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80m SSB Contest - 7th February 2024

Thanks for taking part in the 80m SSB contest on 7th February 2024. The final results of this contest are now online, and UBNs are being sent out today. Further commentary will be added very soon. The February 80m CW contest takes place on Wednesday 28th February, starting at 20:00utc.

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1GM2V HIO77WS8500085G  EI328YU7CP2166
2SE2P *HKP04HM5102049G   316EI2KA2254
3EI4KU LIO52OW7702075G   259SQ8DSN2146
4DK5DQ LJO31QH6601065G   233SE2P1661
5SM5CSS LJO89LS3600036G  EI220EI2KA1879
6EI8CE HIO62HI8011078G  EI219YU7CP2162
7EI5KG *HIO62SH6800068G  EI214SE2P2060
8GM4JYB LIO88JM5000050G  EI2029A1CCY1992
9DL3RAR LJN68IV3900039G  EI198SE2P1804
10EI2KA LIO51HM5201051G  EI192SE2P2254
11EI6JK *HIO53TS5601055G  EI188SE2P2019
12M5G LIO92JO7201071G   186SE2P1821
13G6AD *HIO92GL7603073G  EI177SE2P1842
14G3Q *HIO84QD7907072G  EI172YU7CP1909
15G7D *LIO91SK6601065G  EI172SE2P1901
16G2NV HIO92KN9709088    169YU7CP1755
17G4FZN *HIO94EK7403071G   168SE2P1674
18G3UUT LJO02BD6402062G   164SE2P1813
19G4RCD LIO93GX6814063G  EI158SQ8RM1653
20M4J *LJO02OD6300063    154SE2P1773
21G0HGH *LIO92WS6000060G   153SE2P1764
22G4BRK LIO91HP5500055G   143SE2P1916
23GI0AZB HIO64MW5302051G   139SQ8MK1976
24G4DBW LJO01NI4800048G  EI137SE2P1852
25EI8KN LIO62IE5102049G  EI135SQ8RM2038
26MM0WKY LIO88KK3801037G  EI128SE2P1425
27G3SWC LIO91SC5001049G  EI127SE2P1932
28M1CJE LIO91CJ4601045G  EI124DL3RAR1071
29GM0TKB LIO88IP3501034G   124DL3RAR1507
30S57KM *LJN76HD2200022G   123SE2P2080
31G3R LIO83SJ5400153G   121SE2P1799
32G2AA LIO92KO5114046G  EI118SE2P1818
33EI7CC LIO63WG4100041G  EI117SM5CSS1584
34G6C LIO70KI3800137G  EI115SE2P2181
35G5UM LIO92HQ3600036G  EI104SM5CSS1377
362E0IGD LIO93KF3700037G  EI103SE2P1761
37PE1EWR *LJO11SL4002038G   100SP3FLY1036
38GM2S *LIO75UU3501034G  EI100SE2P1670
39EI9KA *LIO53HA3804034G  EI99S57KM1885
40G4RGK *LIO91NO3300033G  EI97SE2P1901
41GM1X LIO67IN2900029G   97SE2P1679
42EI3ENB LIO62JH3100031G  EI95SE2P2092
43G4OTV LJO01CB3601035G  EI92DL3RAR927
44M0SAR LIO91RI3602034G  EI88SE2P1912
45EI7GY HIO63WG3100031G  EI87DJ2MT1394
46M0DCG LIO83QJ3201031G  EI86SE2P1806
47EI6IKB LIO63WJ4001039    86S57KM1690
48SQ8RM LKN09TQ1300013G   84EI4KU2136
49SQ8MK LKO11CJ1300013G   80EI4KU2112
50M7WLT QIO91FI2500124G  EI75GM4JYB805
51G4DZL LIO92IS2800028G   74SM5CSS1367
52PE1MCF LJO32CQ2500223G   72EI4KU1010
53EI7INB LIO52MN2101020G  EI71PE1EWR866
54M0VQP *LIO92NG3223027G  EI70SE2P1839
55M0XAC *HIO81VU2900029G   68GM4JYB745
56ON5HE LJO20PI2000020G   65EI9KA1055
57GM9C LIO75TO2500025G   64SE2P1694
58PE0CD *LJO21TL2300023G   64EI2KA1040
59G0AKF LIO83TH2411022G  EI63SE2P1803
60G4PDF *LIO93VH2901028G   63SE2P1718
61EI5DI LIO63VG2000020G  EI62GM0TKB626
62G3TDH QIO83WI2602123G  EI59SE2P1789
63M7DQO LIO92XR1700017G  EI59GM2V619
64SP3FLY LJO92GB1602014G   49EI8CE1763
659A1CCY *LJN85OO2103117    49GM4JYB1992
66M0KNM LIO91VV2001019G   43GM2V701
67S5/M0MPM *LJN75PX70007G   42SE2P2091
68SQ8DSN LKO11HF70007    37EI4KU2146
69G0ATR LIO92KO1100011G   33EI4KU519
70EI6GMB LIO52NW1503012G  EI27GM2V617
71G7OXK LIO91SK1101010G   25EI6JK596
72M7OPD LIO90IQ1704013G  EI23GM2V810


