The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club

80m CW Contest - 26th January 2022

Thanks for taking part in the January 2022 80m CW contest. Long skip conditions tonight here in North Wales that seemed to get longer as the hour progressed with generally weak inter UK and EI signals. A good number of calls not recorded before in these contests were noted which is encouraging. Leading score was posted by Vlad RW1A with Clive GM3X (GM3POI) second. Sandi S57KM was 3rd overall and leading Low Power entrant. Mike G3P (G3WPH) headed the QRP section. 73, Stew GW0ETF / GW4J Adjudicator (Thanks also to G4PVM, G4FJK, EI5DI)

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Call Pwr Grid Raw Dupe Bust NIL Good Total  -- Best DX --
QSOs QSOs Pts Call Km
1RW1A HKO48VR9000090640EA3O2701
2GM3X *HIO88OW103210100459E77EA2070
3S57KM *LJN76HD8300083433GM0WED1846
49A1AA *HJN95FQ8202080405EI5KF2076
5SN1T *LJO84ML8601085383EI8FI1779
6GM2V HIO77WS8411082373E77EA2052
7DK2FG *LJO41OR9710096368RW1A1516
8I2IFT *HJN45UQ8101080360RW1A1983
9SD1A HJO97DP7200171352EI5G1811
10SM5CSS LJO89LS6700166351EI5G1791
11SF6W LJO68RP6800068348E7/Z35M1680
12SM9X *LJP90EL7203069344EI5LA1942
13OK1YM *LJN79QV8302081340EI5G1673
14SP8HWM LKO11HS6701066335EI6BT2104
15DM6EE *LJO52KJ8900089327RW1A1380
16DL4ME *LJO50JR9000189325RW1A1506
17E77EA *LJN84OU6100061322GM3X2070
18OE5TXF *LJN78BD6900069320EI5KF1658
19G4FNL *HIO90WU9713093317RW1A2093
20DM5GG *HJO61UE8100081312EI8FI1609
21SO4P *HKO03JS6400064298EI5G1957
22SD6F *LJO57XP6501064285E7/Z35M1598
23DK5KK HJO31LL8810285284E7/Z35M1203
24G4PVM *LJO01FR7310072280RW1A2003
25OK1TN *LJO70NJ8014075280EI5LA1735
26OK2NO LJN89PW7103068280EI5G1803
27DL8TG *LJO52IJ7501173270RW1A1389
28DL1CW LJN48NW8010079267OH2EA1613
29GI5I HIO74DP5700057264RW1A2196
30OK1LL LJO70MC6600066262EI5G1643
31G4ERW *LJO01JC6802066261RW1A2024
32OH1SIC LKP00XE4300043257EI5G2073
33SC0T *HJP80CH5401053254G6C1737
34G3P *QIO91NL6000159246RW1A2095
35GM0WED LIO88MW5703054246S57KM1846
36SP7OGP LKO01AM6313059245EI5G1947
37PG7V *LJO22UI7601075244RW1A1667
38GM3YEH LIO75TO5803055243E7/Z35M2081
39M4N *LIO81XX5600056243RW1A2131
40GW4J HIO73WF6101060242RW1A2179
41G3SWC LIO91SC6811066238RW1A2095
42IN3FHE *LJN56NP5501153234RW1A1833
43G3RWF LJO01OG8003077232RW1A1990
44G6C LIO70KI5600056231OH1SIC2019
45SO3O LJO92FF5912056230EI6BT1813
46SM6S LJO68VI4902047210EI6BT1561
47G4IIY LIO85PA5703054206OM3WZ1769
48M2U LIO91TJ4400044205RW1A2072
49GM4JYB LIO88JM49021461969A1AA2043
50G4RGK *LIO91ON6304059194RW1A2085
51DL6KVA *HJO64BC6202060193EA3O1569
52EI8CE LIO62HI5103147193RW1A2417
53MM1E HIO85AU4001039193RW1A2039
54DL5JQ *LJO31CQ6800068188RW1A1682
55G3MXH *HJO02LF5412051187RW1A1944
56G3LRS LIO92JO3700037185RW1A2046
57DL8DWW *QJO70IX3600036183EI5G1596
58G4BVY *LIO82UD5303050178RW1A2136
59DL4MFM *LJO42AI5010148175RW1A1537
60G4CWH LJO01BV4910147173RW1A2012
61PC4H *HJO22IH5702055171RW1A1726
62PA2PCH LJO33HB4400044162RW1A1571
63G4BRK LIO91HP4801047157RW1A2113
64G4EBK LIO93WN3601035157RW1A1929
65PA3AAV *HJO22LM5303248151E7/Z35M1383
66G5V HIO83WI37020351469A1AA1709
67G3ZBU QIO91UB3100031142SP8HWM1590
68GM4OSS LIO75RQ2910028142E77EA1950
69G5C LIO93NL34020321419A1AA1637
70EI7CC LIO63WG2500124137RW1A2293
71M0MPM LIO91LJ3100031137RW1A2110
72M1X *HJO01DG3300033137E7/Z35M1585
73EI7GY HIO63WG2700027133RW1A2293
74G0MDR LIO91VR3202030133OH1SIC1663
75G3KNU LIO93QN2901028133RW1A1958
76DF7CB *LJO31HI4804044130SM5CSS1139
77G5UM LIO92KR2800028130RW1A2034
782E0OBO LJO02RU4502142129RW1A1878
79EI6BT LIO51WW3101030122RW1A2485
80PA3DBS LJO21DM5806052117RW1A1800
81G4ICP/P QJO02EC2600125116SP8HWM1525
82GD4RFZ LIO74OB2501024114RW1A2173
83G4C *HJO01KS35020331119A1AA1455
84MM2T *LIO85AS3905034110RW1A2043
85G4BEE LIO83RQ2301022106SP8HWM1705
86EA3O QJN11DO2101020105RW1A2701
87EI5KG HIO62SH240102396SQ9RFC1840
88G3SHF LIO83WI250202395HA8RJ1704
89PA2TA *LJO21IU270102694RW1A1755
90SE6K LJO66HT210002193E77EA1369
91G3XTZ LIO91SK170001791RW1A2074
92M0DCG LIO83QJ200002089RW1A2083
93OZ3TQ LJO55HK260202488E77EA1267
94G3WGE *LJO01FQ250012487E7/Z35M1594
95M3M LIO70JB210002182RW1A2436
96EI5LA LIO52DG140001476RW1A2557
97IW3ILM QJN55LK200002076RW1A1950
98EI5DI LIO63VG130001368RW1A2297
99EI8KN LIO62IE250402168SP8HWM2042
100DL8MF QJO62SK170101660GM2V1270
101G4NKT LIO81RL200101955RW1A2191
102GM4M QIO75XT120101155RW1A2046
103M0KNG LJO01EO130001353RW1A2016
104LA/DL4HCF LJP51DN10002850G5GEI1459
105EI6LA *LIO63WE6000648DK2FG1053
106OM3WZ LKN08NT100001043G4IIY1769
107DL3RAR *LJN68IV10010938EI5KF1529
108G2AA LIO92KO5000524HA8RJ1616
109EI2KA LIO51HM1012079PG7V1040
110SP5BMU LKO02HD101000----


