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Results - DX SSB Contest - 22/23rd October 2016

The UKEICC team apologise to all entrants for the delay in finalising these results, but here they are now.... Thanks for entering the second UK/EI DX SSB Contest - we hope you enjoyed the event. We received 55 more entries than last year's first event, so that is a good sign for the long-term future of this contest. Several entrants mentioned the 2-hour log submission deadline as being a problem for them. We are planning to change this to either (a) 24 hours or (b) the end of the day following the day the contest finishes - in both cases if you want to be eligible for an Award, and something like 3 days or 5 days for all other entrants. This change and some other minor changes to the Rules will be made before the April 2017 CW event. Congratulations to Clive GM3POI (GM3X) on winning Overall, the UK/EI and High Power sections - all in 12 hours of operating. Congratulations to the Caithness Amateur Radio Society MS0FNR multi-op team (GM0TKB MM6DHW GM4JYB 2M0WIC 2M0DOU) in second place Overall. Also to Leif OZ1IA as the top European station, the Avondhu Radio Club EI1E multi-op team (EI4KH EI5KF EI7HIB EI9GRB) as top EI station and to Pavlo UV7V as the top single-op Low Power station. Christian EI6HZB is the top EI single-op station and Sergei RV9DC is the top DX station entrant. (More comments and the 12hr/24hr Results tables to follow.....) Awards - these are still being sorted out - the Awards page still lists the 2015/16 Awards, but will be updated in the next week or two. The UK/EI DX CW Contest is on 22/23rd April 2017. 73 Simon M0VKY and Chris GM3WOJ - Adjudicators.

Combined Results
UK/EI Sections
EU Sections
DX Sections

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Breakdown of Section Designators
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
H = High Power
L = Low Power
A = Assisted T = 12hr Entry M = Multi-op
R = Remote
S = Single Element
r = Rookie

Combined Results

Call Section 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Dupe Bust NIL TOTAL
      Qs Qs Qs Qs Qs QSOs Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults Mults       Pts
1GM3XH T 1122825231189104464105654072814621006542
2MS0FNRHA M 158170177863594647845232212060472336
3OZ11AH 1202732801706905998951202640164376200
4EI1EH M 10213325711186114967452581943150362780
5RK4FLHA 4523921217410177129847753412841235352728
6G6MCHAT 60164211740509398152330205572321850
7G0GHKLA M 11185182535436574546285181052269328
8M0MCVH T 93249710241549912802170060251940
9UV7VL S 581302291120529356277590233180216457
10UR2YL T 61512681151541565906912303181214820
11ON4AYML T 61366000427341300001640140190240
12G4FZNH T S 13203105190340119339110154061178332
13G4FJKHAT 951960002915692000148220166944
14RK3AWH 2517713512104581672535501960131159740
15SO7BITL r67141183260417345977150185173147075
16YO9HPHATM 184625715734811522818032012101144720
17EI6HZBL T S 59941014210306414835206150030141300
18M7OH 129723063040283651160111762136530
19UT8ASL 398516012634132147566611913140123768
20RW1FHAT 32743191010526234399601711100115596
21GW4EVXL T 771224011025041671960133131114114
22OK2MBPL 697820981365343686511621111102870
23RV9DCL S 5241766911285518644310140150100660
24EI9HQH TM 88674827223254412315113403299964
25US2YWHAT 06629835240103597222156311296252
26EI7CCL T 416616537331225413216311704196174
27G3PXTH S 0255000255010400010409196096
28M4JH T 86676721024143382212011513294530
29G4DDXL T S 4315734902432570174011618193264
30EI6JKHAT 29143125018918599308903089000
31DM5TSH 821668002564781800136210288808
32GM0FGIL T 416911632025831433415012334188314
33OR5THAT 51144601712733070247113228184744