Lots of QRM and QSB at times. Thanks to all, 73, Gary -- 2E0IGD My first UKEI, it was fun and interesting new experience in my radio amateur life. PS: 15 year old YL -- 9A1CCY Best QRB is 1657km for SE2P at KP04HM -- DK5DQ Good activity but noisy band tonight so not many distant stations in Europe for me. But I was very happy to work team members S57KM and SM5CSS, and one after the other. Good fun tonight. These are great contests that I try not to miss. -- EI2KA GOOD PROPAGATION FUN CONTEST -- EI4KU SD K3 -- EI5DI Conditions good, 80m V dipole, N1mm+ -- EI5KG THANK YOU. -- EI6GMB Best QRB is 2012km for SE2P at KP04HM, Band in good shape but busy at times , lots of EIs , good fun , Storm Isha broke 1/4 wave vertical , using 160m inverted L for 80 , hopefully antenna fixed for end of month . 73 de EI6JK Mark. -- EI6JK lots of noise sirens whistles and music. SD log -- EI7INB Condx variable with longer skip near end of contest Used SD wrkd FB -- EI8CE Pretty busy and good fun. -- EI8KN IC 7610 EFHW LONG WIRE -- G0AKF Noisy as usual. Good to hear EI , GM strong here. -- G0ATR Good conditions. Ran out of stations to work. -- G3Q Poor conditions tonight GM & EI quite weak together with continentals. -- G3SWC Most stations I called seemed to hear my 5-Watts PEP with few`problems! Even an SE6! -- G3TDH Not too bad until the last 5 mins. Couldn't find EI5G anywhere :-( -- G4BRK Very noisy band this evening. Sorry for needing so many repeats! Accidentally ran 20 Watts for the first 10minutes before turning the TX Power up to 100 Watts. Vy 73, Mark, G4RCD -- G4RCD Nice condx -- G4RGK SD used for logging -- G6C Band noise low here this evening, Good to work quite a few new stations. 73 Chris -- GM2V Good contacts with Ireland tonight. Thanks all. IC7300, 100w to dipole. -- GM4JYB Good activity busy band Great to work calls regular and new. Thanks for the QSOs. 73 Good luck and see you again on the next one. 73 de Adam G0ORY for M5G I use EI5DI's SD for my contest logging and yes Paul I think our QSO deserved more points hi! 73 -- M5G I was working on remote, using just voice memory recordings, so only be able to S&P. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, Sandi -- S57KM Good conditions and level of QRM/QRN!Tnx for all contacts de Allan -- SM5CSS EndFed about 4m on the ground Yaesu FT710 with 100W -- SP3FLY

Some Statistics

Statistics for UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 07/02/2024 Total QSOs: 1716 Cross Checked QSOs: 1296