The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m SSB Contest - 3rd November 2021

Thank you for entering the latest UKEICC 80m SSB Event. A special welcome to all of our EI participants who were out in force tonight. Also our UK foundation licence holders - we hope you enjoyed the event and will join us again. We're really proud as a team of our ability to provide our entrants with a quick, genuine and accurate results service. A gentle (final?) reminder then that we are now applying our 1 hour deadline for log entries more rigorously, and from this week we have only accepted entries received within that deadline. Someday, all contests will be like this.

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1GM2V HIO77WS7500075G  EI261RM4F3064
2HG1G HJN86DV5300053G   260EI3ER1936
3G4FNL HIO90XU9710096G  EI254RM4F3054
4DL2JRM *LJO60JX7401073    251EI3ER1511
5G3Q HIO84QD8803085G  EI220RM4F3084
6DL3RAR LJN68IV5102049G  EI208EI2KA1597
7S57KM LJN76HD4400143G  EI203RM4F2330
8GM4JYB LIO88JM5100051G  EI198HG1G1835
9EI4KU LIO52OW5903056G  EI184RM4F3514
10GW4J HIO73WF6500065G  EI182RM4F3212
11G3MXH *HJO02LF7001069G  EI178HG1G1255
12DK5KK HJO31LL6612261G  EI173RM4F2574
13OE5TXF *HJN78BD3900138G   171EI4KU1702
14EI8KN HIO62IE6302061G  EI164HG1G1796
15PC2K *HJO22QF5901157G  EI160RM4F2648
16RM4F *HLO23OQ3314028    157EI2KA3616
17SM5CSS LJO89LS2600026G  EI156RM4F1841
18PG7V LJO22UI5000050G  EI152RM4F2622
19MW2I LIO81KQ5600056G  EI152RM4F3214
20G3SWC LIO91SC5501054G  EI147RM4F3069
21G4BYE LIO91VW5900059G  EI147RM4F3018
22EI5KG HIO62SH6401063    141RM4F3397
23G5UM LIO92KR6900168    141RM4F3044
24EI2KA LIO51HM3710135G  EI120RM4F3616
25MW6M LIO71XS4712044G  EI120S57KM1498
26OZ4NA LJO46WR3101030G  EI119S57KM1223
27M0DCG LIO83QJ5201051    116RM4F3112
28G6UBM LJO01CE4502043G  EI114HG1G1266
29G3LRS LIO92JO5500154G   113HG1G1407
30EI6LA LIO63WE4200042   EI112RM4F3339
31EI7GY HIO63WG4100041G  EI112HG1G1745
32EI8KF LIO63MF3901038G  EI112S57KM1736
33G4DZL LIO92IS3700037G  EI107HG1G1419
34MM2T *LIO85AS3401033G  EI102RM4F3111
35G6C LIO70KI3000030G  EI102RM4F3404
36EI7CC LIO63WG3200032G  EI98HG1G1745
37EI3ENB LIO62JH2800028G  EI97HG1G1793
38M3M *LIO70JB3701036G  EI97HG1G1622
39M7TXR LIO92JO3200032G  EI96RM4F3054
40G2AA LIO92KO6108152G  EI95RM4F3049
41GM0TKB LIO88IP2801126   EI95HG1G1847
42GU0UVH LIN89VR3001029G  EI95RM4F3247
43PA3DUU LJO21KV3301032G  EI94HG1G996
44EI5DI LIO63VG3300033G  EI90SM5CSS1589
45PA0HPG LJO33IC2701026   EI74RM4F2532
46GW7BZR LIO73UH2401023G  EI70HG1G1629
47G3R LIO83SJ2501123G  EI69RM4F3102
48GW7HJN LIO71XS2100021G  EI68HG1G1568
49EI5IN/P LIO63HM2502122G  EI67DL3RAR1489
50G8XTJ LIO91PQ2000020G  EI66DL2JRM943
51GM4M QIO75XT1600016G  EI64HG1G1720
52EI3ER LIO53LH1801017G  EI63HG1G1936
53M0WHP LIO91TV1800018G  EI60HG1G1328
54ON3ZZT LJO20GP1300013G  EI59RM4F2766
55PA0PIW LJO22QD2701026    54OE6TNO913
56OE6TNO LJN77QC1100011G   41G3Q1489
57EI5LA LIO52DG70007G  EI38GM2V709
58PA3DBS LJO21DM1301012G   37HG1G1013
59G4BRK LIO91HP1101010G  EI37HG1G1386
60DM6EE LJO52KJ1201011G   34EI4KU1328
61DL8TG LJO52IJ1000010    28GM2V1117
62SP5DJ LKO02IE70007    28EI4KU1989
63M5B HIO91RH2404020    25OE5TXF1113
64M7MEK *QJO02AK1302011G   19DL2JRM895
65DL4NHP *LJN59TW40103    5EI4KU1454
66SP5PZB LKO02OI30102    0G4FNL1477


started too late... -- DL2JRM So, we have a team but mainly for CW. But some SSB QSOs should be possible. CW is more fun. -- DM6EE Excellent contest -- EI3ER very good band conditions -- EI4KU Double bazooka homebrew strung between trees in a field in Westmeath, Ireland -- EI5IN/P Good fun this evening Plenty of Ei's on tonight -- EI5KG Thanks to EI5DI! My first time using SD very nice! -- EI6LA That was hard work .. but good fun anyway! -- EI7GY Noisy band, antenna problems towards the end of the contest forced me to retune... -- EI8KF A very busy hour. Good fun. -- EI8KN Good activity tonight. Always good to work new and regular calls alike. Many thanks for the perseverance during the local QRM this evening. 73 and stay safe till the next time. Adam G0ORY for G3LRS -- G3LRS Very enjoyable contest. Good band conditions -- G3Q S9 LOCAL NOISE TONIGHT HARD GOING HEARING MUCH,CQ DID NOT YIELD MUCH.HOPE FOR BETTER NEXT TIME. -- G3R Praticing with N1MM, intermittant in the feeder made things difficult! -- G4BRK Very noisy tonight -- G4BYE Good activity - thanks for all the Bonus Station QSOs. de Tim G4FJK -- G5GEI Interestimg. Reasonable activity -- G8XTJ Long skip but little QRN. A lot of new stns, incl. 17 EI stns. Thanks QSO - 73 Chris -- GM2V FT1000MP, 100w to inv-vee bazooka dipole up 14m centre and 8m at ends. Lots of Irish stations tonight Thanks to all for fun contest. -- GM4JYB noisy band with noticeable qsb both ways -- GM4M Great turn out from EI -- GW4J My first UKEICC contest enjoyable. -- GW7HJN Good conditions -- M0DCG Decided to take part with 10 minutes to go and enjoyed it. -- MW6M For my first time, I enjoyed this short contest, 73's ! -- ON3ZZT FIRST TIME HAD SOME FUN .. -- PC2K

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 1604 Cross Checked QSOs: 1068