The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

UK/EI DX CW Contest - 27th / 28th April 2024

Thank you for entering the 2024 UK/EI DX CW contest. Unfortunately worldwide propagation was not good during the contest, but still entrants made 46000 QSOs and there was some good DX to be worked.

FINAL Results are now online below - you can FILTER these Results in a number of ways...

For example, click on 'Operators' or 'Section' to see who the operator using a contest callsign was.

Congratulations to John MM9I (GM0OPS) on winning overall and the Assisted section. Also to Arvis YL7X (YL2LY) in second place overall and leading non UK/EI entrant. Congratulations to Gerard EI8X (EI5KF) as top EI entrant and 3rd place overall. Chris GM2V (GM3WOJ) was the winner of the 12-hour section, and Paul G4PVM was the winner of the Low Power section.
* * More Section winners will be highlighted tomorrow.* *

UBN files have now been emailed to all entrants. (If you did not receive your UBN file, please check your 'Spam' folder before sending an email to

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73 - The UKEICC Team

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Breakdown of Section Designators
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H = High Power
L = Low Power
A = Assisted T = 12hr Entry M = Multi-op
R = Remote
S = Single Element
r = Rookie

Results Table

Call Sign  Operators 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Dupe Bust NIL TOTAL
     Section Qs Qs Qs Qs Qs QSOs Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults       Pts
1MM9IHA 16933734011912977639476561130013176991800
2YL7XHA 180302327116369616489997529356052673908
3EI8XH 156296256107582056755135422115135575042
4GM2VH T 1212402921171878849706244122371081543204
5GM5XH T 932022931542576745616453182415220499834
6G4PVMLA 15722914573106146374423910228282492480
7M5DXH T 9922424371216584268593817224345458304
8G3SWCH 162240203659679586842278203765444976
9HA4FBHA 1162513409908064983986202929144433036
10HA2KMRHA 1132822319887325281876462904101428330
11LY2JLA 133212301425693507095355255373339660
12YU5RHAT 50180305126266873463946722280252337120
13M6WLAT S 131205133273499546441183180220321480
14LY7RLAT 103175208584548527988504273440306852
15SN5JLA 1512151625565895473793852490103293820
16SM2MLA 29148264130165872172947215274291273452
17MM4DHA 028617537195170634323111409142260960
18YQ6AHAT 55180292804611297185534242182256036
19IK1PMRHAT 1032291918153252788781226432253572
20GW4JQ 142136129190426575433130157203247118
21MM2NL T 1201381457484854746383471723102246648
22G4ARIQ S 17612972141392605831111161111244076
23G8XHA 5718113850154414062402612180060242640
24GM4XL S 131182112430468545928200161481240856
25SN1THAT 14725213473961560806700207311234117
26MM3TH T 529927099155353147513712178893231400
27PC0AHA 137240136348555497253246204315230112
28M4NHAT S 31214144121402276845101151222215326
29OH1NAHAT S 106169241211538486081171207545211761
30G4DBWLA S 7914889381355355834191147323211680
31GM4JYBL T S 91174135230423436238120155381209250
32M0RYBLAT 921561012511385456031149159552206700
33SM5CSSL 117140206485516475568345209431205656
34G3RWFH T 9615794450392475531240157473205356
35OK2MBPL 104172150312459376473222198032190278
36G0GHKHA 0179187454415053472631294152189114
37G4AFFHAT 65153126360380335445260158140185176
38GM3AL T 9015414711040244513970141454175686
39I/G4BJMLA S 13015711535224595046532618193731174858
40M2DLAT 5914998356347366032235156171174096
41G3VYIL T 601221134513353314539218144151165600
42SP2QGHAT 103142175192441445771142188141162620
43EI5KGHA 8992107251314404228131124091158224
44G4RH T 86142124190371415137120141391157638
45DL1CWL T 95163106451410435548331180321151740