Soapbox comments from UKEICC 80m CW contest using 6 char grids on 26/01/2022 Nice contest and good conds. Thanks for qsos. 73 and bcnu -- DL8TG Nice conds, many new stations. -- DM6EE It's my second time. It's a interesting contest. -- EA3O Forgot all about it how could I Good fun for 15 minutes Plenty of activity SD worked as always -- EI5KG Very enjoyable although I never found the bonus station SD did the job once again...thanks Paul. -- EI6BT Enjoyed it very much, but I still have a looong way to go. Had to listen many times to most stations to get their calls. -- EI6LA Long skip for most of the contest but low QRM levels. Used SD fb -- EI8CE A bit rusty tonight! -- G0MDR Hard going, skip very long hardly any G stations heard. -- G3KNU Local QRM really got in the way tonight but still managed some QSOs. Many thanks all stations worked see you again sometime soon. 73 I use EI5DI SD for my contest logging -- G3LRS FTdx-3000 100W to G5RV at 7m agl. -- G3WGE Using my homebrewed ESP32 keyer running from SD via Bluetooth so no physical connection to the laptop. Very encouraging start! Some super strong signals. -- G3ZBU Nice event, though condx to G and EI pretty poor. -- G4BRK Note to adjudicator. Report from EI2KA is transcribed as he sent it !! -- G4BVY My first time. Fascinating... -- G4CWH I am trialling a remote controlled radio (FT1000MP + Amplifier). It's a bit tricky on CW. Thanks to all for your QSOs (and patience) -- G4FNL That was hard work! Condx seemed demanding. Should probably have elected for high pwr, but the amp was not in circuit. -- G4IIY Intermitant fault on antenna made life interesting -- G4RGK Must be a black hole around here tonight. -- G5C Thanks for all the QSOs. Tonight was running 200w to a dipole at G4FJK's QTH. -- G5GEI Strange condx. Virtualy no G. Continentals were weak. Struggled with S9 noise to hear them. -- G5V Some good long skip tonight - SD used for the log -- G6C Quite difficult with a wing gusting 57knots, like working in a jet engine! Still the wires stayed up. -- GM0WED Good condx but lots of non-contest QRM. Tnx for the QSOs 73 Chris -- GM2V Aurora around -- GM3X Good to see so many stations outside UK/EI supporting us again...we needed then this evening! -- GM3YEH Hard work tonight. Good fun anyway. Thanks to all. IC-7300, dipole at 13m. -- GM4JYB Very rapid deep qsb, callsigns and locators halved in two. Long but noisy skip -- GM4M Thanks for QSO. CU next race. Ciao de Giovanni (John) i2ift -- I2IFT what a race, fun first uk/ei test of 2022, noisy but enjoyable -- IN3FHE GREAT AS USUAL. MAX -- IW3ILM thought conditions worse than usual -- M0DCG From Cornwall where is Gland? -- M3M Better condx to EU rather than G's (for me). But good fun, as always. Thanks for the QSOs. -- M4N 73 de OH1SIC/SM5SIC Göran -- OH1SIC FT897D 80W ANT INV VEE @ 8M. 73 to ALL IVAN *** -- OK1LL Nice contest, I run it for the first time. TS850S + LW 41m. -- OK1YM I USE SD -- OZ3TQ GOOD CONDX! -- RW1A This contest is surely great! Tnks for the QSO. 73 Eric -- SD1A IC706 MKIIG W3DZZ 73' -- SP5BMU