34M9TLAT S 92645621023354322110011706084708
35MM1EH T 7658582412174729238110800080784
36LZ1NDL T 1331681242234811860622116207279542
37GM0AXYHA 2310496702301755343010914274774
38OH4BNPHA M 3151159614306202862363149010070328
39GW4JH T 592510943023637123419010211069564
40IT9SSIHAT S 0019012310323007168714637062926
41LX9EGH T 0130696602650563134012152262799
42IK2YCWHAT 121108815022510683910012703461468
43RU5TTH 08147117303020859571914323156199
44SE4ELA S 216613627025014395717012702055626
45RL4AHA 3419014732313222435517139215054627
46PA7WWL 511492002023172200105010051870
47EI7KDH T 2543107141190142432717803151324
48PA3AAVL TM 0711344702520524121011406051186
49DL8UDLAT 67103591185415635110603050138
50IT9FRXH 031155114030001952620133121047215
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
51PE1FTVLATM 6562542012023640217110512245990
52SQ3JPVH 2764110002011835590011215042336
53LA5FBAL MS 307581001862241440010713241623
54G4DYAL T S 3353561961672330231038916040940
55GW4OGOL 10696918617294123938514139610
56SE5NHA 2850841301752326447010002034500
57SD6ML 237474001712147330010105134441
58PE1EWRLA M 35804492170244518519303133945
59M0GLVHA S 29843819017014451512086019032680
60OM4JH TM 2634138001981822650010506030975
61PA0MIRHAT 60354090144412520509100030576
62G3VGZH T 284342220135223018807815029796
63PD7DXLA 0481940024203044007403028934
64DL5YMHA 0418823021504721409007027900
65ES1BHHA 2411442502121265812097413227257
66SV2DSJH T 0601460020603253008518025925
67RZ3ZL S 1422763961579173929610013024100
68PA2CVDL S 1855121216014621817702023716
69GM0ELPHA 1821431216614236125541022990
70R3LCL T 00209002090082008204121648
71SE5LL 182791150151181741708303020667
72M0RYBL T S 30342970100222013606100120252
73MI0OBCL 6258018313242228926504020020
74HS0ZHCL 00514538134002732157404119980
75GM0WEDL T 3039196094232812306603019932
76PD8DXL T 066990216703729016703019631
77SV2BXAL 058352814804393788802019184
78RW3XZH S 00217002170071007107019028
79EA8CNRLA 016245017107013182796722118626
80PA1NLHA 426300010525420006702018492
81IK8UNDH T 009056014600424308501018445
82UR4PWCHA M 0321309017102048707525017850
83UN8PTLATM 025266012002273206100017568
84M6BIRLA S 27423080107162916406507217030
85OZ9VL 1746192301051131151607301216936
86G4POFL T S 0444614310703020916002016920
87OL9RL S 01180001180560005621216464
88K4BAIH T 006451011500323106301016191
89RW3AIQ S 131170322128910402518504116150
90OM6ATL 12286712212191844717904015405
91G4ERWL T S 0840100940420504703015040
92PC2LL T Sr11100001115500005513014850
93S56ALAT 325764010832047307300014673
94GM3AL T S 3327340094211917005706014478
95G3RSDL T S 2829240081222111005402014256
96G4DBWH T S 2425526080181951205400014256
97IT9OPRL 1610228113816511717621014136
98PA1PL T S 24937263117230191426702013869
99DL1SWBLA 65733009663622006403013440
100M5ZAPL T S 433362249931919925203013312
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
101G0OOFL T 0295519010301922804915012054
102PA0EMOL 856333010083217205907011623
103OH7MFOHATM 053560010903437007118111573
104G0BBOL T S 028451208502419805100111424
105LZ2FML MS 02247410110015272706904011316
106IZ0VXYL S 02339390101014223106702010452
107IZ3SQWHAT 008033211500512217406010138
108F6DRPL M 0228921013201335130610519882
109TA1BXL 09794092064020481419744
110SM5NQBLA 001052601310046140601309480
111EB5CSL T S 0155530010001037160630209009
112K3ZOH M 3114011065392590460308372
113SP3PQAT 17759092174360571208094
114SQ8NHA 00990099005300530208056
115TA4AKSL T S 0194460690132650440207920
116S53MHAT 07736086064640560007728
117G0HDVL T 017451908101219110420207392
118LZ1RFHAT 0010330106004630490007203
119TA3MHAH 0251220750228160460207176
120IU3BTYHAT S 00970097005700572607068
121PA7SLL S 04223100750301140450017020