46G3RLELAT 7299102253301445638172157130148836
47DP5XHAT 104130114402341150534527191941151148604
48SP1AENL T S 7515512710036742607490185041146890
49G6MHAT S 34160122292347225739172137254143028
50SP3VTHAT 8718297230389446055190178292138306
51UT5RLA 11139231583442746884231861091138198
52DL2OMH T 1612118331459526034201482114134680
53AO75CTH r30187147101847318575536316911121128778
54M8MLAT S 96107627527750423055132023125400
55YL1ZFLAT 4615519810040927587580168042124992
56CT3KNHA 288515671277274559511371120124807
57IT9WDCHAT 20742556134131943894531991101123181
58G4BYEL S 89137613029042602330128081122624
59OK1TNHA 58148100311435127565624121753110117075
60M7ZH T 08218885183730414533141333142117040
61IT9IVULA 371201526933812053684031840122113344
62GM9RL T S 8754140221304412535151117072113256
63MM1EHAT 597496325266374433204138020110952
64DL1EARHA 8213263120289476643110167050109552
65HA5OVHA 88145961033046565010153042107253
66LY2MMHAT 79111194290413344071230168023199288
67OK2EAH 10110112312033742375910014847096348
68LZ1ZJLA 205522382238216247152216522095700
69MD2CL T 01281931103320435110010416294640
70DF5ENLAT 801346217029344583111014405093168
71LZ7AHAT 214720437039024766300145510191205
72YO4FHULA S 199318585138312384652114924288655
73DL1EFWQA S 691419013031332544111013804087492
74M4JLAT 49825821421432403018412413086800
75F5OHMHA 21163159903521554567013218085668
76S57XL S 73115861202863843499013912083956
779H1PILAT S 49318910423923395746214778382908
78OK1OAH S 94116101633303247496213604178336
79DL4MELAT 10014621002674660130011903074494
80YL1YFLA 6315875903053157278012308074169
81IV3FPXLA 291199614025822535210013702074117
82UT3QZL S 0125839733080463957314547174095
83K3ULH 116515732026573458220121012173326
84SM5SLAT S 3212510018027520534512013000071370
85DL5YMHA 316912090301356558012246170760
86G4BUEQAT S 381104621421930471710210606070384
87SP2HMTHA 11611369003044543360012428470308
88SC7DXHA 478699902412941548013202266264
89VA1RSTH T 2473916019418364750106010065932
90SM5IMOLA 1011816370298846617012245064660
91DL4CFHA 2917556002601860340011222263840
92M1TLAT S 389461001932650240010012063800
93HA7TMH T 211541437032510495640119015363546
94G4DDLL T 7247651622023924221029702161692
95YO4NTHA 41001515243114395032412917161533
96PC4HHA 7511659102514146271011506160835
97EI2KAH T 77107201210406313839100118377159708
98G3WVGH T 41667311419529332410410003059600
99DF7TVL T 7810270002503643350011405159166
100EI7GYH T S 62733370175393321609904058410
Call Operators80m40m20m15m10mTotal80m40m20m15m10mTotalDupeBustNILTOTAL
   SectionQsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
101AA3BHAT 0341283101930255326010403056888
102EI7CCL T 600155310246390371809402056776
103G3THAT S 666833110178333817609406055272
104OK5TFCL S 2415374102531554391010913155263
105S57KMHAT S 1024250512004629355111622055216
106DL5KUDL T S 2211190502281846514011904053550
107EI8JXLAT 181124001171155418018801053504
108M5MLAT S 10801123022348029308016352960
109UT6UDHAT 2411677112230135252112130316652260
110YL2BJH 00400004000098009804151352
111LY7WL S 1411114819029273760150119214551289
112DL5ARMLA 301146315122316523112111213151072
113IT9RZULA 177916319928713335016611812150858
114EA5OHLA 67717060031363556250122615349776
115ZA1RRL T 38111137302891539462010218247736
1169A/W3WMH T 32100116190267183546130112113147376
117M7TSMLAT Sr416751100169304020709706147336
118GW4OKTL T S 29728280191192627507702047124
119SC6OL T 861141500215384912009918146926
120ON6PJL T 2414975502531653283010046346200
121VK2GRH T 117183190220112641609324145570
122OZ1AARLAT 6486524120729472941110011045210
123PA7FL 6815100021935520008714045066
124M3ML T S 15617731018411432813095219245030
125DJ1OJL T S 47944114420025432711210802044820
126SO5NL T 411063625321123442615211026044550
