The United Kingdom and Ireland Contest Club
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs - updated September 2018

1. Why was the UKEICC formed in early 2014 ?

The UKEICC was formed for several reasons, which included :
(a) The clear intention of the UKEICC is to promote UK and EI contesting, to encourage newcomers and to help both newcomers and existing contesters to develop their operating and technical skills.
(b) There are several ‘DX’ organisations in the UK and EI (CDXC, GMDX, etc) but the UKEICC is the only organisation which is 100% HF contest-orientated.

2. Why should I sign up as a member of UKEICC ?

To help the UKEICC judge the level of support from within the UK and EI contesting community. We hope you will show your support by completing the easy sign-up procedure to become a member. Currently (Sept 2018) we have just over 300 members.

3. Why is VHF/UHF contesting not involved ?

The UKEICC plans to listen to its members so this may change in the future, but at this stage we believe that there is insufficient common ground between HF contesting and VHF/UHF contesting for one organisation to properly represent both aspects of our hobby.

4. Is the UKEICC website content available for everyone to view, or only signed-up members ?

The website is proving difficult to populate with the information that we want there. We were far too ambitious with our initial plan for the website, so now have more realistic aims. Over the next year we intend to (a) rationalise/improve the Menu structure and (b) add more useful articles/links. The UKEICC would also welcome *your* contributions to the website, on any HF contesting related topic.

5. What happens next ?

UKEICC future plans include
(i) Webinars on HF contesting matters
(ii) Training modules for you to study at home
(iii) Online questionnaires about HF contesting matters
(iv) An 'HF Contesting Convention’ to discuss the UKEICC and HF contesting etc…etc…

6. Why should I join the UKEICC ?

Because you like HF contesting! UKEICC provides contesting resources and all we ask is that you join so that we can see if we are hitting the target and providing what folk want. UKEICC is self-sustaining, but needs lots of active input from the entire UK and EI contest base.

7. Does the UKEICC run any contests ?

Yes - we run a series of twice-monthly 1-hour 80m contests (SSB+CW) and 2 UK/EI DX Contests (SSB/CW) each year. We have decided not to run any Datamodes contests or VHF Contests, but this will be reviewed periodically. The UKEICC is not in competition with any other organisation but just wants to provide resources and facilities to enhance the UK and EI HF contesting experience.

8. Are there any plans to introduce a membership fee ?

No. The UKEICC is run 100% electronically with no other costs. We are grateful for the sponsorship received from Kenwood UK and numerous individuals for the DX contest Trophies and Plaques - thanks all !

9. Who runs the UKEICC ?

An informal group of HF contesters keen to improve the UK and EI contesting experience. The small but enthusiastic UKEICC team are : Simon M0VKY, Paul EI5DI, Clive GM3POI, Terry G4MKP, Chris GM3WOJ, Stewart GW0ETF, Tim G4FJK + 3 software experts.

10. Sounds good! Count me in. What do I do next ?

Please go back to the Homepage and click the ‘Become a member’ link at the bottom centre of the page. Following GDPR regulations, all your personal data is securely stored on encrypted hard-drives and will not be available to any other individuals or organisations.