122TA2ANBL S 0193660610122160390106864
123DF6QEL 03337100810251560460106762
124PE2AELAT 02937123810202082500306700
125RN4SCL S 016602109701328180590606667
126EA3AYQL 041061411250443815631136664
127LZ2ZYL T S 0011700117004600463416348
128EW8GL 75647083653460510006273
129OZ1NLDHAT S 0501400640301100413335535
130EA1FALAT 0521600680311200430425031
131ON5WLL T 3023600682211500381204674
132EI3HDBL T S 2216000381710000270004536
133WJ2DHA 00428050002660320004480
134GW9JLAT S 79381358481612310104464
135DK5KKLAT Sr49100050321000330104422
136PA4GDRH S 01942181800131681380004370
137RT1QL T 0039332740023212460104370
138IU2FGBLA 01929121610152041401114160
139UT4UMZLAT 01742100690132560441404092
140EA5IJGLAT Sr0057241820029161460403910
141EA8CSRLA S 00647172002850330513795
142UT3EKQA M 58490163472901410013608
143M6KNSLAT r0144000540101900290033596
144SJ4FHAT 03900039028000280003472
145OH1TDH TM 00671068003810390203471
146OE3VIAL 3203720623172410452803465
147G8AFNL S 0112610350081461290103306
148VK3GKHA 00299038002290310003286
149OH4EBDLAT S 00490049004000400103160
150DL3ARML 1810700351510700320102976
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
151IZ4AIFL T 1010300050972000360302808
1522E0WDX/PLA 03300033023000230102760
153G0CPAL S 96313049751420282322632
154SQ9SLAT S 00610061003200320102624
155PA3DBSL T 2253150631151540350702590
156YT5MLA 0246210690120170380612546
157PA3HCCL 0213710590151710330312541
158F6GEUL 8101613350571391350202485
159PA3ARML 0162905500141403310202449
160HB9MXYL 2201422402161221330112442
161VE3FJH T 002111032001680240002184
162SY1AQGQA 09307046082050330202178
163PA3JQDL r2429000531417000310802170
164GW0RYTHAT 00390746001903220002112
165DL9FBL S 5161900405111400300202070
166SV1KYCLAT S 012324048092210320302016
167DK8HEL S 917117145713851340302006
168G0WWDL T S 02196240015741270501998
169LB5BGL T Sr102500035919000280401904
170EW6FLA 00560056002800280001876
171EI3CTBL T S 7178003268700210311764
172PH4EL S 4182200443131000260101716
173IW1CHXL T S 012340046072500320501664
1749A5CANL T S 00376144002351290101653
175RA3RLA 00464050002840320201568
176EA3ARPL Sr012450057082400321501536
177SV1PMRL 03040043030210241001464
178OH1XFEL T Sr06172025061520230001426
179OE5HELL 1151500311131100250201425
180EA3ELZL 101190030811600250101375
1812E0HCLL T r012120024011800190001368
182OZ4NAL T 41330020412300190001368
183UT5ECZHAT 56150026561300240011368
184M0MPML T S 08153026081120210011344
185DJ6TKL T Sr0035210560019100290701334
186EA3EZDH 00380038002600260011326
187S52WWHATM 010260036091500240201224
188F6IHYL TM 01651224014411200201180
189SV3RPQL M r02250128022001230001173
190IN3BJSHA M 01303034012120240101152
191LZ3SDH T 02264032021840240101056
192HB9FVLH T S 002711341001651220101034
193M1PTRL T 081050230784019010988
194IK1XPK/QRPQ Sr0278024213301128121521545988
195RW3VAL T S 0025803300157022000968
196UR3QCWL T 0250002501600016000960
197VE3MISHA 0018001800140014110952
198PA1TOL T 0717302707123022000946
199PA1DILAT 01313002609100019000912
200EU6AAL T 2425103214181024030888
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
201IT9GHWLAT 0329203402182022010880
202MM0XDGQ T 0019802700115016000864
203YO3JAVL Sr0044004400250025180850
204HB9RBLAT S 0034003400200020111820
205PA7AML Sr014150029010100020120820
206SP1VL 0027002700200020000800
207PY9GCH 0091602500810018020792
208K7WPHAT 0002002000015015000780
209TA2ACWL S 05660170456015000780
210M6YOML Sr0002522700012214010756
211G4KIUL T S 0027002700150015010750
212RA7MLA 0030003000210021010735
213SQ8MFBQ TM 1180001911400015000720
214G0FPUL T 65660234454017021680
215M6YTUL T Sr0015702200114015000660
216DL0WML T S 0200002001100011001660
217TA1APIH 01016002607100017140629
218EA3HJOL T 01312002508100018030612