127E72ULA 19841011002141236529010900044145
128PA2WL T S 697052001914038230010110144137
129IK0FUXHA 307180611881840486111311043844
130ON6FCLA 5511187002532741310099315042966
131PA2TALA 209192702101741386010200042738
132ON9TTLAT 32107621102121752289010609341658
133SM6NTH 1663145602301230575010403241184
134NA8VH T 187721016114235107905141001
135F5OZCL S 76915111022933363060105014140950
136M5GL T S 47445820151282826208422039648
137PA0RDTQA S 2598701022051948296110338139037
138F5ICCL 31995700187234030009300138688
139DL0RDLAT S 01089110321204836939603138496
140E70XLAT S 2262105230212163245210114010136822
141EA2AZLA 7108781212065434011110006136600
142OZ3SMHAT 6455431311763030271019805034888
143EA3NOLAT 0131863202310108222011415034884
144OM3BYHA 0106960020204348009103034671
145IK1BPLL S 29116687022018374050100114134200
146OK1AGEL S 79742500178373716009006134020
147M2GHAT 03698460180015312807401033300
148F6FJELAT 32863631158204223318903031951
149SN6AHA 283101180204232481409605331680
150OL8MLAT S 780830017074046009301131341
151M3XL T S 0757814016704025907426231228
152UR5EJH 4571235312384253835110339031003
153UV1IXH r0151099402180124751011055529260
154ZL1IFH 05312812120302738157127129110
155VK2IMLAT 00817825184003239158605227434
156OM5MXL 22506260140163635609313027342
157HA6NLLA 0123516018004335508307027058
158SM5DXRL S 434070101164252338919607026496
159PY7XCHA 08149433149061046218306026228
160KR2QHAT 041800012102644007004025970
161OK2PFLA 106410528020752655210107114225894
162W4RNLAT 010162201740459206514025285
163G2XL T 294984101631824241067111225058
164UT8ASL S 817104513183613433439934024255
165LY3CYHA 21498000150192640008503024055
166G3SQUL 05259150126030241106502123790
167G3KNUL T 24278117140132301067929023226
168OZ3TQL S 17674790140123531608415022932
169ON5WLL T 23952500143184216007604022648
170GM4MQ T 13977234144127321137408022496
171YP3XLAT Sr68888131196536231117609122420
172YO8CORLA S 073882201830334119093414021948
173M3AWDLAT 0836880159035236064116020992
174G4SNDHAT 16265130141133228064010220608
175PA5NHAT 425059001512630240080011020480
176OM7LWLAT 589500014453629007001019460
177F6HDIHA S 1643320091143124006922019182
178DK5KKLAT S 1563740015392734007001119040
179M0SQCL S 04058210119024201305701018810
180IT9LKXLA 128121251176117471718344218177
181LY2MCLAT S 063566012503337607613017556
182SP2GCEL T 14361250130123352108000017520
183PE2KQA S 07110410176039351075013317475
184PA3DRLHAT S 086000860650006501017290
185UR7ECLA S 51420009335340006903017250
186G0TRTLA S 0963200128033150048012016800
187F5JBRL T S 1365406112592923616812216796
188DL3DRNL S 20506073140112739538508016745
189IQ2CJHAT 01270001270540005422016740
190US3EWL T 05952170128033261507402016576
191YL2NKL T S 15357010121122541007816115834
192I6FDJL T 759648013862534707205115552
193HA1VQHA S 163349010713824707025115540
194ZD7BGH 00312349103002118286702115276
195HG5DHA 0013520015500561707333015038
196S5/M0MPML T 38304220112212225207003114630
1974Z4UOQAT 03634238101021181476064314520
198UR4CULAT S 13561350132117342607807014508
199K8MPH T 02077109801639105623014504
200HB9HTFLA 01050001050530005314014204
Call Operators80m40m20m15m10mTotal80m40m20m15m10mTotalDupeBustNILTOTAL
   SectionQsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
201IZ0DHCL S 84310850164620493078416514040
202PA0CTLAT 31591200102213110006203014012
203MM0DGILAT S 010500010504800048111013824
204GI4NKBLA S 040591010002524105000113800
205HA5BAQ T 20166912011791443907504013800
206DK4HHQ 16493230100103022306502113585
207PA1BXHA 25394520111142822106504013455
2084X1STLAT S 0936609114071836667210013400
209PA3AAVHA 01106050175036283067023113400
210W1WBBLAT S 43433007132522005001013300
211OH5ZAH T S 00136201380068207001013230
212OK1FCAL S 05836009403626006221013082