Some Statistics

Total QSOs: 3059 Cross Checked QSOs: 2440 Long distance QSOs (Over 2500 km) EA3O in JN11DO worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2701 km EI5LA in IO52DG worked RW1A in KO48VR at distance of 2557 km Stations who paid more than a casual interest in the contest but didn't submit a log OK2NAJ has 54 QSO Records G3SWH has 49 QSO Records SE0B has 47 QSO Records E7/Z35M has 40 QSO Records HA8RJ has 39 QSO Records DF6FQ has 32 QSO Records EI5KF has 27 QSO Records GM3YOR has 22 QSO Records OK2IW has 21 QSO Records DJ3XD has 21 QSO Records GM3WIJ has 19 QSO Records G3SYM has 16 QSO Records G3PJT has 15 QSO Records HB9AUK has 15 QSO Records F6EPO has 14 QSO Records OM3TBG has 13 QSO Records DF2DR has 12 QSO Records G4BVH has 11 QSO Records EI8FI has 11 QSO Records G8FCQ has 10 QSO Records ON4CLF has 10 QSO Records DJ5CW has 08 QSO Records G3TKF has 07 QSO Records DF1LX has 06 QSO Records ON3ND has 06 QSO Records DL1ROT has 05 QSO Records OH2EA has 05 QSO Records Late logs received after the deadline were noted with thanks from SE0B, OK2IW and F6EPO