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80m SSB Contest - 2nd November 2022

Here are the final results of the UKEICC 80m SSB contest held on 2nd November 2022. The band was busy, with both contest and non-contest traffic, and conditions seemed reasonable, although there was only one QSO > 2000km. Many people suffered from noise/QRN. Congratulations to overall winner Uwe DL8UD. In the high power section Nigel OE5TXF was 2nd, and Iain GM0V 3rd. In the low power section Michael G3R was 1st, Brian GM4JYB was 2nd, and Sandi S57KM was 3rd. There were just two QRP entries, Sergei YL3FW finished ahead of Ad PA0AWH. The results have changed since the provisional results were published as one entrant appeared to have sent a locator that was different to that declared in his log. Please check that your Cabrillo file contains your sent locator exactly as you were sending over the air! Thanks to the bonus station operators, Aidan EI8CE who made 73 QSOs as EI5G and David G3PLE. David was unable to operate in the contest and sends his apologies. He checked the station in the afternoon and it was OK, but unfortunately the 80m antenna was damaged in rain and high winds just before the contest. Thank you to everyone who took part. I hope that you will join us for the next 80m contest which is a CW contest on Wednesday 30th November. There are no UKEICC 80m contests in December, but this series continues in January 2023. 73 Paul G4PVM - Adjudicator

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Bonus Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Stns Pts Call Km
1DL8UD *HJO43QO7600076   EI262EI2KA1289
2OE5TXF *HJN78BD4800048   EI248GM1X1771
3GM0V *HIO85AT8102079   EI222S57MHR1701
4EI6JK *HIO53TS6000060   EI204YL3FW1887
5MM1E HIO85AU6900069   EI201S57KM1685
6EI5KG HIO62SH6500065   EI198YL3FW1833
7GM2V HIO77WS5602054   EI198YO5PVZ2180
8G3RWF HJO01OG6601065   EI174YL3FW1423
9GM4JYB LIO88JM4910048   EI170OE5TXF1625
10G3R LIO83SJ6400064   EI170YL3FW1538
11S57KM *LJN76HD3210031   EI166GM1X1958
12SM5CSS LJO89LS2900029   EI164EI8KN1720
13G4NKT LIO81RL6601065    162YL3FW1636
14EI2IAB LIO63NK5811155   EI153S57KM1739
15G3Q HIO84QD5800157   EI153YL3FW1518
16G3XTZ LIO91SK5801057   EI144YL3FW1513
17M5G LIO92JO6402062   EI140SM5CSS1375
18G3TKF *LIO81RI5300053   EI140OE5TXF1250
19PC1PM *LJO23WF5403150   EI136YL3FW1038
20PG7V LJO22UI4500045   EI135SM5CSS1081
21EI3HDB LIO62PN4100041   EI130S57KM1698
22G3SWC LIO91SC5503052   EI123SM5CSS1458
23PC4H *HJO22IH5102049    120YL3FW1156
24GM0TKB LIO88IP3601035   EI118OE5TXF1637
25EI8KN HIO62IE4611143   EI116YL3FW1890
26G0JOS LIO91UJ4402042   EI113YL3FW1505
27G6UBM LJO01CE4903046   EI108SM5CSS1420
28PE1EWR *LJO11SL4401043   EI107SM5CSS1248
29G3KNU LIO93QN4611044   EI106YL3FW1418
30DM6EE LJO52KJ2910028   EI104EI6JK1296
31EI2KA LIO51HM3100031   EI98OZ4NA1380
32OZ4NA LJO46WR2400024   EI92EI2KA1380
33G4DZL LIO92IS3700037   EI88S57KM1365
34EI7CC LIO63WG3400034   EI88SM5CSS1584
35MM2T *LIO85AS3201031   EI83OE5TXF1498
36G4BYE LIO91VW3901038   EI80OZ4NA844
37GM1X LIO67IN2200022   EI79S57KM1958
38EI3ENB LIO62JI3001029   EI77SM5CSS1704
39GM3ZDH LIO75UU2600026   EI76OE5TXF1521
40DL8TG *LJO52IJ2000020   EI74EI6JK1285
41ON7DC LJO20RU2100021   EI66GM4JYB1019
422E0TXQ LIO92JO3302031   EI66OE5TXF1195
43YL3FW QKO06MM1902017    65EI8KN1890
44EI7GY HIO63WG2500025   EI64DL8UD1029
45GM4M LIO75XT2902027   EI63OE5TXF1505
46M1CJE LIO91CJ2601025   EI60OE5TXF1200
47G4PVM LJO01FR2000020   EI59SM5CSS1364
48G2O LIO92VA2600026   EI58GM2V688
49G0JDL LJO02SI2201021   EI56S57KM1174
50G4PDF LIO93VH2701026   EI55OE5TXF1161
51GM4VYQ LIO76GA2010019   EI55DL8UD989
52SM6S LJO68VI1100011   EI54EI5G1492
53M0MPM *LIO91LJ2100021   EI53DL8UD748
54EI9IRB *LIO63RI1700017   EI48DL8UD1055
55EI5DI LIO63VG1800018   EI44DL8UD1035
56PA0AWH QJO21UT1901018    38GM2V915
57M0VQP *LIO92NG2804024   EI38OE5TXF1163
58G1WVK *LIO81WV1300013   EI35GM4JYB741
59M0KNM LIO91VV1200012   EI34GM2V701
60G2AA/P LIO93DB2203118   EI31DL8UD740
61DO1IBJ LJO40IC40004   EI23GM2V1196
62SP3ATB *LJO71NP90207   EI18EI6JK1599
63DF7CB LJO31HI50104    5G3R659
64YO5PVZ LKN17UM40103    4SM6S1375