213PA3ARML T 4544110010027219005700012825
214DF6RIL T 20483200100143022006606012738
215PD8MDL Sr055680012303431006516112675
216SQ9MZL 0316612010902140806902012558
217G4ZZLLA 63466110117420268058012312412
218G7XL T S 285000872410004326012384
219PA5PLA S 44523407643517406000012360
220DJ5KWLAT 067360010303819005702012255
221OE/YT7BAL T 01310001310490004957012250
222PA3DBSL T 29104400137153730055111111935
223UR1YAAL T 0111201013201054106504011765
224EA7QL T 0012936016500432206534311635
225PA3EWGL 27472800102173117006509011635
226DL2NBYLAT S 01210001210420004211111424
227UR3QXLA 04237261106025272017306011242
228G6CL T 025830010802130005145411220
229HA3HXQA S 230700010222338006320111151
230G4EUWLAT S 038631010202624105127211016
231UW3WFH 131252738791239737004010990
232G0JOSLA S 1334320079102520005505110890
233G3GHAT 09811121030838825607110864
234F5OIHLAT S 092000920460004613010764
2359A9OLAT 1173160010073713005708010488
236PA5WTHA 068330010103418005213010348
237G4POFL T S 04619106603115104701010340
238M0DCGL T S 173515006715209004400110296
239PA2VSLAT S 077271010503214104701010246
240YT1XCLA 03455609502138606504010010
241LX1NOHAT 0382431660291621480109696
242G0MTNHAT 5412350745231450470309588
243ES5NYLA 0395714011002025110560409576
244SP5LSTHA 42580001002226000480409408
245G3RKFL T 172329207115161610480409024
246YO4LHRQ 08257001390252400494809016
247N3UAHAT 0352960700221840441408712
248SE5VQ T 0504600960272500521328684
249F5PALHAT 00923901310035200550108635
250OK1DXXL 0711600870351200470118507
251IZ3NVRQ T S 3326415411831731102630908505
252OH8DRLA r0015200152005000502718400
253CT1ELZL T S 018571709201340130660408382
254SE6KL 23951621001232852591918260
2559A3YTHAT 0511700122035300560608232
256M7GLWL T Sr6373200754191900420438148
257LB2WDL 1524010941272310522407904
258EI6JKHAT 0175800750162500410107872
259SD6ML 22381500751524900480107824
260G5LPL T 0422310660191800370207770
261IZ5BBSL 0424216010002027110581617714
262DF7XRQ 0441140590341130480007680
263DK2FGLAT 07700077038000380007676
264SQ9FMUH T 0442550740281840500207650
265SP7JDILAT S 023341707401623160550017480
266PD7CJTL 0483000780271900460007038
267IT9VDQHAT S 009181100004961560206888
268YO4SIL T S 22172113073141412130531306784
269IT9PPGLAT S 0010230105004920511026681
270SV5/G4ERWL T S 00963201280035140492226566
271S50RL 0010610107005410553506545
272IZ4OSHL T 0010600106005200520616500
273F5JUL S 0292821600242621530106413
274HA5CQZLA S 45500059437000410006396
275SP2DKILA 5233801674182901520116240
276SQ5JH T 3931000701926000450506210
277HF5WIML T 131823415912141931490106076
278F5MGDL 262414006417171100450205850
279OK1DVAL 011613075093730490005684
280YO2GLLAT 04604068034330490105684
281IK6QRHLAT 4192900524182700490205439
282EA4HKFL T 00175001750053005312935406
283VR2GPHA 0011591282009298460405382
284WA2JQKL T 04651052027410321405344
285DF7CLAT 132819006111171400420115208
286PA0ZAVL T S 0354100760221900410115043
287PG2VL T S 0084190103003480420004956
288OP4AQ 0351410500261310400004880
289OM7ATL T 13172040549141540420004746
290G1SCTH 1582420491261420340114624
291DL9GMCL 054810072026870412704592
292G4ETSLA 0153720540121920330004554
293OK1DKEL S 00870087004700470514512
294SV4FFLHAT S 0012000120003600361214428
295DO2XUL T S 61000061310000310204340
296DL5YLHA 53000053310000310014278
297OH1RXHA 04900049033000331204224
298G0KPELAT 04200143028001291204176
299US1VMQA 2145511732103311470304136
300ZA1AKLA 00760076004100410114100
Call Operators80m40m20m15m10mTotal80m40m20m15m10mTotalDupeBustNILTOTAL
   SectionQsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
301G7DLA S 20014180521807100350403990
302G4LPPLA S 03480042020800280103920
303SV8SXFLA 0047260730025210460403910
304EA2SNL T S 4113000453112500390003861
305HG7JQA 112015104710151310390103783