219SF3AL S 041020160492015000600
220YT0IL T 0028002800210021020588
221PD7CJTL 0038003800190019040570
222RT5CHAT 0023002300190019010570
223LA8OKAL T S 0817002505100015010480
224HG2UKL 0017602300135018010468
225PA3GEOLA S 0130001301100011000462
226M0VSELAT Sr041040180383014011420
227LY5IL S 1400001413000013010416
228M6OCRQ T Sr0018202000102012011360
229DO3GNL Sr11000011900009000324
230VK6VAXL 00930120093012000324
231SM7ATLL T 0140001401100011010308
232TA7EBL T 0011001100110011000308
233TA2ANLL S 0480012036009001306
234TA4SOHA S 009110200066012020264
235IK2MXML 3125903811144020090260
236OK4ASQ T 0018001800120012010252
237G4AYUL T S 01000010080008010224
238HA6NLQAT 0022002200140014006224
239TA2LPLA 0552012035109010198
2409A2VXL T S 080008080008000176
241PY2ZZZH T 00012012000707000175
242TA4ALA M 001010110091010010170
243VK6DWLAT 00120012008008010168
244PP5JAHA S 0731011032106001156
245V6ZH T 008008007007000140
246G4GSAQ 30370040007007001126
247EU1EUL T S 00140014009009010126
248PA60WIMQ T S 00130215007018000120
249TA5FALAT 007007007007000112
250KD4QMYL T 005005005005000100
   QsQsQsQsQsQSOsMultsMultsMultsMultsMultsMults   Pts
251YO9HGL T 000230230001301306091
252KC3HEOL r31200621100401080
253NC4MIL T 00500500500500080
254VU2URQ T S 00150600150600078
255RA9MXL TMS 00220400220400064
256VE2GTHAT S 00310400310400064
257F/KX6HL T Sr009301200620802056
258IZ5VCILAT 029001101700802048
259SD3AL TM 0010001000600601048
260TA1CHH 00400400400400048
261YO3GNFH S 00410500400401016
262K2MVLAT Sr00020200020200016
263N9NBCQAT 00200200200200016
264TA3EPL T Sr00140500130401016
265TA2DXH MSr0020020020020008
266OZ8PGL TMS 0400040300030106
267G0MCVL T S 010000100300030200
268M6ZGYQ Sr021900300000000000
269DF4JMLAT r0300030200020100
270NU1HH 0310040100010300


Checklogs received with thanks from : 5B4AHL, 9M6XRO, EA5DFV, G3VIP, GM4AFF, GW4BLE, HG1G, K4RUM, M3ZZF, PA3KL, PD0MHZ, PD3EDA, PD7RB, RA9AMO, SP9KJU, SQ9MZ, TA3ABM, UW1M, W1/CT1AGF please use as checklog -- 5B4AHL Rig: FT-1000MP & Quadra @ 400w to 2-el Quad up 27m. Very poor & noisy condx, worse on the Sunday. Contest activity level seemed very low. -- 9M6XRO First time to be into this Contest -- DJ6TK my Rig ELECRAFT K3 an a 80m Loop & Mosley TA34 tnx foe all activity de Dl1SWB vy 73 -- DL1SWB fine contest, cu -- DL3ARM Cond. not the best but it was Fun first Time to work this Contest. See you next Time Log by SD Programm -- DL8UD Ts2000 / 90 w / Vert. anten/ -- EA3AYQ very QSB, Great Contest all the best,73 From EA5IJG. licenced July of 2014. -- EA5IJG Yaesu FT-950 Antena Dipole & Solarcom A99 -- EA8CNR 1st Multi event entry from EI1E. We hope this event grows. Thanks to all for enjoyable weekend. -- EI1E Nice contest, unfortunately the Ten Tec broke down at the end of it. -- EI6HZB HAD FUN WILL BE BACK FOR MORE NEXT YEAR WITH A FULL 24 HOUR RUN TNX FOR RUNNING CONTEST -- EI9HQ eu1eu@xxxxxx -- EU1EU Rig - FT-840 pwr=100W ant - Delta Loop 168m. 73 and CU next year -- EU6AA IC-746pro 70w ant GP -- EW8G Traveling in France. Operating portable with Alex Loop and 10 watts. -- F/KX6H Just 10 EI stns logged, seemed more activity than last year from EI. The double points hours wasn't much benefit as activity during those hours were so low. No GU/GJ/GD heard. Nice to have the V6 DXpedition call us on 14MHz. Would be nice to see a Low Power Multi-Op category as we all don't have big linears. EI stns & IRTS just ask Comreg for mega QRO power levels in the contests ie above 1.5KW more than the US limit. The little 100w teams just cannot compete. Activity seemed greater than last year which is brilliant long may it continue. Omitting all of the above the FARS team enjoyed themselves Thanks for all the QSO's. 73 + GL -- G0GHK lovely contest -- G0MCV Hard going with low power but very enjoyable. -- G0OOF SD is a very good logging program for contesting -- G0WWD I THOUGHT I WUOLD GIVE AWAY A POINT OR TWO AND GOT CARRIED AWAY HI -- G3PXT could not make full 12hour.. at times busy but bands were bad with me. got up at 5am to try for double points but only two stations were on with most bands dead so waste of sleep.Picked up sunday morning though Had computer problems so had to reload twice SD twice -- G4DDX TS590S + 40m Inverted V @ 10m -- G4ERW An excellent format for a UK contest. Quite a few UK stations needed an explanation about the "District" exchange. Best QSO was in the middle of a nice run, when someone received my "EX" district, and asked "Is there a Jessops in Exeter ? " Eh ... ? -- G4FJK Surprised by how quiet the night-time double points hours were. Hardly worth getting out of bed for! Otherwise a very enjoyable contest with only one ht fuse blown due to flashover. -- G4FZN Got to find a way to improve my aerial system in a postage stamp sized garden. The old equipment worked fine (Yaesu FT107)apart from no CAT controls. Had a good time and will be back. -- G4GSA Set alarm for 2am but could not get out of bed !!! -- G6MC only operated to give away a few points SD worked fine once I fixed my rig CAT at TX/RX end -- G8AFN Good fun -- GM0ELP Enjoyed contest -- GM3A worked VA3YAE first time not/P second time /P, might confuse the software. -- GM3X Checklog only. -- GM4AFF This entry eplaces previous checklog -- GW0RYT Very enjoyable with plenty of activity. -- GW4EVX Laid back due to bout of flu..:-( -- GW4J Just managed an hour or so on Sunday morning to give away the multiplyer. Had a nice short run on 20m with just the wire antenna and 90w -- GW9J K3 10watts out 3 el yagi -- HA6NL Tnx to all staff behind the contest. RIG: ICOM 7200; 100 W Antennas: 2 Element SteppIR resp. 40/80 m Trap Dipol; both 12 m over ground. Hpe cu next year 73 de Rudolf -- HB9MXY good contest again .but conditions really bad from Thailand. -- HS0ZHC ft991 - max 50 w - multiband vertical antenna - -- IK2MXM just few hours, but contest formula is apprecciate. 73 Sal -- IK8UND Propagation is not good in any hf bands hoping next year. No many uk-ei stations on the air. -- IT9OPR SOAB LOW POWER -- IZ0VXY Not very time but happy contest. -- IZ4AIF FTDX3000 with 100W -- LA5FBA 100 watt TS-590 and a Windomantenna -- LA8OKA First time entry. Good activity, with 40m its usual bottomless pit! -- M0MCV First time I've entered this contest. Mixed conditions but was able to make regular contacts. Glad to see lots of interest from EU. -- M1PTR didn't hear any ukei stations! -- M6OCR Good fun! 10m dead. 80m noisy. -- M9T Limited time this weekend. Bands closed early Sat evening. Good test for IOM CQWW trip! -- MM1E last days of fall lots of yard work to do so not much time !!!!!!!!! -- N9NBC Conditions very bad in my part of the world. Hope they will be better next year. My first time in this contest. Thanks to all answered me. 73 es GOD Bless -- NC4MI Only 12 hours category and 20m band this time! 73 Tony -- OH1TD W5DZZ dipole antenna and only UK/EI stations which I heard -- OH1XFE FT-817 + vertical V7+ Tnx for contest -- OK4AS Its poor that there is not SB category :-(. RIG FT1000MP,100W,GP 25mH -- OL9R LOT OFF UK STATIONS DONT NEW THERE DISTRICTCODE NICE WORKING FOR THE FIRST TIME UK IRELAND CONTEST THANK U ? MARTIN -- ON4AYM This is a good contest but the propagation was poor so I could not work many stations with 100 W. But I enjoyed the contest and I hope for better condx next year. I worked 3 h 27 m Till next year. 73 Leon ON5WL -- ON5WL Sorry to say i had to stop because of