z CWT ... Aurora around 40 gigawatts. Local noise level covering the weaker signals... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA -- OH3BCX TS-480SAT, LW41m -- OK1AY One hour of fun! -- ON1DQJ First participation for me, and really enjoyed it! Big signals from everyone! -- ON3RMB Ant:4sq array Rig:1,5 kW TNX, 73! -- RM4F 73 de Allan -- SM5CSS

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 2304 Cross Checked QSOs: 1592