306SP3FSMH 00621164003911411003772
307LY2LFQ 00691070004010410213731
308PC5QLAT 421010053238100320313712
309DL4WALAT 02388250023272430103569
310G4ENZLAT 00387045002770340013536
311BD1IIJLAT 0002921500002114350103535
3129H1CGL T S 0146600800102700370103404
313YO4AACQ T 1638190641419170410123362
314DK3AXH 0401100510211000310003348
315ON6LOLA 0263460660132040370203256
316OE5TXFHAT 1516000311415000290103132
317OH2BNL 0038150530030110410003116
318ON5ZZLA 291090048178700320103104
319G4CMYL T S 32630032312200171102958
320G5BBLL T 03200032022000220012728
321IK0PXDL T 02464860013128420602562
322GM2SLAT S 07410048071500220002552
323G0ORHH T 00338950001766290202494
324DL2PRQA S 0271800450191500340402482
325SP2FAPHA 00550055003400340102448
326IZ2EJUL S 00540054003200320002432
327YU1RALAT 0281500430161200280002380
328PC6RHAT 23636107521618103701012368
329F5INDQA 0123400460102400340302346
330UV3RTQA 70390046702500320002336
331VE2FKHAT 00340034002400240002304
332IK4WKUL S 00540054003200321202112
333PA1BBOL S 02557037018460280002100
334JN4MMOHAT 00349052002240261312080
335DH2URFHA 81700025714000210002058
336G5MDRQ S 02600026019000190311900
337G0IBNL T 10502154101621203101880
338SN9DTHAT 212291044192010311501829
339GM0SEFH T 06291037051610220101804
340UX8IXQ T S 0023250480015150300201680
341G4HPYL T 16162025161420230001610
342ON4CTLAT 1327141055414900270601593
343EA7GZQHAT S 03100031022000221201584
344OK1PFML 014193036081330240001512
345PA2DKL T 27300030192000210201260
346VU3GDSQAT 00123630001155210201197
347AE1TLAT 00231024001710180011116
348DH0JAEL T 0131100240101100210001092
349OK5SAL S 02000020016000160101088
350DL8UKWLAT 02400024018000181101080
351OH5MQL T 0230502801703020010960
352W1KMHA 48100134610011000946
353F5JDBL S 0050005000230023263920
354TA3DL T S 0270002701600016040896
355ON6LRLAT S 0200002001600016010864
3569M2ALAT S 0180001801100011000836
357PA3GDGLA 01511002601270019020836
358LZ2MPLAT S 0021002100200020000780
359YO3LWHA 0340003401800018130756
360BD3TEL T S 0021701900214016000688
361PA4OESLAT S 0421002504140018000684
362K4RUMHAT 0027002700150015020660
363UY5TEL 0041612100315119001646
364PA2CHML T 01018002807110018030594
365SE4ELAT S 01114002507120019020570
366PA3EZCHAT 00271304000129021050567
367SM7RYRLAT 0041204300182020060560
368HB9IIHLA S 0514122203111116010480
369YB9ELSLAT S 0112823200116118180468
370IN3MNSLA S 0153001801130014010448
371VA2URHA 0022002200130013020429
372F5MLJL S 0020002000150015000405
373BH6BEZH T Sr6400010430007002364
374BI3VJLQ S 00861150075113020325
375DO6ANL T S 13000013900009000288
376DL8WJMLA 061000160670013020286
377EA8AQMQ 007163260049215040255
378SP8GNFLA 0023002300170017040238
379OH1TSL 00860140075012010228
380DM3VPJL 01050015053008000224
381JK1RSJL Sr00012012000909010216
382N1SOHLA M 008008008008000176
383NE5ALAT 00170017008008010160
384AC5XKLAT S 0084012006208000152
385DB100FKL T S 060006060006000144
386DK5VHL Sr051006051006000120
387IK2IKWL T 0470011035008010104
388YO9HGLA r0020002000130013150104
389M0KHXLA Sr00700700600600172
390NJ8JL T S 03000303000300072
391YB2IQHA 073001005300801072
392IK1EQEL S 06000605000500070
393JH7UJUQ 00320500320500055
394EA5XALA S 00900900600600154
395VE9KKL T S 00900900300300036
396VK4DRKL 00500500500500035
397JR6QXLQ S 00030300030300030
398TA4RCL T S 02000202000200024
399JA4MRLLAT S 0001120001120004
400JR1NKNQ T S 0001120001120004
Call Operators80m40m20m15m10mTotal80m40m20m15m10mTotalDupeBustNILTOTAL
   SectionQsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
401KK0ULAT S 0010010010010004
402PY2EBDHA 0100010100010002
403BA3AXL T S 0071101800370100610
404PY4MEHA 000012120000770300
405ZM4YYH T S 001300130060060400
406DM6MAL 0001010000000000
407EA4HIHLA 001041150044080400
408IU3BROHAT 01813003105200701180