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 02/11/2022 nice contest with strong Sign from UK/EI never found G5GEI but almost EI5G. we will see you all into the cw part. -- DL8UD SSB is much more more difficult -- DM6EE Thanks all. -- EI2IAB TNX all for qso, a lot of wide audio stations but probably down to band conditions, looking forward to next month. 73 all regards Alan EI3HDB -- EI3HDB I use "SD by EI5DI" for logging. -- EI5DI SD worked as always where was GW5gei hiding ??? -- EI5KG Great contest as usual band in gud shape c u in next one.GL 73 de EI6JK -- EI6JK Busy but noisy. Good fun. -- EI8KN Great contest thanks all -- EI9IRB Very noisy called time after 40 mins... -- G3Q Good 1st half then slowed.Some nice distances.Tks all. -- G3R Enjoyable but not too mnay contestants -- G3RWF Very noisy and lots of non workable EU! A sensible 60mins though ... -- G3TKF Local noise terrible ... sorry to stations calling that I could not read. -- G3XTZ Having lost out in a previous contest spent (wasted) 11 mins trying to find my 2nd bonus station GEI but wasn't heard -- G4DZL THANKS TO THOSE WHO SORTED MY MANGLING OF THEIR CALL SIGNS AND/OR LOCATORS THANKS TO THOSE WHO PARKED ON MY RUNNING FREQUENCY ENJOYABLE CONTEST -- G6UBM A struggle tonight. QRN, fishing boat USB QRM and long skip. Tnx for the QSOs - 73 Chris -- GM2V Good inter UK/EI propagation but activity seemed lower than normal - perhaps people are contested out after the last two weekends! But good fun as always. -- GM3ZDH Good fun. Lots of EI stations tonight. Thanks all. IC-7300 to inv-Vee dipole 14m at centre. -- GM4JYB 80m noisy here as usual s9 plus at times -- GM4M Noisy band locally but contest as enjoyable as ever -- GM4VYQ Good band conditions but have local electrical qrm Thanks all stns worked. Very glad to hear regular and new calls alike this evening. Thanks again GL and 73 I use EI5DI's SD for my contest logging -- M5G Good fun again tonight tks all -- MM1E S&P'd for much of the time and CQ'd during the last 20 mins or so. Band pretty noisy. Sorry if I couldn't quite copy some callers. Using a low 80m dipole. -- OE5TXF RIG: YAESU-FT817 5 WATT IN SSB ANTENNAS: WINDOM AS INV. VEE -- PA0AWH 73 to all de Allan -- SM5CSS SunSDR2 5 wt Inverted V.. Tnx & 73! -- YL3FW

Some Statistics

Statistics for UKEICC 80m SSB contest using 6 char grids on 02/11/2022 Total QSOs: 1308 Cross Checked QSOs: 1033 Long distance QSOs (Over 2000 km) GM2V in IO77WS worked YO5PVZ in KN17UM at q distance of 2180 km