antenna problems. Will be back next year -- OZ1NLD low participatio UK/EI stations -- PA0EMO Unfortunately very noisy this weekend, so my apologies to stations calling that I could not hear -- PA0MIR Nice contest. A pleasure to do. -- PA1P 100W inverted v dipole -- PA3GEO callsign PA3KL formerly PE 1EXD -- PA3KL Active from Northsea JO22KX -- PA60WIM Enjoyed working UK and EI stations -- PA7SL Not much time to participate. Setup is simple, K3 and a HexBeam. -- PD7RB We had local power shortage 9 of the 12 hours operation due to heavy thunder storm damages in Sao Paulo this week-end -- PY2ZZZ MNY TNX! 73's! -- R3LC TNX 73 -- RA7M 73 ! -- RT5C E-MAIL rv9dc@xxxxxxx -- RV9DC Icom 7800 pwr 5W Ant: ECO vertical LW -- RW3AI FOC dinner, not many UK contesters but a lot of EI, our EU friends :-) -- S56A TRX ic730 abt 50w ANT G5RV do : -- SP9KJU 34940 -- TA1CH 73 TA2ACW -- TA2ACW Thank you all amateurs...Best wishes from Ankara / TURKEY -- TA2ANL 73 de Mete TA3EP -- TA3EP 73 & tnx de TA3MHA -- TA3MHA de 73.s -- TA7EB 73! -- UN8PT P.O.B.19 ADDRESS-CITY: CHERNIVTSI ADDRESS-POSTALCODE: 58013 ADDRESS-COUNTRY: UKRAINE -- UR2Y We are a school radio station and enjoy your work in competitions. It is a pity that the set-off for multi-OP only uk/ei. In this case, to take account CHECKLOG. -- UR4PWC TRX - MiniYES + PA 100 W Ant - 10-15-20m - 4-el Yagi 40-80m - Vert Delta 85m prm -- UT8AS Disappointed to only be able to work a few stations -- V6Z Bands not so good from downunder...... -- VK3GK First time at this contest. Excellent contest. -- VK6DW ENJOYED ANOTHER CONTEST.. ANTENNA INV VEE -- VU2UR JUST 2 -- W1/CT1AGF 73 de YO3GNF, op. JACK. -- YO3GNF ROOKIE -- YO3JAV ** ** ********** **** ************* *** *** ** ************* *** *** ** -- YO9HG 73 -- YT0I

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 24048 Cross Checked QSOs: 10416 UK/EI night bonus QSOs: 257 Total Entrants: 290 UK/EI Entrants: 69 EU Entrants: 173 DX Entrants: 48 Non-entrants are all callsigns worked who didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants: 3320 UK/EI Non-entrants: 811 EU Non-Entrants: 1606 DX Non-Entrants: 903 Total Unique Non-entrants: 1886 UK/EI Unique Non-entrants: 413 EU Unique Non-Entrants: 892 DX Unique Non-Entrants: 581 Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log Total Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 298 UK/EI Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 104 EU Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 162 DX Non-entrants with 10 or more QSOs: 32 Top twenty non-entrants : SP9LJD 207 QSO records with last sent serial number of 374 UA6YN 200 QSO records with last sent serial number of 345 YT0W 147 QSO records with last sent serial number of 445 YU1KN 133 QSO records with last sent serial number of 165 EA3IN 116 QSO records with last sent serial number of 271 YT1A 116 QSO records with last sent serial number of 17 OK2MC 115 QSO records with last sent serial number of 154 G8CMU 108 QSO records with last sent serial number of 154 IT9PZM 102 QSO records with last sent serial number of 151 PC2D 99 QSO records with last sent serial number of 188 IZ8YAA 97 QSO records with last sent serial number of 132 DK4WO 93 QSO records with last sent serial number of 112 G8HBS 77 QSO records with last sent serial number of 100 EA5DNO 76 QSO records with last sent serial number of 184 OH1LWZ 76 QSO records with last sent serial number of 116 G4CUS 72 QSO records with last sent serial number of 81 DL1NKS 72 QSO records with last sent serial number of 87 S53EO 71 QSO records with last sent serial number of 211 DL1ROT 71 QSO records with last sent serial number of 85 M5ARC 63 QSO records with last sent serial number of 165