Checklogs received with thanks from :



UKEICC CW DX Contest 27/04/2024 Soapbox Comments small station -- 9M2A/9M2LAN Thanks to all who worked me! Enjoyed it! Would like to have had more. -- AB5XM Thanks, -- BA3AX Operator Aged 16 QRV From BH6BEZ Izumi Chino's Contest Base 80m&40m Antenna: Dipole -- BH6BEZ Thank you for organizing this very nice contest! I really enjoyed it. 73 Tom, DF7TV -- DF7TV Unfortunately only very few UKEI-stn. I was looking for new WABs. -- DH0JAE My suggestion is to have UKEI evaluated together with Helvetia Contest. DX stations need to send the same LOG to RSGB and USKA... or USKA and RSGB exchange DX LOGs with each other. PSE HW? -- DL1EFW My 3 element beam went defect just prior to the start of the contest. Thus I had to use an unadjusted dipole (SWR 9) for 20 m up. However the propagation on the higher bands was miserable anyway. -- DL2OM Had fun at changing propagation conditions. RIG - ICOM7400 at 80 Watts Antenna: ONE dipol 2x20m up 5m: DOUBLET OVERLAY . -- DL5KUD very bad condx this year -- DL5YM Elecraft K3 SO1R! 3-ele Beam Dipoles. Vy bad conds this year. -- DP5X/DL5JQ Sooo many errors and not just due to bad condx--but good fun just the same. Thanks for the Qs -- EI2KA Only small entry as on night duty at work over weekend. Antenna was inverted L for 80, works well on 20 and 40 .73 de Mark . -- EI6JK It was my pleasure again -- EI8JX Conditions on Saturday were poor on 10 & 15m. Better Sunday. Not as well supported this year. Still good fun. 73 EI5KF -- EI8X/EI5KF Checklog -- F3WT 20m+40m -- F5JDB SUNSDR PRO2 Antennas: Dipole -- F5OIH Merci à tous ! -- F5OZC 80W - Dipole & Vertical antennas -- F6FJE Just a small entry. Will try a fuller participation next year. 73 -- G0KPE Could only operate Sunday so just put in a token log for 10, 15,20m -- G0ORH Had to stop with problems -- G2X/G0DCK Terrible propagation - disappointing -- G3RWF Had spurious keying problem - sorry to those that were on the receiving end. Was com port driver issue-fixed for Sunday. Conditions were poor but picked up Sunday morning. Never worked so many HB9s before! -- G3SWC no condx on 10m till 1100z! quite busy on others cheers mike -- G3VYI HF Conditions not good for QRP. I only had one QSDO with USA, although I did QSO VK2GR on 20m. -- G4BUE appalling prop -muf rarely above 15MHz. -- G4DBW Not much time to take part. Got some good practice in RUN mode rather than my usual S&P. Pity conditions were so por, just improving right at the end. -- G4DDL Only a token effort this year. -- G4ENZ Extremely hard work. most extroidinary conditions. -- G4EUW Just had a bit of time to dip my toe in the water and give out a few points -- G4LPP Terrible conditions -- G4SND enjoyable contest! thanks everyone! -- G5BBL Ic-705 with a monoband mobile whip on the balcony. 40m only. -- G5MDR SD Used For Logging -- G6C/M0ITR Very poor band conditions. -- G6M/G4BYG Came on to support the event and "give points away". Disappointed level of interest in the event. -- G9F/G4BVY Poor conditions - thanks for the QSOs. 73 Chris -- GM2V/GM3WOJ Not good conditions. Upper HF bands miserable, but good fun all the same. Thanks to all. IC-7300, 100w. -- GM4JYB K2 - 5 watts. Hexbeam and verticals -- GW4J/GW0ETF Had a dabble, pity not much action on 10m -- GW4OKT sorry bad propagation -- HA1VQ IC-735 -- HA5CQZ ICOM756pro 100w dipole -- HA6NL Excellent contest. My first time of participation. Best 73'ss to the Organizers -- HF5WIM ukei cw contest -- IK1BPL sorry not much time to stay -- IK6QRH FTdx5000MP + 5 meters balcony stylus at 11° floor! -- IT9VDQ logging made partly with skookumlogger and thus partly with dxlog (approx 50%-50%) -- IU3BRO k3 100w lw + titan dx -- IV3FPX I USED EI5DI SUPERDUPER FOR LOGGING. IT IS GREAT -- IZ2EJU cw ci mantiene giovani -- IZ5BBS FT-817ND DP Yagi -- JH7UJU Many thanks for picking up my weak signal. IC-705(5W)+shaped"L"vertical DP -- JR6QXL Well, that was a bust. -- KK0U Band condx were not very good. Still had an enjoyable time. -- KR2Q VERTICAL ANTENNA 40/20/15M FT-710 100W -- M0SQC/M0JWT Terrible conditions, worst in many years -- M1T/M0KYB Sorry I could only operate for 3 short sessions, I have just had a hip replacement operation and it was just too uncofratable for me to sit in the shack chair for more than 40-45 mins, enjoyed what I did, pity condx were so poor -- M2G/G4RCG Conditions poor QRN -- M3M/G3PLE FLEX6400 to Doublet - and using SDC software by Yuri. -- M4N/G4IZZ Conditions were generally disappointing and especially so on HF. Great that there were some very keen entrants from outside the G and EI. -- M5DX/G4FAL First time on this contest unfortunately could not do more than a few hours and had equipment problems but enjoyed the CW as always. Thanks 73 and CUAGN I use EI5DI's SD for my contest logging -- M5G/G0ORY Nice to have a good pileup on 80m in the evening. Just using an 80m inv-v, it tuned on 20 and 15 but wasn't great. Could have done with a 40m antenna too. Condx seemed very poor. -- M5M/G4BRK Really enjoy the 12 hr category. A sub-optimal strategy but it makes fitting contest around the family possible. 100W, fan dipole & inverted-L. -- M6W/G3WW Good fun even with my 10w and a wire. -- M7TSM Slow -- M7Z/G4BWP Poor conditions on the high bands, but good fun. -- M8M/G0JJG Limited time entry due to family commitments this weekend -- MM1E/MM0GOR Awful conditions best dx Japan on 15m on Sunday Thanks to all who worked me. -- MM3T/GM0ELP Seriously antenna challenged....just a quarter wave vertical for 40m and a 4 ele for 10m. The vertical was dragged kicking and screaming onto 15m (not too bad) and 20m with an atu. Didn't hear a single thing on 10m until 2 hours before the end of the contest! Overall band conditions were dreadful. Many stations not interested in working UKEI as they were busy with other contest...Florida QSP party, HB test and some SA test also. Another date in the future to not clash with other events would be good. Thanks to all for the QSOs and points. 73 de John, GM4ATA (aka MM4D) -- MM4D/GM4ATA Well the first 21 hours was yuck. Really poor conditions. The last few hours were fun with 10 opening and some good dx along the way and more districts worked. Thanks for all the Qs -- MM9I/GM0OPS My 2nd UKEI CW. Unfortunately condx on high bands were bad. -- OH1NA/OH1NOA Short visito on 40m. TU fer QSOs! -- OH1RX RIG: Kenwood TS-440S PWR: 80 W ANT: 40 m - Dipole 15 m - Half square -- OH5MQ Upper bands very poor. -- OH5ZA/OH1ZAA Rig[s]IC-7600-100WAntena[s]3el.YAGI,LW82m -- OK2MBP Flex 6500 Antennas: FD4 ECO 3x3 -- OK2PF TNX 73! -- OM7AT The activity was rather low so I could not make a high qso rate. But I enjoyed working CW in the contest. Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL -- ON5WL UK/EI DX CW -- ON6FC check log -- ON6LO IC 703 DIPOLE -- OP4A During the contest I observed very deep QSB on many participants, so sometimes it was a bit of a challenge to get the data correctly registered -- OZ1AAR I ALWAYS ENJOY USING SD LOG -- OZ3TQ RIG: RGO-ONE at 5W ANT: doublet 2 x 16m 12m up keying: K1EL Winkeyer USB 9A5N single lever paddle logging: N1MM with Spectrum Window via RSP1A connected via solid state T/R switch. -- PA0RDT just a few QSO's but on 20 M in de morning some QSB nest time more time planned used SD for post contest logging -- PA2CHM nice contest my rig here icom ic-7300 pwr 400 watt antenne is a inverted V dipole -- PA3DRL there is a chance to mix with helvetia cw -- PA3EWG FT991A 100W all dipoles My first paticipation in this contest, licenced 2023. 73 to all. -- PD8MD 73 tu -- PE2K TS-590SG, 100W, Windom@15m -- S57KM poor conditions on HF -- S5/M0MPM/M0MPM Very bad conditions -- SM2M/SM2LIY Elecraft K3 100W to KT34XA CL-33 and Inverted Dipoles Bad condx good activity. I had to leave before the end of the contest because of our twin grandchildrens 10 year birthday celibration! Tnx for all contacts de Allan -- SM5CSS 73 de SM5SIC Göran -- SM5S RIG: FTDX-3000 abt 50Wtts. Ant.: Lw for all bands with AT MFJ-948 -- SP1AEN FTDX-10 100W AND WINDOM FD-3 ANT. FATAL PROPAGATION. -- SP7JDI Nice contest! -- SQ5J rig-IC746 ; pwr-100W ; ant-GP -- SQ9FMU Holiday-style operation. Hotel let me use the flagpole on the beach for my linked-dipole! -- SV5/G4ERW/G4ERW IC-746 + DIPOLE -- UR7EC Flex-6400 Antennas: Windom Spider -- UT4LW TRX - MiniYES + PA 100 Wt Ant - 1-el 85m Delta -- UT8AS ICOM-718 -- UW3WF Nothing heard on the 10m band in SE New South Wales. -- VK2GR I strongly disagree with the punishment of individual UA/EW hams by exclusion because of their governments policies. Ham radio as a sport and art in general must be above politics of the day as it used to be in the past. -- VK2IM Single element antenna category: 88 ft doublet up near 40 ft high (via tuner, all bands). -- W1WBB Conditions were exceeding poor but the turnout from UK & EI was just as poor. -- W4RN 73 -- YO2GL FTdx 101D, AT-600PROII tuner and Horizontal loop for 80 m band antenna -- YO4FHU uSDR 5W OCFD (40m) HB9CV (14m) -- YO4LHR Bad propagation. -- YO4NT RIG: KENWOOD TS-450SAT 100 W; ANT: FD4 -- YO4SI MY LICENSE 06 06 2021 -- YP3X/YO3HEX FLEX 6600, PGXL 1.4 kW -- YU5R/YT2AAA Heavy QSB & QRN made this contest very difficult. Not many stations heard. -- ZD7BG

Feedback from the Adjudicators

Their are a number of different HF contests almost every weekend now. Unfortunately, despite knowing our dates well in advance (the dates for every year until 2030 are on our Rules page), the HB9 contest chose to use the same weekend for their event. This lead to some confusion, particularly over what exchange to log. Note 2 at the top of our rules page clearly states that you should log a zero if the other station does not send you a serial number. We intend to clarify this wording further, given the likelihood of other contests on the same weekend in the future. Our electronic adjudication software allows us to publish the provisional results very quickly after the 24-hour log submission deadline. Our log submission robot identifies logs which have some problem and informs the entrant that they should correct the problem and resubmit their logfile. Some entrants can only do this after the deadline has passed - we are happy to receive these corrected logfiles, provided that they do not affect the overall scoring positions too much.

Some Statistics

UKEICC CW DX Contest Contest - Adjudication Report - 27/04/2024 Total QSOs: 46402 Cross Checked QSOs: 28544 UK/EI night bonus QSOs: 615 Total Entrants: 445 UK/EI Entrants: 94 EU Entrants: 294 DX Entrants: 57 Non-entrants are all callsigns worked who didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants: 1962 UK/EI Non-entrants: 255 EU Non-Entrants: 1277 DX Non-Entrants: 430 Total Unique Non-entrants: 1147 UK/EI Unique Non-entrants: 165 EU Unique Non-Entrants: 711 DX Unique Non-Entrants: 271 Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 316 UK/EI Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 33 EU Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 245 DX Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 38 Top 20 non entrants F5IN 337 QSO records with last sent serial number of 13 IQ4RN 276 QSO records with last sent serial number of 353 DL4HRM 274 QSO records with last sent serial number of 574 GM3YEH 268 QSO records with last sent serial number of 337 GS8VL 233 QSO records with last sent serial number of 300 OK6OK 223 QSO records with last sent serial number of 292 IZ4JMA 217 QSO records with last sent serial number of 274 M4T 191 QSO records with last sent serial number of 251 IQ4FE 190 QSO records with last sent serial number of 236 S51DX 187 QSO records with last sent serial number of 249 EA1X 186 QSO records with last sent serial number of 241 DJ5CW 181 QSO records with last sent serial number of 247 OM8AA 160 QSO records with last sent serial number of 219 E77EA 155 QSO records with last sent serial number of 204 HB1A 153 QSO records with last sent serial number of 1 IK0YVV 151 QSO records with last sent serial number of 192 IZ8GUQ 147 QSO records with last sent serial number of 192 YO8EU 147 QSO records with last sent serial number of 184 M0AGP 143 QSO records with last sent serial number of 174 F8DGY 132 QSO records with last sent serial number of 180